Very hot tall mature wife exposing on cam new)

Very hot tall mature wife exposing on cam new)
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Chapter 8 VISITORS Friday at work was much easier than the rest of the week had been. Laura hadn't taken the aphrodisiacs, and her sexual urges were under control. She didn't have to deal with having a wet, needy pussy.

Her boss left her alone, having blessedly seemed to forget his request for her to show her his bra in the mornings. Candy left her alone. Laura was able to just do her work and go home. When she got home there was a delightful surprise. She had almost forgotten her new rules for Erica, but there her lover was, naked and kneeling in front of the front door of the house, her hands cuffed behind her back. Laura beamed with delight and told Erica what a lovely and good girlfriend she was.

Erica smiled back happily. Laura closed the front door, raised her skirt, grabbed a handful of Erica's hair, and guided Erica's mouth towards her pussy. After a short session of licking had brought Laura to orgasm, she let her lover stand on her feet, and kissed her on the lips tenderly.

However, she didn't let Erica wear clothes, or clean the cunt juices from her face, and of course she left Erica's hands cuffed behind her back. Erica had prepared dinner before stripping and cuffing herself. The two girls sat at the table and ate their meals. Laura considered making Erica eat by putting her face into the food like a dog, but took mercy and instead fed Erica from her hand, with Erica pressing her face into Laura's palm to collect each individual chuck of food one at a time.

It was a surprisingly sensual and erotic experience to hand-feed her lover, and afterwards Laura got out the strap-on and repeated last night's sex session. She noted with approval that Erica had cleaned the dildo well, and she congratulated Erica on her good work while she slapped and raped the girl and sprayed pig cum into her pussy and mouth. Erica cried during the sex but didn't resist. As they lay in bed that night, Erica quietly asked, "Why are you hurting me like this?" Laura answered by slapping Erica, and telling her their deal was that Erica never, ever asked questions.

Erica shut up dutifully, but Laura realised that there was more work to be done on settling Erica into this pattern of degradation and submission. The next morning, Laura had realised her solution. She had woken Erica up by gently easing the strap-on into Erica's pussy, and Erica had woken up with a gasp.

"Why do you like this, Erica?" Laura asked gently as the confused girl struggled to wakefulness. "What?" asked Erica. "Why do you like being fucked by a cock?" asked Laura. "What. I don't." began Erica. "It always gets your pussy wet," said Laura.

"That first night you were dripping wet at the thought." Erica didn't know what to say. She had been wet on Thursday night, even as she was raped and degraded. Even as she was crying. She didn't know what to say. "I've always suspected that secretly you weren't a lesbian," said Laura.

"I am!" protested Erica. "Secretly you like cock, don't you?" Laura continued, fucking the dildo in and out of Erica's snatch. "No!" said Erica. Laura leaned in close and whispered in Erica's ear, as she drove the strap-on deep inside Erica. "If I ever catch you slutting onto a boy," said Laura quietly, "I will torture your pretty little tits and cunt until you beg for mercy. I will make them sing with pain and people will hear you screaming from five houses away." She caressed Erica's cheek with her hand.

"And then I will dump you like the worthless little hetero slut that you are." She bit Erica's ear gently, and then said "Do you understand?" Erica only nodded, confused and on the verge of tears. She didn't know why Laura was suddenly like this. It was so sudden and inexplicable that Erica knew it had to be something that she herself had done wrong. But she didn't know what and she didn't know how to fix it.

And she was worried there was a grain of truth in what Laura had said, because even though the plastic strap-on hurt and was disgusting, it somehow felt very right, filling up her pussy like that. Laura pressed her lips against Erica's, her large tits flattened against Erica's smaller ones, and fucked Erica's twat with the dildo until both girls orgasmed. *** After the sex, Laura put her plan into motion.

She told Erica that she had been a good fuck, and deserved a reward. She left Erica lying in bed, and went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for both of them. It didn't take her long to fry some eggs and cook some toast; she accompanied the food with glasses of orange juice. Except that Erica's juice secretly contained the powdered residue of two of the Mayim Clinic's aphrodisiac pills. She brought the food to Erica in bed, and watched as Erica ate the food and drank the juice.

Afterwards, she cleared away the plates, and then sat with Erica until she saw the drugs take hold. Erica's face became flushed, her breathing began to quicken, and Laura noted one of Erica's hands unconsciously move beneath the bedsheets to gently cup and massage Erica's vagina.

Satisfied that Erica was now thinking with her cunt, just as Laura had been on Thursday, Laura immediately pulled her girlfriend out of bed. Erica, whose finger had just been about to start slowly stroking her clitoris, moaned in frustration. "Come on, get up, lazybones," Laura said cheerfully. "Michael and Taylor from my work are coming to visit today. We need to get you dressed." She led Erica into the shower, and the two girls shared the cubicle as the hot water showered the sex from their bodies.

The drugs were making Erica affectionate, and she kept pressing her body up against Laura's. Erica was an extremely sexy girl, and Laura found it hard to stay focused with Erica's wet tits rubbing against her and Erica's nude shaven cunt pressing up against her leg.


She wanted to drag Erica back into the bedroom and rape her again, but she knew she didn't have that long until Michael and Taylor were due. She settled for a warm, steamy tongue kiss and an intimate, loving hug, before getting back to the business of cleaning Erica up. Afterward they dried off and got dressed. Laura dressed first, making Erica wait naked until she was done. She picked out one of her favourite princess-style dresses, with a faux-corset top that presented her breasts attractively, and long billowing skirts.

It was all in pink, of course, to match her hair, and she complemented it with a silver necklace that drew the eye down towards her cleavage. As she looked at herself in the mirror she smiled; it was perfect for teasing Michael - demure yet very fuckable. But hopefully Michael would be looking at someone else today.

Laura turned to regard Erica. Erica's hand was between her legs again, her fingers buried in her snatch, and Laura had to slap the hand away. "Oh, god, Erica, stop being such a slut," said Laura. "Are you just going to play with yourself all day in front of Michael and Taylor?" Erica at least had the self-awareness to blush.

"Can I even trust you to be a good host and not just lock yourself in the toilet and masturbate?" Laura demanded. "I'm sorry," said Erica. She was confused; she didn't know why she felt this horny.

It was like on Thursday when she had been so wet while Laura was raping her, except worse. She didn't want to see Michael and Taylor.

She just wanted to rub her cunt. Or better yet, she wanted Laura to fuck her again with that dildo. She didn't even mind if it pumped pig cum inside her, if only it would let her orgasm. "New rule for today," said Laura. "Stay out of the toilet. I don't want to see you go in there, okay?" "Okay," agreed Erica. She wondered what she was supposed to do if she needed to pee, but she was already embarrassed about her horniness and didn't want to start a fight with her lover. With that settled, Laura next arranged for the pictures that the Mayim Clinic had asked for.

She told Erica that she wanted to take some sexy photos of Erica, to remind her that Erica loved her and wanted to fuck her. She got Erica to pose nude for her, and took close ups of Erica's tits and her cunt. Erica was confused but played along, posing and pouting for the girl she loved. She eagerly agreed when Laura asked her to masturbate for the next photo, grateful to touch her increasingly aroused pussy.

But when Laura took her back to the shower cubicle and asked Erica to piss for the camera, Erica balked. "Why would you want that?" she protested. Laura slapped her, hard, across the face. "Have you already forgotten you don't ask questions? I want a photo because if you do it, it shows you love me." Erica clutched at her slapped face, and reluctantly squatted nude in the shower.

Her face flushed with humiliation as she concentrated, released her bladder, and pissed in front of her lover. Laura captured it with several photographs as her cunt tingled happily. She wasn't turned on by the urine - that was gross - but making Erica do something so humiliating was more than a little delicious. She loved the blush on Erica's face. Afterwards, she got Erica to wipe her pussy clean, and then Laura picked out clothes for Erica.

There were a strange selection. Laura picked out one of Erica's pink G-strings, and got Erica to wear it. Erica hadn't worn this particular item since school, and she found she'd grown a bit.

The G-string, which had once fit comfortably, now bit into her groin tightly. The front section failed to cover her entire mons, and Erica's labia splayed out visibly to either side of the crotch section.

The rear vanished between her ass cheeks.

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Laura told Erica she was going without a bra today, and then showed Erica the rest of the outfit. It was Erica's uniform from when she had been in private school, but with some changes. Laura appeared to have trimmed the hemline of the pleated tartan skirt; now it stopped just beneath Erica's ass. If she bent at all, her butt cheeks were exposed. Her cunt was technically covered by the front, but only just. The shirt was worse. It was a white short-sleeve button-up dress shirt, but the buttons had been removed.

The shirt wouldn't close in the front. It covered Erica's medium-sized tits, but it left the skin between them wholly exposed, and each movement threatened to pull it back from her breasts and bare them to the world. "What is this?" Erica asked. She had already let Laura pull the clothes onto her body before she realised what was wrong with them. She looked at herself in the mirror - she looked like a prostitute. A schoolgirl prostitute.

"You look so cute!" enthused Laura. "I've seen so many girls in Japan dressing this way. It's the fashion." "My breasts are going to come out!" protested Erica. "Nonsense. It's just like a strapless dress or a tube top. Or a skirt, for that matter. You just have to learn how to wear it.

You don't do cartwheels in a skirt, you don't do star jumps in a tube top. So you don't go waving your arms around in this, and you'll be just fine." Erica started to protest, so Laura kissed her on the lips. Erica melted immediately, the tension running out of her. She pressed her tits up against Laura and began to moan sluttily into Laura's mouth. Her hands moved to fondle Laura's melons.

Laura broke off the kiss after a long minute, and noted happily that Erica had completely forgotten her protests about the clothes. After that, they did their makeup. Laura did Erica's, choosing out the brightest sluttiest red lipstick for her lips, and adding blush to Erica's cheeks to accentuate her already considerable level of sexual arousal.

Laura looked at her girlfriend. She looked like a whore. She looked like even more of a whore than Laura had on Thursday. It made Laura feel a little better about her own slutty actions while under the pill. It was not long after they had finished getting ready that Laura heard a knock at the door.

The visitors were here. Quickly, Laura picked up the remains of their breakfast dishes from the bedroom, and made a show of beginning to take them to the kitchen. Erica followed.

When they reached the lounge room, though, Laura deliberately dropped one of the smaller plates. It fell to the floor and broke into a number of small but visible pieces. "Erica!" commanded Laura, placing the remaining dishes on the kitchen bench. "Stop standing around like an idiot! Pick up those pieces!" She didn't wait to see if Erica obeyed, but instead went straight to the front door. It turned out Michael and Taylor had arrived together.

Michael, as big and burly as ever, was in denim jeans and a casual top. Laura immediately gave him a warm hug, noting with pleasure his embarassment at having her breasts pressed against him. "Michael!" she enthused.

"Oh, I'm so glad you could make it." Taylor, blonde and beautiful, stood behind him, in cut-off shirts and a babydoll. Laura had to bite her lip a little; her friend looked hot. She wondered if Taylor had always been so gorgeous, or whether it was just the heightened sexual awareness Laura was in this week.

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Quickly suppressing her lust, Laura gave Taylor a hug too. Michael was already heading for the living room, so Laura moved quickly to stop him.

"Wait up. Just so you know, I've had a talk with Erica about the way she's dressed today. We had a fight, and she insists on dressing like this. Once she heard you were coming over, Michael, there was no persuading her otherwise for some reason.

Anyway, please don't start up the fight again. Just tell her that she looks pretty and pretend it's normal, okay?" Michael looked confused, but he agreed. His confusion changed to shock, though, when he reached the living room. There was Erica, down on all fours on the carpet, picking up pieces of plate. Her ass was presented to the doorway, and Michael and Taylor could see straight up her obscenely short skirt to her panty-less crotch, and had a perfect view of her anus and of her bare, clearly aroused pussy.

Her button-less shirt hung open beneath her, and the outline of her tits could be easily made out swaying back and forth as she collected the pieces of plate. "Erica!" said Laura sharply. "Stop teasing our visitors and say hello!" Erica jumped to her feet, her hands clutching at her shirt, pulling it closed over her breasts. She was blushing even before she was upright, but the blush ran awy into a shocked paleness as she realised the view that Michael and Taylor had just had.

She swayed on her feet, and for a moment Laura was worried she might faint. "Hi, Erica," said Taylor, trying entirely too hard to sound normal. "You look pretty today." "I love the outfit," said Michael, sincerely. Laura looked down and was unsurprised to see Michael's cock tenting his pants. She felt a stab of jealousy. Normally it was HER teasing that did this to their friends.

And SHE did it without dressing like a total slut. Erica was still standing there like a stunned idiot. "Erica, say hello to our friends. Give them a hug," suggested Laura. Erica showed no sign of moving, though, so Laura ended up grabbing Erica's hand and pulling her over to Michael. Cautiously, Michael enfolded the whorishly-dressed lesbian girl in a hug. Erica responded stiffly at first, but then as she felt her tits touching Michael, and her legs rubbing against his legs, she made a little moan and started to hug him back tightly.

She kept holding him until Michael had completely released her, and Laura had to kind of help to pull her away. Laura could see that Erica wasn't thinking clearly at all now. The drugs had completely hijacked her brain. She was only barely responding to what she was seeing and hearing, and mostly reacting to what her body was feeling.

Experimentally, Laura pushed Erica towards Taylor, and was pleased to see her immediately nuzzle up to Taylor in a hug that was definitely more intimate than friendship warranted. "Are you okay?" Taylor started to ask Erica, but when she opened her mouth, Erica instinctively leaned forward and kissed Taylor on the lips. They remained like that for several shocked seconds, Taylor frozen and Erica passionately tongue kissing her.

And then Taylor finally got her wits about her. She shoved Erica hard, and Erica fell backwards, down onto the floor. She landed with her legs apart and her cunt splayed for public inspection. "What the hell, Erica?" Taylor shouted. "I'm not a lesbian. And you have a girlfriend!" Erica started to cry. "I'm sorry," she mumbled. Realising her pussy was exposed, she pulled her legs together and tried to get up onto her knees. "I'm so sorry." Laura made a disgusted noise.

"You are such a pig, Erica. Come with me." She pulled Erica to her feet, and dragged her into the bedroom, closing the door to shut out Taylor and Michael. Inside, Erica was still crying and apologising, but Laura would have none of it.

"Kissing Taylor? What kind of slut are you? All morning you've been a total whore. In fact for the last several days. I can't believe I date you." "Nooo." moaned Erica. "Don't leave me. Don't leave me. Kiss me. Lick me. Please." "You're a slutpig, Erica," said Laura.

She reached out and grabbed Erica's undefended clitoris and twisted it. Erica yowled. "Say it. You're a slutpig," demanded Laura.

"I'm a slutpig," sobbed Erica. "A slutty little piglet who needs to be raped," said Laura. "Yes. Yes. I need to be raped," said Erica.

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Laura knew Erica would say anything to get an orgasm, because it was how she'd felt herself in the Mayim Clinic chair. "You're getting a time out," said Laura. She fetched the handcuffs, grabbed Erica's hands, and cuffed them behind her back. "What." asked Erica.

"That's to stop you rubbing your little whore pussy for the next little while. I'm going to leave you in here to see if you can get yourself under control. If you're good I might let you out to enjoy the rest of the day." She pinched Erica's clitoris again. "If you're bad you can start looking for somewhere else to live." "I'll be good," whined Erica.

She looked so disgusting, thought Laura, snivelling and covered in her own tears. But in another way so hot. She wished she had time to force Erica to lick her out, but she didn't. Turning her back on Erica, she returned to the living room, closing the door behind her.

"I'm sorry about that," she said to Taylor and Michael, loud enough for Erica to hear in the next room. "Erica's been going through a slutty phase. She can't help herself. She's going to have a rest and try and feel better.

I'm so sorry. But tell me all about what's been happening with you!" *** For the next hour, Laura chatted with her two friends. They were both obviously weirded out by what had happened with Erica, but Laura was an easy socialiser and they soon grew comfortable again. They talked about things they'd done; about TV shows they'd watched. Taylor had a few new anime recommendations for Laura that sounded interesting.

Laura counted with two picks of her own, plus a perverted hentai show whose description she knew would titillate Michael. "It's about girl superhero schoolgirls with big breasts. They fight in pairs. But they only power up when their partner's tits are in pain, so it's full of tit bondage and tit whipping and stuff every episode." When she noticed the talk was once again giving Michael an erection, Laura changed the topic.

"Erica's been in the next room for a while. I'm afraid if I go in there I'll just start a fight again. Michael, do you think you could go spend some time with her?" Michael nodded. "Sure, I could do that." Laura blushed. "Um, I had to handcuff her because she was so worked up.

She should probably leave the cuffs on, but if you want to let her free, here's the key." She passed the tiny key to Michael, and then watched as Michael headed to the bedroom, stepped inside, and shut the door behind him. With Michael gone, Laura tried to continue talking to Taylor, but she noticed Taylor was distracted.

The blonde girl's eyes kept straying to the bedroom door, and Laura began to realise that her friend was not just friends with Michael. She had a crush on him! The two may already be dating - they'd turned up together, after all - but on the other hand Laura had seen no physical affection between the two, so maybe Taylor's pining for the big hunk was unrequited.

To be honest, Laura found it hard to concentrate as well. She'd sent Michael in to see Erica with a specific outcome in mind, and she felt in control of the situation, but at the same time she didn't feel good about having sent a horny male into her bedroom to play with her handcuffed, horny, sluttily-dressed girlfriend. She suspected that under the drugs Erica was going to make a slut of herself, exactly as Laura might have done, but she didn't like the idea that Erica could be made to respond sexually to a man, even under a chemical influence.

Nevertheless Laura kept a cheerful conversation going for a good fifteen minutes, until she judged that Michael and Erica had had enough time to become acquainted.

Then she abruptly rose from her seat, moved quickly to the bedroom door, and threw it open. Inside, she saw exactly what she'd hoped - and feared. Michael was sitting on the edge of the bed with his pants and underpants pulled down to expose his cock. He was clearly in the throes of sexual bliss, probably because Erica was kneeling on the floor between his legs and sucking his cock.

Her shirt was open to exposed her engorged slutmelons, and her skirt was hiked up so that her hands - no longer handcuffed - could furiously fingerbang her dripping snatch. Laura's appearance in the doorway focused Michael's attention with dramatic speed. He gasped, and then at the same time his hips began to twitch and buck against Erica's face.

He was cumming. Laura watched Erica's eyes widen, and she tried to pull away, only to have Michael's hand grab her hair and pull her tight against his crotch. Michael pumped against her face three times, then four, and then he released her. Erica fell backwards from him, semen dripping from her lips as she pulled her mouth off his cock, and it was only then that she saw Laura, and the slutty, satisfied expression on her face changed to one of horror.

Laura's voice was calm and icy. "Michael, get out of my house. We're still friends, but you've just fucked my girlfriend and you have a lot of apologising to do for that." "I'm sorry." started Michael.

"Later," said Laura. "Taylor, you should go too." Taylor was looking at Erica in fury, jealousy and disgust. She clearly wanted to attack Erica on the spot and beat her slutty little body until Erica screamed. Michael moved to intercept her, though, already pulling up his pants.

He led Taylor from the room, not meeting Laura's gaze. Laura stood there, staring at Erica angrily, until she heard Michael and Taylor leave, shutting the front door behind them. "Please," whimpered Erica. "I'm so sorry. I don't know what I'm doing. I think there's something wrong with me." Laura said nothing.

She just strode over to Laura, jerked the little bitch to her feet, and pushed her up against the wall.

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"You slut," she whispered. Then, unable to control herself anymore, she leaned in and kissed Erica on the lips. Erica was surprised, but just as Laura had hoped, Erica's mouth still tasted of cum. Laura's tongue explored Erica, licking up the traces of semen she found in Erica's mouth and swallowing them. She knew this was wrong - licking her best friend's sperm out of her lover's mouth - but Laura just had to know if real male semen tasted as good as the fake stuff she had bought.

It did. It was salty and warm and amazing. Laura moaned as she sucked the saliva and cum from Erica's mouth. Erica tried to struggle, not knowing what was happening, but Laura held her against the wall, pinning Erica's arms to the bricks.

She devoured every trace of man-spunk in Erica's mouth, and it was only when she was sure there was no more to be had that she broke off the kiss. Then she slapped Erica hard across the face.

And did it again. And again. "You fucking hetero fake-lesbian liar," Laura spat. Her saliva spattered on Erica's face, which looked messy, so Laura hit her again.

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"You shitty whore of a cock-baiting traitor." Erica was crying now. Laura felt like Erica cried at everything this week. She was pathetic. She went to hit her again, and then worried about how the bruises on Erica's face were going to look. She instead transferred the slap to Erica's tits, giving her an open-palmed whack across the left tit, and then closing her fist and deliberately punching the right one. "Sucking my best friend's cock? Drinking down a man's sperm?" Laura punched Erica's tit again, and then grabbed the nipple and viciously twisted it.

She used her hand to force open Erica's mouth, and then spat in it.

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"There. Do you like it when people put things in your mouth?" She spat in Erica's mouth again, and then punched Erica's boobs again for good measure. Laura had never felt like this before. She was so angry. She had deliberately set up Erica to have a sexual encounter with Michael, so that Laura would have a reason to insist on Erica's total obedience from now on.

But a small part of her had expected it wouldn't work, that even at her sluttiest Erica wouldn't touch a man's cock. She had thought maybe she would find Erica letting Michael masturbate her. or humping Michael's leg. But Erica had put Michael's cock in her mouth and sucked it until Michael came.

She had done that willingly. And if Erica had stood up to her and defended herself, or discussed it calmly, maybe Laura could have respected her, but she was snivelling and pleading like a crack whore. Right now Laura couldn't believe she had dated this woman as her peer and equal instead of just treating her like the desperate fucktoy that she clearly was.

She punched Erica in the tits again, and then kneed her hard in the cunt. Erica doubled over, coughing. Laura grabbed her by her hair and dragged her forward. "I'm sorry," whined Erica. "Please don't leave me. Please. I love you. I don't know what's wrong with me. I love you so much." "You love me?" Laura said. Her voice was loud now. She threw Erica down onto the floor. Erica struggled to her knees, still weeping. "Please," Erica begged.

"Do you want to stay in this house?" said Laura. Actually, more than half the house had been bought with Erica's money, but she didn't think Erica was even going to remember that right now, let alone argue it.

Sure enough, Erica's eyes lit up, with a mixture of hope and fear. "Yes," she exclaimed. "Yes!" "I might - MIGHT - be willing to let you stay," said Laura. "But not as my girlfriend." Erica looked like she had been kicked again.

"Oh, you'll still pretend you're my girlfriend to everyone else," Laura continued. "But you won't be. You'll be my fucktoy." Erica didn't know what to make of that. Was Laura dumping her? She looked confused. "Every little thing I want to do to a woman's body, I am going to do to you," said Laura. "Every torture, every degradation that I think might amuse me, you'll endure." She knelt down and started fishing around under the bed, ultimately finding the strap-on and some of the liquid vials left over from last night.

"We're not exclusive anymore," Laura explained. "You still don't get to fuck anyone else, but if I see another pretty girl I'll flirt with her and maybe screw her, because I don't owe you anything. You'll dress how I want, you'll do what I want, and you'll say what I want." Laura took out the vial of urine from the box. She hadn't used it yet. But she thought today was the day. Carefully, she filled the strap-on full of piss. "You will never, ever discuss anything that happens in this house with an outsider.

You will never, ever question anything I say or do. When I hurt you or degrade you, you will thank me immediately thereafter, and make me think that you mean it. You will go to work, and work, but I will manage your pay and use it however I see fit. If I want to use your pay to arrange for you to be raped by a male dog, then you will cooperate and then thank me for it." Erica looked like she might throw up. "Don't you dare vomit, you little slut. If you do you'll be licking it up off the floor." Laura used her foot to kick at Erica's cunt again, and then began to undress herself from her princess dress.

Erica watched, until Laura was completely nude. Then Laura buckled the strap-on on, and then sat on the edge of the bed. "If you don't like the new arrangement, then get out of the house right now. You don't get to take anything with you, because you owe me for cheating on me like a prostitute with my friend." Erica made no move to leave. She just kept sobbing. There was snot running from her nose.

She looked disgusting. "If you're going to stay, and be my little fake-lesbian fucktoy, then use the tissues to clean up that ugly face of yours, and then come over here and pretend I'm Michael." Erica didn't move for a few moments, and Laura had a sudden horrible feeling that she'd gone too far.

But then Erica started to slowly crawl to the tissues near the bed. Laura watched as Erica cleaned her face up, and then crawled back to Laura, looked up at her with a mixture of love, misery and horror, and then opened her mouth and took the big plastic strap-on into it.

The feeling of power that Laura felt was electric. In a couple of days she had turned her lover from a confident, elegant professional into a broken sex slave. Erica was kneeling in front of Laura and sucking on a strap-on, knowing full well that it was going to result in the strap-on filling her mouth with a stranger's urine. Laura grabbed Erica's head and forced it tighter against her crotch. Erica started to choke, but Laura held her there, and soon Erica had overcome her gag reflex and had accepted the plastic dong into her throat.

Laura leaned back in ecstasy as her lover worshipped her fake cock, and when she felt the dildo start to twitch, and she knew that it was pissing into Erica's mouth, Laura orgasmed too.

"Drink it all," she whispered to Erica, holding her head so she couldn't pull away from the pissing plastic dick. "Drink it all, fucktoy." And Erica did.


(To be continued.)