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Jillian janson ass boned by nasty bf while being filmed
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Todd ran as fast as he could. Why? Why hadn't he listened to his sister? Stay away from the graveyard; it was so simple. Girls and children had been disappearing from that area for the past few months. He couldn't help his curiousity and had gotten too close. Now, IT was following him. Tales of a vampire had been around for ages, but Todd has never believed them until today. He rushed towards the house, pleading to God that he could make it. He realized it was too late as something grabbed him.

Divante snagged the boy, digging his nails into the child's shoulder. "You will lure the woman out of the house." he snarled into the kid's ear. With his mind control, it was too easy for his captive to comply. "Brianna!" Todd called. He saw her move in the window, the look of horror on her face as she disappeared. Brianna stood against the wall, out of sight from the window. What could she do? She could sacrifice her twelve-year-old brother and save herself or go downthere and surrender, leading them both into God only knew what.

She wouldn't be selfish. She gathered her courage and headed downstairs. The house was empty since their parents died and now, they would soon join them.

Dressed in only her white nightgown that stopped at her hips, she opened the front door, ready to confront the monster. "What do you want?" she asked, raising her chin. The vampire bared his fangs.

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"Come over here or I shall kill the boy." it growled. Brianna took a deep breath and began walking. Her brother looked dazed. Mind control. "That's it. Now, let's go." he said, grabbing her and taking off into the air. Brianna screamed as the ground fell away and clutched Todd close to her.

********** Divante took them to his temporary residence; a shabby little, one room and bathroom apartment. All that was there was a disgusting mattress with a sheet tossed over it.

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He threw them to the floor and made sure the door was locked. He moved to the bathroom and opened the door. Two dobermans charged out and snarled at the prisoners. One was a male and the other a female. Both were blocking the only escape. Divante drew the blinds to block out the rising sun. He licked his lips and grinned. Tomorrow was going to be great. He went to make a call. Brianna looked down at Todd. He was trying no to look around him.

He was pretending he was somewhere else. She stroked his hair to comfort him. The male doberman growled at her movement and closed in. He snapped at her hand until she held it still. Divante finished his conversation and patted the dog on the head.

"You'll be picked up tomorrow. Try to stay alive." he said before dying for the day. It wasn't long before she had to go. She needed a bathroom and now. She shook Todd awake. "Todd, do you have to use the bathroom?" she asked. "Yea, but the dogs." he trailed off. "I know. Try to get in there, I'll distract them." she said.

Brianna clapped her hands once and the dogs were on her immediately.


She tried to ward them off with her arms while her brother went to relieve himself. Her arms were bleeding now.


She shoved the animals off and busted into the bathroom, shutting the door and holding it closed as the dogs tried to get in. Todd was finished and traded places with her so she could do the same. He kept his eyes closed. Once she was done, she tried to clean up her wounds in the sink and held whatever towels she could find to them to stop the bleeding. ********** That evening, the two of them were far from Divante. Now, they sat in the back of a van with three other girls.

One had red hair and freckles sprinkled over her pale skin. Another was blonde, her hair cut short and spiked. The last was a brunette, but her face remained hidden. All of them were in rags. The ride was uncomfortable and the man driving made them all even more so. He was fat and balding. He would stop every now and then for bathroom breaks in the middle of a field, touching himself as he watched the girls. Three stops later, it was just Brianna and Todd, holding each other.

"Bri?" "Yes?" "What do you think is going to happen?" Todd asked. "I don't know, but I feel that we may be separated. So, be strong. You're old enough to know how to survive and remember I love you.

Okay?" "Okay Bri." Not long after that talk did the van pull to a stop. Doors opened and voices were heard talking outside. "I love you Todd." "I love you too." Just as they hugged, the doors opened and Brianna was dragged from her brother. ********** "Here she is." the fat man said. Brianna looked up at her captor and froze. He was very broad and a little taller than she was. He had dark hair falling in waves to his shoulders. He wore dark jeans with a button up shirt of a dark red color gaping open to show muscles.

Ludwig paced around his prize. She had lovely skin, slightly tan. Her hair was a simple brown, framing her face and showing her green eyes. She was only a few inches shy of his chin.


"Excellent." he said and handed the fat man a wad of cash. The man took off with his money and her brother. She would probably never see him again. "Alright then. My name is Ludwig, but you will address me as Master. Now, what shall I call you, my dear?" "Brianna." she mumbled softly. ********** Todd was scared. Brianna was gone forever and he was alone. The van didn't go too far before it stopped again and the doors opened. He was pulled out and thrown to a man's feet.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Don't throw my property around." a voice growled. He looked up and saw a tall man with long, blonde hair flowing down his back. He wore no shirt; only faded jeans. He held the fat man up by the collar then tossed him away. He turned to Todd and smiled, offering his hand. Todd took it, assuming this guy was the lesser evil.

"My deepest apologies, little one. What is your name?" the man asked. Todd almost forgot to answer, but replied with his name. "Very good. Now, come along. I'll bet you'd like a bath." he suggested. "Oh yes please umm." he paused. "Master Derreck." the man replied. "Master Derreck." Todd repeated. Derreck ordered a bath to be drawn in his chambers before he got there. "You'll have plenty of time to explore, but for now, just come with me." Derreck told him.

Todd followed eagerly. He prayed Brianna was being treated the same way. ********** Brianna was jogging back and forth around the manor. It had already been a week and she knew, if she wasn't busy, then it was sex with Master.

Since she'd rather die, she decided to avoid him and keep house. The other girls were very shy. It made her wonder what he'd done to them. She often saw Ludwig louging around, but every so often, he'd be bustling about as well. It was interesting to see how he would never get along if it weren't for the servants.

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"Brianna." he sang from behind her. "Yes master?" "Grace me with your company this evening, won't you?" "Of course Master." she replied. She'd argued once when he'd demanded she bathe him, but when she denied, he struck her across the face, knocking her to the floor. A lovely bruise was forming along the side of her face. His hand came up and caressed the mark he'd made. "Now we understand how important obedience is." "Yes Master." Brianna sighed as she entered his chamber, hoping Todd was in better hands.

********** Todd felt the bed move, dipping behind him as another body joined his. He opened his eyes to nothingness.

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The curtains kept the daylight at bay. Hands came up, caressing his skin beneath the shirt of the silk pajamas he wore. "Master?" he called. "My apologies, I did not mean to wake you." Derreck whispered. Todd wasn't sure what to do or think. It was just umcomfortable for him, especially when the hands dipped lower, past the waistband of his pants. He cringed a bit, afraid of places being touched that he had never touched himself. Derreck had tried to control his urges, but the boy was too tempting.

During the first bath, he nearly lost his mind with lust. Todd's mind took him away to another place, knowing that some time soon something terrible was going to happen. ********** Brianna shoved him away. Ludwig had tried to advance on her yet again.

Even though he could kill her, she still resisted his attempts at any type of intercourse. "You dare to defy me again! I've had enough! I've been as patient as I can." he yelled.

Ludwig yanked her from the wall he'd had her pressed again and dragged her towards a staircase that lead only down. She could barely keep up with his pace.

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He pushed open a heavy oak door that presented a dungeon. There were few devices, but he picked one and slapped her into it. She was strapped to a rack. A table used to stretch the body beyond it's limit. He wasn't stretching her; he was stripping her. Once she was nude, he grabbed a bucket of water and splashed it over her.

He then picked up a lone needle and showed it to her before stabbing it in several places around her nipples. Brianna cried out in pain as he continued to poke and prod her breasts. This was followed by candle wax over each wound. It burned and stung, causing whimpers and screams to slip from her throat. The cold air seemed to freeze the water on her body while the wax burned her up.

Ludwig splashed her again before picking up a box with one nob on it. It had wires hooked up to a battery on the floor and then two more to two metal rods, which he placed in her hands. She didn't know what to expect as he made sure she was gripping the rods tight. He flipped a switch and turned the nob. A shock traveled through her body, jolting her stiff. She winced as her reflxes only tightened her hold on the source. He shut it off, allowing her only a moment to breathe before he turned it up even higher this time, watching her back arch as the electricity coursed throughout her veins.

Her screams echoed off the walls and vibrated up the stairwell, probably into the halls of the manor. Ludwig would turn it off and on repeatedly, tormenting her nerves. Once he stopped, she was twitching, tears streaming down her face as her lungs heaved air.

He bent down to her ear.

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"This is only the beginning." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author's Note: Hey guys! I hope you liked this first Chapter.

It gets better, don't worry. I'm still writing it by hand as we speak. There's so many more suprises in store. Comments appreciated, but let's be nice about it. Thanks!<3 ~Samykins