Petite nipples and hairy cunt from Tokyo

Petite nipples and hairy cunt from Tokyo
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- I realized in the first part of the story I mixed up the narrative between first person and third person. I hadn't realized it, until someone pointed it out. I want to keep it in third person, so I think I did pretty good with that on the second part. sorry for the troubles if you had some difficulty reading the first part. Hope you enjoy this part. Let me know what you think. (: Holden stared at Maxynn wide eyed, honestly not believing his eyes.

He had just fucked his stepsister. Maxynn, on the other hand, had a feeling she knew it all along with all the signs she noticed. "I really can't believe this. We're gonna be in so much trouble", Holden said, grabbing his clothes and putting them on. "Nobody says that mom and dad have to know." Maxynna replied. He stared at her like she was stupid. He picked her clothes up and threw them at her, as he walked out the door.

She had no idea what he was about to do, so she shoved her clothes on and chased him down. He was getting in the car, but before he could drive away she jumped in. "Woah, woah, woah.

Slow down, what are you doing?" Maxynn hurried and grabbed the keys before he started the car. He put his head in his hands and started banging the steering wheel. "This has to stay a secret, Maxynn. I mean it, nobody can know what we did.

Even if it was an accident, no one.

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None of your little friends or anyone else. Got it?", Holden snapped at her. She was kind of pissed, she would love to brag to everyone that she slept with her hot, popular, stepbrother.

"Got it." She said and he started the car and took them home. The next few days were awkward. Holden pretty much stayed away from her as much as he could. But, Maxynn would always catch glimpses of him staring at her ass or checking her up and down.

When she asked him about it, he pretty much denied it and said she was seeing things. But one night, Maxynn was in bed and heard her door open. It was dark so she didn't notice that Holden had slipped into her room.

"Maxynn?" He was sitting at the end of her bed.

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She sat up, "Yeah? Is everything okay?" Then, the weirdest thing happened. He pushed his lips onto hers. And not a little sibling peck, it was a full make out session. When he pulled away he said, "Im sorry.

I couldn't help myself, ever since the party it's been driving me crazy. All i've been wanting to do is touch you like that again". He pushed her back onto the bed and began removing the little clothing that she had on. He was kissing her neck and down to her stomach, finally reaching the grand prize. He was kissing all around her pussy lips and Maxynn started moaning. "Shhh, keep it down, Max. Mom and dad's room are right downstairs. We don't want them coming up here." He continued kissing everywhere, teasing her.

"Holden stop. Just please do it already". He chuckled a little bit and said "spread your legs baby." She did as she was told, spreading her legs as wide as she could. He began lapping at her young pussy, holding her pussy lips open for better access.

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He was licking all up and down her pussy and rubbing her clit with his thumb in a circular motion. She was moaning like crazy, trying her best to keep quiet. "Mmm. Ever since I tasted you at that party, I couldn't wait to be able to do this again." He decided to start fingering her and sucking her clit instead, and that drove her nuts.

Her first orgasm was arriving, and he began pumping his fingers in and out of her as fast as possible. She grabbed his head and shoved him down onto her as she came. She was shaking and shivering the whole time, then she lay motionless. Catching her breath back, Holden was still eating her up, so she had to push him off. She was getting too sensitive. He lay beside her and she climbed on top of him. She was straddling him and leaned down to kiss him.

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They began making out, and she starting tonguing his mouth. She tasted pretty good, if she had to say so herself. "That was sexy".


Holden chuckled. She started riding him slowly, he was watching her pretty good sized boobs bounce up and down in the darkness. He reached up and began pinching her nipples softly, a small gasp and moan escaping her mouth. "This is so much better without being — being blindfolded". She said, barely able to get the words out. She started picking the pace up as he was finding her rhythm, matching everytime she came down. "Get on your hands and knees".

She quickly turned around and he started inserting her from behind. He grabbed onto her hair and began pounding into his baby stepsister.

The only noise in the room was the sound of his balls slapping her ass. And of course, Maxynn moaning, too loudly he thought. He shoved her head into the bed, to muffle her moans. He reached his other hand around under her belly and began rubbing her clit.

That's when he felt her body shaking and there he was following, shooting his semen deep into his sister. He pulled out and leaned behind her, sucking her pussy and cleaning up their juices.


He lay beside her for awhile, they were both panting and trying to catch their breaths. Maxynn rolled over onto her side and looked at him, "So. What's going to happen? Like with us?" He thought for a long while before he said, "I would love to keep doing this with you, if that's the way you feel as well. But, nobody can find out about this." She planted a kiss on his cheek and said "I would love to as well." And then he felt her hands on his dick, stroking it.

Quickly, bringing it to life. His little sister must be ready for another round. The next morning Maxynn woke up to the sound of her alarm. She and her stepbrother had to get ready for their family reunion they have every summer. Her body felt good, probably because of last night. She rolled over to get out of bed and Holden was laying beside her, he must have never went back to his own room last night. She shoved him a little, "Holden.

Get up." He grunted and got up. Holden went to take a shower and Maxynn when to talk to their parents. She asked if she could stay home, because she didn't really "feel too well".

She just really actually wanted to hang out with her best friend, Abigail. Her parents agreed to let her stay home, they were only going to be gone a couple hours anyways. A little while after they left, Abigail was over and up in Maxynn's room.

She couldn't help herself, she had to spill the beans about her and Holden. "WHAT? You and your stepbrother? That's so hot" Abigail agreed. "He eats pussy better than anyone i've ever been with". Maxynna said, giggling. "Really? I've never really had my pussy ate before." Abigail admitted. Maxynn couldn't believe her ears.

Her best friend never had her pussy ate before? She had to do something about this. "Let me help you with that." Maxynn pushed Abigail back onto the bed, so she was on her back. She quickly removed her jeans and underwear for Maxynn. She spread Abigail's legs. Her pussy was so pink and wet, neatly trimmed hair. She leaned in and took in the scent of her best friend, this was such an exciting moment.

She kissed Abigail wet snatch, Abigail moaned softly, lifting her ass off the bed to get more onto Maxynn's mouth. Maxynn held open Abigail's pussy lips, so she could eat her best friend better. She was rubbing her clit, teasing her a little. She then began sucking all on her clit and Abigail went wild. Moaning crazy, and saying "More. please more, Max". Maxynn was rubbing her clit, while she licked into her friends nice little pussy hole. Then, she had an idea, from the way her ass was lifted a little, she could definitely give her little asshole some attention.

She started rubbing her asshole and licking her wet pussy. Her juices were flowing, and Maxynn was lapping all of it up. She moved her tongue to Abigail's asshole and right then she heard someone say "Whata going on here?" Both Abigail and Maxynn looked to the doorway to find Holden staring them down.

From the size of his pants, Maxynn could tell he was enjoying the sight. "What are you doing here? We thought you guys left." Holden laughed, "We had to come back because mom forget the dessert that she's supposed to bring. Good thing she sent me in, or she would not like what she found." Abigail was a bit embarrassed and tried covering herself up.

"Don't worry Abigail, I just wanna know if I can join you guys?" Holden asked. The girls agreed and he took the dessert out to his parents, asking if he could stay home too. They agreed and Holden quickly ran back inside and up stairs. He quickly stripped and took over for Maxynn, eating out sweet Abigail.

Maxynn took her clothes off and straddled Abigail's face, lowering her pussy down. Abigail got busy with Maxynn's swollen, wet cunt. Both girls were moaning like crazy. Then, Holden stopped them and made them 69. With Maxynn towards the edge of the bed, her ass was up in the air.

He licked his thumb and rubbed it all over her hole and then slowly inserted his meat into her. She shrieked at first.


"Shhh. Just calm down and relax," He said, rubbing her clit from underneath, while Abigail's face was shoved into her pussy, lapping up her juices. He eased his way into her hole, once he was all the way in he held it there for a minute, letting her get used to it. He backed out and pushed back in a few more times, until he felt her pushing back into him to get more. That's when he finally started picking up the pace, and then he heard her moaning in approval to what he was doing.

Maxynn's face was buried in Abigail's pussy.

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Maxynn was fingering her and licking her asshole and finally felt Abigail shaking violently under her, and Maxynn soon followed after she felt her brothers warm, sticky semen shoot into her bowels.

They all lay there for a minute relaxing and trying to catch their breath, then Maxynn whispered something into Abigail's ear. Abigail smiled big and Holden could tell that was a smile of approval. Maxynn sat up and looked at Holden and said, "Would you like to fuck Abigail? I'd like to see that." Holden looked at both girls, back and forth.

And then agreed. Abigail was pretty cute and had a nice body, and if his sister was allowing it to happen, he was not about to deny that chance. He moved toward Abigail and put his lips into hers. He felt her tongue trying to find a way into his mouth, so he let it in.

Their tongues darted for few around each other and then he felt Abigail pushed him back into the bed. She began kissing down his chest and belly, to his very, very erect penis. She wrapped her warm hand around it and started to pump it slowly, moving her hand around whenever she made it to the bottom.

Holden's eyes were closed and he was grunting in approval to what she was doing. Then, he felt her warm, wet mouth on the tip and he gasped. Holy shit, that felt amazing. She took about 5 of his 7 inches into her mouth, he was amazed when she didn't gag at all. She started sucking and licking all over his member, while Maxynn moved her body over Holden's face. She lowered her pussy to his mouth and he began eating his stepsister's juices.

All the while, Abigail was still sucking and pumping him. He knew he couldn't hold on for much longer. She starting softly sucking on his balls and that did the trick.

"I'm — I'm cumming" He gasped. Abigail put in as much as she could of Holden as he shot his load into the back of her throat. She swallowed every bit of his seed. And even cleaned him up after. Then, she climbed up and straddled him, while lowering her pussy onto his cock. She started riding him slowly, till he matched her rhythm and then she picked up her pace. Maxynn was still riding his face and she was faced towards Abigail.

Abigail leaned up a bit and put her lips onto Maxynn's. They began swapping saliva and Holden then inserted his middle finger into his sisters sweet, little cunt.

He began licking her asshole and she started rocking back and forth. He felt her body quiver and shake and Abigail had to hold her up so she wouldn't collapse. Then, he felt himself thrusting faster and felt his seed being shot into his sexy sisters best friend, soon after her following. They all lay on the bed tired and wore out. Abigail gathered her things and said she had a wonderful time, but she had to get home. They had all been at it for at least a couple of hours.

Holden and Maxynn were laying side by side, his eyes level with her chest. Her eyes were closed and he could see the rise and fall of her breasts each time she inhaled and exhaled. He moved his head closer to her breasts and latched his mouth onto her nipple, sucking and licking it. While his other hand pinched and rubbed the other one. Maxynn never opened her eyes, she began meaning in approval to what he was doing.

She felt her pussy grow warm and become wetter and wetter. He took his other hand and moved it to her cunt, rubbing her clit all around. Her breathing was becoming heavier.

Then, they heard the front door slam. Holden jumped up and ran down the hall to his room, while Maxynn threw on some random clothes on her floor. They heard their parents yell from downstairs, "we're home kids!" Maxynn peeked her head out from her door and looked down the hall to Holden's room. He peeked his head out too and whispered to her "we'll continue this later baby" and winked as he shut his door. Maxynn giggled, she couldn't wait.

To be continued.