Hot brunette teens licking and fucking pussys with dildo

Hot brunette teens licking and fucking pussys with dildo
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Cool summer afternoon when I walk into the pretzel store. The door was cracked open so I removed the stopper and gently pull on the door close. He appears from the back with a case of pretzels in his hands. He looks at me and say hello. I undo the buttons on my black leather trench coat and put my hands on my hips so my black lace panties with a neon pink ribbon and matching bra shows. I got my "fuck me " heals on accompanied with my see through stockings and I been waiting for to long.

" I have been a bad girl and I really need to be punished" I grin.

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He smiles and look at me with his blue eyes then sit the box down to grab a set of keys. He walks past me to go lock the door then he turn and is behind me.


He leans in and whisper in my ear, "So baby girl been bad? Let daddy make it right." He take a step back and pull my coat off of me, as he walk past me to take my hand he stop and just look at me. I do a quick spin around ,"Do you like what you see?" I say as I tilt my head to the side. "I don't like itI love it" he whisper as he get closer and smack my ass. He continue forward and guide me behind the counter. My body is jumping with excitement for I am seconds away from attacking him.

He leads me to a table near the oven that is blasting with heat from making pretzels all day. He stands back as I push everything off the table then bend over it as I look back" I'm ready to be punished." I say as my smile goes from ear to ear.

I hear him as he steps towards me then lays my jacket next to me. I feel his long fingers trail up my ass then grab my waist to pull me close and Push into me. I can feel how hard he is so I rub my ass against his dick but with a swift move he has his hand my dark brown hair. "What's my name?" He demands. I reply "Denis" His other hand moves from my hip to my ass and he starts to rub.

"What's my name?" He repeats "Denis" I say He hand stops rubbing and he smacks my ass. I then let out a half scream half moan. " Say it again " He demands. I say his name and his hand comes down hard and I let out a moan.

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"You like that?" He ask (SMACK!) "Please don't stop" I replied. (SMACK!) "I want to hear it." He asks " What's daddy's name?" I scream "DENIS!" He stops asking me to say his name but I keep on saying it while he spanks me.

I can feel my pussy get all wet and my body starts to get all tingly, part of me wonders how good it would be if he was deep inside me. I come back to reality when he smacks my ass so hard that I say daddy instead of his name. I feel his hard dick up against my ass again so I slam my ass back towards his pelvis. "Such a impatient bitch" He says while rubbing it against my ass "I'm your bitch!" I moan out.

He kept smacking my ass harder when I started panting hard. He grabs my hair and pulls me back then turns me around so that I am facing him. I tilt my head and smile. "What's the matter?" He says confused. "Why are you looking at me like that?" "Your eyes are truly wonderful" I respond "Is my punishment over?" He cock his head back and give me a half smile.

"Baby girl it's just getting started" He pushes me up against the table then lefts me on top of it. We lock eyes as he rips off my panties then we both watch as it hit the floor. "Time for your punishment." He growl.

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"Please make it so I can barley walk when you get done with me" I ask. " I do what I see fit for your punishment.

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I do not take request" He snaps. " I don't feel like looking at you right now. Get your ass down and bend over." I do what I am told. He undo my bra and my nipples instantly gets hard from me being all excited. He fiddles with his pants and they hit the ground. He then shift and slides his dick inside me, I gasp for how thick he is.

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He slides one of his hands in my hair and pull my head back " The name is Denis, don't forget it bitch" He says as he starts sliding in and out of me. Nothing turns me on more than getting fucked from behind while getting my hair pulled and being called a bitch or daddies little slut. I guess some how he read my mind. I start moaning and it seems like he is getting deeper and deeper inside me. Im clutching the end of the table trying to hold on because the dick is just that good right now.

He smacks my ass then pulls my hair" What's my name bitch?" He growls as he is pounding out my insides.

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"Denis" I scream. " DENIS!" I feel his other had slide up to my nipple and start to pinch. He slams into me like crash dummy the auto people use for testing the cars.

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He basically have me on my tippy toes as we rock this table back and forth. He pulls on my hair and nipple at the same times while his stroking change from slamming to jack rabbitI'm trying not to be so loud so people do not think someone is being murdered in the store. "DENIS!" I scream. " PLEASE DENIS DON'T STOP!" I cum but hope he has not noticed.

My grip gets tighter on the table and I feel like I am slipping but I don't want to. I getting tired. His motion starts to slows down and I'm thinking he might be done but I was wrong. He ease out of me then grabs my hair and pulls me off the table. He turns me around so I'm facing him then lift me and puts me on top of the table again.

" Open up those pretty legs" He says with a smile. " show daddy those pretty lips." I spread my legs as far as I can get them. He grabs my thighs and pull me down so my ass is on the edge of the table.

We make eye contact as he put his thick dick inside me and I can feel every inch that I gasp. Im so close to tapping out but trying not to just to show him I can handle the punishment. He starts his movement just slow pumping but only for a few minutes then start to pick up speed.

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He smirks at me then place his hands at the end of the table by my head. He uses the table to get deeper inside me as well as slamming into my wet pussy. I'm moaning loud, so loud that I'm sure somebody could hear me but at this moment I don't care. " TAKE IT BITCH" He yells. I feel like he has touched my soul with his dick.


I can feel his body start to slow so I push him out of me and drop to my knees so he can cum in my mouth. I lock eyes with him. Cum shoots out the head of his dick and into my mouth then I swallow. Everything around starts to go white and music comes on.

I'm confused but I have not taken his dick out of my mouth. He smiles,"Good girl" He says as he rubs my head. The room gets more brighter to the point I start blinking my eyes and little by little he starts to fade. At my last blink I wake up with my alarm clock blaring music.

Come to find out it was just a dream. A damn good dream at that.