Flach Brust kleine Hure für einen schmutzigen alten Mann

Flach Brust kleine Hure für einen schmutzigen alten Mann
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F**K da POlice As always the farm boy is just trying to stay fresh and give something different. Am still veeeery new to writing and so I do enjoy your comments and constructive criticism as they have already made me a better writer. xxxKeep eating pussyxxx Farmer Joe ; } Chelsea was a tough cop who had chosen a career in the force over modelling after a college roommate was brutally gang raped and murdered while out clubbing one night.

While she had chosen the force, a career that required a lot of structure and discipline she still liked to look good and made the cop uniform look completely spectacular and 100 percent arousing in any man's (and women's) book.

She stood at 6.3 and looked like a real live Barbie doll with curves and bumps in all the right places. It was no accident that the partner that was assigned to her, Glen was gay. Before they rode together there was no end of fighting and fun and games trying to work out who would ride with her. Chelsea had gotten a lot of grief from squad members when she first started as they thought she was not tough enough to hack it out on the streets with all the gangbangers and petty criminals that she would be dealing with on a daily basis.

It had taken around three months and a lot of holding her tongue when she was being ragged on but she had finally proven herself and had earned respect from all of her work mates. In the mean time she had also made a name for herself amongst the not so law abiding citizens.

She had regular confrontations with and copped frequent earfuls of abuse and threats from gang members and hookers but was becoming immune to their hostility and usually gave a lot worse back than she got to start with. Chelsea had had studied various martial arts, her favourite being ninjitsu which on occasion had come in handy when dealing with multiple attackers.

She was definitely an intimidating figure on the beat and a significantly changed girl to the one who walked in and found her friends brutalised body lying dead in their apartment in just 3 years ago.


It was in the early hours of a Sunday morning after a relatively uneventful Saturday night and just heading into the boring part of her shift but still a couple of hours until she finished. Chelsea had sent Glen home as he was so ill he could barely stay on his bike.

Not exactly protocol but Chelsea figured she could handle anything from this point in the shift on her own and Glen had covered for her a few times. Chelsea was cruising slowly down the main street keeping an eye out for trouble when she noticed several people around a car parked at the far end of an otherwise quiet alley. She circled around and went back for a longer look.

Sitting at the end of the ally she could now make out 8 young males, 2 cars, and 1 had the boot open with one of the males sitting in it. She had decided it was highly likely a drug deal and decided to slowly and noisily approach giving them time to pack up and get out of there as she did not feel like dealing with the eight of them on her own, as intimidating as she was.

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She revved the cruiser and headed on down the alley slowly. Unfortunately they did not move on and so she would have to check out the situation and get them to move on. When she got there they began whistling and making all kinds of lewd remarks. She thought about cracking a couple of heads open with her baton as any abuse sexual in nature was her pet hate and pushed her buttons every time. All of them were mouthing off except the one sitting in the boot, a tall athletic handsome black male who spoke, encouraging them to settle down.

They did as he asked giving her the opportunity to speak. She asked them what was going on and the handsome one claimed it was his birthday and they were having a few quiet drinks before they all went their separate ways. She took out a torch and looked through both cars and found nothing particularly suspicious which was kind of a relief.

She asked them to move their party somewhere else and then left as they started up again with their sexual jeering and hostility.

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Lying in a nice warm bath in her small but cosy apartment that night she thought about the situation and in particular the black stud.

She began to fantasise about placing cuffs on him and rubbing her pussy lips all over his handsome face and smothering him as she slipped first one then two fingers up her slit and began pumping. She thought about his tongue bringing her to orgasm releasing her gush of fluid as she writhed in ecstasy, perched on his face until she choked or drowned the life out of him.

She rubbed her rock hard nipple between her finger and thumb and then began massaging her breast as she imagined him sucking her massive tit and then choking with her nipple half way down his throat as the life drained from his body. She often thought about the low life's she met on the street like this as it seemed to give her a tiny feeling of sweet revenge over the scum that had ended her friend's young life a few years ago.

She continued to fantasise and pump her horny pussy until her hips bucked and shook with orgasm leaving her totally drained of energy laying in her warm soothing bath.

The following week, again on the Saturday night Chelsea was feeling very drained after pulling some extra shifts to help out others on the squad as she still wanted to keep on their good side.

She finished at 10 and headed home to a nice warm bath and bed. On her way she passed the alley where she had broken up the little party the black stud and his mates were having the week before. She was surprised to see a group of people again hanging around the alley. She squinted as she tried to make out any familiar faces but was too far away. She suspected it was the same gang but was not sure and was now facing a mental battle, unsure of whether to just leave and go home as her shift had already finished, or to go and move the gang on.

Surely there would be no trouble as the gang leader had not allowed them to harm her last time. Finally it was curiosity that got the better of her as she wondered if the black stud was as handsome as she had pictured in her fantasy. She approached the car very cautiously and got half way down the alley before she was absolutely sure it was the same gang.

As she got closer she heard one of the boys say "heya sweet cheeks, just can't get enough of us" Trying to not look intimidated by their jeering and sleazy comments she looked at the black stud and in a smart ass tone said "Well it can't be your birthday again this week so what's the party for tonight boys?" "Oh it's my birthday this week baby, have you got a little something for me? To help me celebrate, if you know what I mean" said a stocky Latino boy. As Chelsea turned to respond and ask them to move on like she had last week she felt something solid and heavy land up side her head behind her right ear.

She saw stars and was unable to speak for a few seconds before blacking out completely and collapsing on the ground. When Chelsea came to she was still groggy and unable to move but sensed she was in trouble and to say she was in trouble would be an understatement. As her she was able to focus and her numbness faded she became aware of her body aching all over and could feel herself being touched, prodded and poked. Then shock and horror swept through her throbbing body as she became aware of the colossal cock ploughing in and out of her.

These bastards had not even waited for her to regain consciousness before violating her. As some strength began returning to her body she struggled to get up and realised her arms were fastened by her sides. She looked around frantically as the mammoth prick stretched her cunt further than it had ever experienced before.

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She caught sight of her uniform crumpled up on the dirty concrete floor and saw boxes and crates with markings that suggested to her she was in some sort of warehouse. She finally got up the nerve to look up at the son of a bitch that was giving her the reaming of a life time and was not surprised but disappointed on several levels to see it was one of the gang members. "I'm going to fucking kill you, you filthy . CRACK, a huge hand gave her a backhander that had her seeing stars once more.

As she laid on her back on some sort of hard wooden bench with a towel draped over it her body bounced back and forth as her assailant pounded her relentlessly. When she was able to speak again she snarled "You won't fuck get away with this, I'm gonna. SLAP, this time an open hand knocked her nearly senseless. "Come over here and help me shut this pig up" boomed her torturer as he began thrusting hard into her.

His balls now slapped hard against her as cheeks and her gorgeous tits jiggled and bounced up and down as her pussy was being hammered to a pulp between her spread legs. A second gang member approached the bench and stood next to her and she looked up at him with hatred and spat on him knowing what was to come.

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He instantly dropped his pants and pulled out his greasy semi hard 7 inch prick in one hand while cupping and stabilising the back of her head in the other.

He aggressively jammed his dick in her mouth and down her throat making her gag and thrash her head trying to shake it out of her mouth. When she failed to succeed in ejecting the cock from her mouth she bit down hard making the gang member roar and howl in agony as he backed away bending over clutching his injured cock.


"You're going to fucking pay for that you filthy slut" he yelled as he approached her twirling and spinning a butterfly knife in his hand before placing it to her nipple. "You do that again and I'm gonna have to do me some surgery, got it?" He jammed his bleeding dick back into her mouth and humped hard into her throat a few times to punish her.

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He briefly withdrew as she gasped for breath. "Now suck it fucking properly" he ordered He slid all 7 inches of his fat greasy prick between her lips and down the back of her throat and instructed her to breathe through her nose. At first she panicked but then found she could breathe semi comfortably with this rapist bastards prong in her mouth. "Work it" he ordered placing the knife against her tit. She closed her eyes and tried not to let any tears escape from them as she began thrusting her mouth back and forward over his fat shaft.

Meanwhile the monster cock terrorising her pussy seemed to be swelling even further. She feared his orgasm was near and prayed he did not spray his seed inside her body.

She was sure she was going to die as she remembered her room mates brutalised body lying soaked in cum and blood with bruises and scratches from head to toe. Chelsea's spectacular rack continued to bob up and down but now faster as the gigantic prick pulverised her snatch.

She felt the gang members balls tighten against her ass cheeks as he leaned forward and grabbed her head between his strong hands and turned her head to face him. Still with the other boys knob thrusting into her cheek Chelsea's eyes widened as the boy between her legs pumped her full of his vile filthy cum. A tear rolled down her cheek as she contemplated the future implications of possible impregnation by this dirty animal.

He paused briefly as he let every last drop of his loathsome fluid permeate her defiled body as he roughly grabbed hold of and squeezed her magnificent breasts. As she continued to service the cock of the second gang member a tall, skinny black male stepped up to her pussy stroking his 9 inch long cock. He wasted no time before plunging deep into her cavity and finding a nice easy pace aided by the cum of the boy before him.

She was now feeling numb and in some ways did not notice or had blocked out the penis gliding in and out of her pussy as she concentrated on bringing the bastard invading her mouth to climax so she could be rid of his foul prick. His breathing grew heavy and he sunk his entire length into her mouth and paused briefly.

He did this several times before she felt his balls contract against his cheek. At this point he warned her "Now I am going to pull out but you are going to swallow every fucking drop, do you got it?" Of course she refused to give him the satisfaction of a response but he went along as if she had agreed anyway. Almost immediately he pulled back quickly and exploded hitting the back of her throat with spurt after spurt of his salty muck. She thought for a moment that it was nearly over as this boy left and no one replaced him.

There was just the skinny black gangster between her legs riding her like a bull machine. She stared at the ceiling hoping and praying for this ordeal to end. Just then a chair was pulled up next to her and someone sat down. It was the handsome black stud and he just sat there staring at her amazing body as it rocked back and forward with against the thrusts of the skinny boy.

Finally he spoke "So you're a big tough cop now?" it was more of a statement than a question "Do, do I know you?" Chelsea said with a sniff trying not to cry again.

"I was there, the night my brother got locked up. The night he fucked your slutty roommate's brains out and you called the fucking cops, the pigs that caught him and put him away."He snarled "But look at you; you're a tough one hey. She squealed and cried like a baby and so will you, when I've finished with your skinny white trash ass" Chelsea's resolve grew stronger as rage flooded through her body.

She was done with crying and no matter what these bastards did to her she had shed her last tear. "Bring it you fucking gutter trash2nd rate gangster" she snarled She knew she would be making things worse for herself but there was no way she would give him the satisfaction he wanted. He grabbed her tit and squeezed it hard and hauled off and belted her backhand across the face. Tasting blood she spat at him and turned her face away.

Furious he pushed the skinny boy out of the way and positioned himself between her legs. He dropped his pants releasing his enormous donkey dick. It stood out an incredible 11 inches tall and only a fraction slimmer than a coke can with a huge purple knob bobbing to and fro as he removed his shirt and then reached down placing his bulbous cockhead against her sopping wet cunt lips. He cruelly grabbed a tit in each hand for leverage and then viciously thrust forward sinking just over half of his massive cock into her weary pussy.

With her arms still tied at her side she grabbed at her ass cheeks and attempted to pull herself wider apart to accommodate the gigantic prong that was surely going to split her right down the middle. She winced and bit her lip as he withdrew and thrust into her again and again but refused to make a sound. She closed her eyes and tried to escape to another place as the enormous rod rearranged her insides.

As he increased the ferocity of his assault on her pussy she slowly got on top of the mental battle within her.

She was no longer the victim of a heinous sexual crime but was a beautiful sensuous woman with an enormous sexual appetite and was going to teach these little boys a lesson. "Fuck me, oh yeah baby. Pump that pussy hard" she cried Confused and annoyed he tried to push further into her with every thrust but there was no way his enormous cock was going to go all the way into her skinny body. "Harder baby, harder" she yelled "Shut her up" he ordered The skinny guy returned and stuffed his knob into her mouth and ordered her to suck it.

She begged them to free her hands so she could work his cock with her hands as she sucked him to completion. He freed one hand and she convincingly started jerking him off as she polished his knob greedily with her tongue. The sight of this was seemingly more than the black stud could handle as his balls contracted in preparation for his orgasm. Chelsea moved quickly removing a second spasming cock from between her lips and begged them both to cum into her mouth.

She now had these boys under her control, the stud moved around in front of her and aimed his fire hose at her and erupted all over her pretty face as did the skinny boy. Having blown his load the stud regained some composure "This bitch may be harder to crack than I thought" he said to his skinny friend He walked over to a bench picking up something that Chelsea could not make out and returned.

Before she could react his hand covered in a rag covered her face. Immediately she recognised it to be chloroform. When she came to she was rocking back and forth face down over the bench with her ass being ploughed by the guy whose cock she had bitten earlier. She took a while to remember where she was and when she finally did through herself back into her role as she began to moan "Ooh, oooooh, ooh baaaaby" Chelsea was no stranger to anal sex after all she was a spectacular woman and enjoyed sex as much as the next person, she was definitely no prude.

Never the less it had been a while and her ass hole burned a little as the cock hammered away inside of her. She looked around the room and saw the other members crashed out on a sofa with empty whisky bottles scattered on the floor and the handsome black member was sitting looking across the room from an armchair at her "Well, well good morning my little slut" He had his foot resting on a large fuel tin.

He looked down at it then at her. "It appears I underestimated your slutiness, I may have to burn it out of you" he grinned "But it sure will be a shame to burn such a delicious bootay" The whole time he spoke her mind was racing. How would she get out of this? She started to put pieces together to form a plan in her head as she spoke. "Aww baby, you don't have to do that. We can come to an arrangement, I'm sure we can" "Go on" he replied curiously "All I need to let you and your boys walk is to be satisfied.

Are you man enough to satisfy me baby, I ain't been satisfied yet." She gasped The guy hammering her ass went into overtime trying to be the first to make her cum. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back with one hand and reached around and grabbed her left tit with the other and started slamming into her so hard she thought the bench would actually collapse.

However he only drew his own orgasm quicker as his loathsome cock exploded inside her magnificent ass.

He didn't even make the effort to pull up his pants but just shuffled over to the sofa and crashed. "I guess it's my turn" said the stud being the only one of the gang members still conscious "Prepare to be satisfied bitch, any special requests" "69, I want you to eat my pussy as I suck your magnificent cock" her head hurt from the sentence she heard just come out of her mouth.

She just wanted to get out of here and soak her tortured body in a hot bath. She had a plan of sorts in her mind though. If all went well he would agree to the 69 and while on top of him she would slip his hands in the clasps they had used on her. Then she would use the chloroform on him and escape while they were all unconscious.

He did not answer her but just crossed the room picking her police baton as he approached her. A little startled she inquired "What the hell are you doing with that?" "I'll eat your skank pussy, and you'll do a good job on my cock and if you try and pull any shit you'll wear this stick across the back of your head. Got it?" She nodded as he released her and climbed up on the bench with his cock stiffening.

It was a shame he was such a vile human being she thought, his cock was so amazing she thought she may get lost on her role play as she climbed on top and took the massive head in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his enormous knob as she felt him lapping at her pussy lips. She removed the head from her mouth and ran her tongue along the side of the shaft to his balls and took one at a time into her mouth as she felt him flicking her clit with his vile tongue.

"Oh fuck" she gasped "Hehe, I'm gonna own your sexy ass cop" he smirked confidently as he sucked her clit into his mouth She closed her eyes and set about her task with new determination pumping his massive shaft as she sucked his balls into her throat and flicked her tongue across them.

She travelled back up the shaft and paused as she looked at the huge cock. Placing a hand either side of the criminal she went down on him taking well over half of his massive prick down her throat. His arms flew out to his side and he flung his head backwards and let out a groan of no return as she skilfully slid his cock a tiny bit further into her throat and then began bouncing.

She felt his hands cup and then start squeezing her massive tits as she continued on his cock and knew she would have to make her move soon. She reached down placing her hands on top of his and helped him massage her beautiful breasts.

In a lightning quick move she sat back on his face and pushed his hands into the clasps at the side of the bench as his head thrashed underneath her pussy and his legs kicked. She pumped his powerful cock with her hand as she ground down on his face making sure she would form a seal over his face.

His head thrashing beneath her felt amazing and she had to concentrate hard to not give him any room or he would scream and awake the others.

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She pressed back harder against his face, to her surprise she felt his balls tighten and watched as his thick creamy cum rocketed through the air followed by another five or six blasts. As his orgasm subsided and his cock started to shrink his legs both flung out forward together, his head stopped thrashing inside her cunt as she ground her lips against his handsome face.

Her pussy began twitching as she watched his arms relax as the last bit of life drained from his body. She defiantly continued to ride his face and then shuddered in orgasm as she soaked his face in a stream of lady juice and collapsed forward on his dead body. She wasted no time dismounting and getting to work. She went straight to the bottle of chloroform on the bench and soaked the rag in it as she approached the coach where the other three were now passed out.

She stuffed the rag over the first boy's mouth; he jumped and then struggled for a second before passing out again. She took care of the other 2 leaving the rag stuffed inside the last ones mouth. She got dressed and prepared to leave as she took the fuel can that they had planned to use on her and splashed fuel all over the room and over each of them. She set the tin still three quarters full down in the middle of the room.

She took one last look at the boys and as she pulled out her pistol and aimed at the edge of the fuel puddle.

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She squeezed the trigger and watched the fuel ignite and creep across the floor as she turned and ran as fast as her weary body would let her. She made it nearly to the end of the street before she heard the explosion and turned to take one last satisfied look. She looked around realising quickly that she was in familiar territory and headed to a pay phone to call in the disturbance before heading home to get cleaned up ready for her next shift.