Anally toyed lesbian teens prolapsed ass

Anally toyed lesbian teens prolapsed ass
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To viewers. This is the second part, hope you enjoy. For those. who like to cum along with the character, Andrew cums twice. ---------------------------------------------------------- Every move sent jolts through his body whenever Andrew walked his way towards school. All the sex left his cock so damn sensitive that every touch was like touching high voltage.

All he needed was a sign hanging from his neck to tell people to beware of it. He acted his walk normal. He just entered the school only when gates were about to close. Normally he was one of the first one to reach class however his sexual pursuit made him late. He came quietly in the class and sat himself with a heavy sigh, on his usual seat at window side.


"What's up" asked Jessica. Who sites at the next row beside him. Before he could answer,John who sits behind him tapped his shoulder and Andrew turned around. "What's up? Why the heavy sigh?" asked John.

"Oh you know how much I hate waking up late, specially the winter and all." "That's your daily life dude." "Yea I just slept late, wanking my self off." at that Jessica became interested. "You wank?" Hearing that Andrew just made a face expressing his desire to beat John for his irritating humor. John and Jessica only laughed at that.

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Andrew turned around at sat gazing outside the window, day dreaming. John was good at studying but his jokes and comments would annoy quite many people, many times disturbing their beliefs. Not strictly towards religion. Jessica was the only girl who did not think Andrew was weird, though they don't talk normally out side the class, Jessica keeps pushing him to come with her and talk to some other girls as well. Andrew however get's embarrassed sometimes talking to her even. "What's that smell?" Asked John instantly at which Andrew stiffened, he turned around and saw John looking here and there.

Andrew thought "the fuck, I cleaned my hands with excessive soap to mask it. Does the stench of my and her sweat that much? What am I gonna say, being the inactive teenager I am. Chased by a dog?" "Smells.good I guess, it is faint but different." Said Jessica at which John nodded.

Soap dispenser? Thought Andrew. "It's a bit exotic, too distinct to get unnoticed but it also smells a bit." said John. Fuck, I must still stink of sex.

Thought Andrew. "It's coming from you!" Said John instantly which startled Andrew. "Th.that must be my mom's perfume she had her friend send it from abroad, and I did not take a bath so I must smell a little." Said Andrew trying to act calm.

"Oh I see, but you sure cleaned your hand with soap quite a lot." said John while pointing at his shirt button, with soap smeared on it.

"Yea well, i did have enough time to wash that at least." "Forget about hand dude, you should wash your face." He touched his head and said, " it's all oily." "Well you are awfully observant today." "Your friends comes and sits with a sigh, smelling differently then before, with a total soapy hands and oily face, and you expect me to just say hey?" ".

You are asking that only because I sighed?" ".well why do I care anyway" said John. Andrew relaxed a bit when he heard that. He looked at Jessica who still looked unconvinced. The bell rang and after only a few seconds, their class teacher came. She wore a red dress with a skirt just covering her ass and had swirls of black hair, She clasped a black purse and behind her back and it looked like she had a bit problem in walking. Her height was almost as much as Andrew's, give or take a few inches.

Student stood up to greet her as boys looked at her with hungry eyes and girls with jealousy after looking at her big busts. Oh man, this can not be happening to me! Thought Andrew as he first made a shocked, then a frustrated face due to increasing number of situations while he was starting to stand up. Is it some kind of practical joke or something?

With all the situations so much connected to sex! God, if any, must be humouring himself right now.

Thought Andrew as he muttered some curse that dissolved into thin air. "Sit down class." Said Adrianne. " I am your class teacher for the rest of your 3rd year. Good morning. You can call me Ms Adrianne if you like. I think we should try to keep things informal and I am also you new maths teacher." Then Adrianna continued, selecting words consciously "You must be wondering what happened to Ms skeets, well she is in a kind of mental facility." She said while moving her hands. John said "She is in the mad house." At which the whole class laughed.

Adrianne quickly said "No, no, it was just that. teaching.for her.was. a little stressful.for her." At that every student in the class looked towards John. John looked around and asked "What the? Why are you all looking at me like that?" rather genuinely, however others failed to notice that Andrew and Adrianne were looking at each other with wide eyes.

Adrianne quickly pointed towards the door using her thumb and mouthed "staff room" so that no one else may notice.

Realising what she meant, Andrew quickly nodded. Then putting on her act, she said "Well class it's ok, it only is a 2 to 3 years of therapy and she should be back to normal." they class remained silent except for the occasional whispers here and there, already different rumours were starting about Ms Skeet's craziness and Ms Adrianne's sexiness.

"Today I will take a surprise test to know how much everyone knows about maths." At that every student moaned, expressing their discomfort and disinterest. Andrew knew it was because of her wet skirt and sore pussy, that she just probably want to sit and relax.

"So take out your math books I will be dictating the question numbers." now that must be because she could not face the black board to write the question and show her smeared of cum skirt. The class went on for most of the morning before recess. After the test was over, every student placed their answer sheet on her desk. When Andrew came, their eyes caught each other, expressing their concerns and interpreting their emotions as much as they can.

Andrew can feel the tension off her as she felt his. After the class was over, she declared she will give the papers to them tomorrow, greeted and then departed, after classroom's door closed many student got off their seat and talk jumped in their class. John tapped Andrew's shoulder and said "that man is some hot milf we luckily ended up with right? Those gropy busts and juicy ass needs to be pampered." Jessica said "Oh? I did not know you like older women John." John said "Yea well At least I like some.

Andrew here can't even think of it." while laughing. "Yea yea, I will be right back" answered Andrew as he stood up and went for the door. "Hey wai. where are you going?" But Andrew had already left. Andrew saw Adrianne taking a turn towards left in the hallway. He quickly ran towards her, took a left turn and caught her. Adrianne turned around and saw Andrew their, "oh it's you." a bit startled, she took a step back as he got a bit too close after that turn.

"Ye.yea" said Andrew, they stood their trying to start a much needed conversation but just embarrassedly looked down on the floor. It was Adrianne who started. "St.Stay back." at that Andrew disheartened, he instantly felt guilty for what he did to her in metro, "stay back after school." she continued.

What!, thought Andrew. Are we gonna have sex at school, god is fucking great, i am gonna feel the succulent goodness of her pussy again!!. "find some excuse, we should not be here talking so soon when we shouldn't be knowing each other." Oh. thought Andrew. "Ye.yes." Said Andrew. Silence. "What is your's, excuse I mean." asked Andrew Adrianne showed him the test papers "Oh, then, meet you then." "Ok." "Ok" with that Andrew quickly turned and walked towards his class.

Awkward thought Andrew as he came in the class walked himself to his seat. Before John could ask Andrew answered "To take a piss. She was just too damn good." "Ahh, hehe you can say that again." said John. Andrew smiled and looked towards Jessica. He caught her staring at his pants, then she suddenly looked up when she noticed his movement and smiled back. Andrew sat on the chair and discreetly looked at his Trousers.

Good she should not have noticed it thought Andrew. The rest of the day went uneventful, he was not able to find a good excuse until the last period. The teacher had given them home work which Andrew forgot and left it at.the toilet, but of course he said he left it at his house. The teacher said you will remain here with me until you complete it. Andrew's eyes flew wide open to his shock and relief but quickly switched it and expressed an annoyed reaction to tell his displeasure, others must have not realised that it was his relief that made his shock.

He was very pleased that he needed no lame excuse like taking a piss, his friends might be waiting for him to comeback if that were the case. When the bell rang before leaving, John handed him his book of notes for that homework.

"This will help" "Thanks." Said Andrew as he took it, but he had no need for it. He already remembered most of it. Completing it in measly half an hour he handed his so called homework to his teacher. He checked it and said in hoarse voice, "It's good, and you completed within only half an hour. See? You have brains, use it for god sakes." With that he handed Andrew his homework, greeted and departed.

Andrew quickly left the class with his saddle bag and went towards staff room. He saw Adrianne and few other teacher at some distance from outside the door of the staff room. Adrianne saw him from the corner of the eye, packed her self and left the staff room. Along with her purse, she was also holding a jute carry bag with papers rolled up inside. It seemed she had taken test from many other classes as well.

Adrianne came to him and said " For a moment I thought you left." "I ended up with a real reason for me to stayback" She nodded and said "let us walk." "K" suddenly remembering they both take the metro to go to and from school.

They remained quite for all of eternity even after they were out school. Adrianne said "You are awe fully shy." ".Yea I am.Many have told me so." ".What was your reason, to stay back I mean?" "I forgot my homework.inside the washroom in metro station." Adrianne chuckled at that "What did you tell your teacher." "I left it at my home." "That is probably better than washroom.

Why did you took it out." "There was no tissue paper so I thought of using my copy." "Hehe." The mood had lightened and Andrew drew up his courage and asked. "Did you knew about our school before you joined?" He just had to ask, sooner or later, throughout the day, he only thought about that sex, with her teacher for god sakes! How fucked up can it get now?! They needed to get over this feeling, to talk. They were now in tensing conversation. "Not really, I mean I don't live here, I have rented a flat.

You see I am Ms skeet's neice. And I have just passed my college with a teaching degree so I asked to join in place of her, when they called to tell me about her, they just gave me the address of the school along with the name. Please do not tell anyone about our.incident. I am already regretting it." At hearing that Andrew got so much irritated.

He thought, what does she mean by 'incident' just accept we did it. What do you mean by regret? You were screaming their like an animal, I can rape you right now and prove it. Of course Andrew did not mean to do that. He asked "Then what do you mean by 'not really'." while concealing his anger. "I mean I'd know the name of school, but I did not know their uniform." "Why didn't you check me out then" he blurted out angrily. "You might as well hook up with our principle if that were the case." suddenly realising how randomly he got that experience.

"Look at this" he said while holding out his school emblem on his blazer. "How much more do you need to know what school I am from, a fucking moving hoarding?" With increasing anger, she said "Don't talk to an adult like that!" "Adult my ass, you couldn't even hold out your self back then, I was gonna stop but you pushed damn hard." "You yourself were the one who pushed first you idiot, did you ever thought about that." "The fuck I did, I am a horny teenager what do you expect me to do, I can get hard by looking at girl just walking by.

You actually came infront of me and stick your whole being against me." "Do you think I did that on purpose boy, it was all because of that stupid crowd that just keeps on increasing and my stupid idiotic boyfriend." Andrew was gonna shout at her about her boyfriend but then he looked at her teary eyes, instantly understanding that it is harder for her than for him, her being older and possibility to even loose her degree.

For Andrew though, he might only get a psychology treatment, even though he is 18.

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"Tch" he voiced as he looked away from her and asked "what happened?" In a way as if showing he did not care. After all, people don't just change character like that, maybe ease their way there.

Adrianne looked at him, she thought he would scream at her but did not, relaxing a bit she gulped, repressing her emotions and said "I.broke up with my boyfriend." Andrew thought. Why? Did he got to know about us?Andrew asked "Was it because of me?" "No no, it has been a few months since then." Andrew fell silent then said "Did you ummm had sex with him. Or something." "Yes. Not since then." Andrew withdrew from her direct answer, he realised she was more open to talk about sex than others.

He could not understand that when the teenagers with there evergreen hornyness, can hold back for years before they have sex. Why not her? Andrew asked, curiously almost, "Why did you not hold yourself back then." By now, his anger abated without him realising that. Perhaps by trying to understand her. ".I suddenly felt a cock between my legs, and all those experience and pleasure of sex came back to me like a flood, I just could not hold back a chance of even slightly feeling like that again, I said to myself that it should not go further than this, but I ended up pushing you inside me by myself I.

Still feel that way." He could not lie about the pleasure he felt nor can be say it was wrong, not directly at least ".It's ok though, not like I am going to be attached to you like a dog and be like your boyfriend, however he may be like." Adrianne felt silent, blushing, that was her main concern, that he may get attached to her too much.

She suddenly felt relieved, acknowledging that this was one of her main concern. But in replace of it came an emotion for longingness, she asked herself what made him not want her even though they had sex. This shot a spark to make him hers. She coyed and said "Why? Am I not good enough for you?" While bending so that her cleavage would show up a little.

Just a little. " it's not that" said Andrew blushing and felt his cock a bit hardening when he saw her cleavage. "It's just that I might make you more tensed and uncomfortable, so I tried to relax you and.and umm make you feel better.maybe." he said quickly. That astonished Adrianne as she just looked at him. She thought, this boy might understand me better than I thought. Am I that transparent. She instantly felt embarrassed and quickly pulled herself up so she could hide back her cleavage "I see." was all she said.

Their walk was silent again while both pondered, trying to understand each other. Andrew liked the sex he had with her and will have once again if given a choice but he accepted that he may not have sex with her again.

His emotions for her were now quite resolved. He thought they will reach a very friendly relationship. Adrianne how ever was confused as her. Not because she did not understand Andrew, but because though her emotions around sex is somewhat resolved. She had some new feelings for him, not love though, she may have been confused between the fact that she needed a boyfriend, she had sex with her student, Andrew understands her better than she thought and the fact that she needed somewhere to belong.

They soon reached the metro station. Once they entered he said "Could you wait a minute I left my notebooks there, in the morning, with my homework." "Yea go I will wait." She sighed as he entered the door. She was relieved and content, that their talk was actually a better result than she thought of, she did not have to explain him the situation, he is more trust worthy than she thought. In the washroom Andrew looked at every hook and cranny, even behind toilet seats, it was clean though cause the washroom was shiny, in fact friction less., as if tiles were designer mirror.

He opened the door and said "Can you help me look for that notebook? Can't find anywhere." She looked here and their trying to see if anybody saw them, then quickly entered.

They looked around but could not find. "Did you look inside the bin?" She asked. "Oh I totally forgot about that." She bended to and peeked inside it. Andrew saw something that astounded him. No panties!! Thought Andrew. She is not wearing panties? What happened to her panties? Did her panties got that wet?! Where are her panties?!

Her purse? If she is not wearing her panties, why is she flashing her pussy to me? Does she remember she is not wearing panties? Or does she mean to attract me. He felt his cock move around from limp to semi limp to semi hard.

Closing to getting hardest. Fuck. Thought Andrew. She was scoffing around in the bin until she found the notebook. "Here!" She said cheerfully, stood up to face him. She saw his face totally flushed and looking down.

Then she saw his cock had stiffen and instantly felt churning inside her pussy. In reflex she covered her front with her purse. "So-sorry, I completely forgot about my umm panties I mean." Andrew nodded. She asked "how much.did you see?" "All. of it" she got flushed at hearing that. They just kept standing, did not know what to do. Adrianne was still not satisfied with all the accumulated stress of past few months, while Andrew was still a hungry teenager, with an experience of actual sex without any condom.

Andrew was the one to lead and break the silence. "Umm perhaps. Just this last time? Umm we can. Ummm can we?" He saw that she about to say no when he instantly spoke with a start "Just kissing.I mean" She could not decide, but finally said "O.ok. Just kissing." Andrew came towards her slowly slowly, totally embarrassed and blushed. He slowly took her chin with her thumb and finger, angled towards his mouth and reached her slowly.

The kiss was smooth and erotic, they were totally focused in sucking each other's lips. They could feel each others underlip when ever the sucked. Adrianne cradled her arms around his neck while Andrew put one of his hand behind her head pushing her mouth to his and put the other hand on her waist.

They felt their saliva moving into each other's mouth. Their lips were now totally wet and they did not for a second leave each other's mouth. Andrew felt her tongue demanding entrance into his as she licked his lips all the while kissing. He parted her mouth and felt her tongue snake into his mouth and their tongue were now in heated dance, trying taste each other in every way they can, they felt every bit of each other's tongue as they danced in a frenzy.

Saliva was starting drip from their chin as it escaped from their mouth. Andrew moved his hands to her ass and pushed her to his crotch. Adrianne complied and forced her self further in his mouth. Their crotches were in contact, each feeling other's hotness. She felt his now totally hard member while he felt her heat sink in.

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Out of breath they took small gasps as they kissed each other hungrily, but never leaving each other. Kissing so much that they could not differentiate between the taste of each other's mouth.

The fact that anyone right now can. barge in the toilet had totally left their mind. Oh fuck. Thought Andrew.

Why did I miss this. Forget about sex, how come I never even kissed someone else. Whenever I suck her lips or she sucks mine, a shot of adrenaline flows through me. Making me wanting her more. Their crotches started to rub each other and they did not even noticed. Their rub was ever so slight. Andrew thought when he realised it, it's ok, we still are just kissing right?

Adrianne suddenly moaned inside his mouth and increased her speed of rubbing her crotch to his. Oh fuck. Thought Andrew. He could not resist his temptation and moved his hand behind one of her knees and hoisted it up to the level of his waist. Suddenly he felt her withdraw back a bit. He quickly pushed his crotch to hers, and pushed her head into his mouth.

She gave another moan in his mouth and after a considerable time, she twisted her lifted leg around his arse and further pressed him into her. Her skirt had flipped up a bit and pressed her exposed pussy directly at his trousers. They kissed and kissed while rubbing and grinding at each other. Her wetness totally smeared his trouser in fact it crossed the fabric and he felt her wetness on his dick. He lifted her a bit on himself for a better position, that better position was such that the tip of his cock pressed her pussy opening.

There were still 2 layers of clothes between his member and her. He only needed to open his zipper, pull down his underwear and there you go. But that did not happen. Anyone, anytime can enter the public bathroom and find them kissing passionately as they snaked into each other's mouth, their spit dripping from their chin, as it transpired between their lips. She shifted from simple rubbing and pressing to humping and gyration.

She rubbed with great force up and down and bounced on him a bit. She kissed him and rubbed herself on him all the while standing on her tip toes of one leg and lifted most of herself on him by using her leg around arse. Fuck it. He thought and moved his hand from her head to behind her other knee and lifted it up till his waist.

She was now totally lifted by Andrew. She had no choice but move both her legs around his waist tightly so as to support her self, this increased the pressure on his cock and it parted her lips to some degree as it entered her along with his trouser, just the very tip.

"Shit." Andrew heard her say as she couldn't help but leave his mouth when her pussy lips parted a bit. She was humping a more forcefully and again started kissing with much more force. With all the weight on him he was forced to step back until he was able to take support of the wall right in front of the door.

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He put most of the weight on the wall as his back pressed against it. Using the wall he pushed her waist towards her crotch. The combined force of suddenly being stopped by the wall and the pressure by his wait further pressed her pussy on him. "Ahh" she moaned, she now could not help but continuously hump as if they are fucking, and with every hump came another 'Anhh' from her.

If a man came in, he will see the back of a women in red dress lifted up by a man who took support of the wall at the opposite end of the washroom door. But that did not stop them. Hell they did not even thought of it. All they cared was of getting as much pleasure as they can from kissing.

Their chin and lips were completely wet now and so were their clothes, where ever it dripped. They rubbed back and forth in unisons as they both tried to reach orgasm from just rubbing. From all the pleasure, Andrew legs felt weak, at the corner of his mind, he knew that they were in fact in the washroom.

With his will, he quickly lifted her up a bit, stood up then quickly reached the nearest cubicle at his left, turned around, closed the door, locked it and sat on the closed toilet seat. Andrew was sitting on the seat and Adrianne was sitting on his lap, crotch to crotch with still both her leg around his waist, with in the closed cubicle.

With a good support, Adrianne was able to hump better with greater force and Andrew was now able to hump back. With now his hands free, he started fondling her breast and she moaned big this time and forced more of her's on his, as if to complement. Andrew rubbed pinched and pulled her boobs through her clothes, to directly touch them, he could only undress her but that will leave her dress ruined and her naked at a public place.

However he did lifted his saddle bag and just threw it at the side, as she let go off her still clasped purse and copy from her hands. With both hand free for both of them, Andrew fondled both of her busts and she pressed his back with one hand and rubbed his head with other, all the while kissing and grinding.

Andrew could not hold himself back and leaned more on her with kissing her lustfully. Her crotch got away from his because of it.

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He could sense Adrianne getting confused, but before she can as much as point it out, he quickly opened his zipper and pulled his cock, then instantly pulled her back on to his crotch.

They were not kissing but hugging tightly as the base of his now bare dick rubbed her slit directly. They were still gyrating each other when she told him in his ear. "Anhh. No. mmfh we. cannot." "Please, just this once again." "No. we can't ahhh" "Please. Mmfh" "Anh, anh, anh, no." "Please." Said Andrew while pulling his waist a bit and then pushing back as the tip started brushing her.

"Anh.mmfh" she was not able to answer, since only the tip of his cock pressed her wet slit, their tension and craving for the pressure only increased. She had to decrease her motion to a bit of rubbing, since pressing will make his member enter her.

Not hearing any answer, he started pushing his dick slowly into her as it slowly parted her lips. She had stopped moving. He looked at her afraid of what she might say. He saw she had her eyes shut closed. It looked like she wanted to say something and do something but could not. Seeing that, he quickly pushed her towards himself and instantly, his whole was enveloped by a wet velvety surrounding.

She screamed a moan as it entered her instantly and she hugged him very tightly, almost hampering him from moving him. As soon as it entered, he started moving and humping, every hump made a moan escape her mouth. He could feel his cock's tip touch her womb while Adrianne's clit rubbed his pants.

Every hump send a spark of electricity through him as it had happened to him in the morning. She moaned louder and louder, but she remained still. Unable to hold himself back he pumped faster into her. Faster and faster until she could only squeal in delight. She slowly started moving again in unisons, with every push came a slapping voice and sound of wetness that smears his totally wet pants.

They humped and pumped. They rubbed and rubbed and gyrated, they pulled and pushed, all of their reserves to stop them were empty, as if they were never their. He felt a pressure in his balls as it readied itself to shoot ropes of cum. Unable to say anything to her, he surprised her with ropes of cum, all the while still pumping.

Adrianne stopped, thinking that he will stop but he was a teenager with raging hormones and continued his pumping. She screamed when he came, but his speed did not decreased. When those ropes reaching the inside of her womb, along with his continued even fastened face, doubled, tripled her pleasures and she started screaming.

She was nearing her orgasm when suddenly they heard the door of washroom open and close. Andrew used his still fondling hands, and pulled her head to a deep force full kiss, to hamper her moaning and dilute it through his mouth. That only increased her pleasure and she moaned further more in his mouth and kissed him. Andrew could hear the man taking a piss, in the next cubicle and he knew so could Adrianne as her pussy clenched very very tightly.

They were still humping and pumping while they kissed and and she moaned inside his mouth, all the while holding most of her moans back. He thought that he will now leave the cubicle but instead it looked like he was going to shit. It made a slight fear in his gut as he heard the man unzip and unbutton his pants. He heard the falling of the trousers and him sliding the underwear. Adrianne and Andrew were humping very very fastly but managed to decrease the sound of humping.

Adrianne's moans were decreased to a few squeaks that left her mouth and into his as they tightly kissed. What Andrew heard then could have sent him and her across the line and they would have cummed. They heard the man. Moaning. He was fucking masturbating. Thought Andrew, not even that, he could hear the sound his phone playing porn. Andrew and Adrianne were ever so quite, their pressure was increasing, they soon will cum and and neither of them were willing to stop or even slow them selves down.

They heard the man moan without reserve, he was moaning loud and clear. He increased the volume of his phone. And now Andrew could hear multiple women and men moaning through his self phone. The man was watching a group orgy. For fuck sakes. Suddenly Adrianne left his mouth and moaned deep, hard and loud. He thought they were now caught but he can hear the man's voice distinctly, still oblivious to the fact that an actual sex is happening right at his side.

Andrew and Adrianne fucked like crazy animals in heat. The moaned to the top of their lungs, every hump made loud voices and they humped vigorously and loudly. Andrew heard the man moan, it looked like he just cummed and he started decreasing his phone's volume. This time Adrianne pressed her mouth to Andrew's as the man started getting some toilet paper from a new roll.

He got up and they heard him open the door and close it. Andrew had crossed his line when he left the cubicle. Only sheer will power prevented him from cumming. He knew that Adrianne knows he is about to cum as his dick thickened, it started to get her to the edge as well. They heard the man quickly wash his hands, not caring whether they are cleaned or not, and heard him close the washroom door.

The moment it closed. Andrew cummed his hardest. Ropes and ropes of cum filled her pussy to the brim. The moment she felt hi cum inside her womb she started cumming as well. The moaned in each other's mouth with at such a height, it was as if they were moaning without even kissing, to the top of their lungs. They felt each other's orgasm, shocks after shocks were felt by both of them, the orgasmed to a new height Waves and waves of orgasmic waves flooded them, washed over them for what looked like ages, when ever they thought the orgasm finished another wave came to replace it.

And finally, somehow, it ended. They were breathing heavily and deeply as she rested her chin on his shoulder and he rested himself on the flush tank behind him. They felt each other spasming in delight for a good minute or two. They were too weak to say or do something and remained still, feeling each other. They kept like that for quite a long time, until they heard a pop sound of his dick leaving her.

She instantly stood without saying anything, and he saw their cum leaving her. He took the toilet paper took good amount for himself gave her the rest. He looked at he her eyes, demanding her to say something but she kept silence, her eyes on the roll of tissue paper. She turned around towards the door and started cleaning himself, Andrew proceeded for his limp dick and his pants.

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She cleaned himself and turned around to pick up her purse only and turned back, opened the door and left the cubicle. Andrew noticed that unlike last time, her clothes were not dirtied, only his trousers.

He quickly pushed his notebooks back into his saddle bag. It must have opened up when I threw it. Thought Andrew. He then quickly followed her. She was now closing the washroom door and he quickly followed her. He saw that she was moving towards the metro that just reached the platform.

Andrew quickly ran up to her. He could only remain silent as she walked her steady pace to inside of metro. They were standing away from each other. Andrew at his usual corner while she was standing at his right at the opposite end. He could not even look at her. He thought about how she had said no and yet I forced her to do it. He thought about how can he talk to her if need be.

He suddenly felt like a molester, he felt guilty for forcing her into sex, I could have just kissed for now and wait for the next time. But no I just had to go against her will. He looked at her from the corner of his eyes. He saw her locks and styled swirls of black hair which had a contrast with her dress. He could see her complexion, fair brown and her green eyes.

He suddenly realised something. He has a thing for his teacher. The first and second time was purely due to them being horny, but now he felt feelings for her, not even that, he also felt the heart break for loosing without even actually talking to her. Suddenly Adrianne's stop came and She left.

He did not even got to know that almost 45 minutes were spent on metro. His station was the next and he left it when he reached it. He had recuperated from the heart break by saying that he still has a chance. Even though she probably hates him to new extremes, maybe he can turn it around. What am I thinking, thought Andrew, I can't have a relation ship with a teacher. Probably I can try to become friends? I will have to apologise.


No excuses. The walk towards his home was only 10 minutes and soon he reached the home. And then something struck his mind. Shit what am I gonna do? Thought Andrew. What am I gonna tell my mother about sex. oh wait she does not know about it.

But I must stink of it.she should remain away from me till I take a bath. He opened the door and was delighted that the door was open. He came moved forward a bit and then turned left to the kitchen. Mom was preparing dinner. "About time you came." Said Andrew's mom, Sara. Andrew looked at the watch in kitchen and saw it's 4:30 pm. "I am sorry, I forgot my homework and my teacher asked me to complete it before going." "Well then show me both the versions and then go take a bath.

I will prepare your lunch." "Sure." Said Andrew. His mom was smart so he usually was not able to get through a predicament if any. He went upstairs. Put his saddle bag on the table and opened it and pulled out all his notebooks.

To his horror, some copies were covered with sex juices, he quickly took hold of the 2 versions of homework from the bunch. Well he got lucky, he looked through all the pages and found no wetness though it smelled of it, he hoped she does not find it out.

He proceeded to put others back in the bag. FUUUUCK!!! Screamed Andrew to himself in his mind as he frustratedly stamped his foot on the floor and jumped on it. Curse my luck, curse all the sex, curse you my fucking luck. Thought Andrew. Andrew said angrily to himself.

Oh god what have thy wroth upon me, what have I done to make thy want to smear all those pussy juices upon John's notebook.