Dando gostoso para o coroa peludo e tekado

Dando gostoso para o coroa peludo e tekado
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Two Lost Souls Part 3. Please read parts one and two, before you read this one. My lover and best friend Kim, has been helping me write this, so it does have a woman's perspective to it. ******************************************************************************* Chapter 1.

Pete and Sandy's Valentine evening was, what many would consider, a very raw, and very sexual night. They had made love twice, earlier in the afternoon, but that night turned into some of the hardest sex they ever enjoyed, and by evening's end, were both totally exhausted. That Sunday, Sandy received a call from her son Bill Jr.

He informed her that she was going to be a grandmother. Sandy was beaming after she hung up and let Pete know the news. Pete hugged her tight and congratulated her. "Wow. You have to be on cloud 9 now. I am so happy for you. You will make one sexy ass grandma." Sandy thought for a minute, and hoped Pete really meant that. But no way was this child calling her grandma. She was too young for that.

Maybe Nana, or something like that. Over the next few weeks, Pete would either stay at Sandy's house, or Sandy would stay at Pete's.

They both laughed when they thought of their neighbors and what they must be thinking, seeing these two together almost every day. If they were not together, they talked by phone or texted one another. Sandy's associates at work, could see the difference in her. She was bright and bubbly, and she had been noticed by quite a few, the change in her appearance, which she was glad of.

She felt alive and sexy, and knew it was because of Pete, and how she made her feel. Sandy was not close with most of the people she worked with, and kept a professional association with them, especially the younger one's. But, she was friends with two of the lady's, and they both noticed how her overall demeanor had changed the last few weeks.

Sandy confided with them about being in love. When she told them about Pete and his age, neither batted an eye, and hope nothing but the best for her. Chapter 2 Pete too, was living on cloud nine. His crews at work could see a big difference in him. Pete isn't the type that talks much about himself, or what he does away from work.

His dad had taught him long ago, never mix business with pleasure. His dad's construction firm was very successful, and his dad was grooming him to take it over. One thing about Pete, he was very conservative, and most would say frugal. He did not like to spend money foolishly, at work or at home. With what his dad and uncle paid him, he could easily go out and buy fancy car's or truck's, or even have a bigger house.

But that isn't his style, nor is it his parents. Although he was a boss of a few crews now, he also had a title of vice president, which is something he never tells anyone.

It is formality only, for signing legal documents, and such. It was the beginning of March, and they had 4 new sites they were getting ready to start, and Pete met with his dad at one of them. He had been reluctant to say anything about his new relationship with Sandy. Although his parents were always very supportive of himand his sister too, he did not know how they would react to dating someone much older than he was.

As they went over the plans for the one site, his dad asked, "So. who is she?" Pete just smiled and said back to his dad, "What?" His dad shook his head and chuckled, "Son. I may be old, but I am not stupid. We don't see you much at the house the last few months now and when we do, you don't stay long at all. Your mom says that it's a woman that has you all tied up.

You know her, she can sense these things." Pete laughed and told him. "You know my neighbor Sandy?" His dad nodded, since he has met her, and her family on many occasions. "Well, we are dating now." His dad was about to speak, but Pete held up a hand, so he could elaborate more. "I know what you are going to say. Yes, she is older than I, by 14 years. We have discussed this at length actually. To us, it is a moot point now, in fact it was for me since we started seeing each other.

When April left me, Sandy was always there for me, just being a friend. We never once let it get any farther than that though. Then when she went through the same thing a year ago, I was there for her, but like I said, we never once considered taking it farther, for fear of ruining our friendship." His dad listened to him, then asked, "What changed?" "A night in January, when it snowed like a bitch.

She made me dinner and we watched a movie. Something we had done on many occasions, but we both finally confided in one another our true feelings, and ended up in bed that night. But the next morning, she sort of wigged out, about what happened. She too, had many reservations about the age thing. But later that evening, we did put it to rest for good.

So yeah, I am dating her now and to be honest, I am in love with her, and she is with me." His dad patted him on the back, and told him.

"I am happy for you Pete, and your mother will be so pleased too. She had an inkling it was Sandy, and doesn't have a problem with it, and you know your mother, if she did, she'd let you and me know, without any reservations.

As for the age, if you don't care, and she doesn't either, the hell with what others think." His dad chuckled then and Pete wondered what that was about. "I'll tell you one thing son, if you are worried about sex later in life, don't. Your mom and I still enjoy it a few times a week, and most times, your mom initiates it. Keeps me young that way." he laughed when he saw his son's face. "God dad, way too much information" His dad laughed again and said, "What?

You don't think us old people like to fuck? Got news for you son, your mom could have been a porn star, and to me, is still a very sexy woman, in bed and out." Pete thought back to his teen years, when he could hear his parents going at it some late nights.

To him, that was gross back then, and even now, did not want to hear about their sex life. His dad then told him to come to dinner this Sunday, and bring Sandy.

He said he would tell his wife that evening about all of this. Not the sexpart Pete and Sandy have, but the getting together. He told Pete never to worry about his mother and what she may say, because his mom would support any decision he made when it came to his love life, except, getting back with April.

That would kill his mom, if he did that. Chapter 3 That evening, as Pete and Sandy ate, he went over the conversation that he had with his Dad. Sandy found it quite comical, but also relieved, for that weighed heavily on her mind, what his family would think of this. "Oh Pete, your dad is such a great guy.

I have always liked them and I hope they know I would never hurt their son. I hope you said yes to dinner with them?" Pete was starting to move his chair back, and Sandy got up and came to him and sat in his lap, facing him.

"I told him I would let them know tomorrow, after I talked with you. I would never assume something, without letting you know, and get your take on it." then lightly kissed her lips. "Well, I appreciate that, and I would never speak for us either, without your input. Did he really say that your mom and him fuck like porns stars?" "Please Honey, don't. I can't imagine my mother laying their saying Fuck me John, Fuck me. Ewwww. I'm going to be scarred for life now.

But I am going to tell Sis this one. Just to make her throw up in her mouth." Sandy slapped him on the shoulder, "No you will not. That is not nice and your sister is a doll, so quit picking on her." Pete just chuckled, but never said he wouldn't. Later, after doing up the dishes and showering together, they made love. When they were laying together, Pete asked her to take a friday off in a couple of weeks. He wanted to get away for the weekend. Sandy, being inquisitive, wanted to know where, but Pete wouldn't spill the beans.

Chapter 4 That Saturday, while lounging around at sandy's, Annie called and said she was coming over. So of course Sandy had to clean the house, even though it was never a mess. Annie arrived around 3pm, and she had a woman with her, who Sandy already knew. It was Annie's former lover, girlfriend Sarah. When they came in and got situated, Annie made the introductions for Sarah and Pete, who she told Sarah was the best man in the world for her mother.

"Mom, Pete. Sarah and I are moving in together. We finally hashed out our differences, which was mostly what other's would say about our lifestyle. But you know, screw them, we love each other and want to be together all the time." Sandy got a huge smile on her face. "Oh Honey, I am so happy for you both. And you are right, screw what people think. If you are truly happy, then do it, and don't look back.

I learned that from a person who is close to me. If not for her, my life would not have changed for the better." Sarah was beaminglike Annie. Annie, who is the spitting image of her mother, and now that Sandy has lost weight, they could pass as sister's, more than mother and daughter. Sarah too, is quite the looker herself. Where Annie has blond hair, Sarah's is brown, shoulder length, and stands about Annie's height, 5' 4, and probably weighs 120 lbs.

They stayed and talked for a few hours, then Pete suggested going to dinner. They all agreed. Dinner was pleasant and Annie informed them that they would have to start looking for a nicer place by the summer time, when their leases expired. After dinner, they all came back and the girls said they needed to get going. They had to still inform Sarah's mom of what has transpired. After they left, Sandy and Pete settled down to reading. They both enjoyed reading books, Sandy was more into the romance novel types, and Pete loved action thrillers and murder mysteries.

When they retired to bed, and made love, Sandy finally asked his opinion about Annie and her decision. Sandy was worried about how Pete felt about this. "Sweetie. I have no bad things to say about it. If they love one another, then that's all that should matter. I really did not think that I should have any opinion of this. I will say, there is many a man out there, very sad that 2 beautiful women are off the market." Sandy cuddled up closer to Pete and said, "I know what you mean, but Annie wants to know how you feel, not just about that, but in anything she does.

She totally respects you and wants to gain your trust and I think, your love too. You are now her father figure." "Hmmmmmmmmm, I never really thought of that. But truthfully, I am cool with all of this. I knew going in that it's just not you, it's you and the kids, even if they don't live with you." Chapter 6 Pete was surprised when he pulled into his parent's house to see his sister, husband and the kids there too.

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He was hoping for just the four of them. Sandy looked nervous too. "Relax Hun, all will be fine. It's not like you don't know them." Pete said in a calming voice. Although he was a bundle of nerves. Sandy exhaled and said, "I know babe. This is really our first time being with others as a couple, and god knows I want to make a good impression." They came into the house through the garage and into the kitchen, where his mom, Ann, and his sister Mandy (Amanda), were busy getting dinner ready.

Mandy 6 year old daughter, Haley, was in there too. As soon as she saw Pete she ran up to him and jump in his arms. "Uncle Petey" and kissed him. Pete then started to introduce Sandy to the lady's.

"You are such a dork Pete" Mandy fired off to him. "We know Sandy" Pete just shrugged, and the girls came over and hugged Sandy, helping put her at ease. After giving Pete a Kiss, his mom told him to go out back with guys and leave Sandy with them. "Go on now. The race is on, and you know your dad loves watching it." Pete looked at Sandy, and she just smiled and mouthed, "I'll be fine". Pete too, loved Nascar and he and his dad went to a few races together. They even went down to the Daytona 500 twice.

So Pete went back in the family room with the guys. His brother in law Jim was also busy helping his son, John, build some lego thing. "Relax son, Sandy is in good hands out there. She may find out stuff about you that you never wanted told, but otherwise all is good. Mom is super excited about this." Pete thought, "Oh great. Lord knows what that sister of mine will say to her." But he sat back and enjoyed the time with his dad, brother in law and nephew.

After about 4 hours of banter, laughing and great food, Pete and Sandy took their leave and went home. Both felt relief that it went so well.

Pete's family made Sandy feel like she was part of the family, and as they were leaving, when Pete's mom gave him a kiss, she whispered in his ear, "Fine choice son. Make her happy" That made Pete feel on top of the world. Sandy also let Pete know what his mom said to her. "Your mom is so awesome Pete. When we were alone in the kitchen, after dinner, she told me to never let you go.

He needs a good woman to stand with im, and you are that woman. Oh, and Haley, well she is a doll. She asked if she could call me Aunt Sandy" Pete looked over at her and asked, "What did you say?" Sandy wasn't sure how to reply to Pete's question.

This was talking their relationship to a higher level now. "I told her she could call me anything she felt comfortable with." Pete smiled. He knew deep down, that this woman would someday be his forever, just when he would pop that question, would have to wait until he was sure he would get a Yes, from her.

Chapter 7 The day of their trip, which was still a mystery to Sandy. The only thing Pete would tell her was to pack jeans and sweatshirts, and some casual clothing.

He had already packed food and such. He was taking her to a state park in the southern part of the state, which had remote cabins. Not that these cabins were rustic. By no means were they. All had the comforts of home. Kitchens, bathrooms with walk in showers, and a big bath tub, a master bedroom with a huge king size bed, plus a fireplace in the room, plus one in the living room, and a hot tub on the back deck, and the temp was going to be in the 60's during the day, and cooler at night.

He planned on spoiling her. He would do all the cooking, and take her hiking and horseback riding, oh and plenty of love making too. He did inform her to pack the new toys she bought, the previous week, when they went into the Ambiance store, which is for lovers. As they drove, which was going to be a 3 hour drive, Sandy made many attempts to see where he was taking her. But Pete never gave in to any of her inquiries.

She even went so far as to pout and tell him no pussy then for him. He just laughed. He arrived around noon at the rental office, went inside and got a key and direction to the cabin.

Ten minutes later they arrived and Sandy was speechless. They got out and went inside. "Oh My God. This is beautiful. God I love You" and kissed him deeply. She went on to tell him that when she was married, they took three trips as a family. All to Florida, where Bill would go golfing the whole time, while she and the kids went to Disney or the beach. But never did they go alone anywhere, especially when the kids were growing up.

His idea of vacation was golf and lay around the pool. After settling in, they went for a hike and explored the area. Holding hands and talking about the future. Pete felt on top of the world, as did Sandy. Ever since that first Saturday, that defined their relationship, they never had a cross word, nor had they disagreed on anything.

Sandy felt that they would at some point, but felt they were strong enough to work through stupid crap, as she called it. Pete cooked out on the grill that evening, after taking a short nap on the couch, with Sandy cuddled up with him. Burgers and fries was their dinner, which Sandy thought was more than enough. Chapter 8 After dinner, they retired to the hot tub. Pete still could not believe he was with this beautiful, sexy woman, and wanted her now. But Sandy rebuked his advances. "Shortly lover.

You can have me any way you want tonight. But be advised, I plan on being very naughty", she spoke softly, between kisses, as she sat in his lap, and could feel his hard manhood, poking her in the stomach. Chapter 8 They stayed just 15 minutes in the tub. Both were ready for some hot love making. After getting out. Pete dried Sandy, and Sandy dried off Pete, and casually kissed the head of his engorged cock. Once back inside, Pete turned off the lights in the other rooms and then went to the bedroom and lit the gas fireplace, which was across from the bed.

Sandy was already on the bed, sitting up against the headboard, legs spread wide and had a dildo, which she bought last week, rubbing up and down her slit, with the vibrator in the on position. "Fuck Baby. You look so sexy right now." Pete softly spoke, as he crawled on the bed. "Come Baby. Lay beside me and watch me play with my pussy with this hot little toy. And while you watch, I want you to stroke that gorgeous hard cock of yours.

Then when we cum, shoot your cum all over me. God damn baby, I am so turned on now" Pete and Sandy never took their eyes off of each other, as they played with themselves. Sandy seductively stroked the bullet style toy in and out of her wet snatch, then would rub the vibrating tip against her clit, which would send shivers up her spine.

"Oh God Peter. This is so hot doing this together. I never dreamed this could be so good. Oh God. I am going to cum soon." Pete smiled at her and started stroking it faster.

He needed release soon, since they hadn't had sex since Tuesday, but that was on purpose, so they could enjoy this weekend, just like this. "Baby, you have no idea how sexy you look right now. I wish my tongue was deep inside you right now. All I can think of is you laying there new year's, doing this as we talked. Fuck Baby, I am going to cum very soon." Sandy giggled and told him, "Oh I was doing this as you talked, except i was using my fingers instead, but I was naked wishing you were inside me then.

Oh Fuck Baby, Oh Fuckkkkkk this feel so wonderful." Within a few minutes, they both started to cum, with Sandy arching her back and lifting her butt off the bed as she came.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Cummmmmmmmmmmmingggggggg Babyyyyyyyyy" Pete was close now and moved closer to her and aimed his cock right at her belly and pussy area. Of Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Babyyyyyyyyyy" is all he could say, then started shooting ropes of cum. First one landed on her belly, almost on her tits, but the rest landed on her mound and pussy lips. Sandy was breathing heavy as she removed the toy from her pussy, then brought it to her mouth and sucked it in, and moaned as she did.

Her other hand was playing with Pete's cum, which was deposited everywhere on her body. Sandy scooped up some and brought it to her mouth and licked it off seductively, then went back for more.

"I love eating your cum, I really love it" She sucked her fingers clean, then scoop some off of her mound and put it to Pete's lips. Pete opened his mouth as she put her cum covered fingers inside it and he licked her fingers clean. Then she did it again, but this time wiping the cum all over his lips. Pete moved up and kissed her then, with both their lips now covered in his love juice.

The kiss was so hot and both moaned out in pleasure. Sandy now moved her legs so they were pointing up at the ceiling. "Come fuck me my new favorite way Baby.

Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hardddddddddddddd" she growled. Sandy's new way was putting her legs over his shoulders, and her thighs bent so they were touching her belly and tits and Pete's cock inside her so deep. Sandy loved this new position. Pete made it look like he was doing push ups on her, but in actuality, he was pile driving her pussy. They only fucked this way when they were being naughty, as Sandy called it, but she loved it so much. Pete loved it as well, but always thought he may hurt her, so he watched how hard he thrusted in her, but he knew he was also hitting her cervix and his cock was in constant contact with her g-spot, which drove her wild with pleasure.

Within 5 minutes Sandy was screaming out that she was cumming. Once she came, he lowered her legs but continued to fuck her more. "Oh God Baby, your pussy is so hot and wet. God you are amazing." he told her "No Baby, we are amazing together. It takes two to be this good. My tight little pussy and your big cock are made for each other, just like us. God I love you.

Now… Give me your cum deep inside me." Pete had her get on her knees, which was another position she loved doing. His cock was so deep this way, but the only draw back was she couldn't see him, nor kiss him. "Oh Fuck Baby, Oh Fuck. You feel so good like this. I could fuck you all night like this." All Pete could do is whisper how tight she is like this. As he slowly pumped in and out of her, his balls would slap against her clit.

Then he wet his thumb and slowly inserted it in her ass. They had tried anal twice, but he was too big for her, which actually bummed her out. But she also liked this, when a finger would go in while they fucked.

Pete saw the bullet toy was in easy reach and got it, and put it in his mouth, to lube it up, then getting it wet, he lined it up with her ass and slowly started to insert it. Once he had most of it in, Sandy turned her head back and grinned, "Oh Fuck Baby, is that my toy? God this feels amazing now." Pete flipped the switch so the vibrator was now on and started pumping harder in her and also trying to match each thrust with movement of the toy.

Sandy did not last long at all and started to cum again. "Fuck Baby. Fuck Fuck Fuck, cummmmmmming all over your cock" is all she could say, and then her body went limp and fell to the bed. Pete stayed in her as she came down from her orgasm, then slowly rolled off of her, letting her breath better. Pete was now lying on his back, and Sandy crawled up on top of him. He was amazed that she even wanted to do more.

"Babe, you can rest if you want too." he said. "Oh hell no. My man needs to unload too. This is all not about me, but us." as she guided him back inside her. Once situated, she looked down at her man. "Let's take a few minutes to recharge. But since I have started working out, I feel like I could go all night with you, and want too as well." "I have to admit, you are very sexual and I love it, but I am also so glad our relationship is not based on sex.

But we are very very good together like this. Where have you been all my life?" Pete asked. Sandy laughed and said, "Right here waiting on the man of my dreams, which I have found and I am not giving him up, even if this part of it stops for some reason. But I hope it doesn't for many years to come." Chapter 9 Pete loved her on top of him. He loved soaking in her beauty. He loved the essence of her being too. One thing they never discussed was fantasies.

He wanted to at times, just to see if she ever had any, or even wanted to explore some. "Sweetie?" he asked, while looking into her eyes. "Do you, or have you ever had fantasies you want to live out?" Sandy smiled down at him. "You know, I was going to ask you that too. But for me, I'd love to do it outside, like when we went hiking today, If it hadn't been chilly, I wanted to strip down and do it out in the woods." Pete smiled at that and nodded, so she could continue.

"I'd love to make love to you in the pool, or even lay out naked there. But seeing that everyone can see our pool, since it has only that chain link fence around it. I wanted a six foot wood fence for privacy, but he was too cheap when the pool was put in. But god yes, I'd love it if we could make love by or in the pool." "But I did live one out already, and that was being with you, and now, I get you all the time, so that's not a fantasy anymore. How about you? I bet you want a threesome or something like that." Pete chuckled when she said that.

"Actually, getting you in the woods would be one for me, and at the pool too, or in my hot tub. I don't really care where we do it as long as it is you. As for a threesome, well I would love to see you and another woman doing it, then you let me have you as you ate her.

But, I'd never touch her. That would be so hot to see you eating another pussy." Sandy started gyrating her hips on Pete, feeling his hard member stroke the inner parts of her pussy. She was conflicted to tell him this, but thought to herself, "No secrets" "Damn. I can't believe I am going to tell you this."she softly said. "When I was a junior in highschool, my best friend Karen, you know Karen, well her and I made out one night and it led to more than just kissing.

We would do sleep overs and such and play all the time. I lost my cherry to her, when she borrowed her sister's 7 inch dildo one night. God it was amazing for us. So I have had a woman before. It lasted until our senior year, when we both had boyfriends." "Please, don't think bad of me. Most girls experiment that way, or least many that I knew." Pete shook his head and asked, :Why would I think bad of you. Hell, it turns me on actually." Sandy chuckled, "Like you need much to turn you on.

But, I really need to say this now. You know I have never cheated, when I was married, but came damn close, not only with you, but one night Karen was over, and we had wine and got a little tipsy. We went skinny dipping." "Damn, I should have been looking out my window then.

Shit" Sandy playfully slapped his arms, "Shush" "We went inside then and we were going to dress, but started kissing and as we kissed, we went a little farther where we sucked each other's tits and her hand found my pussy. God I so wanted it.

Asshole had been neglecting me. This was almost four years ago now. Karen, who has been divorced for almost ten years now, also was extremely hot. But at the last second I stopped it because I just couldn't cheat." Sandy was getting turned on now and was gyrating more on his cock. "Mmmmmmmmmm. God you feel so good in me." "But God, I wanted her that night. I have to admit, I loved tasting a woman, and having her taste me too. You ever notice how I suck your cock at times, after we fuck?

That's a big reason. It reminds me of that. You know, Karen had the hots for you, for a long time. She wanted to ask you out so many times, but lost the nerve." Karen is Sandy's age and very pretty, but is heavier. She is 5' 7, 160 lbs. With black hair and olive color skin. She isn't fat, but solid. Sandy started fucking Pete more now. She was turned on by their talking. "Oh Fuck Baby. I love your cock." Pete smiled at her, and asked her, "Would you like Karen laying in front of you.

Legs spread wide, and your face buried in her pussy, as I would be behind you softly fucking you? Would that turn you on Baby?" "Oh God Damn You. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss", she squealed out as she came again.

Pete increased his pumping action to meet her's and soon came deep inside her. He roared when he came, which Sandy loved hearing, for she knew she was the reason for that orgasm.

Chapter 10 After resting a bit, Pete got up and went to the bathroom, and while away, Sandy thought about what they just talked about. She thought to herself, "Wow. I could see us doing that with her. My two best friends and I sharing sex. I know karen would say yes in a heartbeat.

But Pete would be another thing. Oh well, if it ever happens, great, and if not, great too. I don't need anything else in life but Peter." Pete returned to bed, after turning off the fireplace and cuddled up with is woman. As he was just starting to doze off, Sandy said, "Yes".

"Yes What?" Pete asked. "I'd do a threesome with you and Karen. I bet it would be fun." "Honey, I only asked because it was turning you on. I'd never ask for that, for real. You are all I need and want in life. Christ, you wear me out as it is. " Chapter 11 Pete and Sandy got up, made breakfast together, then showered.

Pete told her that he'd like for them to go horseback riding this morning. Sandy loved the idea. They left and found the stables that rented horses and provided a tour of the park. It took only an hour, and after a short training class, off they went. After that, they headed into town and found a quaint little diner that they had lunch at, and then went window shopping at all the storefront shops on the main drag.

Sandy even found a Cuckoo clock, that was reasonably priced and bought it. That afternoon, they did go for another hike on the trails behind their cabin. They were about to make Sandy's one fantasy come true, but the skies opened up and drenched them. When they got back to the cabin, they stripped right on the porch and got in the hot tub, to warm up. Made love in the tub, then went inside and showered again. Pete fixed them tenderloin and lobster tails for dinner, which really made Sandy swoon.

"My God Peter. You are the most romantic man I have ever known. Please never let this end, the romance. I love it" "As long as I am alive, I will do my best to romance you my love." Later that evening, Sandy came out of the bedroom wearing that black teddy, without the coverup and stockings, or heels. Just the top and the thong, both of which hid anything. She had something in her hand and threw it to Pete. "Out this on for me Sweetie.It matches this outfit and I want you as sexy as me right now." Pete giggled when he saw the black thong, but didn't say a word, but went and put it on and joined Sandy back in the living room.

He picked up his phone then and found a song he had downloaded and started it. It was Rod Stewarts "Have I told you How much I love you" He took Sandy's hand and started to dance with her. She was tearing up as they danced. When it ended, he picked her up and carried her to bed, where they made love two more times. It was soft and passionate, and they kissed they entire time, even during their orgasms. As they lay there in the afterglow, they both spoke each other's names.

Bothlaughed, but had something on their minds. Sandy told him to go first. :I was thinking. I think may be we should move in together, and share life as a couple for good." Sandy started laughing. Pete didn't understand why, until she finally spoke.

"That's exactly what I was going to ask you too. Great minds think alike" Pete chuckled then asked, "Who's house? I do have an idea, and I hope you like it." Sandy nodded for him to go on. "We have a few options. Me live in your place, or you in mine. Or we could sell both places and buy something else. I don't really care.Or…" "Yes?" she said. "I could move in yours. Bring my bedroom suite, since it is new and a king size bed. And you did help me pick that out after she left and took what we used.

But also, have Annie and Sarah move into mine." Sandy sat up then and looked at him. She was about to speak until Pete put a finger to her lips. "Babe.

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Both places are bought and paid for and the girls will need a place after next month. All they would need to pay is the taxes and the utilities and such. I could never charge Annie a dime for rent, just can't. What do you think?" Sandy sat shock still then finally spoke.

Pete thought he may have overstepped his bounds here. "Oh my God Peter. You are the most selfless man I have ever met. I think that would be a fabulous idea. I am not sure what Annie is going to think or say, but I really like it. I'd love to have my daughter nearby, yet not living with me. If you are alright with living in my house, then I am all for it." They talked a little more about when the move would be. Came to the conclusion, the sooner the better. Then fell into a restful night's sleep.

Chapter 12 After a morning session of making love again, Pete and sandy ate, showered, then gathered their stuff and left for home. Since they were heading by Sandy's mom exit, she asked him to stop, so they could finally tell her mom about their relationship.

Her mom was thrilled to know end but did tell Pete in private, never to hurt her daughter like that ass did. They even stopped at Pete's parents and chatted with them for a bit. For a while, Pete's mom and Sandy were alone talking, while the guys watched the race on TV.

But they soon left and headed back their places. While Pete went home and unpacked, Sandy called Annie, to let her know they were back home and asked if she could come over. But they already had plans, so they made plans for Monday. Meanwhile, Pete was packing up stuff to bring over. Just clothes for now and would gradually move his stuff in over the next week. That Monday, Annie and sarah came for dinner' Pete had made lasagna, which everyone loved.

After dinner, Sandy had everyone move to the family room. "Girls. Pete and I have something to tell you. Number one. Pete is moving in with me." "Well, it is about damn time Mom.

You two should have done that months ago." Sandy smiled, then said, "Number two, and I hope you agree to this.

Since you are going to need a place soon, when your leases are up, we, but mostly Pete, want you to have his house. There would be no rent, but you would be responsible for the taxes, and utilities and such." Annie just stared at her mom and Pete.

She was speechless, as was Sarah. After a good full minute of no one saying a word, Annie finally spoke. "No F-in way. Are you for real about this?" Pete and Sandy nodded yes. "You guys are just joking right?" "No. No joke", Pete finally spoke.

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"We both want you to have this. But we are not feeding you or doing your laundry. And you can do anything you want to make it yours, like painting and things like that. If you need help, just ask, and I will help you out." Annie jumped up and gave her mom a huge hug, and then Pete.

She kissed him on the cheek and thanked him over and over. Sarah likewise, thanked them and gave them a hug and kiss. Her hug with pete lasted a bit longer. Annie injected some levity then by saying, "Let him breath some girl.

Plus, he has a penis, and you like pussy to much." Sandy kind of gave Annie an admonishing look then, but then laughed. By weeks end, Pete was pretty much moved in.

He left most of the furniture over there, including the pool table. He had two of his crew members help him move the bedroom over to Sandy's and take her's over to his house and put it upstairs. Life was good Chapter 13 Towards the end of April, work for Pete was in full swing, but he did find time to sketch out plans to put in a privacy fence around Sandy's yard, thus eliminating the need for the small chain link fence that went around her pool.

After obtaining the permits he needed, and a variance, since part of the fence would be 7 and half foot, instead of the standard 6 foot fence, he talked with his dad and uncle about using one of the crews for a weekend to install the fence.

Both were all for it, as long as he could get it done by the end of the weekend. Pete even paid the crew with his own money, just like the materials were bought with his own.

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He got lucky too, weather wise, for that weekend was supposed to be nice, and when the crew pulled up with the equipment, the weather was perfect. When Sandy arrived home that evening, after a long day at the bank, she was totally surprised by all the commotion around her house. She went out back and saw the fence was gone, and all these poles were in the ground, and a ton of wood lay in the side yard.

She sought out Pete then. "What in God's name are you doing Honey?" she asked. Pete chuckled, "Putting up a fence.

That way, it gives us privacy and maybe, just maybe, you'll let me get you naked in and around the pool this summer." finishing with a laugh.

"But Hun, I can't afford this right now. I have wanted to do this, but wanted to wait until I could pay cash for it." Pete shook his head and grinned. "My Dear. Don't worry about the cost. I am handling that, and we can afford it, so please accept what I am doing and think of all the enjoyment you will be getting from it." Sandy grinned but then said. "Ok, but for now on, no surprises like this. We should discuss it together, Ok?

Promise?" Pete kissed her and said yes to her soft demand. Later that evening, after they ate, and his crew gone for the evening, they snuggled on the couch. Pete was wearing a pair of workout shorts and a T, and Sandy was in a loose fitting pair of gym shorts and a T, as well. They were watching a home remodeling show, that they enjoyed watching.

Pete liked watching it because he enjoyed critiquing the hosts. Sandy crawled into his lap, and put her arms around his neck and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Pete? Where do you see us in ten years?" Pete snapped his head to look at her in the eye.


"Actually, I have thought about that. I am hoping we are married and living a very comfortable, fun filled life with each other, with very little drama. But, I don't want our life to become mundane and take each other for granted." Sandy smiled at him, then spoke, "Wow, I guess you have thought about it.

I have too, and Yes, I see us married. And learning from past mistakes, I want us always open and honest and talking about everything and anything. We both come from failed marriages that had little communication in the end. Hell, our communication ended maybe ten years into the marriage." Pete chuckled and thought back to April and the only real communication they had was sexually, until the final years, and even that dried up, but he totally agreed with her.

"Babe, I will always communicate with you. I don't ever want to take what we are building for granted. I am sorry for not telling you about the fence.

I wanted to surprise you. But, I do promise to discuss these things, and anything that may alter our life together." "I love you so much Pete. God. I wish I could give you children, but unfortunately, I can't, but I would if I could.

You'd make a great father." "Well, that was not in the cards that was dealt me. But, when I look at it, I will become a father one day, that is if you marry me. Bill and Annabelle will become children to me. Although, I think Bill and I would be more like buddy's, than father son." "I never thought of that, so yes, I guess you will be a father, whenever we decide that it is time to marry.

Please know, my kids think the world of you, especially Annie. She adores you. I still think Bill is out west because of his dad, who never took the time to be a father, except when it was convenient for him." "I think your kids are great, and I wish I did know Bill better.

Who knows, may be they will move back this way, since senior is no longer around." Sandy kissed him again, this time a little more passionately, then asked, "Do you think I am too sexual at times?

I just can't help it though. I love making love to you and love when we do it so much. I hate to say it, but I am addicted to you and our sex." "Heavens no. I love your sexuality and how much you enjoy it. I am glad now, that you did not get worn out all those of marriage. You were saving it for me, at least, that is what I am thinking." They kissed again, and before long, they each tore off their clothes and made love right on the couch.

It was tender and gentle, with plenty of kissing and soft moans. Then rested in each other's arms, after orgasming. "This is perfect Lover. You turn me on so much Pete. You have no idea how wet you make me during the course of a day.

Oh by the way, Mothers day is in two weeks, and I would like to have both our mothers here for a cookout. Would you be ok with that?" Pete said sure. He liked getting the family together, though this would be the first time they all would be together, with Pete and Sandy as the couple hosting. Chapter 13 Pete's crew did finish the fence that following day, with Pete helping a great deal. Sandy loved the fence and the girls came over during the day, taking a break from painting Pete's house.

They weren't scheduled to move in until June, when their leases were up. Pete did suggest moving in sooner, and just pay the last months rent and be done with it. Both girls thought that was a great idea and made plans to move the following weekend. The day before Mother's Day, the couple was up early.

Since moving in together, they jogged on the weekends, then showered and then ate breakfast and usually cleaned house, and they were usually naked when doing all of this. This day was no different. Sandy, though, was starting to get used to Pete helping her. Bill would never help with a chore like this. But Pete thought since they both lived there, he was just as responsible for taking care of it, as Sandy was.

As was now their custom, they did the kitchen first, then dining room, living room, and then the family room, before going upstairs and doing those rooms. They were in the family room, with Pete vacuuming and Sandy dusting, when in comes Annie. "Holy shit Guys." Annie said. THis made both of them stand stock still, being caught off guard like that. He looked to Annie, then looked to Sandy, who was now giggling.

Pete's faced turn 3 shades red and bolted for the upstairs. Sandy just casually walked to the couch and picked up her robe and put it on. "Damn Mom. I like the way you guys clean." All Sandy could do was smile at her daughter, but then said.

"Yeah, well, I think we need to change the locks on the doors now. Christ girl. You could have called and warned us." Annie was giggling while her mother was talking.

"Next time I will. But then, I wouldn't have gotten a peek at Hunk. Damn Mom, he does have a nice one. And, like I told you before, if he was single and I liked dick, I'd be spreading for him any day." "Annabelle" Sandy said sternly, but then started chuckling too.

"Well he's mine, so back off you little hussy." Annie then spoke quietly, "You still want me to pick up the cake for tomorrow and grandma too? It was Pete's birthday, the day after Mother's day, and Sandy wanted to make it special for him, even though he is not one to make a fuss about that day. Just another day in his life is how he views it.

"Yes baby, I would. I really appreciate it too. There will be a lot of people coming tomorrow. Pete's uncle and aunt, their one son and his wife, and then Pete's parents and his sister and her family, and of course you and Sarah, mom, my sister and her husband and Karen." "Wow, this house will be rocking for sure.

To bad aunt Angie has to bring the tool bag with her. What a loser. But I am glad aunt Karen is coming too. It's been awhile since I had seen her." "Yeah. For me too. We talk all the time on the phone, but I haven't seen her since the holidays.

I guess I have been a bit busy." Annie giggled and said, "Oh yeah, I can see how busy you are. I don't blame you though. Hell, I would ride that every chance I got. But Sarah keeps me happy, so I am not complaining." Sandy could only shake her head.

"Well. What can I say. When you enjoy someone, and love being with them, you might as well let them know in a special way. Goc, he is good though." "Well, I am going to let you two be now and I will see you tomorrow." Then Annie walked over by the stairs and yelled up, "Petey? I'm leaving. Now come down here and take care of your woman." and laughed as she was leaving. Pete came down in shorts and was still a bit red in the face.

"I think we need to change locks around here." Sandy laughed then told him that Annie would call for now on, which eased his mind some. Chapter 14 Pete's parents were the first to arrive that Sunday. Pete gave his mom a big hug and kiss for Mother's day, as did Sandy.


His dad then wanted to see the work that was done on the fence, so Pete left the lady's in the kitchen. "So Honey, how is life now that you two are living together?" "Actually. Better than I expected. You raised a perfect gentleman and I thank you for that. But no. It is great.


He is very helpful around the house. I wasn't that fortunate before, so that took a little getting used too." "Thank you for saying that. We tried to raise him the right way. But Pete was always helpful around the house, even as a kid. I am happy for you both, that you found one another. I think you are so good for him and he does seem very happy.

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That's all that I can ask for." Sandy smiled at Pete's mom and said, "If I have one regret, it is only that I cannot give him children. He'd be a super father I bet. But I can't but I am not going to dwell on that." "Good. And you shouldn't.

But, he will be a father one day when he get's off his butt and marrys you. He is so in love with you, but he probably still needs time to take that step, but I know Pete, he will, and I hope you say yes.

You are so much better for him than that little tramp he was married to before." That was the first time Sandy ever anyone make a negative reference towards Pete's ex wife. Sandy did not like her, because how she hurt Pete, but always left that to herself, and would continue.

"Well. I plan on taking care of him and loving him, and who knows, maybe we will marry one day. I hope we do, but that is all up to him, and when he is ready." His mom smiled then asked about the party that Pete had no idea about, and Sandy gave her the rundown. Sandy felt like she now belonged in this family. Something that played in her mind ever since they started their relationship. A little while later all the rest of the guest showed up. His uncle was impressed with the fence job, but he also knew Pete would make it look good, no matter who it was for.

When Pete's sister showed up, his niece bypassed him and came running right up to aunty Sandy and gave her a big hug and kiss, then she finally hugged uncle Pete. Pete just laughed to himself, but was happy his family liked Sandy.

After eating, all the kids, including Pete and Sandy had gave their respective mothers cards and gifts. Pete always found a unique Cherish Teddy figurine, to give to his mom and this year got to sign the card Pete and Sandy. Sandy to, sign her card Sandy and Pete, when she gave her mom her gift. Then Sandy gave Annie the high sign to bring in the cake, for Pete's birthday. Pete was heading back outside when Sandy said to stop, because they weren't done yet, and had Pete sit at the dining room table.

Pete does not like the light being shown on him, but sat there and accepted it, not wanting to hurt his girlfriend's feelings. Annie, being a smart alec decided to put 38 candles on and was having a real go of it trying to light them all. Once the singing was done, Pete, Haley and John blew out the candles. Most of the gifts were from his family. Sister gave him gift cards to various restaurants. HIs dad and mom gave him a weekend for two at the this spa in West Virginia.

His uncle though, gave him his condo to use in October, which is located in Key West Florida. He cited that it wouldn't be used by them this year because they will be in Hawaii. The trip included airfare. Then Sandy handed him a big card. Pete opened it. He read the card to himself, for he knew it would be mushy, and it was. But inside also included a weekend package for two, to the Michigan Nascar Race.

Complete with pit passes and hotel for two nights. "Oh Wow Sweetie. When did you get this?" he asked. Sandy chuckled and said, "Your mom suggested it, knowing how much you enjoy going and it was easy to do online.

You and you dad should have a great time." "This is fabulous. Thank you so much. I love you" He got up and hugged her and thanked everyone else. Pete's dad spoke up and said, "Now hold on there. I am not going to the race. You take this beautiful lady with you and really have a great time, and I mean that" Sandy started to protest but John held his ground.

"Might as well listen Honey, you won't win this argument" Pete's mom told her. Chapter 15 It was after 6pm by the time everyone had left, except for Annie, Sarah and Karen. Annie had asked Pete if he liked the Indians tickets she got him, for a game in July, versus the Yankee's. He was quite happy with them and told her so. She said she didn't know what to get him. She didn't think a new bathing suit, thong style would be his cup of tea. All the ladies laughed at that.

They then made their exit home too. As they continued cleaning up, Karen piped in that she was bummed. Sandy took the bait and asked why. "I was hoping that since we are all cleaning, we'd clean in the nude, like you two do all the time." Pete looked at Sandy, and shook his head.

Sandy was busting a gut laughing so hard. "Damn. Is nothing sacred? Your daughter has a very big mouth my dear" Sandy and Karen were both laughing hard.

Pete finally started laughing too. He wasn't going to get naked, but then thought about what Sandy had said on their trip to the cabin.

He could picture those two getting it on, while he watched and then may be join in later.

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"Oh come on. Let's get naked and clean. Who knows, something else may come up, if you know what I mean." They all laughed again. Karen then said, "You know Pete, if my girl here hadn't of gobbled you up, and I bet she can gobble you up too, I would have. Then you and I could clean naked, amongst other things." Sandy finally spoke then, "Tell you what, one of these Saturday'scome on over and may be we'll let you get naked with us and clean" "Promises, promises" Karen said with a laugh.

They finished cleaning and Karen then left for home. Later as Pete and Sandy lie in bed, Sandy asked "So did you enjoy your birthday, even if it is a day early?" "Yes I did. I love your present, and that one from my parents and uncle is going to be fun. Can't wait to hit the beach with you, come October. But I am really glad you are going on the race trip and I hope you like it." "I don't care where we go, as long as it is you and me doing it together.

Now I have one more present for you, which I think you will enjoy a great deal." Sandy wrapped her hand around his flaccid cock and started stroking it. "Babe? Would you mind if we didn't tonight. I am kind of tired" Sandy looked at him and couldn't believe he is turning down sex.

She had to admit, she was tired too, but that little banter with Karen earlier, got her kind of wet. When that was going on, she could picture the three of them naked, but not cleaning. She felt that old feeling creeping through her, when she and Karen would play half the night away, in either one's bedroom, having a sleepover. She did miss Karen in that capacity and would love to share that with Pete.

Pete was starting to harden, when Sandy asked, "Are you sure?" Pete smiled and said, "Hell No.I'd never turn down your love making, ever. But I gotta ask, were you serious with Karen and having her over for a naked cleaning session?" Sandy was just about to put her mouth over his now, engorged cock.

"Oh Very serious. I won't lie. I could see the three of us having a lot of fun naked, together. Is that bad of me?" "No" he said. "It's not bad of you. And if you really want that and you know for sure it will not harm our relationship, then I will do it with you." At that, she attacked his cock, and worked it for a good five minutes, before climbing on top of him and making semi love and semi hot sex with him. Thirty minutes later, the couple was well on their way to sleep.

Part 4 Life changing events unfold.