Aaralyn Barra bagged herself a rich husband She

Aaralyn Barra bagged herself a rich husband She
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Friday morning. It is early as the sunlight shines through the bedroom window and wakes you up.

Today is going to be a fun day. You have an evening planned here at my place with your girlfriends. A hen night to be filled with laughter, fun and maybe a little mischief. You slowly wake up and survey the dimly lit room. I am beside you, sleeping soundly, covers thrown off like they usually are. You notice my morning erection; a mind of its own. Grinning to yourself and realizing it is almost time to wake up anyway, you shift in the bed and lower your mouth around me.

I stir a little, but remain asleep. A little faster now and your tongue plays with me. I am stirring more as sleep is leaving me and I realize that my alarm this morning is so much better than an annoying sound coming from the bedside clock.

I look down at the sight of you, slowly taking me in your mouth, your hand working the base of my shaft. You look up, catching me looking at you, grin and resume your efforts.

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Faster now and I begin to lose myself in the bliss of this feeling, this morning wake-up. Then, without warning, I finish. Your mouth still on me, fills with the warm liquid as I can not control myself. You are somewhat shocked and a little displeased. This is not what you were expecting, but accept that it happens. Of course, payback is a bitch. You wipe your mouth and climb out of bed, starting to get ready for the day.

As you walk to the bathroom you turn and tell me that I will pay for my little discretion. I of course feel bad and a little worried about the repercussions of my action. We go about our morning, getting ready for work and the day and nothing else is mentioned. We talk about getting the house ready for your guests tonight. I plan to hide myself in the bedroom until your evening ends.

It is not my place to be seen, but I will help you prepare the food and get a small bar ready for you. The day flies by and I am on my way home. Upon arriving it is immediately into work mode as the house gets cleaned, food is prepared and I mix up some pre-made beverages for everyone to enjoy.

You are upstairs, getting yourself ready for the evening when I finally finish, just 20 minutes before your guests arrive. I quickly hop in the shower as there will not be time after. I dry and head back into the bedroom with just enough time to get dressed and disappear, leaving you to your evening.

As I enter the bedroom, you are standing next to the bed with a stern look on your face.

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"There will be no fun for you tonight. You will be here, in the bedroom. Now lay on your back on the bed." I'm a little stunned, not expecting anything so I climb onto the bed as you asked.

From the side of the bed, you pull up restraints and tie my arms down. Once this is complete you climb over me, your skirt covering my face and you lower yourself on to me. You tell me to lick as this is something I will need to get used to over the course of the night.

I taste you, feel your wetness and focus on giving you pleasure. Surely you will release me if I do a good job. After a few minutes, you remove yourself from on top of me and move towards the bottom of the bed, grabbing two more restraints and tie my legs down as well. I am now naked, tied spread eagle to the bed. You look me over and smile to yourself. From beside the bed you grab something and hold it up to me. It is a small vibrating egg.


Wireless, with a remote control. You grab the lubrication and coat the egg. "I'm not happy about this morning" you tell me in a strict tone. You then proceed to spread my legs a little and I feel the cool, wet lubrication near my bum. You push it slowly and the egg slides into me. You go into the bathroom, wash your hands and re-enter the bedroom.

"I am going downstairs now for my evening. Don't go anywhere." you chuckle. "Oh, I'll also have this with me." and you hold up the remote for the egg. As you leave the room I see you look at it and push a button.

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I feel a stirring within me as the egg begins to vibrate. I hear people arriving and soon the dull buzz of chatting and laughter. There isn't anything I can do so I close my eyes and after a few minutes, fall asleep. When I wake, it is dark and I still hear the sound of your party downstairs. I also hear something in the room and feel the bed move. A shadowy shape appears above me and I feel legs on each side of my head.

"Lick me, I only have a minute", your voice cuts through the darkness and you settle down on me. You are naked underneath the skirt you are wearing and I open my mouth to kiss you, lick you and taste you.

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You push down harder, forcing me to work. Within a minute or two you climb off the bed, head to the bathroom and pee. Upon finishing you come back in the room and I feel you hands on my head.

I feel something and realize you've place the blindfold over my eyes. "Good work, I will be back later for more" and then you leave. I am alone again, now completely blind and left with your taste and smell on me. I drift off to sleep again. Again I wake, startled as I notice something different, something very strange.

Then I realize the vibration inside of me has strengthened. I am tingling. You must be playing with the remote. I feel myself hardening but can not do anything about it.

I lay there, frustrated, excited, helpless. A short time after waking, I hear you enter the room again. "Now for my revenge. You will pay for this morning!" Again I feel you on top of me, but you are sitting on me, taking my erection inside of you. You are wet, warm and I am excited. You are moving quickly, obviously not concentrating on your pleasure, but letting me enjoy the feeling.

I feel myself getting close to an orgasm. Figuring you don't want me to finish, I let you know. You move faster and I hear you whisper in my ear, "Cum, cum now." I erupt inside of you. For the second time today I climax, thrusting inside of you and feeling the pleasure course through my body.

I lay there, breathing hard with you on top of me. I feel you shifting, getting ready to head back downstairs. But no.you are moving upwards, crawling up my body. You straddle my head again and I am helpless. You push yourself down on me. I smell us, the mixture of our coupling. Lower you press and now you are sitting on me, the wetness covering me. "Lick now, clean me.

You expected me to this morning, now it is your turn" I am shocked but given that I am tied up and can not move, I comply. I slowly stick my tongue out and lick you, lightly. The taste is you, but different and very wet. "Hurry!

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I need to get back" you command. I obey and do my best. I feel humiliated, but excited too, in a weird way. You climb off, hurry to the bathroom and leave the room again. The vibrating stops and I am left with the object inside of me, my face wet and the taste of our juices in my mouth.

I hear your party downstairs as I fall asleep once again. I awake later and the house is quiet. The party must be over. I hear you climbing the stairs and coming towards the bed.

The blindfold is removed and I open my eyes to see your smiling face. You bend over me and we kiss. I must still smell and taste of my experience, but we kiss for some time. Your hands work with the bonds on my arms and I my arms are free. I hug you, holding you close.

"So, how did you enjoy your night?" you ask me with a kidding tone in your voice. I smile, hold you tighter and kiss you.


Although humiliating, the night was enjoyable and pressed many of my buttons. You push back slightly and reach down to untie my legs.

Your hand reaches down and I feel it on me and I begin to harden again. "Ready for another round?" and with that, you climb on top of me and we make love, slowly. We roll over and it is now your turn. I move inside of you over and over, all of our focus is on you, your pleasure.

You are very wet and soon, your body tenses and you finish, climaxing in a wave and I feel you tightening around me. I am spent, the events of the night draining my energy.

I climb off of you and lay beside you, holding you in my arms. I reach for the light and turn it off. We cuddle and I kiss your neck, still pressed against you. I begin to drift off to sleep when I hear you chuckle quietly. Then, a vibration starts within me again. I laugh and it stops. What a night. I hug you again and we both drift of to sleep, my thoughts of how happy I am and how exciting the night was.