Smart cutie offering her thick ass for a brutal bang

Smart cutie offering her thick ass for a brutal bang
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This is a short one. Oh How I Love Jeopardy My name is Dan or Danny as my sister likes to call me. I am just barely17 and I am a Senior in High School. My sister Julie is 12, and looks more like an 18 year old.

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A redhead with nice size boobs 32c ( checked her bra size one day when she missed the laundry basket). She has a fine looking bubble butt and a 23" waist all wrapped into a 5' even Package. A little more about me I am 6'4'' tall Coal black hair which I keep short 220 # middle linebackers body.

Without an ounce of fat and a 34'' waist. I have a 6" ramrod that measures close to 2" across. Our parents are rarely home. Mother is a Real Estate Broker and rarely comes home before 7:30 pm. Dad is a State Senator and takes his job seriously. or he just doesn't like to be home.

My favorite TV show is Jeopardy which comes on at 4: 30. When football season is over I rarely miss a show during the season my sister tapes it for me. Our typical afternoon goes something like this. We arrive home at 3:30 we grab a snack then head for the den and I plop down on the recliner and turn on the TV. Julie climbs up into my lap. News comes on at 4 so I watch that before jeopardy comes on.

Julie snuggles up an takes a nap in my lap After Jeopardy we split for our own rooms and do our homework. Mother usually brings take out home for supper. While we eat we have our family time. The day this story takes place a few things changed. Three days before one of the Teachers had been killed in a car wreck. Today was her funeral, school was dismissed at 11:30. We arrived home and went to our rooms to change. I put on a pair of running shorts which were quite loose and a T-shirt.

Since it was to early for Jeopardy I picked up a book that we were reading in English, Catcher in the Rye by JD Sallenger. I headed for the recliner, I got comfortable and began to read. A few minutes later Julie came in, she had also changed.

She had a cutoff T-shirt which came just below her breasts and no Bra. She had on a pair of shortie PJ bottoms. I mean real short.

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I did not know it at that time but she was commando. just as I was. As usual she climbed into my lap I put one arm around her as usual and continued to read. She played around with the remote but found nothing on so laid it aside and snuggled up for her nap. I continued to read and without realizing that I was doing it I began to rub my hand on her side and stomach. Occasionally my hand would slide under her t shirt and brushed against the underside of her boob. I pulled my hand back like I had been Burnt.

My hand seemed to have a mind of its own it traveled across her stomach to the top of her Pjs. Only my little finger went under the waist band, but it was enough to get my attention.

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I looked down at my beautiful sister and swore to my self I would not do it again. I went back to reading and my hand went back to rubbing her belly.


On my next upper stroke just before I would have touched the underside of her boob.She shifted position and my hand landed upon her nipple. I froze, it was hard, I could not seem to control my fingers they curled to cup her soft boob. I could feel myself getting hard. When she had changed position it had pulled my shorts up just enough that my cock was touching the soft skin of her inner thighs.

I could feel her bare butt on my thigh and I think I could feel dampness. I was afraid to move. One thing was for sure I wasn't going to be doing anymore reading.

I could feel her legs moving very slowly up and down. Her hands were under my shirt stroking my chest. "Danny. what are you doing ." she asked very softly? I tried to apologize but she laughs and said finally.

The movement of her legs had caused my dick to work its way up between them and she was stroking me with her legs. I was still stroking her Titty flesh, I realized I had another hand and laid the book aside.


I slid my hand across her stomach to her waist band and dove under it to run my hand through the bush above her pussy and slid my middle finger into her slit. The heat that was coming out of her slit felt like it was burning my finger.

I pulled her up and placed a kiss upon her lips my tongue was met with hers. It seemed we could not get enough of each other. I pulled her shirt off breaking the kiss just long enough to remove our shirts. I pulled her to me and felt her nipples poking into my chest. We hardly said anything we were to busy with our kissing and touching. I sat the recliner back up. I was wanting to get to her pussy I had to taste her. I pulled her hips to the edge of the seat.

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I picked up her legs and kissed the right one up to the legs of hr Pjs I grasped either side of her pjs and kissed my way back down the left as I removed her bottoms. Wow … it is no wonder there was so much heat radiating out of her slit. With the flaming red hair of her bush it appeared to be on fire.

I decided I needed to lick it cool. and I dove right in tongue first. I ran my fingers thru her bush as I licked from wrinkled hole thru her slit to her clitoris.

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When I touched her clit with my tongue her Butt rose up to shove her clit completely into my mouth. Laved it quite well before sliding my tongue back into her depths. I licked and sucked every part of her delicate flower. I moved back to her clit and that was all she needed to have an orgasm that almost threw me to the floor.

I raised up and picked her up Julie locked her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist I raised my dick up to find her opening as the head found its way into her entrance I turned around, drove all the way in and sat back down on the recliner. Reclined, then Julie drew up her legs and began to ride me like a cowboy. I loved this position it allowed me to go as deep as possible. I could tell Julie liked it too. she was in control.

We seemed to be in a race to see who would finish first It was a dead heat. We were both bouncing and my head was flopping from side to side, Julie raised almost all the way out then hesitated, screamed, slammed down and fell forward. I threw my arms around her and blew my load deep in her insides. I held her and slowly stroked into her and while we continued we talked. I asked ,you were not a virgin? She smiled yes I was, Mother had taken me to the doctor just after my birthday and started me on birth control, While we were there she had the Doctor break my hymen so when it happened I wouldn't hurt.

Julie says she had been trying to tempt me ever since she went on the pill. But no her dumb gentleman brother ignored all the little signs. She raised and began to move faster.

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Then I heasd the theme song for Jeopardy we both laughed and kept going Julie was really beginning to move faster and I was holding her tits.

I heard the front door open and close. Mother was home early. It was to late I couldn't stop. She walked in to the room as we both exploded Mother just said Damn! See Julie I told you. You would need the pill.

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And she turned and walked out of the room. As in the Background they are saying 'THIS IS JEOPARDY'