Blonde sexy masseuse Pristine Edge ride her clients cock hard

Blonde sexy masseuse Pristine Edge ride her clients cock hard
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Hi, my name is Derrick. I guess you could say that I've always been a very sexual person. I was about 13 when I lost my virginity for the first time. It was with a girl named Nicole. She was also 13, and shorter than me. She had red hair, freckles all over her face, small breasts that had been coming in for a while, and she was kind of chubby, but she had a beautiful ass that I used to stare at whenever she was turned around.

We had been friends in the neighborhood since we were really little.

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It wasn't really much of a neighborhood; to be honest it was more like a trailer park, just without a fence. There were some houses, but they were old or abandoned. It was a really messed up side of town.

I lived with my cousins in an old single-wide trailer. My dad had left when I was really young, and my mom was a habitual drug user. My older cousin, Tracy, lived there with her boyfriend and her younger sister, Avery. Avery and I shared a room together, and sinceTracy and her boyfriend worked most of the time, Avery and I spent a lot of time home alone.

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Nicole would come over a lot, especially during the summer months. Since we weren't in school, we would usually kill time on the internet, since we didn't have cable.


We would mess around in chat rooms, watch videos, and do all kinds of crazy things to pass the time. One day, while Avery was out at a friends house, Nicole and I were alone. I was so horny that day, and so glad we were alone, so I could finally see if I could get anywhere with her.

I asked her if she had ever seen any porn. She laughed, and said she had only ever seen magazines. I asked her which kind, and she said the usual; Playboy, penthouse, some Club magazines. She said she had walked in on her brother masturbating one time, but nothing more than that. I asked her if she ever masturbated, and she laughed and reluctantly said "yes." When I asked her if she had ever had sex, she said no, and that she was a virgin.

I was a virgin too, but I would often spend my time masturbating to internet porn. I had discovered it when I was about 12 and I found some unclosed porn windows after my cousins boyfriend had used the computer. After that time, I was hooked. At first I would browse around for the basic stuff, but after a while, I started coming across some hardcore material.

At first, it shocked me, but for some reason, the nastiness of seeing things like anal sex and rough oral really turned me on, especially one time when I found a lesbian video where one of the girls licked the other girls ass. It seemed so gross to be licking someone else's asshole, but it was so nasty, it just gave me a huge boner. Most of the time, when everyone else was gone, I would look up porn on the computer in the living room, and make sure to cum at least five to six times before anyone got home.

I didn't reveal this to Nicole, of course, but I looked at her and asked: "Do you wanna see some?" She looked at me kind of awkward, then kind of smiled and said: "Yeah, sure." When we typed in the word "Porn," we were greeted with millions of search results.

The first few we clicked on were just naked girls, but the more we clicked around, the more explicit it got. "Oh my god," she said, "he's fucking her?" "Yeah," I replied.

Click, click. "Is that cum on her face?!" "Yeah," I said. "Oh," she said, "Click on the one that says 'Blonde Slut Sucks Dick!" Click. "Wow!" She said, "She's sucking the whole thing!" Click.

I was purposely making sure I was close to her and our arms were touching After several minutes of browsing around, Nicole started to notice my hard dick through my pants. She looked at me coyly. "You're horny, aren't you?" she said. "Just a little," I replied. "Hah, more than a little," She remarked, staring at my bulge. I just stood there, kind of awkwardly, and slightly embarrassed.

"I'll let you see it, but you have to show me yours, too." I said She wanted to say "no," but I could tell she really wanted to see it. "You first," She said. "Me first?. Okay." I unzipped my pants and let me erect dick flop out.

It pointed straight out towards her face. "Wow, it's really hard," she said. "Okay, well, you've seen mine, now I wanna see yours," I said.

Realizing the deal we had made, she stood up out of the chair, and slowly pulled her shorts and panties down. I got so unbelievably horny at the sight of her tiny red, hairy pussy. It looked like she hadn't started shaving yet, but It was so fucking hot. I just imagined my hard dick disappearing into that tight snatch. "Wow, it's all hairy," I said. "Yeah," She replied, kind of embarrassed. We just stood there, awkwardly staring at each others genitals.

"I'll suck yours if you suck mine," I said, "but you have to do me first." I was 13, so I didn't completely understand that you "ate" pussy and didn't say "suck" pussy, all I knew is that I wanted to do what I had seen in the videos and pictures. She looked kind of unsure, but then with a 'what the hell' kind of expression, she said: "Okay." She slowly got down on her knees.

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I was so stunned, but incredibly horny and excited at the same time. She took a look at my dick in her face.


I could tell by her facial expression that she could smell it, and she wasn't sure if she should actually suck it. She opened her mouth once or twice, but then backed off, before finally grabbing it lightly with her thumb and index finger, and easing it into her mouth. Oh god, it felt so good sliding over her warm, 13 year old tongue. She took it about halfway in, then held it there and sucked on it.

It felt so good. It was obvious she had never done it before, since she didn't move her head and just stayed in the same place, but each suck was pure ecstasy. I grabbed the sides of her head, and started pumping into her face. I quickly got carried away, and humped several times randomly, almost like a dog humping a piece of furniture.

She gagged, and coughed my dick out slightly, which just made me even hotter. I pumped into her face a few more times, gripping her by the hair as I did. Gag. I started cumming in her mouth, then I pulled out as she choked up my dick, and started coughing up cum.

I kept cumming like crazy, all over her pink shirt. She looked up, cum still dripping out of her mouth, and all over her chest.

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My dick kept throbbing, spurting out cum. A couple shots slid down her cleavage. "Woah," She blurted. She looked astonished, almost like she couldn't believe she had just sucked a dick, and that's what it was really like.

I almost wanted to apologize, but I was too caught up from being horny. Before things had a chance to get really weird, I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her backwards on the floor.

Her pants were still mostly down, so I pulled them off and dove into her red, hairy pussy. I didn't know what I was really doing, I just imitated the movies I had seen.

I started sucking all over her pussy, pushing my tongue in and out of it. She started squirming as I sucked all over her wet hole.

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It was wide open, and her legs were in the air. I could smell pussy juice on my face, which just turned me on even more.

I thought of the lesbian video I had seen, and out of nowhere, I licked her asshole, to see what it was like. She recoiled, almost in shock that I was licking it, and she kind of pulled away, but she didn't say anything. I kept going, licking her ass, and sucking on her pussy. I could feel her going crazy. She had to be cumming. Pre-cum was dripping out of my dick onto the carpet. I was so fucking hard again. I finished sucking on one of her pussy lips, then came up and, without any warning, I just sunk my dick all the way in her.

The look of shock on her face and the sensation of sliding in to her warm, virgin pussy was overwhelming. My pants were still around my legs, but I didn't care, I just pounded the shit out of her pussy. Looking back, it was so awkward, I was just flopping away on top of her with no real sense of rhythm, but it felt so good, and she must've liked it, because her pussy kept squeezing me out.

The smell of sex was everywhere, and it was turning me on even more. About a minute and a half into it, I started getting my rhythm and pounding hard. I lost all control, and used one of my hands to grab her by the hair.

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I started humping her violently, shaking her head back and forth, getting ready to cum, as she yelped with each pull of her hair. I pulled out and busted all over her stomach and hairy pussy.

It came out in gigantic spurts. We just stared at each other for a moment, almost in shock that we had just had sex. I rested my balls on her cum soaked pussy. I looked at all the previous cum stains on her shirt, still slightly wet.

I couldn't believe I had just cum on her twice, and I hadn't even seen her tits yet. I pulled up her shirt, and lifted her bra up to see them.

Oh god, they were so hot, all young with cum drying on them. I grabbed one, and sucked on it. Then, I moved up and put my dick next to her face, encouraging her to put it in her mouth again. I wanted to get hard and fuck her more. She started sucking it as she lay on the floor, and I slowly started pumping into her mouth again.

Suddenly, we heard the doorknob jiggle. It was Avery. She must have been coming home from her friends house. Nicole and I looked at each other, in shock. Without saying anything, we got up, grabbed her shorts, and dashed down the hall right as Avery unlocked and opened the door. I ran to the bedroom, while Nicole went to the bathroom with her shorts. To Be Continued.