Pussy fisting between amateur couple

Pussy fisting between amateur couple
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The Adventures of Samantha Chapter 4: Caught Sorry about the previous post of this story which got posted twice. Copy/paste fail! it has been requested to be deleted and should be taken down soon.

I also apologize for the short length of this chapter, think of it as a bridge to a whole lot more plot!

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I realized that there is some discontinuity regarding Sam and her now-roommate Carly. I realize they weren't roommates in the first couple chapters of the story, but they are now.

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Please just disregard this; it makes the story more interesting. You may also notice some other small differences; I try to reduce these but keep in mind that I'm making these stories up as I go along.


I hadn't thought it through at the time I wrote Part 1. These small differences will make the story more interesting. You'll see! ------------------------------------------________________________--------------------------___________ I laid in my bed, wearing nothing but my yellow nightie, which clung to my body at the certain places where Mark had cum just moments before.

Still somehow unsatisfied, I felt my hands run down my body toward my soaked pussy. I teased my tender clit for a moment, but then, with two fingers, scooped out a huge amount of Mark's jizz out of my cunt. "Mmmmm", I moaned. I couldn't get enough of the taste.

Combined with my own fluids, it tasted like heaven. For the next 20 minutes, I tried as hard as I could to taste every last morsel of semen from my slit. Eventually, it was clear that I had salvaged all I could. For some reason, I needed more of the taste in my mouth.

Tasting Mark's cum was like a drug; the more I had, the more I seemed to want. Eventually, when his seed seemed to run dry, I closed my eyes and inserted two fingers into my still sopping cunt and slowly fluttered my fingers back and forth.

I was addicted to the feeling. I was sore from being fucked for the first time only minutes before, and my gentle fingering soothed my aches. I grew more and more relaxed and drifted off to sleep. I awoke to a rattling of the doorknob and the brightness of the sun in my eyes.


Apparently it was morning already. "Hey girl, what--" she looked at me. "Fun night?" she started giggling uncontrollably. I looked down to find two fingers still lodged in my pussy, my nightie hitched up to the bottoms of my tits, with white states splattered here and there. I jumped and went to cover myself up, but I then realized that this was Carly here; there wasn't really much of a point.

I pulled the fingers out of my cunt and licked them clean. "How was your night?" I asked, changing the subject. "Oh you know, nothing too exciting, just fucked a man!" she squealed. I jumped out of bed and hugged her as we squealed together. I didn't think Carly would go through with it.

We sat on my bed and she told me everything, how they drank half a bottle of vodka together as they watched a movie, how his hand slid slowly up her leg towards her crotch, how they hurriedly stripped each other and fucked like wild animals, how they fucked three times before going to bed. "It must be his athlete's endurance," she giggled. "We even fucked one more time right before I left this morning." She stood up. She was still wearing the same tank top and tight jeans she wore to Colin's last night.

"Needless to say I don't feel very clean, so I'm gonna go jump in the shower." "Did you use condoms?" "No, my mom had my sister when she was really young so she put me on the Nuva-ring before I came here.

No babies for five years!" she giggled and made a fist pump. I had stopped listening after the word "no". I watched her pull off her jeans and tank top, and unclipped her bra, till she was standing just in her panties.


She was searching for a towel in her closet when I got bold. I stood up and tiptoed behind her, and quickly yanked her panties down to her ankles.

"What the--" She turned around. I was already on my knees. "I want to taste you." I flicked her clit with my tongue. "But Sam--ahhh--Colin just came--oooooh--in me--ahhhhhh" "I know. I want to taste him too." She took a step back so she could lean against a wall.

I continued to attack her clit with my tongue and lips.


I focused my attentions there. It wasn't long before she was moaning uncontrollably, the legs she was standing on shaking uncontrollably. She started to slide down the wall and onto the floor.

I didn't stop there. I scooted back to accommodate her new position, which was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall.

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I began to lick the entire length of her cunt, from front to back. I loved the taste of her, and I was beginning to taste the familiar taste of a man's cum. This awoke something inside me. I thrust three fingers into my own cunt and two fingers on my other hand into Carly.

I flicked her clit with my tongue and scooped a warm glob of Colin's cum out of her cunt. Carly couldn't catch her breath; she was gasping for air as she came over and over again. I took a break from licking her and slurped up Colin's cum from my fingers. "Mmmm, his cum tastes so good." I told her. She responded with another moan.

One or two more globs later, I finally let Carly breathe. I pulled myself away from her and pulled the fingers out of my pussy. Her eyes were beginning to open and her breathing began to steady. I held one of my fingers under her nose and her eyes snapped open. She looked at me hungrily and took the finger into her mouth, sucking on it. "Mmmm", she whispered. I smiled and stepped back, pulled my little nightie off of me. Her eyes followed me, but she didn't get up, apparently too weak to move.

"I'm going to go get a shower, I think. I was pretty dirty last night too." I put the two other fingers I'd just removed from my pussy and sucked on them, enjoying my taste again. I grabbed one of my towels, wrapped it around myself, and walked down the hallway to the women's bathroom. The bathroom had three shower stalls and a few toilets; there were a few for each gender on each floor.

I turned the water on as hot as it got and stepped in, reminiscing about what a crazy night and morning it'd been. In the course of about 12 hours, I had made two people cum and had two boys' semen in my belly.

I had developed quite the hunger for man cum; the smell, taste consistency. something about it just made me feel high. I considered masturbating again, but since I'd essentially been abusing my clit for the past 12 hours, I decided against it. I felt myself wishing for another helping of hot cum. Then, I realized I could have it whenever I wanted. I imagined myself with an enormous dick, exceeding 12 inches and too wide for me to handle with one hand.

I imagined a pair of fairly large balls. After few seconds, I felt the water flowing over my new body part. My imagination was impressive. My new cock was easily bigger than anything I'd seen in real life or on a computer screen. It was smooth, hairless, and stood tall against my belly.

It reached a couple inches past my belly button, leaving only a couple inches between it and the bottoms of my B-cup tits. Hmm, why not make those tits D cups? I was in the shower, after all; I could do whatever I wanted.

I imagined my tits engorging, and sure enough, there they were. My dime-sized areolas didn't look quite right against my new big tits, but I didn't really care.

Aside from my new tits and cock, I looked like Sam. I reached down and played with my balls, which ran a shiver down my legs.

i used my other hand to tease the bottom of my shaft.

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I sighed, then moved my first and to my shaft and started stroking with both hands. It wasn't long before I felt something boiling in my abdomen, and I had to lean back against the wall for support as my knees fluttered. My cock exploded in white juice like a fountain at Bellagio or Old Faithful.

The first shot fired out of my cock, shooting as high as eye level. Some landed on my chest and began rolling down my tits; most hit the floor. The subsequent shots plastered my belly and the undersides of my tits. I was groaning like mad; the feeling of release was too much for my body to handle. I let go of my still-hard shaft and scooped as much cum as I could off of my body and hungrily licked it off of my hand. I savored the warmth as it flowed into my belly. I was really getting addicted to this.

My other hand was already working my shaft again. It wasn't long before I felt the buildup again, and I started to moan again. I stroked harder and faster, panting wildly, pushing myself over the edge.

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"Ahh, ahh, ahhh!!" I gasped. At the exact moment, I saw the shower curtain open. Carly was standing there, smiling as naked as I left her. Then she looked down, and I saw the shock wash over her face. "AHHHH!" I moaned, and she screamed. Jizz unloaded from my cock, even harder than before. I couldn't cover myself up. "Sam, what the FUCK? " Cum was erupting from my cock. I tried like hell to imagine myself as normal, but it was no use. Semen was spurting from me, firing into the wall, making a sound like a pressure washer as I tried to hide myself from Carly.

"WHAT THE FUCK SAM!?" I heard urgent footsteps. I turned around to see her walk out of the bathroom, practically running out of the women's bathroom. Well, shit.