Mature bluecollar bear gets a facial

Mature bluecollar bear gets a facial
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Trip Home part 3 I was sitting on our back porch drinking a Dr Pepper when I heard a faint noise from next door at the Craters. The Craters were an elderly couple who had a daughter late in life. Sable was 22 and in her 3rd year in college. I knew the Craters were in Hawaii on vacation.

That meant that the voice had to be Sables. Sable was a tall blond with a fine body tight ass and long legs she was made for Mini Skirts. I went over to the fence and looked over, the first thing I saw was a green MG with the front door open.

I noticed movement near the door I moved my position and I did a double take. I could see a pair of long legs that met together at the Y. The skirt was folded over her butt and she wasn't wearing panties.

Her ass was twitching back and forth and I could hear her saying Hey. I ran next door and up the drive and didn't hesitate a second. I dropped my pants and rammed it home I heard her draw in her breath and say "Whoa!" I slid my hands up under her shirt and grasped her bra less titties. Her nipples were like bullets I rolled them around between my thumbs and fingers, while I continued to stroke into her. I pulled my hands back out and stroked the beautiful tanned globes of her ass.

I ran my hands up and down her legs they were so smooth. She moved her ass from side to side as if she was trying throw me off of her. I hung on and continued to stroke in and out of her. I could feel her legs beginning to collapse I grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks and held her up as she orgasmed. I continued to hold her up as I stroked into her.

I began to slow down trying to last as long as I could. I felt so lucky that Sable was allowing me to screw her. "Hang on Sable I'm Cumming." I held on and released and filled her with my cum.

I slid out of her and said Thanks.She was cursing me "I wasn't calling you to fuck me.My Hair is caught and I can't get up." I went to the other side of the car and she told me what had happened. She had reached in to pick up her glasses she had dropped. The emergency brake was about half way up.


She had lost her balance and her waist length hair fell over her head and she fell on to the emergency brake and it jammed her hair. she couldn't get her balance to raise the brake. I lifted the brake only to find her hair was wrapped around the shaft of the emergency brake. She was not too happy when I told her I would have to cut her hair to get it out.

She said, "If you can clear it without cutting it. I just might let you screw me again." I worked with her hair using my fingers and an icepick for almost an hour till I finally got a hold of the right strand after that it was easy. Sable raised up straight for the first time in 3 hours, She grabbed Rafe and gave him a big kiss. Pushed him away and said.

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"Rafe if I knew you were packing that kind of meat I might have gotten my hair hung up sooner. Come on lets go in the house and quit putting on a show for the neighbors. She grabbed my arm and we headed for the back door.

We stepped inside and Sable turned to face me and ran her hand inside my shorts and released my cock. Sable went to her knees and licked around the head if my cock, then she looked up at me and smiled.

She engulf my pecker right down to the hair line. It was the first time I had been deep throated before. I was surprised when she took it deep and I was able to feel her swallowing it down.

I moved in and out of her throat it felt wonderful when I pulled back she drew back farther till only the head was inside she swirled her tongue around my cock.

Then she began to suck it deep again as it entered her throat I could feel her inching it down. She turned her head around till there was a better angle and I fucked her throat.

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I felt the tingle telling me I was about to let fly. Then as I pulled back a little I let fly Sable took every drop down her throat. Sable say, "That was tasty, Lets get a shower and you can help me douche.

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Then you can eat me." I told her that was fine by me. It was really difficult to shower with Sable, First her body was so perfect.

Her boobs although not too large were so well shaped I just wanted to hold them. Her ass cheeks were like rubbing two volley balls only smoother. And down in the valley there was a landing strip leading to her pleasure hole.

The other reason was Sable wouldn't leave my pecker alone. Good thing she was going to douche because we both had 2 climaxes each before we turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Sable opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out a premixed douche. She smiled and said, "Strawberry." She sat back on the commode and rolled her butt up and inserted the nozzle into her pussy and began to squeeze the liquid inside of her.

I jokingly asked her, "After you get it all inside .What do I do … Pick you up and shake you to get it all mixed ?" She laughed so hard she was spraying out around the nozzle. She handed me the bottle and told me to fill it with warm water.

I filled it and put the nozzle in her pussy an rinsed her out.


She was right it did smell like Strawberry, Can't wait to taste her. After she was good and flushed out I handed her a towel to wipe down. She reached up and grasped my ears and pulled me down so our lips came together.

It was a sweet and tender kiss at first, but suddenly began to heat up as out tongues began to delve back and forth.

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I pulled her up off the toilet her body form fitted to mine and the heat radiating from her body was setting me afire. Sable began to back up pulling me out the door. I reached down placing my arm at the bend of her legs and lifted. I broke the kiss long enough to ask which bedroom, then I reattached my lips to hers and carried her down the hall to her bedroom. I laid her on to the bed and raised up so I could look at all of her body. This was like looking at a dream.

Sable was tanned all over no tan lines and her pussy was hairless except for the landing strip. I love a puffy pussy and Sable had one.but no need to hurry we had all night. I leaned in and kissed her again, I kissed her forehead, each eye. I tickled her ears with my tongue. I sucked her ear lobes then licked and kissed down her neck to her boobs. I stroked and licked and kissed her boobs, her nipples were hard as iron and just begged me to suck on them.

I was switching back and forth, it almost made me wish I had two mouths so I didn't have to switch. My cousin told me a joke once where the boobs were old Smokey the path from the cleavage to the belly button one down to the landing strip was Sycamore Lane and the pussy was old glory. It said I want to climb atop of old SmokeySlide down sycamore lane and stick my staff (cock) in old glory and do this all to the tune of my Jingle bells(Testicles).

Well I was atop of old Smokey and kissing and licking my way down Sycamore Lane got hung up for a few minutes at her belly button as I swirled my tongue there her stomach rippled. My tongue followed the ripples down to the landing strip which I raked with my teeth. At the top of her slit her clit was already peeking out.I pounced, my staff and old glory was going to have to wait for a while.

I sucked her clit for awhile then I stood up and moved down to her feet and begin stroking her feet then her calf' s and up to the inside of her thighs. I tasted of her soft skin of her inner thighs. I eased up between her legs .and let me tell you her pussy did taste like Strawberry. I swirled my tongue as if I was searching for whipped cream. Sable was spreading her legs wider and wider and I was doing my best to lick deeper and deeper.

Sable had already had 1 orgasm before I had reached her pussy. Now that I was there and licking fast and furious her hips were bouncing and twisting and grabbed the back of my head and ground her pussy into my mouth as she exploded again. Her pussy taste so good I was not ready to turn her loose as yet. As I said I like a puffy pussy, Sable's was nice and puffy I sucked in her outer lips. I felt her tremble as my tongue slipped inside to lap at her inner lips.

It was time for a full slit lick, she moaned and wadded the sheet with her fingers.

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Then Sable was pulling my hair trying to lift my body higher on hers. I made a last pass at her clitoris and gave it a big suck an hung on as she had a massive orgasm. It was time to stick my staff in old glory My jingle bells were ready to play a tune.

I kissed up her body and gave her tits another good lick. My pecker was at her entrance I eased it forward till the head was inside, it felt like sliding into a warm bed on a cold winters night.

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No even better I moved very slowly allowing her to get used to me. Then I would pull back almost all the way out till her hips would thrust forward,her pussy trying to pull me back in, at the right moment I would thrust deeply.

Her Head would lean back as if she was ready to howl.but all that would pass her lips was a moan. The heat from her pussy was intense, I felt like this is where I belonged. Sable was mine. A few more strokes and we reached a crescendo. We clasped our arms around each other and hugged our sweaty bodies together so exhausted we drifted off to sleep. These thoughts fill my head as I watch my son and Daughter running to their Mother.

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Sable looks up at me and smiles. We married 2 years after that summer and soon we will celebrate our tenth anniversary.

I am a writer for a local TV station, yes I write those corny commercials. Sable is A Real estate Broker and we are able to live quite comfortable. What ever happened to Tommy and his mother Yoko?

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Tommy married a six month pregnant Molly three weeks after we graduated from High School. Yoko's Husband returned from Iraq and Finished up his tour at the base near home. Occasionally Yoko and I still get together and sometime Sable even joins us. She is fascinated by Yoko's tiny body and loves to watch her slide down on my big cock. But that is another story. My little sister's recovery was a slow and painful her thigh still displays the ghastly scar.

It took her over six months of physical therapy before she could throw away her crutches. THE END