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Amy was a college age student who went to church every week and was studying to become a preschool teacher. She was not that tall, but her breasts were nice and big. She was very attractive and lots of guys wanted to date her. However, Amy had a boyfriend who she had been going out with for about 2 years. She wanted to save herself for marriage, so she thought. She was walking back to her car after a long night class. She was mad at herself for parking so far away because of the long walk she had to make from the building to her car.


All of the sudden a dark figure came up from behind her and covered her mouth with a rag. The rag was covered in chloroform and Amy immediately passed out. When she awoke she was naked and tied to a bed.

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Her arms were tied to the bed rail and her legs were tied to two posts at the end of the bed. She was blindfoled and could not tell where she was or what was going to happen to her. Just then she heard a voice that said, "Hello Amy are you ready to have some fun?" She yelled for help, but after a few minutes gave up. She could hear someone getting close and she got even more nervous. She said take my money just leave me alone. The voice said to her, "I dont want your money, I just want your virgin pussy?" Amy was in tears at this point realizing she was totally helpless and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

Just then he slapped her as hard as he could across the face and yelled "STOP CRYING YOU LITTLE SLUT!" He then took hand and slowly worked his was way down her face and unhooked her bra. Amy's breasts fell out he took both hands and gently rubbed them. "Man you do have some nice titties" said her attacker as as began to rub a little harder.

He then slowly licked her breasts and began to bit on her nipples.

Amy let out a moan to the pain of her nipples being bit. He then slapped her again across the face. Then he shoved his tounge insided her mouth as hard as he could. When he removed his tounge he said he has been looking forward to this for a long time.

Amy was confused, as she tried to think if this guy had known her for a while. Slowly he licked his way down her stomach and gently removed her panties to find her virgin pussy all ripped for the picking.

He then said, "I am really going to enjoy this" Amy tried to plead with him, but soon she felt her panties being shoved into her mouth and she was totally defenseless. He gently stroked her pusssy and Amy moaned again. But this time it was in pleasure not pain.

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He said "oh so you like when you get your pussy rubbed? Does Roy not do this for you?" Amy screamed and wondered how her attacker knew the name of her boyfriend.

He rubbed a little harder and then stuck his finger inside to loosen her up. Since she was a virgin, she was extremely tight. He started with one finger then went to two. He loved the feel of her pussy on his fingers and continued for what felt like ever to Amy. He then stopped and unzipped his pants. He said to Amy, "Now lets get the fun started." He removed her panties from her mouth and told her to open wide. She shoke her head no and said she would not.

Wrong answer said her attacker and he hit her in the stomach with a hard blow. The punch knocked the wind out of Amy and she started to cry again. He said to her, "do you want me to continue hitting you slut?" Amy shoke her head no and reluctantly opened her mouth up.

He slid his dick into her mouth and told her to suck her.

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She was hesitant so he slapped her again. Amy began to suck his cock and he began to moan. OH YEA you are a natural suck my cock bitch. He then grabbed the back of her head and shoved his entire cock in her mouth. She screamed and gagged, but he kept it in there.

Her hands were tied so she could do nothing but take it. Finally he pulled his cock out and she almost threw up. Amy was begging him to stop, but he told her that now that he was erect he was ready to fuck her. She screamed for help, but he once again stuffed her panties into her mouth. He took his cock and rubbed it on her face and down her body. When he got to her pussy he slowly stuck it in her. Amy let out a moan. She was even tighter then he had thought and realized this was going to be alot of fun.

He pushed his rock hard cock in her pussy.


He just left it in there for a few minutes to let her feel it. Then he began to push it in and out. Amy let out a scream, but it was muffled because of the panties. He then started ramming her harder and faster until he was able to put his entire cock inside her no longer virgin pussy.

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He noticed that a drops of blood began to drip out of her and a smile came to his face. Then he started really fucking her good and continued to do so until he felt the urge to cum.

He pulled his cock out from her pussy and once again shoved it in her mouth. He unloaded a huge load in her mouth and made her swallow every last drop of it.

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The voice of her attacker said, "Now that I have fucked you, its time to bring in our next victim. The door opened and a familar voice cried out. "Mom, is that you?" It was her very attractive mother Betsy who was also tied up and blidfolded. Betsy's blidfold was removed and she almost passed out at the sight of her daughter bloodied, bruised, and fucked. Then Betsy's blindfold was put back on and the voice said, no that I have fucked your daughter, it is time that I fuck you mom.