Ashley is a true slut

Ashley is a true slut
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''Hey, ma !'' ''Hey sweetie! How was your day ?'', she replied from the bed while watching TV. ''I'm exhausted.'' ''My poor boy. Come here and get some rest.'' I quickly showered, put on some boxers and jumped in the bed next to my mum.

She gave me a warm kiss and softly inhaled. ''Mmmm, you smell so good that you made me want to go to shower, too. I was too lazy till now.'' I returned the kiss on her neck, ''Why ? You smell great, too.'' ''Nah, I'm still all dirty from the office.'' ''But I love the scent of your body, not the smell of the shampoo.'' ''Are you trying to tease me ?'' ''Just a bit !'', I shot out, and started tickling her the same moment.

We both burst out in laugh and I enjoyed the sight of her, bending and enjoying as I had total control over her. We played further and she almost got out of my grip.

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I had no other chance than to squeeze her nipple. ''Ouuch !! Are you crazy ?'' She wanted to sound angry, but the next moment she grabbed my balls ! Ofcourse, she was gentle, not like those inexperienced girls my age, who don't know what they're doing yet, but it was enough to take it to next level.

She was wearing just her blouse and panties, and when she had to stretch to grab between my legs, she got on her knees.


I was in the perfect position so slap her naked butt with my full strenght. *SLAP!* She looked at me with a bit of pain in her eyes, but I've told her she deserved it. She got even more enthusiastic and jumped on me. I left her no other option to hold me - she had to keep me still by climbing on me, and before I realized, i had my head buried deep between her legs, enjoying her scent through her thin panties.

''Home sweet home.'', I mumbled laughing. ''Oh, crap, what I'm doing.'' I seized the moment and got her going again.

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I turned her on her back, she screamed and tried to keep her legs together and bounce me of. I roughly grabbed them and pulled them apart. I jumped on her and started tickling her again. We laughed, screamed, and then finally, both sweaty and exhausted, surrendered. ''Are you aware how many of my friends would like to be in my position right now ?'' ''They are in better position already.'' ''Why is that ?'' ''They can do much more things to me other than tickle me, and you can't, honey.''.

''Oh yeah ? You rather keep your sweet little lips together, my lady !''. I quickly penetrated deep into her mouth with my four fingers, so she couldn't scream too much, With my other hand i caressed her tits and tickled her pussy through her panties (didn't had the guts to move the panties away, we always had that a bit restricted), I've started kissing her neck and went down all the way to her belly before I let her speak again.

''Wow, mum ! Are you already exhausted ? Your breathing is kinda heavy. Then how do you think you'd handle my friends, teammates ? They wouldn't be so kind as me, they would destroy you in minutes !'' ''First, honey, get off me ! You're hard already and you're pressing between my breasts with it, just please stop, I feel really awkward.''. I didn't noticed it, but my tight boxers were really giving a nice display and feel of my rock hard cock inside, and it was right between her tits, really.

I jumped of her and kissed her. She continued, ''Second, now onnisely, you do know, that I'm just kidding. ? I would never have anything with your teammates.'' I shocked her, ''Why not ?'' ''Why ?! Do I have to explain ?'' ''Mum, they know all the things about me and about you, how close we are, that you're dating.'' ''WHAT ?!'' ''Yes ! Chill down mum, they won't tell anyone ! And I get teased a lot less now, since they saw the calendars and they know everything about us.

It's great. So I think we maybe could return a favor a bit. Why not ? You would enjoy, and this is the most important thing for me, they would enjoy, and besides, you can be sure that I'll enjoy as always, too !'' ''You're crazy. Do you know what you're putting us into ?'' ''Ofcourse. Don't be so shy. Two or three of them are even still virgins, so they're not such tough guys as they look. But first, my coach will probably try his luck with you.

I've promised him you'll be a good girl.'' ''My god. Honey, I trust you as much as noone on this world, so if you say it's safe. I just really hope those boys won't make it all public.'' ''They won't, I'm sure about that. So, mommy, are we open for a little adventure ?'' ''I did a very big mistake when I let them take photos of me for the calendar. I shoulda known. And you should, too !.

But, it's too late now. If you say that they're all so great, fine and loyal. I guess that we'll have to give them a reason to keep their mouth shut sooner or later.'' Three days later, I drove to my training and I was thinking about these words. I lied, they still didn't know anything three days ago. But, I had a weird feeling that they already saw the calendars and heard everything today, so I decided to be late for an hour to avoid their first shock.

When i arrived there, I saw I was right. I was walking down the corridor of our gym, and I already saw this calendar displayed on our doors. Suddenly I hear my trainer's voice: ''Hey, I'm glad you came. Look, I just couldn't wait anymore to show them your mum's calendar, and you told me it's OK if they know .'' ''Hey, stop. You did the right thing, you saved me from being bombarded with even more questions.

So how did they react ?'' ''They were stunned, then they talked ordinary things about how would they destroy your mum in every way possible, after that, on your luck - they remembered how loyal and trustworthy you have to be to trust them something like that, so you're quite a dude for them now''.

''Great, I hoped they'll appreciate it.'' ''So. Will you tell your mum ?'' ''I actually. Already prepared her, I told they already know. I lied ofcourse. But, you're a lucky guy. She's ready to go down with you, and it gets even better - she understands that if my teammates are nice enough to keep their mouth shut about everything to protect her dignity, she could give something in return.'' ''WOW ! Really ? You're a legend, son, you really are.'' ''Actually, coach. Do you mind a cup of coffee after training.

With my mum ?'', I asked with a naughty tone. ''W. what ? Sure ! Really ?'' ''I'll call you, gotta go.'' I changed clothes and went down on the pitch. Like I expected - everything stopped, and I was answering detail questions, listening to some pretty cool things they would like to try out on my mum, and then I took a picture of all my teammates without shirts, all sweaty, for my mum to see. Later when I showed her that picture, I could see in her eyes she's very, very flattered to see 20-25 years old guys doing that for her.

And I knew she always had a thing for sporty guys - she was a cheerleader in high school, and she dated 3 football players in a row, and that's just as far as I know. After training, I called mum and luckily, she was up for it already. She was going to a drink with me and my coach, on our regular place, and we all knew what happens next. I told my coach that without any questions, he has to sit next to my mum in my car when we leave, and i'll take them to a secluded place in the forest nearby.

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And that's just how it was. ''Boy, your mom is priceless !'', he teased while he was already caressing her breasts and thighs on the back seat on the way. Mommy was very flirtatious and in a good mood.

We finally stopped in a good place, and my mum was already busy with his cock, and I saw on his face he's having the best time in his life. ''OK, here we are, guys. I'll leave you some privacy. Now, mum. Please, can you be a good girl this time and swallow, so that cum won't drip out of you on my seats again ?'' ''Mmmhm.'' We all laughed, and I left them alone, and stood next to my car.

I was enjoying to hear the pace going up and up, flopping, even quicker, quicker. And stop. And then again some voices, some breathing. Few screams !. And stop. Obviously he was fair enough that he satisfied mum after he came, too, and I like to see that. You could tell that two quite experienced persons are inside having sex, they lasted for about 15 minutes alltogether, and they came out pretty fucked up.

''Oh, boy. Wow !'' Mommy looked at me, and licked her lips, ''I've told you you have a good mommy.'' We sat in the car after they got dressed up, and on the way back coach teased all the time, asking ''When can I borrow your mommy again'' and things like that. When we got home, mum asked, ''Do you think he'll really want some more ?'' ''You can be sure about that. You're his now.'' And, so it was. In few weeks, everyone, even my teammates got used to see my coach with my mum.

She was in his office a lot and got to knew all my teammates in person and they got used to each other. My teammates were always flirting with her, asking her naughty questions, touched her here or there, but didn't do anything more. They just occasionaly asked coach or me, when will they get her ''for a spin'', too. They probably lost their hope of fucking her already.

Well, that was about to change. Days, weeks passed, and finally, we were close to our 20th anniversary.

Coach called me in his office, to help him arrange things for our celebration. The plan was to go on a yacht, cruise for few days, and party all the time.

''Shit !'' ''What is it ?'' ''I just talked to the guy that gives us striptease girls every year. I was planning to take the best of them, because it's a big anniversary, but no luck.

He can't organize anything in time.'' We were thinking about different solutions for some time, when I got a very, very naughty idea. ''Ummm. Hey, I'll make a phone call. I have an idea.'' Yes, I called my mum. I explained her, that she's the only one who can save our anniversary and that it's the best time to show my team some appreciation. In few minutes of convincing, she said she'll stop by to talk.

''So, who did you called ?'' ''This will be interesting. I've called my mum. Can you even think of a better present than to give them my mum ? They'll go crazy, when they'll finally be able to fuck her every way possible !'' ''What ?! You're crazy, how the fuck you think she'll handle all those guys herself ?

She won't get up for days !'' ''Do you really have so little trust in me, sweetheart ? I assure you that I am capable of handling a group of 20-something old boys. I know that these young, muscular, ''tough'' men are just the opposite when they are in position to do something with a woman, that knows what she's doing. I'm sorry for being so direct, but that's just how it is.''.

This was my mommy, walking through the door at that very moment. Her appearance was very convincing, you immediately saw that she's experienced and a very self-confident woman. It's something for what I love her and all 30-something women.

They're just not so confused and unsure as teens my age. She then sat down with me, and I added, ''Thank you so much, mum. We already decided that we're gonna make sure that if you will need to, you will be able to stop in every moment, just in case.''. ''Thanks, honey.''. ''And, you won't have to do something you maybe wouldn't want to. This is very important. Yes, those guys have a big mouth, but every year atleast one girl actually cried at one point, as they wanted to live out their deepest fantasies each time.

They always fuck the crap out of them, and I'm sure they will go crazy if you'll show up. They fantasized about you for a long time now… In the next days, she practiced some stripping and dancing with me and my coach, went to buy some outfits and bikinis, and finally, our anniversary came !

''Honey, do I look good ?'', ''Gosh, I'd need tons of make up to hide my age just a bit already.'', ''Thank god my period ended yesterday. I would spoil everything if it wouldn't.'' This is just a bit of her nervous talking I had to listen all the way to our yacht.

And it's a 2 hour drive. I didn't saw her so anxious for a long time. Well, she was aware that she's going to be the object of lust and sexuality for like 15 guys, most of them aged 20-25, who are used to girls their age. I was calming her, giving her all nice and naughty compliments.

And I knew that she was looking forward to it, also because of herself. First, the guys didn't know that they will finally get my mum in their hands. And second, she can say whatever she wants about how she only judges men by character, and not even 1 % by the looks, but I know that our young, trained, sweaty bodies can make her juices flowing pretty easily. They're like candy for her, and a proof, that she's really still ''on the market'' and smoking hot.

Every woman likes to get this confirmation, especially as they go past 30 years of age. We finally arrived. Coach and all my teammates were already there, so I parked my car behind a building nearby, so they didn't notice us just yet. ''Honey, are you sure you want me to do this ? Are you sure that I'll be able to entertain them ? What if they won't be satisfied ??'' ''Mum, if you're OK with it and you're willing, then It's my pleasure to watch you enjoy yourself with them.

And, you're a goddess. They all saw you, they saw your pictures, they are crazy about you. I've been hearing tons of questions and requests for you. I bet they'll go crazy when they'll even realize why you're here for, you won't have to do nothing yet ! Your shiny lips, hot body, legs and a bunch of skill and experience; Girl, you can do wonders ! Besides, you've always said that I'm a sweetheart and a true wonder well, I came from your body, too.'' We had a great laugh and a long, soft kiss.

We left the car and went to our team, holding hands on the way. Mom looked spectacular and playful in a small top and very short pants, made of jeans.

It didn't took long before my teammates noticed us coming. ''The fuck ?! He brought Liz with him ! Wow, she's stunning !'', and similar things I've heard when we all mixed up and greeted. Shortly, coach announced that Liz, my mum, is our entertaining doll this year for all of us. Guys went crazy and they quickly gathered around us. Before we could really sail away from the port, they already had her for themselves, flirting and caressing her.

I saw that, winked to my mum and left them alone. I knew she won't have problems with holding all strings, atleast as long they're sober. In few hours, we settled, had some drinks and we all started to get relaxed, cheerful and more communicative. We jumped in the water occasionally, get back on the boat, had another few drinks… As the dark approached some guys started dancing and slowly everyone was singing and dancing.

They had my mum with them and ofcourse, they used every chance to touch her anywhere while dancing. As I saw, they were still a bit unsure of what they can do and what they can't, so after a talk with coach, I decided to get things to a higher level already. My mum was there in her bikini and she was still wet from swimming, so she looked really hot. I knew she had to be already tempted atleast a bit by so many of those hot bodies around her, and second, I wanted to get the boys hard for her already.

The ''main'' party with her was now just an hour away, so it would make her job easier if I show them they are allowed to do anything now. They danced with her one after another and finally I got in and had a go. I just whispered on her ear with a naughty smile ''Let's make it dirty now.'' and we showed them that my mommy has what it takes to seduce a man.

I've had her infront of me, turned around, and she watched them in the eyes while I was holding her by her tits and she was pressing her ass against my cock, and she even slowly rubbed it. She really knew what to do, I was hard instantly. At first I got a bit worried how they'll react now that they see all this live, but my fears quickly got away as we only got more supportive yelling when she slowly crouched infront of me, like she would want to suck me off, and on the way up, she licked and kissed my tummy and neck and in that moment, someone already started dancing behind her, so she was in a sandwich.

I enjoyed few more seconds then I let her to focus on that guy and I backed off. Well, that really got the party started. Soon she was kissed and touched everywhere. After half an hour, coach went to call her in. He took her and brought her below deck to calm down, relax, take a rest from everything and prepare for the beginning of the real party, that started with her stripteasing below the deck. We all knew she won't get any rest from now on.

Poor mommy… ''Mom, are you really, really sure ?'' ''Honey, I was never more prepared.'' ''Then, let's go. I'll keep an eye at you every second.'' ''Thank you, son. Well, don't forget to enjoy yourself, too…'', she finished and gave me a quick kiss and winked.

''Gentlemen, you're my best friends, my teammates… And as we know each other so well, I'll show my faith in you. I present you the star of our anniversary, our fan and, well, happens to be my mum, Liz ! She's all yours tonight, boys ! Make the best out of it !'' Fancy music started and my mum walked in slowly.

I slapped her butt when I went past her to sit with my teammates. She started touching herself like a slut, and she moved like a professional. Soon she threw away those short pants, she put back on, and threw it on my teammates. She was left now in just her corset and tiny sexy panties. She danced some more and then took a friend to dance with her and she stripped him naked.

She didn't do anything more than caress and kiss his balls and jerk his cock a bit. It was just a tease. She then started to dance around the guy next to me and then moved to me. The plan was, if that guy won't take off her corset, I will do it for encouragement for others.

Before I knew, I had my sexy mum crawling all over me. We looked and smiled each other as she pressed her tits around my head, so that I got a firm grip of her butt. I slipped two fingers underneath her panties. I didn't penetrate, I was just curious if she's enjoying. And she was. She was a bit sweaty, but after I licked my fingers, I got her wonderful, sweet taste in my mouth, that was so familiar.

I then winked to her and she let me turn her around, so her ass was resting on my lap, and she leaned back on my shoulders, so that everyone can enjoy the sight of her cleaveage in the meanwhile. I kissed her neck and untied her corset. Then I pushed her roughly off me, and she rocketed from my lap suddenly completely topless and I left with her corset in my hands. I threw it between my teammates, who applauded us. They needed no more confirmations. After that, the first guy she went to, ripped off her panties, so she was now completely nude, and then they started to feast on her.

She was just going from one guy to another. Everyone kissed her everywhere, then sucked her nipples, slapped her ass, and when she had the space, she turned around and posed her ass and pussy as close and handy as she could, so that everyone tasted her, licked her out, and soon, everyone got a go with their fingers in her pussy.

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Everyone were amazed by how tight she still is and how beautiful pussy she has. Like half the guys already had cocks out, but she wouldn't fuck them yet.

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They tried to push her ass down but she resisted. She didn't wanted to give everything too quick. But, she did sucked them and left them just before they would cum.

It was a great sight, and somewhere in the middle, she came to me, too. I was wondering if she'll do it; And she did ! Mum sucked me off, too ! It was a fantastic feeling and I remembered what guys liked to do to other girls just to show that they're ''tough'' and ''supreme'' and shit.

They loved to spit in their faces after they sucked them off. I got my courage and I did the same to my mum. She didn't even blinked ! She just moved to another guy, which now allowed himself to do the same. After that, I started to help her by giving her drinks in the meanwhile.

She sucked all the time and her mouth was getting dry, so she gagged more and more. The guys were enjoying that, and spitted now when she gagged, too, some even grabbed her jaws with both hands, pulled them apart roughly and spit directly into her throat, then pushed her back to their cocks. I looked at her after an event like this, and saw she's still enjoying and that she isn't yet fucked up from it. After seeing that, I started to enjoy it, too. Soon, she was fucked in her pussy by all my teammates with atleast four fingers, she even got her ass finger fucked, and double penetrated with fingers, and she sucked all of their cocks.

Just the minute I realized that, she did, too, and she let the nearest guy penetrate her for the first time. He fucked her like mad and came into her after a minute. Now guys even knew that they're allowed to cum into the pussy I was born from, and the party again got even wilder. After few guys like this, she came to our captain. A black stud. I knew she was crazy for black men in high school, and I knew that guy. He was rough and direct, and had a quite big cock. I already felt sorry for her pussy and ass… It's a good thing that I've convinced her a year ago to try anal for someone's birthday, so that she was used to it… He let her ride his dick for some time while he was roughly squeezing her nipples.

I saw a bit of pain in her eyes at first, some from mounting such cock, and some from her nipples being treated so roughly, but it was no big deal. He then looked at me, and winked. I winked back. In the same moment, he threw my mum on the floor, adjusted her in a doggystyle position, and he started fucking her ass from behind.

He yelled, while holding her by her hair: ' ''Yeah, bitch, you like it, huh, you like being a slut infront of your own son ! You fucking slut, I'll rip you apart ! Do you like it ? Say it, say it ! Look into your son's eyes and say that you want him to cum in your mouth while his captain fucks you from behind !! Say it !!!'' ''Son, honey, I want you to…Uhhh… to cum in my mouth while your dear captain is fucking me from behind !'', she screamed almost without air and all sweaty already.

I quickly decided that she can take much more, and I obeyed my captain. The feeling I experienced was just completely awesome. I gave my captain high five as he was brutally destroying my mom's ass, and she just took my erect cock in her mouth. I got into it, and started actually fucking her mouth with all length just before I came.

I'm not big, but it was enough that I shot all my load down her throat. She gagged a bit, and I just leaned to kiss her deeply. Others admired me for kissing her after sucking so many cocks. After a long, soft, kiss, I spitted on her face andwell, what do you know… She didn't had time to breath, guys were already waiting in a row behind me ! Quickly, she adjusted to everyone, so I got to watch her in 69 position guy licked her pussy, she sucked him, and jerked off another already, all that while the third guy fucked her asshole missionary, spooning, doggystyle, you name it, I saw it.

After few rounds like this, my coach went to cum in her and I went to get some lube for her ass and something for her to drink. She didn't get a pause, guy just took his cock out of her ass, and I lubed her butthole, then he lubed his cock and sticked it right back into her asshole.

I slapped her and we laughed. I moved to her front. She was just sucking someone, I stopped them, and wiped her face, then I handed her a glass of juice to come to her senses a bit.

She drank two glasses in a row. But the second she finished drinking, a dick drilled roughly back into her mouth again. Soon, all the guys came once or twice for her, and we finally took some break for drinks. She had like 15, 20 minutes, nothing more. I went to her room with her. ''Mum, how do you feel ? Are you alright ??'' ''Honey… This is crazy, I'm already senseless.

Those guys didn't slowed the pace even the moment I came !'' ''Wow, mum, you came ? I must have missed that !'' ''What ? Oh, don't you think I'm not enjoying myself, mister. I'm your mommy and I feel guilty and dirty, but in some way, I needed something like this.'' ''Awesome !'' ''You could ask them if they have any special wishes, honey… I'm quite limited with positions and everything with 3-4 guys on me at every moment…'' I didn't waited a second, ''Guys !!

Did you enjoy ?


'' ''Wooooow ! Yeeeees !.'' ''Congratulations, I'm very proud of you guys ! You fucked up my mum's brains out ! So, to thank you, she's asking if you still have any special requests or any fetishes maybe. If you want to try anything with her… ?'' Nine or ten guys said to tie her up, one wanted to piss on her and in her mouth, another wanted her to lick out his ass.

One remembered that I didn't fucked her yet, but I rejected him. ''OK guys, we'll tie her up and after you're all finished, she'll lick up your ass and then drink that piss if you want that. It's better that everyone's finished with her before you do all that.'' I've prepared some ropes and handcuffs, explained her, she agreed, and in half an hour, I brought her in. I've slammed her on a low desk and tied her hands behind her head, locking them with handcuffs. Then I grabbed her legs and stretched her to the limits and tied her.

I used the chance to freshly lube her holes, too, give her a kiss, spit on her, and the feast began again ! Guys started to fuck her tits again, between which she already had red skin from rubbing, they got crazy as her pussy and everything was so handy now and exactly in the cock height, so they really could slam cocks into her with full strength. They again all came on her, in her, and she was oozing with cum. Then we decided to take a picture of her like that, too. We wanted to make her even more ''humiliated'', and we started to write all over her body !

She had signatures, all over her, ''property of'' our club writings, cock and arrows pointing to her ass and pussy, on her belly it wrote ''cum dumpster'', ''black cock only''… I fell in love with her once again when I realized that despite all this, she's still smiling with those sticky lips and messy face, and she was smiling on the picture, too.

She's really a good hearted person that just wants to please. From that, someone remembered that he wants to slap her ass. And so it was. For a finish, to fuck up her last drops of strength, we tied her to the corner and everyone got one slap.

And the winner was the one who slapped my mum's ass the hardest. Guys loved her screams, and I just looked at her, waiting when will she want to stop them… But, no. She's a brave girl, and despite at the end, when she was left with a completely destroyed ass, she still wasn't crying or stopping. Someone remembered that she didn't came for some time now, and they wanted to make her cum, too, as a reward. ''Oh, boys, please, don't even try, you won't get nothing more from me tonight if you will, I could pass out if I have an orgasm now !'' ''You weren't such a respectful lady as I recall you from before.

You were pretty bad today, Liz, you deserve it !'' We laughed and guys started to use their semi erect cocks and fingers all over her again.

It took her some time, but in the end, she orgasmed heavily ! She started shaking and I seized the chance I always wanted to kiss her while she is experiencing orgasm. My mum has quite powerful orgasms, so I found it pretty kinky. The feeling of kissing her while cumming from so many men, was spectacular. She barely could hold grip on me.

She was shivering, her mouth was dry, I tried to lube it with my spit. And her face, her eyes ! She looked at me with scared, suffering eyes, but - I couldn't miss the happines in them, too.

I moved to her beated, but yet beautiful neck. I could feel blood rushing through her vains, and I just wanted to consume as much as I could of that familiar scent - the best smell on the earth for me - the smell of her after sex !

I love to carress her after I drive her home from a fuck, enjoying that sweet smell in my car. I've told her that she has to fuck in my car whenever possible, because I prefer that smell over any air freshener !

After that, everyone helped me untie her, clean her up a bit, and carry her into her room. We put her on bed, covered her, gave her drink, and left her to sleep for the rest of the night. We went up to drink, all fucked up, too, and we discussed it.

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The guys all agreed that my mom does wonders and that she's very endurable, open minded and fucking tight. She's a sex goddess. Three guys lost virginity with her tonight and all couldn't be happier. I remembered that I promised she'll lick that guy's ass out and that she'll drink piss. I promised she'll do it tomorrow, but noone believed she'll be capable of it.

''Come on, you know that every year girls didn't recovered for few days atleast. And there were always 2 or 3 girls, your mum now was alone with all us on her !'' ''Well, we'll see. You know now that she knows how to surprise…'' TO BE CONTINUED.