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Blonde teen thief caught fucking big rod doggy style
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Sarah walked into the bedroom rubbing her eyes. It was very late, or early morning, depending on how one looked at it. Work had been uneventful, which left her in a wanting mood. That mood increased tenfold as she walked into their bedroom and saw him lying on the bed.

He was naked. It was obvious he had been trying to stay awake and wait up for her, but had fallen asleep.

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He was lying in the center of the bed, which had been stripped except for the one sheet which he cuddled to his chest as he lay there on his stomach. He looked so peaceful, as if he was dreaming of her.

Sarah smiled and slowly began to remove her own clothes, but she never took her eyes off of him. She admired his body as he slept.

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His tush was so adorable, and her fingers yearned to squeeze him. His legs were parted so that she could just see the fine hairs that surrounded his manhood. Sarah was aroused just looking at him. His thigh muscles were so pretty. Yes, pretty, and his hairless back begged for her to run her fingers down his spine. When she looked at him like this, there were no other thoughts except for the ones where she thought of him filling her.

The worries of the day were gone. Work didn't exist. Family woes did not exist.

The grocery list was forgotten. Only thoughts of him inside of her, completing her, his moans as she pleasured him…the joy that brought her.

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Those were her only thoughts. Finally Sarah was free of her own clothing. She gently crawled up the bed and lay there behind him. Just as she had imagined, she ran her hand along his skin, softly over his spine, and down his thigh to where his knee breaks a straight line, feeling the soft skin there behind his knee.

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As her fingers caressed him, he shifted a bit in his sleep, cuddling the sheet closer to him. She smiled as he slept, and moved her feather touches back up his thigh and slipped her hand between his legs. She gently cupped his balls. They filled her palm. So soft. The hairs there were so stiff and crisp. She loved the feel of him in her palm.

She did not apply pressure, Sarah just simply cupped him, holding him gently in her hand. It was a great feeling, and her smile broadened. His skin was wrinkled there, yet so soft and really thick. He felt so full. His essence was in her hand. He grows hard, and his penis extends upwards towards his stomach.

He still doesn't move, and appears to still be sleeping. But Sarah knows better. She chuckles softly under her breath, low in her throat. It's a husky and sexy chuckle, one full of need.

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He looks so innocent, but his manhood is so hard. He doesn't fool her for even a moment, yet she is grateful for his lack of command at this moment. She wants to pleasure him. She can't wait to hear his moans. It pleasures her to give him pleasure.

Sarah slides her hands further up, up around his length. He grows even harder. It feels like velvet under her fingers. He's so hard. The velvet of his skin is not loose, but it moves easily with Sarah's administrations. He grows harder and longer as she strokes him. Only then does he turn over onto his back. His eyes meet hers in a lazy smile, and she knows he wants her to do it. He begins to moan, and Sarah knows by his sounds that she is doing everything right. It pleases her to hear him.

It spurs her on. She is possessed with the need to make him feel so good. So good. She wants to see his eyes roll back, his head thrash, hear his moans and gasps. She can hardly wait, yet the build up is part of it all. She wants to make him wait for it, because that makes it even better for him. She bends down and slowly licks underneath his balls.

He squirms below her and his balls tighten up under her tongue. His hairs are standing up at attention. She didn't know it was even possible for him to grow even harder, but he does. Then she runs her tongue on the underside, down around his thigh, and back around his balls.

It's the softest skin she's ever known. He moans again, because he knows what is coming. Sarah moves to the other side of him, around that thigh, repeating the same actions with her tongue. She looks up, not moving her head, and she sees him thrashing against the pillow. His eyes are tightly closed, but it's as if he can feel her looking at him, so his eyes pop open and he returns a look.

It's full of desire and joy and need and pleasure. He likes that Sarah is looking at him as she tastes him. Then he closes his eyes again and falls back into the pillow.

Sarah scoots up further along his body, between his legs so that she can get better leverage as she takes him into her mouth.

At his tip is a little bit of pre-cum, giving her just a taste. Salty goodness. He tastes like salty pineapple juice. He tastes like a man. It makes her wet. She likes to taste him, because she knows it's her that is causing him to writhe and build into an explosion that is still on the verge of eruption.

He isn't circumcised, so his skin covers his tip and moves as she strokes him.


It's not a loose skin, it's just moveable. The movements amplify his pleasure. He also has a vein that runs up the underside of his penis, all the way to the tip.

She runs her tongue along this vein. It's really thick, and she can feel him pulsing within the vein.

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He likes it when her tongue runs up and down this vein. It causes him to moan even louder. "Unh…unh… oh god…oh&hellip." His head thrashes around even more.

Sarah keeps this up for many minutes, until she varies it by taking all of him inside her mouth. He slides in, and out, in and out. Her jaw opens wide to give him room. In and out, in and out. It's then that he grabs her head, pumping into her. Sarah has to be careful that he doesn't choke her, so she leans giving him room to fully slide into her throat. He's losing himself, and it's because of Sarah. She continues to vary what she does.

Her tongue runs up the vein, then she swallows him, then she licks underneath him, swallowing him up and down, up and down, in and out, in and out.

Her small hands stroke him as well, and she can't get her fingers all around him. He is so big, and her hands are so small. Every once in awhile her eyes meet his, and he's smiling and moaning and thrashing all at the same time. His breathing quickens. He's panting now. He's very close. Sarah thought he was already really hard, but now he gets even harder. He's making the most heavenly sounds, because of her touch. He tastes so good. Suddenly Sarah slides up his body and situates herself over him, sliding him inside of her.

She arches up as he fills her completely. He's wet from being inside her mouth, and she's wet because she is so ready for him.

This is what she's been waiting for. It's the most perfect feeling. She's complete like never before. He fills her up. She feels full and complete, and she is home. This is home. She rises up, and she can feel his texture within her, like ribbing. When she comes back down, she can feel how deep he goes in. This is why she likes to be on top.

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He is deepest within her when she is on top. His hands don't stop moving. They run over her stomach, her breasts, her hips, moving as she slides up and down on top of him. His hands are on her waist, guiding her body up and down, up and down. His eyes vary between clenched closed and open, watching her, adoring her, loving her. Sarah raises her hands up and into her hair. Then he takes his thumb and rubs between her legs as she rides him.

That's when she sees the colors, reds and blues and yellows bursting behind her eyelids. No more thoughts, just bursts of colors. Then she opens her eyes and looks at him. His arms are flexed, the muscles bulging as he moves her up and down and squeezes her ass.

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Sarah leans back and he hits her in just the right spot. "Mnah…" she groans, no coherent words can be formed. As he rubs her and hits her in that spot, she comes inside and out. She comes both ways. She spasms all around him, her muscles clenching and gripping him deep within her. He loves to feel her come, and when her shaking has stopped he pulls her off of him so that he can now lie on top, pushing into her.


Now he wants to control her. But he wants her on her hands and knees, because again he wants to fill her completely. He pushes into her, in and out, and her knees get weak as she comes for the second time.

This time he too comes, spurting within her. His eyes squeeze shut and his hands grip her waist as they writhe together in ecstasy before falling to the bed spent and exhausted.

After awhile their panting turns into breathing, and their heart beats slow down. He cuddles her back against his chest and whispers into her ear, "Thank you." She falls asleep, the smile never leaving her face.