Gay orgy It was an awesome demonstrate of skin and as things got

Gay orgy It was an awesome demonstrate of skin and as things got
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So, this is really my first story: A couple years ago, to be exact 5 years ago, me and my girlfriend started living together. At 25 we thought it was the time to do that.

We had a lot of searching for the right apartment until we finally found one. It was in a private house, we had a little apartment that was basically a half of a ground floor. Above us was a big apartment on the whole 1st floor. There was a family of four; dad John, mom Sara, son Mario and a daughter Maya. My wife quickly started having small conversations with Sara just about everything, the weather, the sea, the apartment we were in.

so in a matter of days they became pretty close. After a few weeks they invited us for a barbecue so that we could get familiar with each other.

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It was Saturday afternoon and the day was beautiful for the plan. They were a pretty happy family. Sara was a teacher, John had a private business going on, and Mario and Maya were high school kids. Mario had 18 and Maya just over 17 years of age. I didn't want to ask them but I assumed John and Sara were just in their forties. The afternoon went great, we had a fine meal and we kept on drinking till the sunset.

We found out a lot about them and the neighborhood, and about our close neighbors that lived on our floor. The other half of our floor was an apartment where a boy, couple years younger than me, lived with his mother.

His dad worked on a ship so he wasn't home that much. John even started talking more openly about everything after a few beers so I found out that she wasn't so faithful to her husband. That last information was pretty interesting for me. He said they saw her go out a lot, coming home late, dressing „slutty". and my ears got bigger and bigger. Especially after all that beer and all the liquor.

John said she even had an affair with a guy who lived in our apartment before us. I've heard a lot of rumors about "sailor's wife's", doing some cheating because their man wasn't at home so much and this particular relationship was just a confirmation of that. It started a tingle in my underwear and I started fantasizing about a Cougar like her seducing me.

They weren't in a good relationship.

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Because all of her „escapades", John didn't like her that much. He was a very religious guy and things like those weren't supposed to happen. Especially because she wasn't working. - „All she does is spending her man's money! ", John said. „All she does all day is just lay on her couch or in her bed.


" He even started talking about some of their conflicts over some little random stuff neighbors have. Sara said the neighbor was a woman that didn't take shit from anyone so I could easy imagine them fighting over some stupid thing, but that part I can't really remember because I then saw her net where she dries her clothes.

Some black lace panties caught my eye because women her age don't usually wear those kind of lingerie. at least, not from where I came from. I found out they also had a little house at the sea where she goes during the summer and gets pretty tanned by doing nothing.

Topless I hoped. She was a nicely tanned, 45 years old gal, with dark brown hair just over her shoulders. Over 170 cm tall and she had some „meat" on her as I like to say.

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She had a bigger ass and stronger legs like most women of her age have. But the thing that really got my attention were here big tits that poked out of everything she wore.

So she was quite a lady to handle in my eyes.


But also very fuckable if I can say so. Later on that evening, after the barbecue was over, my girlfriend was a little drunk so she went straight to bed. I was a little tipsy but I sure as hell wasn't going to sleep.


All of that talk about our neighbor and all that liquor got me horny so I sat on the terrace and started fantasizing. If she would only fuck me as she did the last neighbor. It was pretty dark outside because it was almost midnight and my girl was now sleeping for an hour when I heard a car parking in our driveway.

It was her, the neighbor, coming home. I heard her heels clucking all the way down to her apartment, and the big doors opening and closing after her entrance. Those heels started me thinking about her all over again.

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- Where was she? - Who was she with? - What young guy did she seduce this time.? Her panties came to my mind. I am a guy who really gets thrills from seeing women lingerie. And, of course, high heels. Those two are my biggest sins. When I see some lace panties, or a bra hanging from a string, it blows my mind. I can't help myself so a couple times I came home with a pair of my sweet lust objects.

So those panties were a catch I shouldn't have missed. Since it was so dark outside I wasn't worried of someone seeing me, I started sneaking to see those panties once again. as I was coming closer my heart started pumping. I felt the adrenaline going through me and I shook of happiness. I came so close to the drier that was under her opened window so I knelt down so nobody could see me from inside and I started listening.

The TV was on but no sign of her. I had to check inside to see her, hopefully naked. so I lifted my head a bit just to see she was already sitting on her couch fully dressed for sleeping, in some big baggy t-shirt and matching shorts, watching something on the TV. Wasn't a sight to see so I slowly put my head down and started looking for those panties. As I was reaching my hand to get a hold of them, I moved her son's T-shirt to the side just to reveal her bra.

That almost gave me a heart attack! It was a match to those panties and I just had to feel it in my hands. As I slowly took the bra off the drier I started to feel the smell of the fabric softener she is using.

Ah, the smell was so nice. It wasn't a push up bra. It was more of a loose set of see-through lace and I found out she really had some big knockers.

I am a big guy, almost 190 cm high and around 100 kg. I have big hands but those cups were so big my both hands were needed to hold one cup. I started fantasizing about her tit in my hands and my dick started pumping. I wanted to jerk off to her bra so much but I didn't want someone to catch me doing it in front of the house so I smelled the bra one more time and I returned it to the drier.

While I was taking my hand back I gently caressed her panties and stopped for a second. after some thinking I found out it wouldn't be so smart to take them with me because they didn't have nowhere to fly off since we were on the ground floor and there was no wind the whole day. I grabbed my crotch to find out my cock was ready to be taken out and spanked hard so I quietly rushed back to my living room to do just that.

For the next few days I haven't seen anybody from the house, neither John & Sara nor the mysterious lady.


My days went by in a rush going on and off work but every once and a while I leaned over our backyard fence just to see if the drier was out. just to find out there was no trace of it. Until that day. It was a sunny Friday and I just came home from work. I was happy because I'll be home alone for the whole weekend.

My girl went out of town to see her mom and won't be back 'till Monday morning. Just as I was unlocking the door of my apartment I saw John and Sara leaving for the weekend too. Sara told my girlfriend they were going out of town to enjoy in the hills, but their kids will be at home. That was a big relief.


After my lunch I went out to my terrace for a smoke when I heard my neighbor. She just pulled out her drier and started hanging some stuff on it.

I leaned over my fence to see her better. She was once again in some XXXL T-shirt and some shorts, wearing some flip-flops that were probably her son's too. although it was more than obvious she was nicely tanned she wasn't much of a thing to look at because of those rags she was wearing.

But the things she hanged really got my imagination going. After two or three son's boxers she hanged a light-blue see-through lace panties and a matching bra, than a couple of socks, than again a red matching bra and panties, and then a grand finale, a black laced corset and a G-string.

A G-string on her ass?! That would be a sight to see!

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After all of that she hanged some more socks and stuff that wasn't so interesting and then went back in. I couldn't wait for the night to fall so I could once again make my trip to her drier to smell her underwear and to touch that G-string. I was thinking about that little piece of cloth on her body for the rest of my afternoon. I went out to the shop and I noticed my neighbor's son's car wasn't there. He probably went out already and left his mom home alone.

All that started the kinky side of my mind an I started making all kinds of scenery to do with his mom. on my way back from the store I bumped to my upstairs neighbors, Mario and Maya, that were all happy and giggly. - „Where are you two going so happily? " I asked. - „We are going to a party at my friend's house. " Mario said. - „We are going to make some pizza's and drink some wine and beer and then we'll probably go out.

" Maya added. - „Nice! " I answered „Don't get too drunk to forget the way to your home! " They both smiled at me and waved bye. Finally the sun was starting to hide behind the mountains as I was getting close to our house and just when I was about to enter our front yard I heard some heels.

My neighbor was going up the stairs in her best outfit so far. Seeing her all dressed up got my mouth wide opened. She had her make up full on, with her lips in glossy red. - „Good evening…" I said. She just nodded her head and smiled while she was passing by me. She smelled so fine! She wore a light and very short green dress that, when I turned as she passed, barely covered her ass. Her legs were perfectly stretched while she was getting to the top of the stairs in some black high heel pumps.

I tried to memorize that picture to my head as I walked to my apartment. Wow, I said to myself, „there will be no one to come between her thong and my hand now". As I leaned over my fence and I noticed there were a few things missing from the drier. As I was getting closer I found out the corset was gone. Together with her thong. As much as that was a down because I realized she was probably wearing them as she passed me by on the stairs. I forgot about her other lingerie parts that were still on the drier and went home with my hard on and a picture of her in my mind, wearing that thong and heels and going up those stairs.

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As soon I entered my room I took my shorts off. I lay down on my bed and slipped my hand in my slips. my cock was hard and ready so I pulled it out and gave it a few hard strokes. I started to stroke it really slow while my other hand softly rubbed my balls. They were full and ready to explode so I kept on going. It didn't took long for me to come with that figure in my mind, I blasted all over my belly and my chest.

The orgasm shook me quite a bit so I lay like that for a while before I went to take a shower. While I was under the shower I thought about following my mysterious neighbor. to see for whom she got so pretty for. Maybe she would catch me spying and then make all my fantasies true.

As those thoughts went through my mind I started rubbing my boner, this time it took me awhile till I came but the power of coming was the same. It was too late to go follow her now but it wasn't too late to go back to that drier. As I came out of the shower, I didn't even put a robe over me, I went out for some fresh air. As I was stretching in front of my doors, I noticed the street lights were already at full beam, but the part in front of my apartment was in full dark so I decided to stay out naked for some time, at least until I dry myself.

After a couple of minutes I went in and slipped into a pair of tight boxers my girlfriend bought. I don't know why but I feel horny as soon I put them on. Barefooted I went on a trip. Not a long one, just around the corner of our house and about 10 steps until I reached her drier. Those panties and bras smelled so nice but her sons socks really turned me off. Maybe because I've just had two orgasms, but I turned my back and went straight to my room.

After a few minutes I heard a car parking. In a matter of seconds I was at my room window to see if my mysterious lady came back from her night out. The car's engine stopped and as soon as I've heard heels clicking on the pavement, I knew it was her. With every click those heels made my heart was beating faster. I quickly ran out of my house and to her drier, the place where I'd hope I'd see her through her living room window. As she unlocked her door I tried to slow down my heavy breathing.

I heard her close the door and walk into the room. She suddenly turned on the light, but soon dimmed it a little. I lifted my head just a bit so I could see her but then she left the room. I was eager to see her so I kept waiting under the window. She came back soon and boy did I get what I wanted!