Student hat den Lehrer hardsex im Badezimmer gefickt

Student hat den Lehrer hardsex im Badezimmer gefickt
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I couldn't believe it. Did I hear right or were my parents really talking about sending me to Military Camp. Well I guess I heard right becuase now I'm sitting on a bus surrounded by other teens mostly troubled dark looking kids. I can't believe because my grades were fallling and I was misbehaving a little in class that my parents would have the nerve to send me to military camp. I'm 17 and almost an adult yet here I'm sitting on a bus with stupid morons against my will.

The bus suddenly stopped and many kids stop laughing I looked around and saw lots of green trees and grass. I stepped out of the bus and it was the air or maybe the feeling of not wanting to be here but I just fainted right there on the spot. As I came around I heard an a.c. humming somewhere and found myself laying on a warm bed.

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Someone cleared their throat and I sat up so fast that my head began spinning again. I looked around and saw a gorgeous guy looking at me with big blue innocent looking eyes, next to him there was a women in a lab coat looking beautiful herself.

She turned and walked over to me and said, " How are you feeling?" I had a feeling that something was definately amiss so I just replied "I'm Good".

"Well welcome to Military Camp", said the guy from behind. "Thanks I guess." " I'm the camp nurse my name is Isabell and that gentleman is your house leader his name his Jack and what's your name." " Torrie Jewels." I replied.

"Well then why don't you go with Jack to your bunk and he'll give you your training schedule to which you must follow everyday." As I left the infirmary I heard grunting from within a door sealed tight and some moans as well but I didn't bother because this place sucked. After arriving at my bunk house number 10 I met everyone in there.

There was a girl about my age with straight brown hair and pretty hazel colored eyes, two boys who were both twins named Alex and Derrick.

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As i said hi to all of them I couldn't help but feel like I was being watched, and when I turned around I knew why because just outside the screen door stood a guy with a military camp on looking at me and giving me an eerie grin. The others noticed this and then Jack pointed him out as the camp director, he came in looking at everyone and said hi.

His eyes rested on my tits and I tried to aviod eye contact an turn away but it was hard cause he kept moving around the room. Its been 5 days since I've been here, It's nothing but getting up early doing drills then learning military strategies all day, dinner and then straight to bed. Luckily we have today as a free day.


I was strolling near the edge of the woods when I heard the same grunting noise I heard in the nurses office and figuring it was two campers going at it I decided to catch them in the act. I followed the sound and as it got louder so did the sound of running water. Then just as I cleared a bush out of my way I saw two counselors going at it.

I couldn't see the man because his back was turned to me, but the women was up against a tree facing me and her legs were wrapped around the guys midsection and he was thrusting his dick which I could hardly see into her so fast that she was actually scraping her back against the tree.

They were both making sexually noises like grunting and moaning without even trying to quiet down a little.


As I watched him drill the hell out of her I began to fell all wet and you would too if you saw a women getting pounded with a dick as long as this one. So I slowly lowered my shorts around my ankles and then felt my panties they were so damp I placed my fingers on them and then took the wet fingers and licked them with my tongue.

I was so hot that I acciedentally tore my panties as i brought them down, it didn't matter to me anymore i slwoly inserted 2 fingers into my pussy and pushed them all the way in, I was so hot and wet I couldn't believed I hadn't had an orgaism yet. I slowly took out my fingers and then pushed them back in I built up a good speed as I watched the two couple change positions now he was drilling her pussy from behind her and she was facing me on all fours.

It was an incredible sight to see the man push his dick real hard and fast in an out of her hot cunt and her boobs would smack her in the face or jus dangle there and he would rub them of call her bitch slut and smack her ass. I couldn't take it no more I started fingering myself faster using 4 fingers and the incredible sight of the man's hard as dick coming out of her pussy ans then he would smack it on her ass.

I watched with amazement as he came toward me with his long dick but then got right in front of the bitch and then I heard her start sucking his dick and him saying thing like "Yeah you like that don't you bitch" or " MMMM you fucking women really no how to give head." After like two mintues of intense sucking and slurping I heard him let out a loud ass moan and then hearing her scream of surprise signaling that he had erupted his cum all over her.

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When he got up I saw that a lot of the cum was in the girls mouth and that some was around her mouth meaning she liked too spit as well as swallow. I slowly pulled my shorts and panties up as I saw the two lay down next to each other and I was ready to get up when a hand grabbed my shoulder and I froze in fear.

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Knowing that I was caught I slwoly turned around and looked up to see that m counselor Jack was looking down at me with a grin. I tried to grin back but something inside of me wouldn't let me and I was still to horny cause out of the corner of my eye I saw the naked man and women running toward where Jack and I were.

When the guy apprached Jack said " Hey Bill I found this little girl here watching you to have sex." The guy named Bill with his dick still hard and like a foot away from my face responded " Well I think she needs to be taught a lesson what do you think Maria." I looked over at the women and she smiled an evil grin and said " Do what you want but I'm leaving I've had enough action for one day." At this I knew what was gonna happen it was going to be me and these two guys having sex right here.

But something inside acutally wanted this to happen, at the thought of this I was getting wet.

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The two guys looked at me as I saw Maria leave and then Jack said " Are You Ready little bitch." All I did was nod my head yes I am and they both laughed. To Be Continued .