Fat ass ebony girl rides reverse cowgirl

Fat ass ebony girl rides reverse cowgirl
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Let's "Play Rape" me (2.0) *This is a true story a friend told me. He worked for a phone company and he and his girlfriend like to 'play rape' her now and again. He told this story:--------- I got a call to a lady's house to fix a phone. I knocked and waited&hellip.I knocked again&hellip.soon she answered in her bath robe and a towel around her head. She had a hot figure and nice tits and a classic models face. She said: "Oh.what time is it, oh my gosh I haven't been paying attention to the time.

Come on in, you scared me .whew…I forgot you were coming, and you just never know who might be at the door. I joked and said, "I haven't attacked a woman all day, mam." We laughed and she said mumbled: ('I should be so lucky.') She looked me over and got us some coffee, and showed me the phone. As I worked on it sitting on the couch She sat close to me and watched. I said: "There, all fixed." "Wow, that was fast, please stay and finish your coffee." I said: "Sure, it's my lunch time anyway." She sat for a minute quiet as we sipped our coffee.

I could feel her staring at me. Slowly she started tell me about her self. She was single again, and no kids. She didn't have to work ever again, and didn't have a boyfriend. She said: "Oh.I guess I should get dressed and dry my hair." I said: "Don't bother, you look very nice in that pretty robe, and your hair, I can dry that for you." .Her hand began to shake just slightly, holding her coffee cup.

She took a long pause, then took her the towel off her head and was deep in thought.

Finally she handed me the towel and turned her back to me. I took the towel and began drying her hair. "I do this for my girlfriend all the time at home." She began to kind of 'mmmm' just slightly.

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Her head slowly began to lean back on me. I could hear her breathing pick up. She said softly&hellip."You said you haven't attacked a woman all day. What about yesterday or the day before?"…she looked back at me upside down, smiling. I laughed and smiled, I told her that my girlfriend and I sometimes play a game at home called…"Play Rape".

I would surprise her, and act like an intruder, obsessed with her, and just have to have sex with her." She gulped. Now she was really breathing hard. She took the towel, and slowly put it down. Then she leaned back and laid her head in my lap! She just played with her own hair. She just looked at me with this grin.


She was thinking real hard, I could tell. She wanted to say something to me and started to…then stopped and swallowed hard. I smiled at her and whispered: ("…did you want play sometime?…") She sat up abruptly and was quiet.

She turned and very quietly said: ("Shall we start over again at the front door?") I whispered: (".oh yes!,&hellip. let's do it."). I picked her up and carried her to the door and set her down, standing.


She was panting out of breath, and a little pink in the face. Her hands trembled as she rubbed them together nervously. She stood there and grinned at me.

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I whispered: (" get ready to be play raped.") She took a deep breath and I went out he door, and closed it. …I knocked&hellip.I waited…slowly she opened the door a crack, and she said: "Who is it?" I said: "I'm here to fix your phone."&hellip.she slowly started opening the door. I barged right in and grabbed her. I pushed her up against the wall, and kicked the door shut with my foot, and just looked her up and down.

I whispered: ("&hellip.don't you make a sound lady. I've been watching you and your sexy body go past the windows. You're the hottest woman I've ever seen, and now I have to have you for myself.

.") Her eyes were wide open as she trembled. She cleared her throat and said nervously: "You get the hell out of here mister!, I'll have your ass put in jail!" I leaned into her close as she gulped for air and whispered: ("damn, your beautiful up close. I've wanted you for so long, let's take that robe off&hellip.shall we?

") "Don't you dare! It's not my fault I turn you on so bad, is it?…I…please don't hurt me…I'm all alone and I'm scared"… I began to take her robe off. I watched it slowly drop off her shoulders. She held her arms over her tits.


She said quietly: "Go away and leave me alone, find someone else to molest. Your nasty the way your lusty eyes look me over…get out." I said: "Move those arms lady, I know you have some beautiful tits under there ( and she did to ) and I want to kiss them." I slowly moved her arms, and peeled her robe down further. She started to shiver with excitement. "Wow…… lady you have the most beautiful tits I've ever seen. Come with me." I picked her up and took her to the couch and laid her down.

She had this great nervous excited look on her face.

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She squirmed as I slowly laid on top of her. "Get off me you creep, and don't you dare touch my tits, &hellip.you know I won't like it and &hellip.and…I …about that time I started kissing on her sweet tits.

She ran her fingers thru my hair and moved my head around, guiding it to where she wanted my lips to be.

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"Oh damn you.stop that&hellip.no!…it's making me all horny and hot. Hand me that phone so I can call the cops…please." I laughed and whispered: ("I'm a phone man lady, your phone will never work again.") I peeled the rest of her robe off her.

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I started kissing down her tummy, headed for her pussy. She started trembling. She moaned as her slim legs trembled. I opened them wide.

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She moaned:&hellip.".oh my god&hellip.please stop"&hellip.……"please don't lick me…I can't take it…get off me&hellip.oh god don't…your giving me the chills&hellip.stop&hellip.don't kiss my pussy!&hellip.oh&hellip.oh…Oh…your just nasty!…oh my god, don't kiss my clit!…stop it!&hellip.oh…no"&hellip. She was really enjoying this and played it up well, we continued&hellip.

She said: "What ARE you doing?…OH…your taking your pants down…oh no you don't!…put that thing away…your not going to…oh my god…your big!&hellip.your not going to put that in me, are you?…oh my god…(here let me help you a little…there.) Now pull that thing out of me, right now!…oh geezzz.your so big in me&hellip.at least let me put my arms around you so you don't hurt me&hellip.oh there…oh don't kiss me like that…oooo&hellip.your tongue is hot in my mouth!&hellip.damn you, your hitting&hellip.eeee…the bottom of my pussy!…with that dick of yours!&hellip.oh.oh…oh hell yes&hellip.yes…that's it&hellip.come on…do it do it do it&hellip.don't you dare make me climax!…and don't even think about cuming in me!…I'm&hellip.oh god&hellip.I think I'm cu…oh damn your making me feel to good.your making me cum!…damn you!…OH YESSSS…eeeeee"&hellip.I felt a huge load of my cum shoot out in her.

She yelled: "Yes…oh god YES!"&hellip.and moaned and moaned. She fucked me like a race horse bucking. Twisting and pulling my butt to drive my dick into her. She moaned and kissed me like she hadn't been kissed for years. Finally she was spent, laying there panting, all hot and moaning squeezing my dick with her pussy and gasping for air. ----- I came back a lot, as she seemed to always have 'phone trouble'.