Cfnm dommes jerk off guy in bondage

Cfnm dommes jerk off guy in bondage
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Caught Masturbating Susan poured the hot tea into the mug and stirred in the milk and sugar. It was a warm Sunday afternoon. Her husband, John, had gone bowling and daughter Zoe was at the mall with her friends.

She was making the tea for her son Michael who was upstairs doing his homework like a good little boy. She would have preferred him to be outdoors too but he was a shy boy and didn't have too many friends. Still, maybe it's a good thing he doesn't go out much, she thought, especially with all the gangs and drug crime out there. She carried the mug of tea upstairs and pushed open the door to his room, which was always slightly ajar, and walked in.

She was a little surprised to find that he was not sitting at his desk with his headphones on listening to music while he worked. She was even more surprised to see that he was sitting on the floor with his back leaning against the bed. He was on the other side of the bed and so had not heard or seen his mother walk in.

Susan peered over and was about to ask him what he was doing but stopped suddenly when she saw that he had his trousers round his ankles. Still a little confused she stared and then realised what her son was doing.

He was masturbating furiously with his right hand and in front of him on the floor was an open magazine. Even from a distance she could tell the picture was that of Pamela Anderson in a bikini. She stared frozen and noticed he had wrapped something red around his penis. She couldn't quite make out what it was and it was only when thick globules of cum shot out from his penis and covered Pamela's body that she came to her senses. She quickly placed the mug on his desk and left his room quietly, leaving the door slightly ajar.

She went downstairs and decided to forget all about it. She did not want him to know that his mother had seen him cum all over a picture of Pamela Anderson.

Getting caught masturbating by a member of your own family, well, that's the kind of shit that never leaves you. He is 18 and boys do this, she thought. Only natural. He'll get a girlfriend. One day. He had nice body, she had noticed. Slim yet toned, and it's not like he's ugly. He could get any girl. She had also noticed how cleaned his penis looked and realised he had shaved his pubes. That made his penis look huge. Long and thick. "Snap out of it," she said to herself.

He's your son, she thought. Stop thinking about his dick. She couldn't help it though.

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Her husband was a fat slob who fell asleep in front of the T.V. every night and she couldn't remember the last time she had had a good drilling. She started feeling guilty and decided to do some chores around the house to take her mind of things.

Later that day Michael came downstairs. Susan watched as he walked straight into the kitchen and shoved something into the washing machine. "You alright, honey?" she asked. "Um, yeah, fine," he replied, not meeting her gaze.

"I'm just going out for a while, bye." He walked out the front door, letting it slam shut. She wondered why he seemed so preoccupied as she opened the washing machine door to see what he had placed inside.

There among all the other dirty laundry was a red item of clothing, which she knew she had not placed there. She pulled it out and saw that it was underwear. Red, silky underwear. Her underwear. Oh my god, she thought. My son has been sneaking into my bedroom, taking my knickers and wanking with them. Her panties felt moist and she could smell it too.

The unmistakable stench of cum. Part of her felt disgusted but then she also felt a little turned on. Does this mean her son fantasises about her? Does he think about her while he's wanking?

She decided to go up to his room to snoop around. Michael's room was clean and tidy as always. She looked under the bed and mattress.

Nothing there. Searched his desk. Nothing out of the ordinary. Looked in the wardrobe. Behind neatly folded stacks of clothing she found a pile of dirty magazines. As she flicked through them she couldn't believe some of the poses the girls were doing. They must be fucking gymnasts, she thought, jealously, but she also found it amusing that a lot of the pages were stuck together.

She felt stupid snooping around her son's room. After all, what was she looking for? He hadn't done anything wrong apart from masturbate with her panties. She wondered if she should talk to him about it. That would be awkward. I want him, she thought. I want my son. No. Stop thinking like that.

Just put it out of your head and pretend you don't know anything. As she was about to leave the room she eyed the empty mug on the desk. Oh no. She realised now that he knew she had been in his room and left the tea and must have seen him.

No wonder he wouldn't look at her. Imagine the embarrassment. Still, as long as I don't bring it up he'll get over it. "So what did you do today, Mike?" asked Zoe. "Nothing. Just went for a walk," replied Michael. "Nobody just goes for a walk." "Well I do so piss off." "Now everybody just shut up and eat!" said John. "Zoe, stop teasing your brother and Mike, no swearing." It was evening and they were all sat round the dinner table.

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"Have you done your homework?" Susan asked her daughter. "Mike spent all morning doing his." "I bet he spent all morning jerking off," muttered Zoe. Susan nearly choked and Michael went all red in the face.

"That's it young lady," said John. "Go to your room. Now!" "Fine. Don't like what we're eating anyway," said Zoe, storming out of the room. "Just ignore her, Mike," said John turning to his son. "She's twenty years old and still behaving like a teen." They finished their dinner in silence. The next day, after her husband had left for work and both Mike and Zoe had gone to their respective colleges Susan stood in front of the bedroom mirror naked.

John had gotten fat but she still retained her figure. Short, blonde hair slim, breasts still pert, smooth skin, round supple ass, shaved pussy. She still turned heads and had often thought about having an affair but always held back. Now, though, all she could think about was her own son's body. She got so turned on that she couldn't stop herself from running into the master bedroom and digging out her old, pink vibrator from her panty drawer.


Nothing happened when she turned it on. No fucking batteries, she realised. She went downstairs, naked, into the living room and found some new ones from the cupboard and inserted them in her pink dick.

Sitting on the sofa she spread her legs and placed the vibrator on her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and her heart raced as the vibrations sent shivers through her entire body. It had been a long time since she used it.

Soon her pussy was moist with her juices and she began slowly inserting the pink six incher between her pussy lips. She let out little moans and the occasional dog-like yelp as she began forcefully fucking herself with the artificial penis. After a few minutes her body stiffened and with a loud moan she came to orgasm. She sat there with her eyes closed while the waves of pleasure subsided.

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When her breathing returned to normal she slowly opened her eyes and to her shock she found, standing before her, her son, Michael. "W-w-what…I mean…what are you doing here?" Susan said, her voice all croaky. "I live here," said Mike, in a barely audible voice. His eyes were wide open with shock. "I meant what are you doing home? Couldn't you have knocked?" "I forgot my books. I used my own key." "Well this isn't what it looks like," Susan said, still sitting on the sofa, legs wide, pink vibrator buzzing away in her pussy.

"What the fuck else could it be?" said Mike.

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Susan's head felt like it was going to explode. She didn't know what to say or do but then she noticed a bulge in Mike's crotch. She realised that he had probably seen everything and had gotten turned on by it.

She had caught him masturbating and now he had caught her. "How long were you standing there?" she asked.


"I just got in," he replied. "Liar," said Susan, smiling at him. "Well, you might as well see more of Mommy." The vibrator made a disgusting squelching sound as she took it out of her and switched it off.

She held it up to her lips and flicked the end with her tongue without taking her eyes off him. His eyes seemed to widen even more. Susan slowly pushed the vibrator into her mouth smiling at him all the time. She could see his crotch pulsating up and down. The sight of the pink vibrator disappearing between his mother's lips was really turning him on and Susan couldn't hold back any more.

"Right, get over here," she ordered him, throwing the vibrator to one side. "What? Why?" said Mike like a scared, little boy.

"Just c'mere," Susan said as she grabbed him by trouser belt. He did not resist as she quickly undid his belt and fly and pulled down his trousers and boxers in one go.

His cock sprang out like a coiled spring. 7 inches of solid meat all clean and shaven.

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She took hold of it with both hands and looked up at his shocked face, mouth wide open in disbelief. "Mommy wants cock, honey," she breathed at him. "Mommy wants cock." She began furiously licking all around his bell-end savouring the tangy taste of his pre-cum juices.

How long has it been since she had a cock in her mouth? Too long, she thought as she took more of it into her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down. Mike stood rigid the whole time not quite believing what was happening. Susan felt her son running his fingers through her hair. He's getting into it, she thought as she grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could.

Suddenly he grabbed her hair with both hands and began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. Susan suppressed any guilty feelings she might have had. She wanted to be fucked in the face by her son. God knows, she needed it.


His animalistic grunting and her deep, guttural sounds fill the air and she realised he was about to cum. Suddenly, he pulled out of her mouth and still holding her hair with both hands, shouted:- "Mom!" "What?" she said.

"Don't stop now." "I wanna cum on your face!" he shouted back and began wanking fast with his right hand. "Do it! That's it. Cum on Mommy's face!" She kneeled down, tilted her head back, mouth open, tongue out and looked at her son wanking away, eyes wide like a man possessed. She yelped with delight and shock as the first blob of cum shot from his cock and landed on her left cheek. She managed to close her eyes just in time as the second landed on her right eyelid.

The third hit the back of her throat almost making her gag. She tilted her head slightly to the left as the rest landed on her right cheek. As the warm cum quickly cooled on her face she opened her left eye a little to see him standing there breathing heavily, mouth wide. She giggled. "Wow son," she said. "You just covered Mommy's face with your cum." At that he too laughed a little.

Then they heard a noise behind them. "Yeah, wow Mikey. You just cum all over Mommy's face. Isn't that cute." It was Zoe and she was holding something in her hand. It was a camcorder. She smiled at them both. An evil smile, thought Susan.

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"Wait till Daddy sees this," she said. "Wait till Daddy sees this." To be continued.