Slutty Cougar Gets What She Needs

Slutty Cougar Gets What She Needs
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SIBLINGS WITH PRIVILEGES by Britney[/b] [b]Tamara: age 16, 5'3, 115 ibs. Long light brown hair past her shoulders, light brown eyes, light tanned skin, tight firm ass trimmed cunt, pink asshole, small breasts with little pink nipples Jake: age 14 5'5, 120 ibs Short light brown hair, light brown eyes (identical to his sisters), light tan, skinny adolescent body, 5 inch cock.

Tamara's car was making a funny noise as she and her friends drove back to school after lunch break. When she arrived at school she called her Dad and told him about it. He told her that once she got out of school to take it to a car garage that was owned by one of his friends at work. She called the movie theater that she works at and told them that she wouldn't be able to make it to work tonight. She dropped her car off at the garage and started walking home.

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As she walked home she was thinking about the boy that just dumped her a week ago. When she started dating him, she was high on life, thinking that she had met the boy she was going to marry someday. What she didn't know about him, was that he was like most boys, and his whole goal in life was to fuck as many girls as possible.

When they started dating he treated her like a princess, and after a few weeks she let him take her virginity. He got her to suck his cock, and let him lick her cunt, and then he fucked her a few more times. Then he broke up with her and started working on another girl.

She wasn't too sad about loosing him, but she was really enjoying having sex. She got to her house and walked in. She heard the shower running, and she knew it was her brother Jake. She went to her room to change and she saw that her underwear drawer, and her dirty clothes hamper were open. Jake didn't know that his big sister's car had broken down and that she had called off work today. Their parents were both at work and didn't get home till evening, and Jake was used to having the house to himself on most nights.

Tamara heard the water turn off and she walked quietly into the living room. A moment later she saw Jake walk past the living room door wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

He didn't see Tamara sitting on the couch and he continued down the hall to Tamara's room. She got up and walked quietly down to her room and peeked in the door. She saw her brother laying on her bed rubbing himself through his shorts, with her panties up to his nose. Tamara's pussy got wet as she watched her little brother. She walked in. "What are you doing?" she asked Jake threw the panties on the bed and quickly sat up. Tamara glared at him as he sat there speechless and humiliated.

She walked over and sat on the bed. "So is this what you do when you're alone every evening, you little pervert." she said "I'm sorry I'll leave now." he said as he jumped off the bed and sprinted down to his room and slammed the door. Tamara felt bad, she didn't mean to embarrass him even though he deserved it for snooping around in her room. She got up and walked down the hall, and knocked on the door.

"Jake!!" she yelled, "Can I come in?" There was no answer and she opened the door and walked in and saw him lying face down on his bed with his head buried in his pillow.

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"Jake cheer up I'm not really mad at you." she said He sat up and wiped tears from his eyes. "Please don't tell anyone about this." he said "It's our little secret ok." she said as she leaned over and hugged him. "So tell me something, I won't get mad." she said, "Have you been in my room a lot?" "A few times but I promise I won't go in there anymore ok." he said "I don't mind if you go in there Jake, as long as Mom and Dad don't find out." she said "I can?" he said surprised.

Tamara nodded. "Do you like smelling my underwear you dirty boy?" she said smiling at him Jake smiled back at her and hesitated for a moment. "Yea especially your dirty ones." he said "I bet you jack off while you do it don't you?" she said Jake blushed and he looked down and nodded his head smiling. Tamara looked down as well and she could see that he was trying to hide his boner.

"You don't have to hide that from me." she said "I want to see it." "Really?" he said, still flustered. She leaned closer to him.

"You want to go back to my room and jack off together?" she said Jack smiled at her and fidgeted. "Come on, lets go." she said, as she got up and waited for him. He got up slowly and he was still shy about his pecker sticking out in his shorts.

He walked ahead of Tamara so she wouldn't see it. They got to her room and Jake shyly sat on her bed. Tamara walked up to him and grabbed his shorts and tried to work them down.

Jake wrestled away from her. "Let me see it Jake, I want to see it." she said as they struggled "No!!!" he cried "I'm embarrassed" "Jake if you don't show me, I'm going to tell Mom and Dad what you were doing." Jake sighed and he got on his feet with his back to her. He pulled down his shorts and underwear slowly, and Tamara watched his dick pop out of his pants like a spring.

"That's so cute Jake." she said Jake giggled and put it back in his shorts. "Don't put it away, I want to see it some more." she said "If Mom and Dad found out about this, they would kill us." he said She walked in front of him and undid her jeans and pulled them down slightly and pulled her panties aside.

Jake stared at his big sister's pink mound. He let his dick come out of his shorts again and he started playing with himself as he looked at his sister's cunt. Tamara put a finger on her pussy and rubbed between the folds as she watched her brother.

"I love watching you rub yourself." he said "You want to finger me?" she asked Jake moved his hand up and down his young dick and it almost exploded hearing his sister say that. Tamara sat on the bed and pulled off her jeans and panties. She spread her legs and grabbed her brothers hand and brought if over to her vagina. He stuck his middle finger in her pussy, and Tamara reached over and grabbed her brother's cock.

"It feels so soft and warm." he said "You feel good too Jake." she said. "This is so much fun." "Can we do this whenever Mom and Dad aren't home Tamara?" he asked "Yea I don't work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Mom and Dad are gone all evening, let's fool around every time they are gone." she said "Tamara I'm about to spluge." he said as her hand worked up and down his cock, and his fingers were still in her twat.

She took her hand off his dick, and got on her knees in front of him. His shorts were down to his knees and she pulled them all the way off. She grabbed his hard dick and looked up at him. "You ever had a blow job before." she asked "I've never done anything before." he said She smiled as she leaned closer and pulled his dick toward her, bringing him into her mouth.

She pumped her head up and down a few times then she sucked as hard as she could as she pulled her head up until his cock popped out of her mouth.

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She licked his balls and ran her tongue all the way up his dick to the tip. "Does that feel good?" she asked "That feels really good." he said "Want to cum in my mouth?" she said Jake nodded his head and closed his eyes. Tamara took his teenage cock back in her mouth and jacked him off as she moved her head up and down. Jake moaned as his dick pumped semen down his big sisters throat.

She sucked his cock till his dick was dry heaving. Tamara opened her mouth to show her little brother all the semen she just sucked out of his cock.

She looked at him and swallowed it down, and wiped her mouth with Jake's underwear. They both jumped up after hearing the sound of an engine pulling in the driveway. They quickly put their clothes on and Jake ran into the living room and flopped on the couch. Tamara stayed in her room and heard her Dad walk in the front door. A moment passed and she walked down the hall and saw Jake and her Dad getting ready to go out.

"Where are you guys going?" she asked "We are going to pick up your car, your Mom will be home in a few minutes, see you in a bit." her Dad said Tamara sat at the kitchen table. She couldn't believe she had just sucked her little brother's cock. She put her hand down her pants and was rubbing her cunt, when her Mom walked in the door.

She quickly pulled her hand up, and wiped her pussy juice on her jeans. Tamara helped her Mom cook dinner, and an hour later they were putting the food on the table, when Jake and her Dad walked in.

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Tamara was sitting at the table and Jake walked by her. They glanced at each other for a moment and exchanged smiles. Their parents kept up the conversation while they all ate.


Jake tried not to stare at his sister. His dick was hard under the table thinking about his fingers in her wet cunt, and shooting his cum in her warm mouth. Dinner ended and Jake and his Mom washed the dishes. Later Mom and Dad were on the couch and Jake was sitting on the other couch across from them. Tamara was down in her room. Jakes parents started falling asleep on the couch and Jake walked down the hall to Tamara's room and quietly knocked on her door.

"Hey Jake" she said "Just wanted to tell you that I'm going to bed." he said "Goodnight" she said, hugging him like she did every night. Jake turned around and headed for his bedroom. "Hey." she said.


"I had fun with you today." Jake turned and walked back to his sister. "Oh my God, I did too." he said, "You don't work tomorrow do you?" Tamara smiled and shook her head "Will you give me another blow job tomorrow?" he asked "Yea&hellip.will you eat me out tomorrow?" she said Jake smiled and nodded his head. He turned around and headed for his room and then looked back and waved at his sister.

It was 11:00pm and Jake still could not get to sleep. The only thing he could think about was his big sister. He had never been so sexually exited in his whole life. His young dick would not get soft, and he felt like there were butterflies in it, like you feel in your stomach when you're exited about something.

He grabbed his dick and pumped it, thinking how he's going to eat Tamara's cunt out tomorrow. He felt cum stirring in his balls and had to slow his pace. He rubbed and stroked his dick for an hour and his thoughts grew dirtier and dirtier about his big sister. He started fantasizing that he was in her room and they were both lying on their sides, and he was licking her pussy while she sucked his cock.

He imagined himself climbing on top of his sister and entering her wet vagina. He lay there and jacked off faster and faster, pretending he was inside of his sister as cum erupted out his dick. Jake pulled his underwear up, not bothering to clean himself up.

He turned around on his side and drifted off to sleep. It was three hours later when he woke up again.

He looked at the clock and it said 2:00 in the morning. He tried to block his sister out of his mind so he could go back to sleep but it was no use. He was on his stomach and his dick quickly got hard again. He got up and walked to his door and slowly opened it. He looked down the hall and tiptoed down to his parent's room. He looked in the door and saw them cuddled up together sound asleep. He continued down the hall, and walked as quietly as he could into his sister's room.

His dick was so hard it was aching as he looked at his sexy sleeping sister. "Tamara." he whispered Her eyes slowly opened, her vision blurred as she looked at her brother. "What are you doing Jake?" she said "I can't sleep, I keep thinking about what we did today." he said He climbed into bed with her and got under the sheets facing her.

"Can I eat you out?" he asked. Tamara rubbed her eyes and looked at him, and nodded her head.


Jake got under the covers and worked his way down to his sister's crotch. She was wearing a long white t-shirt, with yellow silk panties. Tamara's pussy moistened and starting soaking through the fabric on her panties. Jake put his finger on the wet spot, and stuck his tongue out and licked his sister's pussy through her panties. Tamara stared at the ceiling fan feeling her brother's tongue move up and down her panties.

She pulled the covers off and Jake looked up at her. She reached down with both hands and grabbed her panty waistline, and lifted her lower back. Jake stood up on his knees, and looked between his sister's legs as she pulled her panties off. She looked at him and she gave him her panties, and he stared at her while he put his nose up to them. Tamara spread her legs and he gently stuck his tongue in his sister's twat.

She closed her eyes and reached down and rubbed her clit as her brother tongued her cunt.

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Jake kept on licking her and Tamara's eyes opened in surprise as she felt her brother's warm tongue cross her asshole. Jake continued running his tongue up and down both of his sister's holes, till his jaw became tired.

Then he slowly ran his tongue up Tamara's stomach and sucked on her tits. Tamara grabbed the back of her little brother's head and brought his face up to hers. She could taste her own pussy on his tongue as she made out with her brother. Jake reached down and moved his dick on her pussy. "Jake we shouldn't do that." she said "Come on Tamara I want to see what it feels like." he said "What if Mom and Dad come in and catch us." she said "I'll be really quite and we will just do it for a minute, then I'll go back to my room." he said Tamara nodded her head and continued kissing her brother, as Jake slowly pushed his teenage cock into his sister.

"Oh that feels so good." he said Jake began moving in his sister, and Tamara grabbed her brothers ass with both hands, helping him fuck her as she moved her pelvis in circles with each trust. Jake's pace grew faster and faster and Tamara moaned as the bed started banging against the wall. Jake covered his sister's mouth. "Shhh, you have to be quite." he said He kept his hand over her mouth so she wouldn't scream as he fucked her more and more. Jake's eyes rolled back in head, as he felt his cum work its way up his dick, until it exploded inside his big sister.

He milked all his cum with her cunt. He quietly got up, and she covered herself. He gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "I'll see you tomorrow after school." he said as he put his underwear and shorts back on, and tiptoed back to his room. Luckily his parents were still sound asleep. The next day Jake sat in class, having a hard time keeping his dick down. Tamara also watched the clock all day, she couldn't wait till school was over so she could get to go play with her little brother again.

School finally ended and she got in her car and quickly drove home. When she pulled up to the house she saw the bus pull over, and Jake was getting off. Jake smiled at his sister as he walked in and met her at the door. "I've been excited all day waiting to see you." she said "Me too, I had a boner all day thinking about last night. I had to keep seated to hide it." he said "You don't have to hide that boner anymore." she said as she unlocked the door and they both stepped in.

"You want to see it again?" he said Tamara nodded and Jake unzipped his pants and his dick sprang out. Tamara grabbed it and stroked it. Jake worked his hand down his sister's pants. Tamara unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down her pants taking her panties with them. Jake got on his knees and pulled his sisters pussy lips apart with both thumbs, and ran his tongue in her slit. "That feels so good when you do that Jake." she said as she stepped back and laid on her back on the floor spreading her legs.

Jake laid on his stomach between her legs and continued licking her. "Did you like that last night, when I licked your butt hole?" he asked "Yes… that felt really nice." she said "I'm going to do it again ok?" he said "I don't think its ok down there now, maybe we should go take a shower together first." she said "I don't mind, I liked it when I smelled your dirty underwear." he said "Your are such a dirty boy, I love it." she said "So can I smell your butt hole?" he asked Tamara smiled and she lifted her lower back and spread her legs over her head.

Jake spread her cheeks and looked at her as he put his nose on her asshole. "I love the way it smells." he said as he moved his tongue on his sister's ass. "Whenever mom and dad are not looking you can sniff and lick my butt ok." she said Jake smiled at her as he tried to push his tongue into Tamara's asshole.

"Let's go take a shower together and we can clean each other up, then I'll lick yours if you want me to." she said "But I like it when it's not clean." he said "Yea but yours has to be clean cause I'm not going to lick it if it's not." she said They got up and Jake's dick poked out as he walked behind his naked sister watching her sexy ass move as she walked. They got in the bathroom and Tamara turned on the water.

"I have to pee." she said "Pee in the shower, I want to watch." he said They got in the shower and Tamara grabbed the liquid soap and rubbed it on her hands and then rubbed it on Jake's hard dick. She got behind him and stuck her hand between his butt cheeks and worked her finger in his asshole using the soap with one hand and continuing to wash his dick and balls with the other.

"Want to watch me pee now." she said She looked down at her pussy, and opened her lips with both hands. Jake watched and jacked off as the stream started flowing out of his sister's cunt. She looked at him jerking himself, and she aimed the stream at him. Jake loved the feeling of his sisters warm piss splashing off his dick and balls. Tamara's eyes opened in surprise as her little brother quickly got on his knees and took her pee into his mouth.

Her piss splashed in his mouth until the flow stopped, and he looked up at her and swallowed. "You are such a dirty little boy." she said "I love playing these games with you." "I have to go pee too." he said Tamara thought about it for a minute. "You want to pee all over me?" she said Jake's face lit up and he smiled and nodded. Tamara turned off the shower, laid on her back, and put her legs over the side of the tub.

She repositioned herself, to where she was upside down on her shoulders with her legs spread up in the air. Jake stepped out of the tub, and his dick got a little softer as he aimed it at his big sisters asshole. Piss began flowing out of his cock and splashed off her asshole and pussy.

He aimed it down her stomach and down to her face. Tamara opened her mouth and her little brother's piss splashed in her mouth and off her forehead. The pee stopped flowing and Tamara got to her feet. Jake looked at his big sister. She smiled at him and her hair was soaked with his piss and dripping off her face down her body.

Jake grabbed his sister and they made out as they rubbed their piss soaked body's on each other. Then she turned the water back on and Jake rubbed soap all over his sisters body, and washed her. They got out of the shower and dried each other. They walked naked into the living room and Tamara was holding on to her brother's hard cock like a leash.

When they got there Jake sat on the couch, and Tamara got on her knees in front of him. Jake spread his legs and Tamara jacked him off, and put her nose down to his asshole.

"It smells so nice and clean now." she said, as she stuck her tongue out and tongue fucked her brother's asshole while stroking his cock up and down. "Lets sixty nine Tamara, that way we can both lick each other at the same time." he said They laid on their sides, and for the next hour the two licked, and fingered each other's assholes, while Tamara sucked his cock and Jake ate his sister's pussy out. Tamara finally got to her feet and lowered herself on her little brother's cock.

She bounced on him and screamed at the top of her lungs till she came all over her little brother's dick. She climbed off of him and lay next to him breathing hard. "Will you let me butt fuck you?" he asked "I don't mind but Mom and Dad will be home soon." she said "We could get our clothes and you can look out the window and watch for them as we do it." he said They grabbed their clothes and Jake walked her over to the window with his finger up her asshole.

Tamara got on her hands and knees and peeked out the window. Jake got on his knees behind her and licked her asshole and spit on it. Then he put his dick on her asshole and pushed. He looked down as her hole slowly opened up and squeezed his dick into her. Tamara reached back and rubbed her clit, as her little brother's cock began pumping up her asshole. Her eyes were rolling back in her head but she caught a glimpse of her Dad pulling into the driveway.

"Dad's home!!" she yelled. "Just one more minute." Jake cried as he rammed his dick up her ass faster and harder. Tamara watched her Dad step out of the car but she didn't stir until she felt her brother's warm semen pumping up her ass.

Jake held his cock in her and she could feel him pulsate until his balls were drained. Tamara then jumped up and grabbed her clothes and ran naked down the hall to her room. Jake quickly put on his clothes, turned on the TV and sat on the couch as his Dad walked in the door.

"Hey boy, what are you doing?" he said "Just watching T.V. Dad." Jake said "You need to get you a girlfriend one of these days and get your butt off that couch." his Dad said "I will Dad." he said Tamara walked down the hall in her white sweat shorts and her cute pink shirt.

"Hi Daddy." she said, kissing him on the cheek. Tamara could feel her brothers cum leaking out of her asshole as she hugged her dad. A few hours went buy and Tamara helped her mom cook dinner again. After supper they all sat in the living room and watched a movie. Their parents both fell asleep again.

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It was time for bed and Jake walked down to his sister's room. "I'm off to bed Tamara, I had fun again today." he said "Me too Jake" she said as she gave him her usual nightly hug. Their hug broke and then they stuck their tongues in each other's mouths. "You want me to pay you another visit later?" he asked "Yea if you come down later I'll let you smell my ass, and butt fuck me." she said smiling.

"I will for sure Tamara." he said "You know when a guy and girl are not boyfriend and girlfriend but they just have sex with each other, and they call it friends with privileges. That's kind of what we are except you are my sister." "Yea I guess we are siblings with privileges." she said. "Goodnight Tamara." he said "Goodnight little brother." Tamara said as she blew him a kiss and closed her door.

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