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Ranma 1/2: Camping First night Akane sat up in her sleeping bag. She was having trouble sleeping. It happened every once in a while when she slept in the tent. She looked around the small domed structure. The supplies were at the end opposite the door, and she was one the side opposite Ranma. <He really is cute when he's asleep,> she thought to herself. <I hate to think it, but I do enjoy these little camp outs. I'm glad father and Mr. Saotome always insist that I go with him.> They had been doing this for a while too.

When it's warm out, they sleep in separate tents, but when it's cold, they stay in the same one. to conserve body heat of course. They always bring a second tent though. Wouldn't want to raise suspicions. Ranma rolled over and since he had forgotten to zip his sleeping bag up, it flipped off him. Akane looked at his body.

It was hard to do, since he was sleeping in his boxers and muscle shirt. Looking at him had become a habit with her too. She enjoyed seeing his muscular body.

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On a few off her sleepless nights, she had even pulled his sleeping bag off him to get a peak. She knew it was a little perverted to look at him like that when he was asleep, but she didn't mind.

After all, he was a lot more perverted than her. Her eyes looked at his face studying it. After a minute she followed his neck to his chest.

It was very muscular when he was a man. She went farther down when she noticed something different.

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There was a small mount rising from his boxers. It was getting bigger too. <Oh my. he's getting aroused,> she thought to herself. The thought somehow turned her on as well. She couldn't believe it, but she was really aroused. Akane absently put her hand between her legs. She could feel her own touch through her Pajama bottoms and panties.

She stroked her crotch a little.

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<I wonder what he's dreaming about?> Akane moved towards his head. in the dim light, she could see his mouth moving. She knew that he usually talked in his sleep, but she never really paid attention. To be honest, she usually didn't care. This time she wanted to know what he was dreaming about. She put her ear next to his mouth to listen better. ".love.bod.ne." She wasn't sure what he was trying to say, however his breath in her ear had aroused her even more.

This time she put her hand down her Pj bottoms and stroked herself with only her satin panties between her hand and womanhood. "Repeat that and speak a little clearer." She whispered in his ear. As she did so, she saw his mount become a little larger. He was getting more aroused. <This is fun,> she thought. Then she heard him again.

"I love your body, Akane." She felt her eyes widen. <He's dreaming about me.me.> "Please let me touch you." She looked at him. "Go ahead." She whispered to him. She saw a smile appear across his lips. "Oh Akane, your skin is so soft." A rather perverted thought crossed her mind. She took her hand from out from between her legs, and puled his boxers down freeing his large, hard, dick.

She touched it. A shiver ran up Ranma's body. She then stroked the appendage. she heard Ranma moan softly. She wrapped her whole hand around and stroked harder. He moaned loader. <He's enjoying this.> She felt some a large amount of moisture between her legs. <Hell, I'm enjoying this.> Another thought struck her. She let go of his manhood. She heard him whimper. She brought her lips towards his manhood.


She gently kissed it, and kissed it again. Akane got up enough nerve to lick it with her tongue. She heard Ranma moan again. She could feel him get harder under each caress of her tongue. <Might as well go all the way>, she thought.

She opened her mouth wide and brought down on top of his organ. He closed her lips around it. It wasn't a very good taste, but for some reason she didn't mind. She wrapped one hand around the base of her living lollipop and moved her lips up and down it. She could hear Ranma start to moan louder than before. She realized that she was enjoying the sensation of his manhood between her lips. Just as she put her hand between her legs, she felt Ranma's organ stiffen quickly.

<Ut oh,> was all she could think as she felt his penis shake as it spewed cum into her mouth. She swallowed what she could, but it just keep cum-ing. She choked on it and moved away from Ranma s body. She started to cough, but quickly got her fit in control. She really didn't want Ranma to wake up. This was a little embarrassing. After her cough did subside, she realized what a nasty taste she had in her mouth.

It was disgusting to say the least. She slide her body over to the cooler and grabbed a bottle from it. She drank the content down to kill the taste. It worked. Akane looked over at Ranma again. His manhood had started to shrink, but it still dripped a little of his cum still. <Well, it's only fair,> She thought as she wiped some up with her finger. She proceeded to put her finger against his lips and into his mouth, rubbing off the white goo.

Ranma's face reacted as if he had just ate some of Akane's cooking. Akane smiled slyly. <We re even.> Akane had another perverted idea in her head.

She gently grabbed his hand and brought it to his crouch. She carefully wrapped his fingers around his soft manhood. <That should do nicely,> she thought, and laid back down in her sleeping bag. Once in her own private spot. she put her right hand in her panties. This time she touched her second lips directly. A feeling of please shot through her. She spread her lips and rubbed her lips and clit with her fingers.

As she worked her lower body, her left hand went under her top to her right breast. She pulled on her hard nipple making it stiffer. She then caressed the underside of her size B breast. IT felt wonderful to her. It wasn't often she did this. There were only a couple other times she had masturbated.

The first time she could remember was a few years ago. She had been in bed and couldn't sleep. She started to fantasize about Dr. Tofu. ["Oh Dr. Tofu, I feel strange." Akane said as she sat on the examining table. "Can you be more specific? Where is this feeling concentrated?" He asked.

Akane pointed between her legs. Dr. Tofu looked at the spot a moment. "Please take off your dress and underwear Akane." He asked.

It was strange to her. He was more forceful than usual. She obeyed him and stood up as she slowly unbuttoned her dress. She was doing it like she was trying to act sexually. After the dress was unbuttoned, he helped remove it, by slowly sliding it off her shoulders.

His touch was electric, and she could feel heat emanating from between her legs. Akane was no longer taking her clothes off herself. Dr. Tofu was doing that himself. Her dress fell to the floor. She was only in her panties and bra. Dr. Tofu reached around her to get at the clasp in the back of it.

Akane enjoyed the sensation of being wrapped in Dr. Tofu's arms. She could feel the space between her legs getting wet. Her chest was now against Dr. Tofu as his hands undid the hook of her bra. He backed away just enough to slide the bra off her body. "I believe we should start this examination with your breasts, Akane. Is that all right with you?" she nodded.

Akane wanted him to touch her breasts with his hands. She closed her eyes waiting for his touch. When she felt it, she opened them again. Dr. Tofu was not using his hands to touch her.He was using his tongue. Dr. Tofu's tongue was sliding over her nipples, playfully. It brought great pleasure to Akane to feel it's warm, wet touch. Dr. Tofu started to kiss her breasts, each in turn.

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After kissing them each a few times, he started to suckle on the right one. As he suckled, he massaged the other breast with his hand. The sensations were too much for her. She could feel her body.] Unfortunately, at that point Kasumi knocked on the door.

Akane lost the pleasure in a terrified effort to cover herself in case her sister came in. Instead, Kasumi asked if she was all right. It seems Akane had been moaning and Kasumi thought Akane had a stomach ache. After that Akane did that only a couple other times, but she was always so worried about Kasumi walking in and catching her, she could never get back to the amount of pleasure she had experienced the first time. At least not until the day a certain young Martial artist arrived from China.

When Akane opened the door to the bathroom, the last thing she expected to see was a handsome young man just getting out of the tub, but that was exactly what she was seeing. She couldn't help but look at his body.


It was well defined and muscular. His arms and hands looked strong, possibly stronger than Dr. Tofu's. It was love at first sight, until she realized this was *not* a dream and that this young man was really in her house.

That was when she backed out of the bathroom and screamed. Akane was shocked when the young man came downstairs and introduced himself as "Ranma Saotome". Somehow she knew that this young man and the young woman, who had arrived earlier that day, was one in the same.

Even more shocking was that that thought aroused her too. At that point she knocked herself on the head with the table she was holding. She may have been more friendly and compassionate to Ranma that night, if not for the fact that she had been scared earlier and allowed her family to notice. She couldn't help but be angry at the young man for causing her to become frightened.

But of course that wasn't the only problem she had with him. That night she fantasized again. [She was looking at the body of the young man who was getting out of the tub. He looked at her body as well. As he looked at her, she noticed that his manhood was becoming larger and more stiff. She felt herself compelled to walk towards him allowing him to fully see her naked body. As she got closer he got all the way out of the tub. He body glistened from the water dripping from him.

Neither said a word as they embraced. The feeling of his bear cheat against his caused a deep heat from her own sex, A heat she had not felt as strong in a long time. He seemed to have notice the heat also. He put his hand between her legs and massaged her incredibly wet cunt. Akane opened her mouth and moaned and as she did so, he kissed her.deeply. His lips against hers and his tongue playing with hers was so passionate and stimulating.

She could feel her body flowing with pleasure as he touched her clit. Everything was just too much for her, and her body erupted with pleasure.] That was the first time she had ever caused herself to cum. Akane couldn't move for a while after that. All she could do was breath hard and sweat. As she laid there she couldn't help but think about Ranma as a girl also.

Before she knew it, she was deep in another Fantasy. [Ranma-chan was lying on Akane's bed.naked. Akane could see that this girl's body was better than her own, but at the moment she didn't care. All she wanted to do was touch the girl's body.

She wanted to feel those large breasts with her tongue and mouth. Ranma-chan beckoned Akane towards her. She obeyed at once, feeling a need to be closer the girl on her bed.

When Akane reached the girl, the girl sat up and pulled Akane's face towards her own. They kissed as passionately as they had when the girl had been a guy. This time Akane took the incentive and stopped the kiss.


Ranma-chan whimpered a little but soon started to moan with pleasure as Akane suckled at her breasts. She moaned even louder when Akane s hand moved to her sex. Akane played with the wet area for only a few minutes when she felt Ranma-chan s body sur-cum to the please. Ranma-chan laid there for a few moments before grabbing Akane and forcing her to the bed. Ranma-chan quickly got on top of Akane, but had her head by Akane's midsection.

Ranma-chan moved down so that her mouth was know on Akane's cunt. Akane could feel the breath of the girl there and became so aroused it hurt. Ranma-chan started to lick her partners private spot. Akane couldn't believe the amount of pleasure she was receiving from Ranma-chan's tongue. She lifted her own head in order to reach the girl's cunt. When Ranma-chan noticed this, she lift her cunt away from Akane's mouth.

Akane kept trying to reach in, but couldn't. She was getting frustrated, but soon sur-cumed to her own please as she came again.] This time when Akane came, she laid on the bed and felt guilty. She was in love with Dr. Tofu, but she was Fantasizing about another man. Not only that but about that other man as a woman also. It was just too perverted for her. She started to believe that this was all Ranma's fault. His perversion was perverting her as well. She felt her anger well up in her.

She was determined not to give in to Ranma's perversion. Akane couldn't help but smile as she remembered her thoughts on that first night. She had tried so hard not to let her feeling for Ranma win out over her feelings for Dr. Tofu. In the end, she allowed her feelings for Ranma to cosume her feelings for Dr. Tofu. Akane had realized that Dr. Tofu was in love with Kasumi and that would never change.

Even if Ranma was a jerk most of the time, Akane knew that wasn't really him. She knew he was trying to hide his own feelings for her. They were both stubborn people and neither wanted their parents to tell them who to love and marry. Akane believed they would have fallen in love on their own if their fathers hadn't tried to force them together. Akane thought about the future. She wanted to become Ranma's wife. She could admit that to herself now.

He would make a good husband. He already played the role fairly often without realizing it. <Me and Ranma together as husband and wife,> Akane thought as she felt her body's pleasure from her masturbating erupt. After that she was able to fall back to sleep. Ranma awoke from one of the best dreams he had ever had. He had been with Akane and they were *actually* getting along.

He was holding her and touching her they way he wanted to but would never attempt in really life. She whispered in his ear and he could swear he really felt her hot breath. Then something strange happened. He felt her lips on his manhood. It was such a wonderful sensation. He wondered if it would feel that good if it really happened. He had been even more surprised when he realized he was cumming. He did wonder if that ment he was cumming in real life while he was asleep.

He remembered hearing something to that fact but didn't believe. He had had other dreams about Akane without messing his shorts. although this one seemed more real, and he had never actually came in a dream either. As he became more aware of where he was, he realized something didn't feel right. He was holding something in his hand.

He raised his head to see what he was holding. <Oh my god, no way, I didn't. there is no way I did that,> he thought when he saw what his hand was holding. He also felt something crusty under his hand. "Ewwww." He said, disgusted, as he shivered. His face distorted. He looked over at Akane. <Good, she's still asleep. She would really think I was a pervert if she saw me like this.> He quickly removed his hand and pulled up his shorts.

<Man, I gotta wash this off my hands.> He quickly left the tent.

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<It s a good thing he left. I don't think I would have been able to keep from laughing if he had stayed any longer,> Akane thought as she finally opened her eyes all the way. She sat up and could hear Ranma splashing in some water. She got out of her sleeping bag and went to the tent flap.

She peered out. Akane could see frost on the ground and on the tree leaves. It was a beautiful sight. The only flaw with the outside world was Ranma-chan running around soaked. Akane giggled when she saw Ranma-chan's antics, but got serious when she realized how cold it was outside.

"Hey dumbly, get in here before you get sick!" She exclaimed. Ranma-chan looked over at Akane. <I wonder how much she saw?,> she thought. Ranma-chan did run back inside the tent. "What were you doing out there?" Akane asked. "Ah nothing. I tripped over the water bucket and got splashed." She replied. "That reminds me," Akane began. "Are you all right? I heard you moaning in you re sleep last night." Ranma-chan was glad she wasn't facing Akane because her face went to pieces.

"I was?" She replied. It was a little strained, but she hoped Akane wouldn t notice. Of course Akane did notice and wasn't clad Ranma-chan was facing her, because she wasn't having an easy time holding a straight face.

<Oh, this could be fun,> Akane thought. "Yeah, I was a little worried about you, so I tried to find the flash-light." "You did?" Her tone was pretty high pitched and her face was full of fright as she imagined Akane shinning a flash-light at him last night.

Akane could see Ranma shaking and was positive it wasn't from the cold. She was enjoying herself. "Although when I found the light, you had stopped moaning and just sighed, so I went back to sleep." <Oh, thank god,> Ranma-chan thought.

"So what were you moaning about?" "I have no idea." Akane decided to leave it at that. <Too much more and he.she'll know something is up.> "Well, why don't you take off your clothes and warm up a little while I make you some warm water." "Um.Thank you, Akane." "No problem." Akane replied and looked at her with a strange smile, before leaving.

Her smile was much like the one she had the day Akane had walked in Ranma's room with Shampoo in bed with him. <I don't like that smile. I wonder if she did see what I was doing?,> she thought frantically. <If I moaned, did I talk too. What if she knew what I was doing and knew I was dreaming about her? Why did I have to do that last night? I've never done it before. Why last night?> Akane came back in with a pot of warm water.

She noticed Ranma-chan hadn't removed her clothes at all. Actually Ranma-chan hadn't moved since Akane left. She walked over and knelt down if front of her. "If we don't get these off you, you'll get sick." Akane stated as she started to undo Ranma-chan's shirt. Ranma-chan noticed what Akane was doing, and freaked. "Whoa.hold on.I can do this myself." She stated. "Well, then hurry up. I don't have all day." Ranma-chan looked up at that statement. Akane had that same smile on her face.

Ranma-chan was about to freak again. "After all, this water won't stay warm for much longer." Ranma-chan settled down a bit and finished removing her top.

"Um.Akane, would you mind waiting outside while I did this." Akane flashed that smile again. "My, aren t you modest all of a sudden." Akane walked outside. <Oh, man.oh man she does know. I just know it,> Ranma-chan thought as she became Ranma. Ranma of course got dressed quickly. to be continued