Fucking this brunette teen chick xxx customers wife wants the d

Fucking this brunette teen chick xxx customers wife wants the d
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I had never seen anything as lovely as Melina, there were some women who had that erotic glow to them but in it they lost that subtle grace of beauty. Melina had both, she truly was like a soft rose, so smooth, so vibrant, so filled with passion and with her own thorns to keep those who can't handle her away.

I had come to her house under the pretense of watching a movie and chatting but I knew, and on some level perhaps she did too, there was more to this casual meeting. The movie was selected and we moved into the living room, as Melina moved to the TV and slipped the DVD into it's drive I made my move. Slipping in behind her I gently place my hands on her hips and said, "I'm sure you're tired of hearing this but you really are beautiful." "Oh you know I'll never be tired of hearing that," she replied with a chuckle in her silk smooth accent, trying to turn but caught in my firm grip.

"Then you won't mind if I tell you why," I whispered, my lips barely brushing against her ear.

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With no reply from Melina I took that as a no. "Let's start with your legs," I said, placing my hands on a skirt covered thigh, "they're so soft and smooth, and curved just perfectly," as I spoke my hand traveled slowly up her leg, the skirt being pulled with it. Just inches from revealing her panties as my hand reached her hip I let the skirt fall and continued. "And now your sensual body, voluptuous and graceful, it's like a work of art that even the greatest would not be able to capture," I said, smoothly caressing her body until my hands were just below her chest, feeling her rapidly beating heart with my hands pressed to her, just one small twitch away from her breasts.

"And of course," I just barely whispered, my hands lifting and hovering just above her chest. Suddenly I grabbed her shoulders and spun her around gently placing one hand on her soft cheek, "your face, a picture of true beauty, rounded and sculpted perfectly, with eyes so deep and lips," I continued, looking into her eyes, my face inching closer and closer, " that are so very inviting." Just as Melina leaned forward to complete the kiss I pulled back and ran my hand softly through her hair, saying, "now I think I may have forgotten something, don't you?" Melina didn't respond at first she was blushing so deeply from my words and from the sudden denial of our kiss, she just pushed a stray strand of hair back and mumbled a soft, "I don't know." Letting my hands drop I placed them into hers, holding them in mine, "your gentle, delicate hands," I said, turning my palms upwards as I looked into her eyes, "maybe they can show me to a spot I've missed." her face turning an even deeper shade of crimson Melina held my gaze and brought my hands up, letting out a gentle gasp as she pressed them into the softness of her breasts, "how about here," she said with a grin.

Smiling wickedly at Melina I began to slowly massage and caress her covered globes. "Melina you surprise me," I gasped, feigning my shock, "I haven't even kissed you yet." With that last "yet" my hands went to her face, wrapping gently around her neck and pulling towards me, finishing that kiss we had been refused.

Our lips melting together, playing at each other so roughly, so passionately I almost regretted pulling them apart just as her mouth opened and tongue played at my lips. "Maybe we should take this some place more comfortable," I said as I dropped my hand into hers.

Squeezing my hand gently Melina nodded and began to pull me towards her bedroom. I let her lead the way not only because I didn't know it but also so I could get a good view of her sensual form swaying so gracefully as she walked. I just wanted to stop there and ravish her luscious body but I had to wait, there was even more fun to be had if I was patient. Reaching her room Melina turned to kiss me again, I returned the kiss and this time let our tongues play together between the embrace.

As enjoyable as it was to stand there kissing and caressing her body slowly I had better plans.

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Breaking the kiss, a thin silver string of saliva still connected our mouths. I could feel the stirring in my pants and the look of arousal was plain on Melinas face.

Letting out a chuckle at our state I sat onto the bed. As Melina tried to straddle my hips I raised a hand to stop her, "Why don't you show me what you've been hiding beneath that dress," I said mischievously, lust filled eyes roaming her voluptuous form. Smiling shyly Melina began her sensual show, slowly pulling the dress across her skin and swaying her hips as if in time with invisible music.

The view was intoxicating, here was a sensual goddess, her hands accentuating every inch of her curves as she stripped for me. Revealing first her blue cotton panties and then the matching brassier. Just before the dress covered her vision her eyes lit up as she spotted the growing bulge in my pants.

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Quickly discarding the dress she licked her lips gazing at my engorged groin. I didn't notice, I was too busy staring at the exposed body before me, leering at the gentle bounce of her restrained breasts and the growing wet spot on her panties. Shyness abandoned Melina reached back and unhooked her bra, slowly, teasingly bringing the straps down first one and then the other until the cups were the only thing clinging to her flesh.

Lifting her hands to the cups she gave them a firm jiggle, causing me to smirk. Pulling her hands down slowly more and more of her chest was revealed, and just as I thought I could see the tips of her hardened nipples Melina spun around, dropping the garment out of my view.

Turning back she kept her hands firmly pressed to her chest, walking slowly towards me until she was just inches from me. Dropping her hands so slowly it was almost painful her breasts were revealed with a slight bounce. They were so sensual, so perfectly rounded and firm enough to provide a alluring bounce while remaining soft.

As I had felt in my earlier fondling they looked like they would fit perfectly into my hands but I resisted the urge to confirm that. Patting the bed next to me Melina got the message and crawled onto the mattress, her tits swaying gently and her perfect body right there next to me.

Standing up I placed my hands onto her panty covered hips just as she turned to lie down, keeping her on all fours. Looking back at me Melinas face was filled with a slight pout. Ignoring the look I ran my hands across her hips to her behind, admiring the curve and the large wet spot coating the front of her panties. "You know you're such a naughty girl," I said cockily, receiving a low purr in response, "you know what happens to naughty girls?" I asked, pulling her panties down to reveal only her ass.

Before I let her answer I leaned close and said, "They get punished," bringing my hand down sharply to meet her flesh. Using just enough strength to extract a loud squeaks from Melina I spanked her again, then again. Hearing no objections I continued, increasing the force with each loud "smack" that echoed through the room until her cheek was left reddened and raw. Repeating the process on the other cheek her squeals began sounding more and more like moans of pleasure.

Satisfied with my work I gave her sensitive ass one last pat with both hands and enjoyed the sight of her its bounce, "Go on, turn around so we can get these off you," I said, tugging at her panties. As she obliged I pulled the cloth from her and tossed it away.


Kneeling over her body I felt a slight pang of guilt as I saw the tears in her eyes from the spanking. It didn't last very long one I saw the lusty smile on her lips and the glisten of the juices dripping from between her legs. Leaning down to take finally take a hard nipple between my lips I began to nibble and lick her firmly while my hand went between her legs, teasing the soaked mound.

While one hand alternated between teasing her pussy and tugging her thick pubic hair the other took over the pleasuring of her other tit, I was right, it did fit well in my hand. All of a sudden I noticed Melinas moans were getting deeper, and her body was beginning to writhe across the bed wildly.

Slipping my fingers deeper between her lips I rubbed her stiff clit before thrusting two of my fingers into her. My assault on her pussy continued as she grew closer and closer to climax until finally. I stopped, pulling my hand from her mound I took a long pause while pulling at her pubic hair roughly, the pleasure slowly fading from her body. Before she could even gasp out the words to ask why I began again, vigorously rubbing her entire mound with my palm as my fingers plunged into her body.

Again her body began to spasm and churn in with the pleasure of the impending orgasm and again, just before that moment of bliss hit her, I stopped. This time her hands shot down to her pussy to replace mine but I was able to grab her wrists just before they made it and pin them behind her head. Letting her nipple free from my lips I leaned down slowly until my lips were at her ears. "Now how long will you last before you start to beg?" I whispered into her ear.

Leaving one hand to pin her arms I cut her answer off with a soft squeeze of her clit, replacing her words with a sharp whimper and then a long, drawn out moan. She lasted longer than I expected, four more near orgasms and she began to beg. Or at least I thought it was begging, between the gasps all I could hear was what I thought were Ohs, gods, and pleases repeated over and over.

I took those gasps as a plea for orgasms and so I brought her up to one last peak before crawling off the bed. She must have been enjoying it more than I thought because she made no move to continue the pleasure herself. Either that or she knew this would be better.

Just as she came down I pulled her roughly until her her ass was resting at the edge of the bed and leaned in between her legs. Taking in a long breath of her wet sex I dove right in, licking, nibbling and sucking every sensitive inch of her dripping pussy. I nearly stopped at the sound of her moans, they were so passionate, so intense I had to let out a laugh into her groin before taking her clit between my lips. And then it came, all the pleasure building and building through every orgasm that was denied her came to the surface in one intense climax that wracked through her entire body in shakes and tremors.

I didn't stop, lightly flicking her clit with my tongue, reaching down to lap up the sweet torrent of juices with each lick. It took a while for her to stop thrashing and I loved every second. As she settled down I remembered I still had my clothes on, and the pants were getting pretty tight.

Pulling my shirt up first Melina propped her self up on her elbows just in time to see me drop my pants and my member to spring free of its confines. I smiled as her eyes widened at the sight of my thick, uncut cock and I gave it a stroke, slowly pulling the foreskin back to reveal the drop of precum dripping from its tip. "Well that's enough of an appetizer," I said, bringing my shaft to brush gently against her pussy lips, "you think it's time for the main course?" "Oh god yes," Melina moaned back.

"Then let me hear how much," I said as I braced my hands on either side of her chest, my cock rubbing across her slit.


"Pleeeeease," she groaned, arching her back and pushing me barely into her. That please sent shivers through my spine and I smirked. Yeah that was good enough. For now at least. She was so wet it barely took any pressure to thrust in, balls deep in one quick push. Grabbing each of her tits in my hands I tried to keep Melina under control as much as I could but she was like an animal, bucking and thrashing beneath me to ram my cock deeper into her tight pussy.

It was a lost cause, there was no way to calm this force of pure pleasure. So I just went with it, losing myself in her warmth, in the softness of her body, in the bliss of carnal delights. What I loved the most was the wild look in her eyes locked with mine, it was like you could see the pleasure rippling through her in their depths.

Leaning down I broke that lock to kiss her deeply. Her teeth took my bottom lip and she pulled, growling with bliss before wrapping her hands around my back and digging her nails into my back.

I could barely feel the pain from the scratches, or her biting which she continued on to my neck. Instead all I felt was pleasure, hot pulses of it flowing from every inch of me she touched. It took a great amount of will on my part but I pulled back, letting my cock slip from inside her.

Her eyes looked into mine, pleading for me to return to her embrace but I just took my cock in hand and said, keeping my voice as calm as I could, "Don't worry, this should be even better, turn over." Before the word "over" even left my lips she was on her hands and knees, looking back at me and wiggling her hips provocatively.

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Not wasting any time I pushed back into her, my hands gripping her still pink ass as my body slapped against it. Melina threw her head back and I knew she was loving this by the long, primal groan that escaped her lips.

It was just too tempting, I reached out and grasped her long brown hair, pulling back every time she brought her hips away from mine. She must have liked that even more with her pussy tightening around my shaft. Suddenly I realized that there was an intense pressure building within me, growing with the pleasure.

Like a dam breaking open the pressure rushed from my body but the pleasure stayed, rising to unimaginable heights.

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I was forced to release her hair, using both hands to pull her roughly by the hipskeeping her pressed against me. As the first ropes of cum poured into her she reached her second climax, collapsing to the bed I fell with her to keep me within her, thrusting gently as we rode out or orgasms together. Rolling away we were both breathing heavily and I turned to her. "I should come over to watch movies more often," I said with a laugh.