Nette Schönheit bekommt ihr Cookie

Nette Schönheit bekommt ihr Cookie
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I shifted about awkwardly, not entirely sure what to do with myself. I wasn't used to parties and had dressed to my friend, Corinne's advice: denim shorts and a thin, tight top, showing traces of my lacy black bra. I'd let my brown hair fall naturally and kept my make up simple and subtle, having not been sure what to expect. Being honest, I wanted to go to bed. By 2 am, the vodka was giving me a headache and the shitty music was obnoxiously loud.

Girls danced around me in hot pants and tiny tops, barely dressed. I looked at them with my eyebrows raised as I took a sip of my drink and turned back to my friends.

Corinne giggled flirtatiously as she stroked the arm of one of the dark skinned boys we were talking to. Being mixed race herself, she looked incredible, with large tits and gorgeous curling hair; almost all eyes in our group were on her. I met the gaze of a guy across the room; he was black like a lot of the others here, very tall and probably about 18, a couple of years older than me. He briefly scanned me up and down, lingering slightly on my reasonably sized 34c boobs.

I looked away. I tapped Corrine on the arm and gestured that I was going into the kitchen. Manoeuvring into the equally packed room, I took the opportunity to slip the contents of my drink into the pot of a house plant. The taste of it tingle unpleasantly in my mouth, having been less than half diluted vodka when she'd poured it for me.

I refilled my glass with regular coke. I was about to rejoin Corrine when the guy I'd seen a few minutes earlier caught up with me. "Hey baby," He said, the music blaring around us, giving him an excuse to get nearer. "Hi," I replied, nervously. He put his hand on my back and gently started stroking the, "Haven't seen you here before." "I know, this isn't really my thing," I said.

His palm moved further down, playing with the waist line of my shorts, "Why not?" He asked coolly, pretending to take an interest in me. "I'm not that kind of girl. Live fast, die young, y'know." He laughed and said with a grin, "I think it would suit you, baby," I started to smile, "Oh yeah?" He was a smooth talker for sure, something that could charm any slut here into bed and Corrine was particularly the type to succumb to it. Not me. "Definitely," He said, slipping his hand lower to lightly squeeze my ass.

I brushed him off and turned away a little, not wanting him to get much closer. Corrine came bounding up to us through the crowd with her new friend in tow. "Hey guys, we're going for a smoke if you wanna come outside," She giggled. We followed her onto the terrace; the air was warm and thick for July and the music was quieter out here. "At last, I can hear myself think." There were just four of us now and she briefly introduced me to Marcus. "I'm Harrison," said the guy I'd spoken to, as he flicked his lighter under the cigarette pursed between his lips.

Corinne and Marcus lit up as well while I gazed into the bottom of the glass I still held, feeling like a third wheel. I listened to her talk to him in her playfully girly voice as his hands wandered her body.

Harrison edged closer to me again, letting his fingers creep around my waist. I stiffened slightly and remained silent. "It's just a bit of fun, baby," He said smoothly, sensing my discomfort. "I'd rather not," I replied. "Suit yourself," He said dismissively, dusting ashes onto the grass and leaning against the railing of the terrace.

I watched him breath smoke into the air and resisted the urge to cough. Soon, cigarette butts were being stamped into the ground and Corinne and Marcus were in a fully lip locked embrace as she rubbed his crotch.

They crept back into the house holding hands and heading upstairs while she cast me a backwards glance and mouthed 'see you later', met by my exasperated expression. I turned back to Harrison, now alone with him and sighed. "Hey, come over here with me," He said, taking my wrist firmly and leading me away from the house. "No, I should get back inside," I said as I attempted to shift his grip.


"C'mon, just stay for a bit," He kept pulling me along and eventually stopped in the shadows, surrounded by a handful of tress. "I should go." I began, starting to feel more than uncomfortable, but he cut me off as he cradled my face and pressed his toned body against mine. I could feel his hard cock on my hip, straining in his jeans. He started running his hands over my body as his lips met my neck.

His touch was affectionate but very firm and almost controlling; I wasn't sure I liked it. "This is your last chance," He said quietly into my ear.

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"Last chance for what?!" I cried, trying to push him away, feeling the fright building inside me. "Come on," He whispered, moving his hand to gently stroke the thin strip of material separating his fingers from my smooth pussy. There was a lurching feeling in my stomach.

"Don't!" I said loudly, "I already told you I'm not interested!" I felt a sharp smack across my cheek as my head was knocked back. Dazed, I stared at him as he raised his fist. He hit me again, giving me barely enough time to cover my face.

"Frigid bitches like you need to fucking loosen up!" He shouted.

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"Stop it!" I screamed as he beat me to the ground, sending a searing pain through my jaw and nose. The thorns and twigs on the grass scratched against my creamy skin as he shoved me down into the mud. I was bewildered.

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His rugged breath was heavy as he leant over me, forcing the side of my face flat against the floor with his left hand while the right worked on undoing the buttons on my shorts. I continued screaming and calling out, tears streaming down my cheeks as I lost control to him. "Look bitch, shut the fuck up unless you want a knife up your cunt," he hissed brutally. I whimpered, quietening at once. My head was pounding and the blood roared in my ears.

Surely he didn't mean that. "Please stop," I begged him while I desperately clawed at his arms. I kicked and struggled beneath him as he lifted his hand from my head; he curled his fingers into a fist again and smashed his knuckles down square in my face with a sick thud. My scream wavered as the night suddenly flashed blotchy shades of violet and magenta.


I let my head roll to the side as warm blood dribbled from my mouth and my writhing subsided momentarily. He continued fiddling with my shorts and yanked them down to my ankles. He tucked two fingers into my underwear, ignoring my light tuft of hair, and roughly plunged them between my lips. My tight, unlubricated pussy burned as this stranger worked his fingers in and out of me and heavily breathed down on my face. I whined and turned my head to the other side with my eyes squeezed shut.

"You feel like a virgin," He said, his lips curling cruelly. I wasn't. But it didn't matter to him either way. "Stop it," I moaned. "You are, aren't you bitch?" He licked his lips and started to rip my top open with both hands.

He shoved my bra up and immediately began groping my bare tits. He took my nipple between his teeth and bit down hard as I drew my breath in sharply.

I put my hands on his shoulders and tried to push him away but it made no difference. He put all his weight on me as he slapped and pinched my tits like they were nothing more than dog toys. All the while I still felt his dick pressing against me, his zipper scraping my leg. He glared at me with hateful lust, furious at my refusal of him. After quickly becoming bored, he grabbed my hips and rolled me onto my knees.

Everything happened too fast. He tore my underwear down to my knees and dug his nails into my ass, spreading my cheeks. He spat on my little, pink, puckered ass hole and began massaging it with his thumb. "Lucky for you, I'm not interested in your cunt, slut." "Please don't, not there!" I pleaded, "Not there!" He reached forward and grabbed a fistful of my hair, painfully jerking my head back.

"Shut the fuck up." I heard him unzip his jeans and his huge cock sprung free. "Please don't, please please please." I whined quietly but he ignored me, giving my ass a hard smack before lining his dick up with my tense hole. I held my breath as he slowly forced himself inside me with difficulty, one hand holding my hips firmly in place, the other still gripping my hair. "Shit," He muttered, groaning slightly. My ass stretched around his thick cock with a horrible, ripping, burning sensation.

He started pulling out to my relief before plunging deeper inside me. I cried out and he yanked my head back further, tearing clumps of my hair from their roots.

I felt sick. My hair was tangled and my face was scratched and muddy. I could smell his sweat as he heaved against me and every single one of my limbs ached; I could barely move. I sobbed, hardly able to breathe, as he gained pace, occasionally stopping to spit down on my ass again.

"Do you like that, you fucking slut?" He growled, wrenching my head back with each thrust. I still heard the music of the party inside, trembling faintly in the air. The lights glimmered past the trees but we were invisible to them. "Do you?!" He hissed, leaning forward so his lips were at my ear.

I whimpered. He started to roughly fondle my tits again, releasing my hair. My head slumped forward. My shoulders felt like they were going to break and my elbows dug into the dirt; I could only just hold myself up.

He grunted as his hot cock throbbed in my ass. "Shit, I'm gonna cum." Using both hands to spread my cheeks he stretched my asshole even further and let a drop of saliva drip down onto his dick. He fucked me with an animalistic urgency, his hips repeatedly colliding against my thighs with a slap.

He breathed through gritted teeth as I felt him unload his thick cum inside me. His thrusts slowed as he squeezed every bit out and eventually stopped, panting breathlessly.

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He returned his deflating dick to his jeans and got to his feet, letting my weak and defeated half-dressed body collapse on the ground with his cum gently dribbling between my thighs. He knelt beside me briefly, "Keep this to yourself, you little bitch, or I'll find you and fuck you again." I nodded softly and tears welled up in my eyes again as I watched him walk away without another word. I just lay in the dirt, not ready to wonder how to pick myself up.