In doggy style on sofa

In doggy style on sofa
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August sucks. It's the hottest month of the year, and that means a lot these days. Your sweat is bleeding through your white shirt as you walk back to your home. The last interview didn't go so well. It would've been a great job, but the interviewer. well, she made you hard, to put it simply. It made it really difficult to concentratre on her questions, and you just couldn't stop staring at her.

Just a bit on the short side, with blonde locks and deep blue eyes. An almost child-like build, kinda like your- No. You won't say it. You won't even think it. No no NO. Whatever, it's been a long day. You're hot, your tired, you're sweating through this damn dress shirt, just FUCK it. All you want to do is get home, take a dip in the pool to cool off, and REST. Finally ariving, you stumble through the front door with an exhausted "Hey I'm home." Hearing no response, you kick off your shoes and head to your room.

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A quick strip 'n' slip later, you're in your trunks and ready to dive. You bound through the backdoor and cannonball into the pool. The water greets your arrival with a hearty SPLOOOOSH, the cool liquid engulfs you, and at once, you feel at peace with the world. You surface and float on your back, eyes closed. And then open them when you hear a voice. "WHAT THE HELL, JOHN?!" Your eyes snap open, and there, huddled against the side of the pool, is your little sister.

"SHIT! Lauren?! I didn't think anyone else was home!" "I was in the pool you moron, I didn't hear you come in!" You sigh and let your feet touch the bottom to stand.

You're about to apologize when you notice your sister's hands are crossed over her chest. Weird how she's kept her back to you this whole time. But then you look again, and notice the distinct lack of a strap across her back. "Lauren, were you. are you. Skinnydipping?" She goes red. She was already red before, you realize, but now she's nearly boiling the water around her.

"No! Maybe! Yes, fine, I was skinnydipping, I mean, I AM skinnydipping!" She drops down so only her head is visible above the surface. "Just. could you fetch me my bathing suit so I can get out?" She gestures over to one of the pool chairs, a bikini top and bottom splayed out across it. Smirking and snorting at your li'l sis's expense, you step out of the pool and fetch the bikini halves.

They're red, and.


very small. SCANDALOUSLY small, actually. At least a third of them are litle more than string, and what's left would leave almost nothing to the imagination. You whistle involuntarily at the mental image of your sister in this getup. "What?!" Lauren says, her arms still crossing her chest. "Uh, just." You scramble for an explanation. "Just surprised you had the courage to step out of the house wearing this!" Safe.

"Hey, I've got the figure for it. Why shouldn't I?" You look back at her. She's looking right back at you, this smug, defgiant look in her eye.

Just like Lauren; always trying to prove she's just as grown up as you. Makes you want to. NO. DOWN, Little John! You supress your. baser instincts and wade back into the pool with her bikini. She holds her hand out for it. You stop your hand just short of hers. Damn you, baser instinsts. "You know," you say, a devious smirk crossing your lips, "I COULD make you get these yourself, if I wanted." "Wha- John!" She snatches for the swimsuit, but you pull your hand away just in time, utilizing your height advantage by holding it over your head.

"Give it back!" your sister yells, thrashing around in the water, one arm over her breasts, the other reaching for her swimsuit. You back away, sticking your tongue out and teasing her. but as you do, you can't help but notice that she's having to brush up against you to reach for the suit, and the farther away she has to reach, the more of her body comes in contact with yours. You back away until you're against the edge of the pool, leaning back with your arm to keep the suit out of reach.

And your little sister is jumping against your body with such force, almost GRINDING against it, her soft, wet flesh against yours. She jumps against you one more time, and you both feel something catch in your swim trunks.

"Uh. John? What was-" Your hands are on her shoulders. When did that happen?

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"John, what are you-" You shove her against the edge of the pool and she gasps, shocked. She looks up at you plaintively, crossing her hands over her breasts again ".John?" You realize you're panting. It's just too much.

Her, her body, her eyes, her naked flesh, HER.

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Your sweet little sister, the one you've wanted to fuck for as long as you've wanted to fuck anyone, is here in front of you, stark naked. You reach below the water, grab her wrists, and force her hands away from her chest. "JOHN, WHAT ARE YOU-" You place a hand over her mouth. Those blue eyes are wide now, panicked, and she's struggling, kicking her legs and trying to get away from you.

You get in close. "Who did you think you were fooling, slut? Huh? Did you think I wouldn't see what you wanted, wearing stuff like this?" Your other hand is below the water now; over her breasts, down across her midriff, and there it is, that warm little prize she keeps between her legs.

She grabs your wrist and tries to pull you away, shrieks muffled under your other hand. Your fingers force themselves between her legs, her thighs grinding to try to force you away, but it's not enough. Her warm lips are against your hand now, and she sobs as your thumb brushes her clit.

You can feel it poking out, that warm, stiff nub agains thte ball of your thumb. "Don't lie to me, slut!


You wanted this, didn't you? Skinnydipping in the pool, just waiting for me to come back, thinking about all the naughty things you'd like me to do. well, is THIS naughty enough?!" You force a finger inside her, and she screams into your hand. It's wet inside, wetter than you expected, wetter than the damn POOL. It's slick and warm and wet and it takes you inside with hardly any resistance.

So you put another finger in, and force the both of them even deeper inside her, and she screams even louder. She's screaming and sobbing with each thrust of your fingers, each rotation of your thumb against her clit. She's kicking, clawing, trying to get away, but no matter what she does, she can't change the fact that your body is pressed against hers, your fingers are in her pussy, and her hips are bucking with them.

It wasn't easy to tell at first; she was struggling hard, and violently too. But as your fingers do their work, you begin to notice a rythym to her struggles. one that times perfectly with that of your fingers and thumb. You risk taking your hand off her mouth, and are greeted only with breathy moans. "John. Please, stop, we.

I'm you're sister, we can't." "We can't what?" you reply. "P-please. don't f.f-fu." Her eyes are going out of fous. You drive your fingers a little deeper inside and her hips buck again.

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Finally her eyes come into focus again. They're large, blue, and they're pleading you with everything they have. "Please don't fuck me, brother." Sometimes the best motivation to do something is to be told not to. You pull your fingers out of her depths, grab her by the shoulders again and spin her around. She's leaning over the edge of the pool now, her breasts pressed agains the corner. "W-wait. John, you can't do this, I'm." Her ass is grinding against your crotch.

"I'm your sister, you can't. I'm not even." You rip your swim trunks away and feel your length brush between her thighs. She gasps and tries to pull away, but you stay with her. "We can't. It's not right, John, I." Your dick finds its way to her entrance, and she yelps, trying to pull away. "I'm only fourteen, I can't. we can't do THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" You're inside. She could only take the head. She's too tight to take any more. But your little sister's pussy is now spasming around the head of your cock.

And that's damn near enough to send you overboard. You keep it together, though. After all, she's your sister, right? She deserves better than a premature ejaculator. So you force it in just alittle deeper, and she screams. Nothing over her mouth this time. Nothing to hold her back.

Your little sister Lauren SCREAMS as you shove your cock deeper inside her, and, god help you, you love it. She's begging you to stop now. At least, you think she is.

She's saying something, but between her pained gasps and your arousal, you can't hear her.(edited) So you force it deeper still. She tries to scream, but she can't this time. A sort of choked moan comes out of her, like a dying gasp, almost. She collapses against the edge of the pool as your dick penetrates her further. Maybe she was a virgin? You're not sure; you never asked, and it's a little late now anyway. So you push just a little deeper.

She twitches and groans as you bottom out inside her. You can feel her engulfing you now; her tight pussy, so tight it almost feels like it's trying to strangle you, is swallowing you whole. You take a moment to savor the sensation of your dear little sister's snatch gobbling you up.(edited) Then you grab her hips.

Lauren whimpers as she realizes what's about to happen. You pull yourself almost entirely out of her. She lets out a throaty, bestial moan. And you slam back inside.

She has no sound for this, save a choking little gasp. There IS no sound for being so comprehensivley violated by your brother. All the poor little girl can do is grasp the edge of the pool with white knuckles as her big brother slowly withdraws his length from her body, and then forces it back in.

You can barely stand it. It's so warm. It feels like your dick never belonged anywhere else, like this is a homecoming, like this HAD to happen. How can it be wrong if it feels so good? Maybe, says a devilish little voice in the back of your mind, it feels so good BECAUSE it's wrong? You groan as the thought occurs to you.(edited) Grabbing a handful of your sister's hair, you pull her close to you. You can hear her groaning and panting as you thrust thrust thrust slowly and deliberately into her.

"See, isn't this good?" you whisper into her ear. "Doesn't this feel great?" You suckle her earlobe. "Don't you want more?" You bite.(edited) She makes no response. not verbal, at least. But you feel her body shudder against yours. Your wrap a hand around her breast; so large and firm, so warm, and with that lovely pink nipple poking against your palm. "Don't you want more Lauren?" Thrust. "Don't you want more?" Thrust. "Don't you want more?" THRUST.(edited) You know she won't answer you with words.

Her body answers you, instead. Her pussy seems just little bit wetter now, and her hips are grinding against yours. "See? I knew you would like it." She half sobs, half moans as she accepts what she really wants. And then you start to get serious. If you were above water, the smacking of your hips against her ass would probably be audible a block away.

Instead, all that can be heard is a muted SWOOSH SWOOSH SWOOSH of water as you fuck your sister as hard as you can. Waves break out from the epicenter of your lovemaking, and a ring of white foam starts to form around you as your bodies collide with ever greater force. She's not even trying to hide it anymore; your little sister is actively grinding her body against yours, desperately trying to get more of you inside her, to recieve more of brother's length in her hungry cunt.(edited) You feel yourself approaching the end, and it suddenly dawns on you what you're doing.

You're fucking your little sister. Your sweet little sister who grew up with you, who fought with you, who shared lives and memories with you. Lauren, that girl that was always there for you when no other girl was.

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You hilt inside her. And lean down so you can whisper in her ear.(edited) "Hey, sis. I'm not pulling out." There's a moment, a brief moment as she processes this. In this moment, several things happen. She gasps, moans something inarticulate, and tries to push you away.

You grab her hips and pull yourself in as deep as possible as your dick erupts. And her pussy grips you tighter than before, tighter even than when you first began raping her, and milks the seed from your cock. The two of you are on the edge of the pool now, you slumped over her back, both of you panting for breath.

You lift her face up to look at yours. She's dead-eyed, tears streaming down her cheeks. "No turning back now, Lauren." You plant a kiss on her lips. END