Sexy tanned gay teen blonde boys Big Boy Underwear

Sexy tanned gay teen blonde boys Big Boy Underwear
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We all fell asleep, Amber in the middle of us, I fell asleep with my back to her and Larissa fell asleep cuddled up next to her. I was the first to wake up in the morning.

I looked over at my alarm clock and seen it was 9 am. I had no clue what time we had fallen asleep. I slowly crawled out of bed, my dick hard with its usual morning hard on.

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It was also sore for the night's action. I took a leak and it slowly softened up, bringing me great relief. I jumped into the shower. When I was finished I walked back into my room. Both of the girls were still sleeping. I quickly dressed and headed upstairs to get me something to eat. After I finished eating, I decided I was going to call one of my buddy's and see if he wanted to come over for a while. I decided I would call my friend Darren. I got a hold of him and asked if he wanted to come over to play video games and hang out for a while.

He agreed and told me he would be over around noon time. I went into the front room to watch some TV. I sat down on the couch and turned it on. Shortly after I found something to watch, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

I turned to see who it was. Amber came out of the kitchen into the front room. She saw me sitting there and smiled wide at me. "Hey there big boy how are you doing?" She asked. I smiled and answered, "Really good." She was wearing some real short, boy shorts and a tee. She walked over and sat down next to me. "So how did you sleep last night?" She asked. I grinned from ear to ear. "That was the best night I have ever slept," I replied.

"How did your dick feel this morning?" she asked. "It was pretty sore this morning," I replied. "Well you came three times, that's a lot for any guy. We will give you until this afternoon, but then this dick is all of ours," she said. I groaned a little, kind of looking forward to it, but also still kind of tired from last night. I didn't let on to her that I called Darren to come over and spend some time with me this afternoon.

I just nodded at her and smiled. She reached over and grabbed my crotch, "just make sure he's ready for us ok." I nodded as I went back to watching my show. Amber got up for the couch and went to the guest room, where her bags were.

She grabbed some fresh clothes and came walking back into the front room. "I'm going to go take a shower then wake up your sister," she said.

I nodded as I continued watching my show. About 30 minutes later. Both Amber and Larissa came strolling into the front room and sat down on each side of me on the couch. Amber was wearing some really tight and short, boy shorts, and a tee. Larissa was wearing a very short mini skirt and a tight tube top, pushing tight against her chest. Both of them had wet hair, so I knew they had both showered. At noon the doorbell rang. I knew who it was, but Amber got up to answer it. She opened the door and greeted Darren.

"Can I help you?" She asked. "Yeah I am coming over to hang out with Sam," he replied. Amber turned to look at me. She had a grin on her face. "Why is he here?" She asked.

"I asked him to come over for a while, is there a problem with that?" I replied. She slowly shook her head, but her face turned to more of a frown. "I am your babysitter here, you have to ask me first," she said. She looked slightly mad as I stood up and walked up to her. "He can always join us this afternoon, he is still a virgin too," I whispered.

That comment brought a wide smile across her face. "Ok I guess he can stay for a while," she said moving from the door. Darren and I went down to my room and started playing a Madden football. We were right in the middle of a game, when I heard a soft knock on the door.

I paused the game, I got up and opened the door. There stood Amber and my sister right next to her. "What are you two doing down here?" I asked coyly. "We got bored watching TV and decided we would come down to keep you guys company," Amber replied.

"Ok sure, we are right in the middle of a game right now," I said walking back to my bed. Amber sat down next to me and Larissa sat next to her. As I was sitting there busy playing. I felt a hand rest on my inner thigh. I continued playing trying not show anything yet. I felt the hand begin to slowly slide up closer and closer to my crotch. My dick began to jump up to hardness in my pants. I started to push my crotch to the sliding hand. I felt the side of the hand rub against my semi erect dick.

I heard a light moan from next to me. Amber whispered, "Let's get this started Sam, I want to watch you and your friend fuck your sister." That was all it took for me. I stood up and shut off the game. "Hey," Darren yelled. Amber slid over next to him, "oh calm down Darren, I am going to show you something now." Darren had a puzzled look on his face as he looked over at her.

Amber laughed a little, "Sam go ahead and strip down for me." I did as she told me, stripping myself completely naked. My dick springing up as I pulled my boxers down and off. Darren looked at me, with a slightly horrified and puzzled look on his face. Amber turned to him and said, "Now it's your turn Darren." He shook his head.

"What's the matter Darren?" Amber asked. "I don't know about this," He said. "What is there to be scared of?" Amber asked. "I don't know, I've just never done anything like this before," he replied. "Come on Darren don't be a chicken," I said, slightly laughing at him.

He slowly began to stand up from the bed. He reluctantly began to undress himself, piece by piece, until he stood next to me totally naked as well. His dick was semi erect, hanging over between his legs. Amber moaned as she slid off the bed to the floor.

She crawled across the floor to us standing there. "Boy you have a nice dick as well Darren. It's quite as long as Sam's, but it's a lot thicker than his," she said. She grabbed his dick with her hand and slowly started stroking it up and down his shaft. I looked over at my sister. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at my dick.

She was licking her lips as she stared at it. Amber started stroking Darren's dick a little faster as she reached over and grabbed my hard dick in her other hand. She started both of our dicks in unison as she pulled us closer to her with them. Darren was standing there moaning, as he began to rock his hips forward and back to Amber's hand.

I looked down at Amber, then over at Darren's dick. Amber was right, it was shorter than mine. I would guess about 7" at the most. Also his dick was much fatter than mine though.

My dick was probably about 2" thick. Darren's had to be at least 3" around. "Oh my god this feels so much better than using my own hand," Darren groaned. Amber smiled, "oh you just wait it will get much better for you too." Amber opened her mouth as wide as she could and began to engulf his dick. Her lips were tight around the head of his dick as she slowly pushed down on it.

She then switched over to my dick and did the same, my dick sliding into her mouth much easier though. She continued to switch between our dicks with her mouth.

She took more and more of each dick into mouth each time. This was really turning me on, watching Amber switch between our dicks. It wasn't because of Darren's dick being there, but her sucking on each one. Switching between them as she also stroked them up and down. It must have also been turning my sister on as well. I looked over at her and she had her mini skirt pushed down to the floor. Her hand was inside her panties, rubbing her pussy up and down.

She had her eyes closed as she moaned loudly. "Oh my god, I can feel myself getting to shoot," Darren said. When said that, Amber quickly stopped and pulled away from us. "Ok well now it's time for you to fuck Larissa with that fat dick of yours Darren," she said. Darren again looked at Amber with a puzzled look. "I can't do that in front of my friend.

He's her brother, he would kick my ass," he said. Amber laughed, "Don't worry about that, he has already fucked her. He did that last night." "Yeah, it won't bother me man if you have sex with her," I said to him. Amber smiled, "Ok Larissa finished getting undressed honey." Larissa obeyed standing up and slipped her now soaked panties to the floor and off. She pulled her top off exposed her little tits to us.

"Ok Larissa lay on your back on the bed, and then I will help him enter you." Larissa did as she was told. She lay down on the bed and slightly spread her legs. Her pussy lips were a little swollen yet. Amber grabbed Darren's arm and pulled him on to the bed.

"Ok Darren I will help guide you into her, then you can fuck her for a bit. But I don't want you to come in her ok?" He nodded slowly, still unsure of himself, and what was going on. Amber grabbed his dick and pulled on it. Making his hips move up between my sisters spread legs. She guided his dick up to Larissa's pussy lips. She rubbed the head of his dick up and down Larissa's slit a bit. Darren's dick began to get wet with pussy juice.

She guided his head down to her pussy hole and pushed it into her. Amber released his dick, "Ok Darren it's all you now, but take it slow at first. Like I said your dick is a lot fatter than Sam's." He nodded as he put his hands on each side of my sister and slowly began to push his hips forward.

I stood behind them and watched my sister's pussy lips spread wide open to accommodate Darren's girth.


Larissa moaned, "Oh my god, his dick is too big for me. It's started to hurt Amber." Amber moved up by her head, "shh it's ok honey, you just have to try and relax yourself, it will fit in there. That's what pussies are made for." Larissa nodded with tears in her eyes.

Darren continued to push forward, very slowly. Inch by inch his dick slowly sank into my sister's pussy. "Oh my god, it feels like one hundred fingers are wrapped around my dick right now," Darren said. Amber smiled, "do you like that feeling?" Darren nodded as he pushed forward until he was buried deep in her. Larissa still had tears in her eyes as she breathed heavily.

"Wow this is the most incredible feeling I have ever felt," he moaned as he stayed there buried deep in my sister's stretched pussy. "Ok Darren I want you to start pulling out of her, but not all the way, then start doing what feels natural to you," Amber said. He nodded as he slowly started to pull his dick back out until just the head of his dick was in Larissa's pussy.

He slowly pushed back into her, causing her to moan, this time in pleasure. "Holy shit this is awesome," Darren said. He started a slow and steady rhythm, sliding in and out of my sister's pussy. He was groaning and started to build up speed with each stroke. I was slowly stroking my dick watching my best friend have sex with my sister.

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Amber looked over at me and got down on the floor in front of me on her knees. She pushed my hand away and grabbed my dick hard. She looked up at me, "you're going to take your sister's anal virginity today." She started to stroke my dick for me as I watched the action in front of me.

Darren was sliding in and out my sister faster and faster. Larissa's moans were getting louder. "Oh my god, my pussy feels so full right now," she moaned. Darren groaned, "Oh my god I feel her squeezing my dick as I slide into her, this is amazing." Both Amber and I giggled a little as she continued to stroke my dick.

She looked up at me again, "you ready to fuck her ass Sam?" I nodded in agreement. Amber stood up and told Darren to fully withdraw from Larissa's pussy. He did as he was told and climbed off of my sister. "Now Darren I want you to lay on your back so Larissa can ride that fat dick of yours," she said. Darren rolled on to his back as my sister moved to the side and Darren scooted over into the middle of the bed, his dick swinging back and forth as he slid.

Amber helped Larissa straddle Darren's hips and grabbed his dick. Amber put her hand on my sister's ass and started pushing her down toward Darren's waiting dick.

She guided his dick into my sister's pussy and Larissa quickly sunk fully down on his dick. "Now Larissa just stay there for a bit, I am going to show you the most incredible feeling ever for you," Amber said. My sister nodded as she rotated her hips on Darren's invading member.


Amber told me to come up on the bed behind my sister. I climbed up on my knees behind my sister, my dick swing as I scooted up on the bed closer to them. Amber grabbed my dick and took it into her mouth.

She slobbered all over my dick, her saliva dripping off my dick head. She then spit into my sister's puckered asshole. Amber then began to slowly rub her finger around Larissa's puckered hole.

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"Ok Larissa, you need to try and relax your body as much as possible when your brother starts to slide his dick in here," she said. Larissa turned her head to look back at us. She kind of had a scared look in her eyes. "What is he going to do?" She asked. "He's going to take your anal virginity now," Amber answered.

Larissa slowly shook her head, "I'm not sure about this." "Like I said just try and relax your ass and it won't hurt that bad. Plus once he gets going you might even enjoy it a lot," Amber said. Larissa nodded as Amber started to slide her finger into my sister's virgin ass.

"Oh my god I can feel your finger on my dick," Darren said. Amber laughed a little, "just wait until Sam slides his dick into her then." She then started to work a second finger into my sister ass. She started rotating her hand around in her ass. Larissa started moaning a little as she started rocking her hips back and forth.

I was on my knees behind my sister's ass slowly stroking my dick. "Ok Sam I think she's ready now, just take it extremely slow and allow her ass time to adjust for it," Amber said. I nodded as I slowly moved closer. Amber grabbed my dick and guided it up to Larissa's ass. She spit on my dick head and on the puckered hole before it.

She looked up at me, "ok Sam like I said really slowly." I slowly pushed my hips forward as she held my dick in place. The tip of my dick nudged against Larissa's ass. I kept pushing forward with a little pressure. I felt the puckered hole begin to slowly move apart, the head of my dick pushing into her. The head of my dick slipped past the tight ring on her asshole. Larissa let out a light scream, "oh my godddddd." "Shh its ok honey, just relax," Amber said.

I felt my sister breathing heavy as I continued to push forward into my sister's tight ass. Inch by slow inch I pushed forward into her. Her tight ass was squeezing my dick hard. As if trying to push my dick back out. I kept pushing forward further, I could feel Darren's dick pulsating on the underside of my dick.

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"HOLY SHIT, it feels like I'm being ripped in two," my sister exclaimed. I finally got my dick into her ass as far as I could.

Darren was laying under her breathing heavily. "Ok you guys, now start a real slow and steady rhythm fucking her now.

Try to stay together on it so it will bring her more pleasure," Amber said. My sister was between us, her eyes closed and some light tears running down her cheeks. I slowly started to pull my dick out of her ass as Darren lifted up on her hips. Lifting her off his dick until just the head was still in her pussy. I pulled back until just the head of my dick was in her ass.

Then in semi unison, I pushed back into her ass, and he lowered her down on to his dick.


My sister moaned loudly, "wow I feel so full right now, I can't believe this. It hurts but also feels so good." Amber giggled a little as she moved of the bed watching us fuck my sister. With each stroke I could feel Darren's dick slide against mine.

It felt really weird to me. We built up a nice and steady rhythm fucking her ass and pussy. My sister's moans getting louder and louder as we slowly built up speed. Amber reached between Darren and my sister and must have started rubbing her clit as we fucked her harder and faster.

"My god this is feeling so good right now, but it also feels like I got to pee and poop at the same time," my sister moaned. Amber laughed a bit, "Well I don't know about the pooping part, but if it feels like you got to pee, just let that feeling go, go pee and see how you feel after that." Larissa moaned extremely loud as we fucked her hard and fast.

My dick was sliding in and out of her ass, fast and hard. All of a sudden I felt her ass clinch tight around my dick, making it really hard for me to move. Her whole body started shaking as she screamed loud, "OOOHHHHH MYYYYYY GOOODDDDDDDD, I'MMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMINNNNGGGGG!" Amber's arm was moving fast as I looked down at Darren. I felt a big wetness cover my ball sack as Larissa's ass clinch even tighter around my dick. Darren groaned really loud too, "Oh my god, my dick is going to shoot, I can feel it getting ready to shoot." Larissa's whole body kept shaking as her ass refused to release my dick.

She was still moaning loudly, "MMMMMMMM I CAN'TTTTT BEELIEVEEEE THISSSS, THISSSS FEEELLLSSSS SOOOO GOOODDDDD." I felt Darren's dick jump up and relax against my dick. My sister moaned more, "I can feel him cumming in me, oh god yes fill up my pussy MMMMMM." My sister's ass finally began to relax a little allowing me to move again.

I started pounding into her ass again, hard and fast. My sister collapsed on to Darren as I felt his dick finish moving against mine. It was still twitching against mine as I pounded her ass hard. Our skin slapping together each time I drove into her. I could feel the cum bubbling up in my balls as I slid in and out her ass. "Come on Sam, cum deep in your sister's ass, let her feel it," Amber said as she began massaging my nut sack. That was all the encouragement I needed. I buried my dick deep into my sister's ass and felt my dick tense up and shoot off into her anal cavity.

"OOOOOOO YEEEEESSSSSSSS I'MMMMMMM CUMMMMMMINNNGGGGG YOUUUUU SIIISSSSSSS MMMMMM," I groaned as I stayed buried deep in her ass. My dick jumping each time it got ready to shoot into her.

Her ass was clinching my dick hard as I shot into her.

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"Yes Sam that's it fill her tight ass up with your cum," Amber moaned as she looked on. "Wow I feel that hot cum deep in me now, wow this is incredible," Larissa said.

I finally finished cumming in her and collapsed on her back, breathing heavily. I could feel my dick begin to soften up in her clenching ass.

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I was finally able pushing myself up off of her and move back, my now limp dick sliding out of her, now gaping asshole. A slight trail of my cum following it out. I moved to the side of my sister and Darren and looked down on the bed. The sheets were completely soaked. Darren's dick had softened up and slipped out of my sister's gaping pussy, and his cum was still dripping out of it and onto the bed.

Amber helped my sister off of Darren and rolled her to her back. My sister's pussy was wide open now for me to see. Darren's cum was still leaking out and joining my leaking cum on her ass crack.

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"Oh my god you really filled her pussy up Darren, that's a lot of fucking cum," Amber said as she moved her face down to my sister's open pussy. She slowly licked from my sister's ass to the top of her pussy. Her tongue getting covered in Darren's and my cum. I was watching Amber licking my sister's leaking holes and then looked over at Darren and smiled. His chest was soaking wet, all the way down to his thighs. "What happened to you Darren?" I asked. "I don't really know, I think she peed on me," he answered.

I shrugged my shoulders and went back to watching Amber licking up our dripping cum. She finally finished getting as much and she could, then slid up the bed to my sister and laying over her. She pursed her lips as if she was going to kiss her, but instead I saw cum come running out and into my sister's open mouth.

I still didn't understand why she did that every time, but I have to admit it was kind of a turn on. To be continued&hellip. Please let me know what you think.