Simony diamond got pounded in her office

Simony diamond got pounded in her office
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Fbailey story number 464 Brothers and Sisters My wife and I were married for two years when my sister married her brother on our anniversary date. We seemed to share everything. Our birthdays were all in March too.

Eventually we all had two daughters and all of them were in college. Now that we were all in our mid forties and we all have several years of service in where we work, we decided to go on vacation together for the whole month of March.

We didn't really want to do anything special, basically we wanted to get away and do nothing. We all got to submit two places that we wanted to go. I submitted the middle of New Mexico and the middle of Utah. In the end we decided to go to the middle of nowhere up in Canada. If you go a couple of hundred miles past the American boarder there are practically no people up there and the currency exchange is in our favor so that our vacation would actually cost less.

The biggest problem was being there in March. Anyway the decision had been made and arrangements were underway. My wife told me to go to a camping store and get whatever we might need for the two of us.

Well the salesman certainly saw me coming and cost me an arm and a leg to get out of there. The sleeping bags were good to fifty below zero, we had battery operated heated socks, and we had Eskimo parkas to wear along with pants, boots, and gloves. We might look silly but we would stay warm. The trip to the cabin was a long one and about halfway through we had to pass through customs to enter Canada.

They don't let you in if you can't get back into the States again. Fortunately we all had Passports. Along the way we stocked up on liquor, I mean that we bought cases of it. We bought thirty bottles for our thirty-day stay. Right after dark we checked in at the General Store in town. They gave us a map of how to get to our cabin and highly suggested that we stock up on food because of a big storm headed our way. He even helped suggest things that we should buy.

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So once again we were off for another hour and three of us were holding boxes of food on our laps. Finally we arrived at our destination, got a fire started, and unpacked the car.


We were pretty tired so we had a couple of drinks and climbed into our sleeping bags. In the morning we couldn't open the cabin door and the windows were completely covered with snow. We were essentially snowed in.


That didn't set well with the girls though. Ted and I just peed in an old can and then started to find a way for the girls to get to the outhouse. It was not as easy as it sounded. Eventually the girls peed in the can too and we threw the last piece of wood on the fire.


We opened a window and I managed to crawl up to the top of the snowdrift. It wasn't as bad as it looked from the inside but I decided to have a little fun with the girls. I shoved a lot of firewood down the opening and let Ted stack it inside. I got the portable toilet out of the car that everyone said was a waist of money.

Then I crawled back inside and closed the window. That day we started drinking early. The girls got used to peeing in the can but they both resisted pooping in the portable toilet, which consisted of a toilet seat on a stand and a plastic bag to do your business in. Their biggest problem was that we were in a one room cabin and their brothers could hear them grunt. Big fucking deal. Just to clear the air I suggested a game of Truth or Dare where everyone had to do or answer the same item.

First we had to do a Truth and then a Dare. Everyone agreed. I let Ted go first. His Truth was how and who we lost our virginities too. I already knew how my wife and sister lost their virginities but Ted didn't know that it had been me with both of them, but not at the same time, it was a few years apart. My turn was a Dare and I dared everyone to shit in the portable toilet with it on top of the table where we all got a good view.

Of course since I suggested it I had to go first. I dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles and exposed myself pretty well before sitting down.

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Shitting was not a problem at all since I hadn't gone in a day and a half. My wife asked to go next because she really had to go. Ted was the only one that hadn't seen her fuzzy pussy. She just sat, smiled, and spread to give Ted a better view. My sister Jill begged to go next and gave me the same view that my wife had given her husband. Ted was last, farted loudly, and grunted a lot to get it started.

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Well that broke the ice as far as using the portable toilet inside the cabin. My wife asked a Truth and we all had to tell our most embarrassing moment. My wife got caught by a cop in the back seat of a car with her pants down around her ankles getting fucked by a stranger that she had picked up. I got caught jerking off by my mother. Jill got caught by her boss sitting on the copier, Xeroxing her pussy.

Ted got caught exposing himself in public, peeing outside a bar. Jill made the Dare and it was for all of us to get naked by drinking a shot and removing an article of clothing.

I just smiled because I was trying to figure out how to get us all naked too. We threw on some more wood and heated the place up as we got started.

By the time we were naked we were feeling pretty good. Before Ted and I could suggest wife swapping the girls suggested husband swapping. This was more than I had hoped for. We still had twenty-eight days left of our vacation. I took my sister to my bed and my wife went to bed with her brother.

My wife and I had zipped our two bags together but with the heat in the cabin we hardly needed them. As I slipped my body into her, Jill cuddled me tightly and whispered, "I have missed you fucking me over the last twenty years.

Ted isn't as good in bed as you were.

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I can only hope that you got better." I then slipped my cock into her wet slit and into her deep hole as she started to coo in response. She whispered again, "I knew it, you did get better. Your wife kept telling me that you had. Now she can finally feel what I've had to put up for all these years.

We should have done this a long time ago." We fucked up a storm while the other brother and sister couple fucked in complete silence. That was not like my wife. Apparently he was not ringing her bell. Too bad I was certainly enjoying fucking my sister. Then Jill's breathing became labored, she was snorting, and she trying hard not to cry out. I told her to go for it and let her husband know that I can satisfy her better than he can.

She did too and very vocally at that. In the morning no one bothered to get dressed, we just kept throwing logs on the fire. When Jill suggested that we keep our partners for the rest of the vacation my wife objected. After the girls went into a far corner to discuss the sleeping arrangements they informed us guys that they were in charge and that they would fuck whichever one of us guys that they wanted to fuck. What could we do other than to accept their decision?

As it turned out my wife slept with her brother but I had to fuck her at least twice a day. Then I could fuck my sister all that I had left. Jill made sure that I had two or three left for her. Then to help my wife out she let her husband fuck her once a day too. A couple of days later we woke up to sunshine coming in through the windows.

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They believed me when I said that the wind and sun had cleared things out for us. Ted was a bit skeptical but he didn't say anything. On a Dare I got the girls to walk around outside in just their boots for some great vacation pictures. The End Brothers and Sisters 464