Movies of adult breast suckers during gay sex and filipino video boy

Movies of adult breast suckers during gay sex and filipino video boy
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It's been so long since I've seen my little princess, she's been away at college and is finally comming home to visit her old man and I plan on suprising her by taking her on a tour of Europe.

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I've been planning this for a while, she studies really hard and her grades are excellent so she definately deserves it and as her father its my job to spoil my little princess.

I also prepared a welcome home party for her and invited her mother { my ex wife }, her aunt { my sister } and some of her cousins so when my little princess Emily came through the front door she was pleasently suprised. She's changed so much, she's a woman now but I will always see her as my little girl, after the welcome home party ended and everyone left I told Emily about the tour of Europe and she was so happy. It's spring break for her so we can do the entire tour of Europe before she goes back to college.

While we were packing our luggage for the big trip we were watching the local news that was doing a story on " The Claws Of Allah " a terrorist group that's famous for kidnapping tourists, killing the males right away and gangraping the females for months before killing them.

Were in the plane sitting in first class wich was another plesant suprise for my little girl and enjoying the in flight movie when I notice a weird shaped can rolling past me, the can starts spinning and releases an orange gas. The gas is everywhere and I can see that all the passengers on the plane including my daughter are unconcious, I'm getting very sleepy but just before I pass out I can see some men wearing gas masks. I wake up in a room next to my daughter who is still sleeping and after waking her up she says " What's happening dad?, I'm scared " I try my best to calm her down but my mind keeps screaming terrorists.

Suddenly we hear a woman scream " NO, STOP " followed by a man screaming " GET OFF HER YOU BASTARDS " followed by two 2 gun shots and then silence. Emily is scared, her whole body is shaking in fear but before I can say anything the door opens and 2 terrorists holding guns enter our room, they point their guns to my head and are about to pull their triggers when Emily says " No stop, if you let my father live I'll do everything you want ".

The 2 terrorists look at eachother and 1 of them says in english " Both of you come with us " we follow the terrorists out of our room and down a long hall, I notice that on both sides of the hall are 12 rooms similar to the room we were in. We follow the terrorists until we get to a door with the words THE FUN ROOM written on it.

I look around and I see 4 terrorists enter one of the rooms that was next to our room and seconds later they come back out dragging the dead bodies of a fully clothed white male and a naked white female, both bodies have bullet holes in their heads. The terrorists open the door and we enter THE FUN ROOM, it's a huge square room with a king sized bed in the middle of the room.

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Surrounding the bed is several L shaped couches that form an almost complete square around the bed, there's a small space between the couches in front of the door. My daughter and I are told to stand next to the bed while several terrorists take their seats on the couches, all the terrorists are holding guns with lazer scopes attached to them. I look around and I notice that there are 4 large cameras, 1 on the ceiling, 1 on the left wall, 1 on the right wall and 1 on the back wall.

After all the terrorists take their seats one of them says in english " I want you and your daughter to strip naked now " I stand in front of my daughter and I say " Go to hell you bastards " but my daughter says " No wait, well do it " then she looks at me and she says " I told them that if they let you live I would do everything they wanted and I don't want you to die " and she starts to take off all of her clothes until she is completely naked.

I don't want to see her like that so I stare at the camera on the left wall when Emily stands in front of me and unbuckles my belt, I look her in the eye and say " What are you doing?

" and she says " Keeping you alive " she then gets on her knees and pulls my pants down and off me, taking my shoes and socks off me in the process. She then stands up and takes my shirt off and then getting on her knees again she pulls my underwear down and off, my limp penis is in front of her face. We stand next to eachother and one of the terrorists says " We all want to see you fuck your daughter now " and I scream " NO, I WOULD RATHER DIE " and all the terrorists aim their guns at me, Emily can see all the lazer targets all over my body and she says " No, stop, well do it ".

She stands in front of me and gives me a big hug pressing her large breasts into my chest she reaches down and grabs my penis in her handshe starts strocking my penis while lowering her other arm until her hand is grabbing my ass. I look her in the eye and my body betrays me and my cock becomes rock hard in her hand, she gets on her knees and places my rock hard cock in her mouth and starts sucking my cock while still grabbing my ass cheek.

I can hear the terrorists laughing and see some of them rubbing their crotches as they watch my own daughter suck my cock.

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She stands up and then pushes me on the bed and she says " I'll make sure we survive this dad " then she gets on the bed and getting into 69 position she places her cunt over my face and starts sucking my cock again. As I stare at her pussy and anus my mind is divided in 3 parts, the first part tells me that this is wrong and that I would rather die than give these bastards what they want. The second part is enjoying the feeling of my rock hard cock sliding in and out of my daughters mouth and the third part tells me that my daughter is trying so hard to save my life, if I get us both killed then all her efforts were for nothing.

The second and third parts of my mind win and I grab my daughter ass cheeks and spread them wich opens her vagina and I lick her pussy before sticking my tongue in it.

I lick her vagina again and then tell her to get off me wich she does, then I place her on her back and getting on my knees between her legs I start licking her pussy again while squeezing her very large breasts. I do this for a while until I place one of her legs over my shoulder and her other leg around my waist then position my cock head in front of her pussy, I look her in the eye and I say " I'm so sorry, but I promise you that we'll survive " still looking me in the eye she says " I understand daddy, I'm ready ".


I start to push and the head of my cock penetrates her pussy, she lets out a moan as I slide every inch of my cock deep into her cunt and start to fuck her. I can hear the terrorists laugh and scream " Fuck the whore, fuck her hard " I'm now fucking her hard, fast and deep, she moans every time I thrust my cock into her and she says " I'm going to cum " and soon I can feel her cumming all over my cock.

After fucking her a bit more I moan and pull my cock out of her and shoot ropes of cum all over her face, tits and stomach, one of the terrorists says " Both of you stand in front of the bed " we both get off the bed and take our positions. The terrorists laugh and one of them says " Look at that whore, covered in her fathers sperm " then another terrorist says " Hey whore eat your fathers sperm and tell us what it tastes like " and I watch as she scoops some of my sperm off her tits and stomach and shoves it in her mouth and swallows then she says " It tastes delicious ".

All the terrorists leave the Fun Room except for 1 who says " Both of you leave your clothes on the floor and follow me " and we head towards the door. Once were in the hall he takes us to a large bathroom and he tells us to wash up, we enter the bathroom and see 3 terrorists standing guard making sure we don't try to run.


There are several shower heads, sinks and toilets in the large washroom so we take our showers and are given towels to dry up but after we dry off the the terrorists take the towels back. Back in the hall we are then taken to a room with the words FIVE STAR written on it, the terrorist opens the door and tells us to go inside.

Before he closes the door he says " You pleased us in the FUN ROOM so you can stay in this room and no one will disturb you but remember that we are always watching " and he closes the door and locks it from the outside. The room is beautiful, it has everything a 5 star hotel room would have except for a phone and there's nothing we can use to cover ourselves so it appears they want us to remain naked.

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There are several cameras all over the room and in the bathroom and I notice that there's only 1 king sized bed in the room. Emily looks at me and says " I'm so sorry daddy, I know you didn't want to have sex with me but it was the only way we could stay alive " before I can say anything the door opens and a terrorist places a large pizza box on the table along with 4 cans of 7up, then he leaves the room and locks the door from the outside.

We are both very hungry so we sit dow and eat the pizza and Emily says " What's wrong dad? it looks like you have something on your mind ", I tell her not to worry but the truth is I can't stop thinking about what the terrorist said earlier, before closing the door he said " We are always watching ".


There's no windows so we can't tell if it's day or night outside but according to the clock on the wall it's 8:00pm, we have finished eating and Emily turns on the television but every channel is hardcore porn so she turns it off.

It's been a long day and we are both so very tired so we decide to get some sleep and we head for the bed. It's a king sized bed but there's no blankets so we lay there naked. I'm starring at the camera on the celiling above the bed and it finally hits me, I turn to Emily and say " I figured out what he meant when he said their always watching, that's why there are so many cameras in this room, they want to watch us have sex again ". Emily says " Are you sure?

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I thought he meant don't try to escape becuase were always watching " I say " No that's not what he meant, besides there's only 1 way out of this room and they locked the door from the outside, they want to watch us have sex again " and Emily says " I think your right ". THE END. Please leave comments, both positive and negative comments are welcome.