Neat babes in pants enjoying strap

Neat babes in pants enjoying strap
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This story takes place two years after the events in the first chapter. Me and Lisa would be getting married soon. We decided against a formal big wedding and do it in front of the justice of the peace. Patty and Nicole were coming up to see us and be witnesses. When they showed up we greeted them at the door and invited them in. Patty said she needed to use the bathroom badly and Lisa showed her where it was.

She returned and we went into the living room. I sat down in my favorite chair and Lisa took her place on the floor beside me. Nicole went over to sit on the couch and I shot her a look. She saw my look bowed her head in shame and came over and sat on the floor on next to me. We waited for Patty to return from the bathroom. When she finally returned I noticed her nipples peaking through her shirt.

I looked at her and said hmm you seemed to have forgotten my rule about the shirt and no bra. She looked at me and said fuck you this isn't two years ago why the fuck should I listen to you. I tell her I see you forgot the lesson I gave you I am going to have to teach you a new one. She said you will do no such fucking thing. She looked at Nicole sitting beside me and asked what the fuck are you doing. Nicole spoke up and said I'm obeying my master.

Patty got really mad and yelled I thought we talked about this. We agreed we wouldn't stand for that and would work together to stop him from doing this shit. Nicole shot back o bitch you decided that. I'm sick of you deciding for me and treating me like shit. Patty turned bright red with anger Oh she said but you will let him do that instead.

Nicole shot back yeah, he is my master he has the right. I smiled and said looks like you are alone in this. I went over to her and slapped her square across the face. As she was recovering from it I grabbed her hair and forced her to her knees. Part one of the lessons I told her. I told Lisa to go get my bj kit.


She returned with a bag. I reached in and pulled out some cuffs and chains. I cuffed Patty's hands behind her back and cuffed her legs together. Forcing her in a kneeling position. I chained the hand cuffs and leg cuffs together.

I then wrapped a chain around her head and hooked it to a small hook on the wall for this purpose. Her head was now forced straight forward looking right at my crotch. I then pulled out a nice little metal piece designed to force her mouth open and attached it. I told Nicole to stand up and undress. I told her that from now on while she was in my house she was not allowed to wear any clothes.

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She was to be naked at all times. I told Lisa to go over and start eating Nicole out where patty could watch. After about ten minutes I had her stop. I told Nicole to lay down legs spread in front of patty. I then had Lisa strip me naked. I bent down and shoved my hard cock deep into Nicole's pussy and started fucking her hard. After 15 minutes of fucking her I felt her orgasm and I pulled out her cum all over my cock.

I looked at patty and said your turn. I rammed my cock into her mouth and down her throat. I held it there feeling her gag. Her eyes started watering. I pulled out and shoved it back in holding it there. I did this off and on for five minutes. Then I preceded to throat fuck her hard until I shot my load down her throat. When I pulled out I could see some of my cum oozing out of her mouth. I left Patty like she was told Lisa and Nicole to go ahead and eat each other out and I went to the bathroom.

When I came back out I looked down at patsy and the cum drying on the corners of her mouth. I said you should have just obeyed it would have been much easier for you. I told Lisa and Nicole to stop what they were doing I was going to need their help. I had them come over and told Lisa to get on her knees and suck my cock. I told her to get it nice and hard and make sure it was nice and wet. I told Nicole to get in front of patty and prepare to grab and lift her. I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut Patty's shirts and pants off.

I started reaching down and cupping her ass through her panties. I gave it a quick squeeze and then cut off her panties. I then had Lisa help Nicole lift patty up a bit and I slipped underneath her. I had them slowly lower her down while I guided my hard wet cock into her ass. She slides all the way down burying my cock balls deep into her ass. She let out a hard cry and her eyes started tearing up. I whispered in her ear you don't like cock in your ass do you. She didn't reply so I wrapped my arm around her throat and asked again.

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She grunted and slightly shook her head no. I asked does it hurt a lot. She nodded what little she could. I said good. I then cupped her ass and slowly and very hardly started slamming my cock in and out of her ass. I took my time and was as rough as possible.

I lasted about 40 minutes until I exploded in her ass. I pulled out crawled out from under her slapped her across the ass and went to take a shower and clean up. I went back out and looked at her, I saw cum dripped out her ass and pooled a little on the floor.

I unchained her head and unhooked her from the wall. I then forced her head down to the floor and told her she better lick all the cum up. After she finished I led her to the basement.

I had a lot of toys and chains and hooks all over as well as tie down tables and various other equipment. I led her to a caged in room I had built for training Lisa. It had a small single bed with just a sheet and a toilet. I pushed her in uncuffed her legs and hands and said welcome to your room. I told her I would let her out only to use her, Train her and when all her lessons were over and I finally felt she understood I owned her.

For the next week every morning I would wake her up pull her out and tie her to a table where I would fuck her ass raw. I would put nipple clamps on her and chain her to a wall where I would whip her till her skin was bright red.

I would lock her back in the cage and leave. During the day I was building a new room in the garage getting everything ready for her last lesson. The day finally came I had finished the new room and got everything set up and ready for her last lesson.

I went and got patty and led her up and into the garage I chained her to the wall and told her to wait right there. I went and told Lisa to get her strap on and told Nicole to come out and assist me.

I Grabbed Patty and led her into the new room. It was small and had a small table in the center. I pushed her up against the wall on one side facing the table lifter her hands above her and clasped them to the wall.

I then spread her legs and cuffed her ankles to the wall. I then told Nicole to get down and start eating patty out. I slid my hand behind patty and pulled a panel out of the wall revealing a small hole. I left the room and grabbed Lisa told her to go to the other side of the hole and fuck patty's ass with it. I went back in the room in time to hear patty yell in pain. I told her that's your daughter using her strap on she is loosening up your ass trust me you will be glad she did.

I bent down and stuck my cock in Nicole's ass and started fucking her while she ate patty out. After five minutes I pulled out.

I stood up and undid patty's hands and forced her to bend over the table. I pulled her arms down and cuffed them to the table legs.

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I then strapped her head to the wall so it was facing forward. I then stock the metal mouth opener into her mouth to force it open and pulled out another slot in the wall so a hole appeared right in front of her mouth. I left the room and went to the hole and shoved my cock through. I thought perfect as I felt my cock head hit her throat.

I started fucking her mouth until I came. I went in told her everything was ready and perfect.

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Outside a line of guys were waiting. Some of them were friends others I found on craigslist. I told them to come in and lineup. I told Lisa to stop with the strap on that it was time. She led one guy to where she was and he pulled out a large 9 inch cock.

He pushed it through the hole and right into patty's ass and started fucking her. I led another guy to the mouth hole he pulled out his cock maybe 8 inches stuck it in and started fucking her throat. I went back into the room and told patty what was going on. I told her there was a large line of men waiting to use her. That they would take turns fucking her ass and mouth until they were all serviced.

For 3 and half hours the group of guys took their turns ass and mouth fucking patty. When they were done I went in and pulled the metal out of her mouth.

Undid her head she looked at me with tears in her eyes. I asked her was that lesson enough you ready to obey and serve me. She lowered her head and mumbled yes. I said what? She looked up and said yes master.

I undid her and had Lisa and Nicole take her and give her a shower. After the shower I had the three of them sit on the couch. I told them time for some new rules. I told them that they were to stay naked at all times while in my home. They must stay clean shaven at all times. They would refer to me only as sir.


They could only use furniture if given permission and would take their place on the floor next to me when I sit. Then I broke down their roles. Patty I told would be my oral slave. That she would give me blowjobs whenever I wanted and would orally please her daughters as well. She would also be my cleaner slave cleaning any cum I leave behind on her daughters or anywhere else it would land with her tongue she would also be in charge of cooking.

I told Nicole that she was now my anal slave to give her ass when I required it. She would help her mom cook and help clean. And Lisa would be my over all slave; she would be in charge of keeping the other 2 in line and be in charge of cleaning. They all agreed to the new rules. A week later me and Lisa were married.

We got home and the three of them got undressed like they were supposed to. I told Patty to get to work eating out Lisa and get her nice and wet and ready for me. While she was doing this I stared to get hard so I sat down in my chair and called Nicole over I had her get on her knees and start blowing me, I told her to finish getting me hard and make sure my cock was nice and wet.

After I was fully hard and my cock was soaked I had her stand up and turn around. I told her to sit on my cock and use her ass to keep it hard and warm. I had her glide her ass up and down slowly riding my cock until I heard Lisa let out a moan from an orgasm. I had Nicole get off and told patty to stop. I went over and slid my cock deep into Lisa's wet and waiting pussy. I started fucking her hard and fast.

She was arching her back moaning in pleasure. I fucked her for a good half hour until I finally exploded in her pussy filling it with my cum. I stood up wand watched my cum ooze from Lisa's pussy. I told patty to suck the last bit of cum off and from my cock. Then I told her to get down and use her tongue to clean every last drop of my cum from Lisa's pussy.

I had Nicole Bend down and stick her pussy in Lisa's face and ordered Lisa to eat her out until she orgasms. This went on for the next month until it was time for Nicole and patty to go back home. They got all packed and were ready to walk out and leave. Patty stops walks over to me gets down on her knees looks up at me and says thank you for putting me in my place sir. I am your property forever. She proceeds to unzip my pants pull my cock out and gives me an amazing blowjob and swallows all my cum.

About two months after they returned home I received a phone call from Nicole. She said her and Patty were talking and they both miss me and my commanding them.


She said they needed order in their lives and were having a hard time not being told what to do and used sexually all the time. She said she and patty discussed it and they would love to come up and move in with us.

They could live with us as my full time slaves. I told her I would think about it and call her back. I thought about it for a week and came up with a plan. I called her back and told her my decision. I don't have room to take two more slaves in at the moment but I would make her a deal.

I would take patty in to live with us as a full time slave. I would keep her until she got too old to serve any more. As for Nicole she could come stay but I would work on finding her a new master to serve. She said she might agree but the new master would have to be local to me and she would have to still be able to come serve me. I was her first master and I brought her into the lifestyle.

I was the only one she was comfortable doing anal with and she grew to love the feel of my cock. I agreed and we set everything up. Two weeks later they were living with me and Lisa. They were fitting in well following all the rules I had set up for them their first visit. It took about two months but I found a new master for Nicole. We set up the rules and agreement for taking her in. He agreed to take good care of her and love her.

She would be able to come visit me often and serve me and her ass was off limits only I was to take it. Everyone agreed to the terms and Nicole got ready to go live with and serve her new master. Having patty around was kind of nice.

She gave incredible blowjobs. She was great at cleaning my cum out of Lisa.

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She was good at eating Lisa out. She was a decent cook, and with her around helping my place stayed spotless. I even enjoyed her ass every now and then. Everything was going great. Every other weekend Nicole would come over for the weekend and I would ride her ass hard it felt so great.

A year later Nicole and her master had stopped by. Nicole said she had news her and her master were going to get married and wanted my permission as well. I gave it and congratulated them. They got married a month later. Two months after that Nicole was pregnant. Life was good for everybody.

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