Stranded megan sage gets licked in between her thighs

Stranded megan sage gets licked in between her thighs
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My name is Julie, I'm 24 years old and live in London. My current occupation is a nurse at The Royal Free Hospital. On the 23rd May 2013 I finally became a fully qualified nurse. I was offered a job straight away at the Royal Free as my professor recommended me. I did have to persuade my professor in many ways as my records showed that I was in the lower half of the 'Grade List'. Yeah well I did pretty bad that semester because of all the arguments I had with my boyfriend.

There were many ways I persuaded my Professor but first let me describe myself. Tall?

Yes I suppose I am, 5'11 with a bra size of 36D. Yes you could say I'm busty and the best part of it all is my nipples were perfectly oriented and perk as soon as they get hard. Anyways back to the rest of me, Brunette, Green eyes and a beautiful chin. Something out of the blue and rare.

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I own an hour-glass type of body so a nice pair of tits and a round ass to match with it. I'm originally American but moved to England when I was 16. Back to my professor, "Julie, Homerton Hospital maybe the only job you will get as a nurse.

You want Royal Free? Maybe as a whore" "Are you serious Mr Totto? I really want to be a nurse at the Royal Free and what do you mean by whore?" "Julie dear, I've seen the pictures of you having sex with Todd. Not sure if its sex though, looks like something bizzare to me" "Sir, its called anal, anyways still doesn't give you the ri.Mr Totto? What's happening down there?

My eyes are up here Sir". He was looking at my boobs. I noticed this at the beginning of the conversation but I didn't say anything. I waited for the reaction I got and knew my cunning plan was about to start from here. "" He hesitated. "You seem to like my breast don't you Totty? You know if you help me, maybe I wouldn't mind if know.touched me a little." I grabbed his hand and brushed it against my pussy. Not going to lie, I didn't think I'd enjoy this but I was starting to get wet.

He couldn't resist anymore and simply said "Julie?

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I'd appreciate it if you followed me". I winked at him and replied "If you insist Sir". Mr Totto took me to the photocopier room and locked the door after himself.

"I like the offer you have put on the table but no one shall know of this sexual relationship we have" I looked at him with this confused look and said "Sexual Relationship?

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Babe its just a little fun, and anyways I won't say If you give me what I want". He nodded back and started stroking his penis. Was slightly weird but I decided ill help him out. I took of my olive green tank top of and threw it on the ground.

Then I continued teasing him. I grabbed his hand and let him rub my bra. He gained consciousness of his hands and firmly cupped my breasts. I took this opportunity to slide my hands onto his package and slightly rub on it. It got to a stage a few seconds later that he was fucking my hand.


I unzipped his zip and stuck my hand under his boxers and felt the wrath of his hard cock. Oh he was loving it and thought he might come and ill be over and done with so easily but nothing.not even pre-cum. He unstraped my bra while having his dick poking me. I was surprised he was very fluent at the job. I started to lay on the floor and he went on all fours and spit on my rack but very quickly licking it all up.he sucked on those nipples so hard.

Now I started getting really wet and horny as fuck! He proceeded to lay down next to me and I got on all a horny bitch I started fingering rubbing my pants and panting with my tongue out.

He was on the floor looking towards his bulge as I took off his old-man trousers. Pulled down his briefs and slowly licked the 'magic stick'. 7 inch long.

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I looked at him with a cheeky smile and so he did too. It was kind of cute. I sucked on that hard, stiff red penis.

It was practically staring at me giving me the 'Please suck me' look. So I did but he was very soon after showing signs of pre-cum.


I'm not swallowing that I thought to myself. I put myself on top of him and rolled to his right. He pulled down my black skirt. Yes I wear skirts.they're classier than leg-ins. He looked at my legs and licked them. Not the usual but I didn't give a shit anymore I was so wet it soaked through my thongs. He put two fingers on my thong just where I pussy was and pulled them down.

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The relief of cold air that breezed on my clit nearly made me spray. He was so turned on his skin practically went pink but I took it as a compliment. He vigorously licked his fingers using his spit as lube and stuck them into me.he fingered me like it was the last piece of vagina that man would ever touch.maybe it was. He made me moan and very quickly I was losing my breath.


Curling upwards and downwards, I was enjoying myself. Then Mr Totto started rubbing his dick and stuck it in to me in one shot.

Grabbing my big boobs like a hopeless woman he rid me with full thrust, in and out furiously. After a few moments he blasted it, what it felt like a pint of fresh hot semen into me and felt shivers all over me. Ughh the sensation, that feeling a woman gets. He got up, sniffed my bra and held his breath for a few seconds and quickly got dressed. I was curious to know why he suddenly retreated from this one-off moment he was having with a young girl with a body to die for.

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" Julie baby, you passed I will recommend you to the Royal Free manager Mr Jawker". "But Sir? Why are you leaving all of a sudden?" He smiled and replied "Your not the only one that failed they're exams".

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*Part 2 coming very soon. Hope you enjoyed this and leave your comments*