Vanessa Cage And Dani Daniels Play With Each Others Tight Pussys

Vanessa Cage And Dani Daniels Play With Each Others Tight Pussys
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My Nightmare. Oh, I don't feel so good.

I open my eyes and see nothing but white. Look he is coming around, an indistinct female voice announced. You are one lucky young man. We found you and have brought you to our facility. I felt someone move past me. It was then that I realised I was completely naked.

I couldn't move. I was being held down, restrained. I tried to sit up. A hand was placed on my forehead and a female spoke softly, calm down, there is nothing to fear here. You are restrained for your safety and comfort. I will remove the visual coretex block if that will help you settle. I nodded and slowely the white veil thinned and I could see.

I was in a reclined position with my head elevated. I could look down my body but couldn't turn my head to see anywhere else.

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My arms were secured to rests that had my forearms pinned under my back. My legs were secured to their own rests were spread as wide as they would go. My bottom seemed to be only half sitting on the table. Oh my god, my pubes had been removed. I was only 14 but had been proud that I had hair down there, and now it was gone. Owe, I felt a prick on my shoulder. There you go, the female voice said.

You will like this. She finally moved into my field of view. I have given you an injection of one of our special syrums.

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This one will give you a very big and permanent erection. I know you are going to love that. She was gorgeous, and wearing a dress that looked like it was see through. I could almost make out her nipples and looking lower, her pussy, or was I imagining it? Then I felt my penis begin to get hard and to my horror, she reached out and took hold of it, stroking it gently and feeling it grow in her hand.

I was torn between feeling how wrong this was and how good it was feeling. Oh god, I just wanted her to keep stroking my penis. It was getting bigger than it had ever been before, and harder, it felt like steel.

It got to its biggest size ever and then she just let it go. Now we need to measure you, she said. By the way, my name is Lette. I am your inductor. I will be guiding you through your assimilation. You will be able to talk but not move. You will find that most things will be very enjoyable for you. I watched as she applied various instruments and did a series of tests. My penis stayed totally hard the whole time. I was really wishing she would stroke me again as I desperately needed to cum.

I have finished your examination, Lette said, I think you will do very nicely. Do you think you are ready for your first try out? Not knowing what that meant, I nodded. Shortly thereafter, another person walked into the room. Walking in fromt of me I could see that it was another beautiful girl, younger than Lette, but how young, I couldn't work out. She walked right up to me and stood between my legs. She looked over to Lette, and received a nod.

Looking right into my eyes, she bent down and took hold of my penis. She opened her mouth and lowered her head.

I was in heaven as she took my penis in her mouth and began sucking. I had never even kissed a girl and now I was getting this and there was nothing I could do to stop it. She sucked and sucked and then after only a couple of minutes I came with the most intense orgasm I had ever had. She didn't stop sucking and swallowing until I had been completely emptied. Then with a wink, she stood up and left.


You did very well, Lette said, but I think you can do better. With that I felt another prick on my arm. I have just given you a syrum to increase your orgasm volume. You will also enjoy this as it will allow you to cum for much longer. I feel that you are ready for another test.

With that said, another girl walked up between my legs and began to suck me. She sucked and sucked until again, I came but this time I just kept cumming for ages. She was literally drinking my cum. I only stopped when she finally stopped sucking. My mind was numb. You are almost complete, said Lette. With that, I felt her touch my anus. She gently pushed and slowely slid her finger inside me.

Lette gently stroked my penis while sliding her finger, and then two fingers inside me. She touched something and suddenly I was cumming again. she kept the pressure on that spot and I kept cumming.

Squirting all over her face, her breasts, my legs, the floor, everywhere. She removed her fingers and I stopped. Now I will add your access ring, lette said. Again I felt her finger against my anus. She slowely worked my ass open and then pushed something inside.

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It hurt, it really hurt, and I couldn't close my anus. It was being held open by this thing, obviously this was the access ring she mentioned. I felt a click and my ass was opened a little more. Another click and again I was being stretched a bit more.


This was uncomfortable and scary but at least my penis was still rock hard. The device I have added will allow any user to access your prostate without any troubles if they just wish to obtain a nourishing drink.

Some will use this, others will suck you, either way you will cum and satisfy their hunger. If your opening is too small for their hand, they can open you further. I have done my work, you are ready. With that Lette left.

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I was only alone for a minute when in walked a girl. She simply walked up and began sucking until I came and she had drunk enough. I was simply a feeding machine. This realization really rocked me.

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Over time I was repeatedly sucked and buttoned as I thought of it. every now and again I was streatched a little more. I am now so stretched that girls can put two hands inside me, one to press my button, the other to stroke the shaft of my penis that is inside me. I would cum and keep cumming. I enjoyed that but I wanted my freedom.

I was feeling very giddy from the last feed when in walked a young girl. She began feeding using my button and drank and drank.

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The giddyness increased until everything went black. I felt funny. I felt different. Something was touching me.

It was dark. I was in my bed and I suddenly realised that I was being sucked. I looked down and was shocked to see Lisa my cousin sucking my cock. Oh my God, I suddenly said as I came in her mouth. When I had finished cumming and she had licked it all up, she said to me, I am glad you're awake.

Now we can have some real fun.