Glorifying dudes lusty penis momsandteens and threesome

Glorifying dudes lusty penis momsandteens and threesome
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HIM: I would love for you to meet me in the freezer, at the restaurant where I work, wearing nothing but a trench coat and a smile. We would begin with a passionate hug and a deep kiss, as you struggled with the zipper of my pants.

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While wrapping my arms around you, I'd realize that you were naked and start to finger fuck your pussy. You would also notice the bulge in my pants created by my raging hard 8″ cock. At that point, you'd drop to your knees and finally get my pants off. As you set my cock free, you would notice that I was sporting a Prince Albert (genital piercing). You would let out a very loud moan, as you engulfed my cock. You paid much attention to my piercing with your tongue.

You must know what that does to a man with a Prince Albert. You amazed me with your deep throat abilities. Hitting the back wall of your throat sent shivers thru my body. At that moment, you did something much unexpected. One of your free hands managed to find the box of cucumbers.

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You grabbed one and started teasing my asshole with it. It's almost like you were reading my mind. You grabbed a bottle of Vegetable Oil and drizzled a thick coat all over the head and shaft of the cucumber. Once thoroughly coated, you slowly and gently begin to insert it into my ass.

The shivers jolted thru the head of my cock, as you pressed it deeper into my anus. With each thrust, you would flick my piercing with your tongue. You knew what you were doing, that's for sure. You were driving me crazy, and with your juices spilling onto the floor, I could tell that the same was happening to you. You started sucking and thrusting faster and faster, until I could take it no longer.

My balls filled with the juices you were begging for, on your knees. One last giant jolt shot thru my body, as my cock erupted in your mouth like Old Faithful. Spasm after spasm jolt after jolt.

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You drained my cock of every drop that it had to offer. I sat down on the floor, exhausted by your Master-like skills. As you stood up, you licked your lips and smiled. You winked, as you walked out of the cooler. When you reached the door, you turned around and whispered, 'You owe me'. HER: And 'owe me' he does. As I leave the restaurant I am smirking at the thoughts of him going back to work, serving customers, and knowing that he is completely spent but begging for more.

I am sure he will be raging hard all night. I get into my car, still feeling the wetness between my legs. He got his, but I need mine, completely now.

I don't know if I can take it much longer. This drive is excruciatingly long. A stoplight caught me and I put my hands between my legs.


I am soaked. My clit is aching. I palm my hand against my pussy and insert one finger letting out a soft moan. So good, but this has to be just a teaser. I want to save up for my re-payment later. One flick of my clit and finally, the stoplight turns green.

Trying to concentrate on anything other than the feel of him, the saltiness of his skin, the taste of him, the look of 'want' in his eyes when he came, the minty sweetness of his breath when we kissed. The look of sweet exhaustion when I left him on the floor of the cooler. . Needless to say, concentration on other things is not working. Finally home. I cannot seem to get the door opened quickly enough. I throw my purse on the floor and head to my bedroom. I strip off my now soaked coat and notice the new wetness between my legs.

I am struggling to resist the urge to relive the moment in the cooler and masturbate. I reach between my legs and give my clit one more caress to maybe calm myself a bit. I think I will shower. That may help calm my urge a bit. I get in the shower and lather up.

I am tingling. The soapy sponge on my breasts, pussy and backside feels so good.

I feel like one touch and I would be uncontrollable. I feel the blush of sexual heat come over me as I begin to think about how his night at work is going. I can't stop smiling.

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I know he is watching the clock and is trying to conceal a raging cock. Shower is done. I get out and suddenly feeling tired, I decide to crawl into bed and take a nap. I feel so good. The sheets are cold against my showered hot skin. My clit is still throbbing. It has a mind of its own. As my finger finds its way to my clit, it twitches and begs to be touched by him.

It is so sensitive. I slowly circle my clit. I am so wet. I give my pussy one final caress as if to say, "Four more hours Kitty and he will be home". I am smiling as I drift off. I wonder what is going on in his mind right at this moment. Tonight, we may exhaust one another. HIM: Work really sucks tonight. I can't stay focused on my tables, and it's beginning to piss off some of the customers.

After she left this morning, I had to begin prepping the vegetables for the Salad Bar. I was totally zoned on the task at hand, until it was time to cut up the cucumbers. At first, I was struck with panic. I didn't notice where she had put the cucumber she had used earlier. I definitely didn't want it being used for the salad today.

Stepping back into the freezer, to grab the crate of cucumbers, I, thankfully, noticed a cucumber leaning up against the back wall of the cooler. I figured that it was the One, when I saw the small pool of oil on the floor where it stood. With much relief, I discarded it in the trash and finished prepping. My mind is constantly torn between work, and what awaits me at home.

The double shift I was working was slowly coming to an end, when our other Head Server became sick. This only means that my shift has been slightly extended. Now, I have to close the front and the back of the restaurant. Now I'm really pissed off.

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To expedite closing time, and since I open the restaurant again tomorrow, I just tell everyone that if they'll pay me a small fee, I'll just clean before work tomorrow. Everyone agrees, and we close up shop. The 30 minute drive home is hell. Thankfully, it's so late that the lights are all just blinking. When I'm about halfway home, I receive a picture text from her. She loves to torture me.

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Instantly, I am rock hard again. She is going to get it when I get home. I pull off the side of the road, only to tease her back.


I unzip my pants and open my phone. I then take a picture, as my rebuttal to her pic. I hope this gets her wet and ready for tonight's activities. I return to the road, with my hand pressing firmly on my crotch every few minutes. Finally, I see my house in the distance. I pull into the abandoned lot, about a block from the house.

I park, and then turn the engine off. As I step out of the car, my house is instantly engulfed in a bright light and a loud explosion.