Taylor swift sex storys real

Taylor swift sex storys real
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Teen Seduction Inside the Garage It's been a long day in school. Summer is almost here and exams are finally over. Things can get pretty stressful for a girl leaving middle school. I get to our front porch at about 3:30pm and check our mailbox. We live in a nice middle-class suburban neighborhood where kids like me can walk home without our parents worrying too much.

"Nothing but bills for Mom and Dad." I don't get a lot of mail, except an occasional letter from my grandparents who live 50 miles away from us. I drop my bag on the couch, take my shoes off and head to the kitchen.

I get a pop from the fridge. . to cool me off. The days are starting to get hot again. I hear some noises coming from the backyard and walk towards the window to see what it might be. I peek through the blinds and see Mr. Miller, weeding and clipping his garden. He is a large man, kinda reminds me of Santa Claus, beard and all. He is a retired school teacher, and has been divorced for 6 years.

He does a lot of yard work at this time of year. Our backyards are separated by a wire fence so watching him work is easy. His shirt is getting soaked from perspiration, but he is wearing shorts so at least his legs can breathe.

I grab an extra pop from the fridge, put on a pair of old athletic shoes and step out into the backyard. Mr. Miller is caught by surprise as I tap him on the shoulder. "Hi, Mr. Miller. I brought you something to drink. "Oh, hi, Katie. You startled me.

And thank you, that's very thoughtful of you. Are you on your summer vacation yet?" He starts putting some of his garden tools aside. "Yes, Mr. Miller. School is out. I don't have to go to summer school since I am doing better this year." He nods, as he takes a sip of his pop. "Why don't we get out of the sun? I have to finish working on my truck. You can keep me company in the garage." I nod, and follow Mr.

Miller to his garage. I have made a point of keeping him company, especially the last couple of years. A miniature rake falls out of his toolbox and I bend down to pick it up. He says, "It's okay, Katie. I'll get that." As he squats down, one of Mr. Miller's balls slip out the right side of his shorts.


I couldn't help but look. He must not be wearing any underwear. His shorts are kinda short after all. "Mr. Miller has nice big balls," I think to myself. "Katie?" he says, as I realize that I was staring. Mr. Miller looks down and realizes that I can see something that I shouldn't be seeing. He gets up and we put the stuff down in the shed next to the garage.

The hood of his truck is open, and tools and equipment are laying on a workbench to the side. "I'm going to get out of my school clothes.

My mom will get angry if these get dirty while I help you." He removes his shirt and wipes the sweat off his brow. The top button on his cutoff jeans is unbuttoned to let his Santa Claus belly hang out. His chest is covered in thick gray hair, all soaked in sweat. He looks me over and smiles. He lies down on the creeper and slides under the truck. I run back to my house, strip off my school clothes and replace them with a thin shirt and the bottom of a two-piece bathing suit I like to wear.

I begin to run back, hesitate a moment and make the decision not to put back on my bra as I spend some afternoon time with Mr. Miller. My titties have begun to blossom somewhat, but it's too hot to wear that thing the rest of the day. All this running is getting me hot too. Looking down, I think. . maybe this bathing suit bottom has gotten a bit small for me. I don't think he will mind. I squat down to see what he is doing.

But it's too dark to totally see under his truck. "Why don't you tell me how the last day of school went, Katie?" I noticed a different tone in his voice but I couldn't tell what. "Well, we didn't have that much to do. We were all just waiting for the bell to ring.

All the kids just wanted to start summer break as soon as possible," I giggled. His zipper had gotten half undone as he went under the truck. Although it is dark, I can easily see some of his thick, gray pubes sticking out. I know his cock must be close by. Being 15, I have started to watch when guys get boners, and especially if I might have been the cause. He's too far under the truck to know that I am staring in between his legs. I begin to feel a tingling sensation between my own legs, hoping to see his boner in the flesh.

. which has begun to happen a lot lately. As a result, I reach down and start to slowly rub my cunny. I continue to rub myself and look at Mr. Miller's bulging shorts. After a minute of silence, he asks, "Do you have a boyfriend yet? You're around that age when you should be interested in boys, am I right?" The bulge in his shorts appears to grow each minute as I consider to answer him.

"Can you hand me a wrench, Katie? It's the red one on the third shelf." I reach up and locate his request, and hand it to him as he continues working. He bends his knees and puts his feet flat on the ground. I thought he was getting ready to slide out from underneath. I go back into my original position, squatting in front of Mr. Miller. His knees spread a bit wider than before, I can now see up his right pant leg. "Have you started to date yet?" he asked.

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"No. . Mom says I have to wait until I am 16, which I don't think is very fair." "Bet you are interested in learning what to do with boys on dates, aren't you?" "Yeah.

. I think about that stuff a lot. . ." Mesmerized at the sight of the grown man's balls, I try to answer his questions. "I don't know, Mr. Miller. Boys are just so immature. But some of them I kinda like." I rub my cunny some more, kinda pushing the bathing suit into my little slit.

He shifts his left thigh further to the left, giving me a clearer view of what he has in his shorts. I let out a little gasp as Mr. Miller's cock and balls are now completely exposed. I slide my hand up the side of my bathing suit and push my finger in. I'm getting so hot at the sight of Mr. Miller seemingly unknowingly exposing himself, that my cunny has gotten very wet. "Tell me more, Katie. What do you like about these boys?" His cock is getting engorged, and getting harder and harder.

"I used to hate boys. All of them. But some of them have begun to be nice. . and I kinda enjoy them looking at me." Mr. Miller's cock is now completely hard, and much larger than I ever imagined a grown-up's cock would be.

. and it is starting to ooze some clear liquid at the slit. I began to fantasize about guys out loud as I continued: "When I went to Billy's birthday party last Saturday, I was wearing this bathing suit, plus the top part of course and the boys were wearing swim trunks. Some of them were. . bigger than others." Mr. Miller takes a deep breath. "That pink bathing suit looks very good on you, Katie. . at least the bottoms.

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But. . what do you mean when you said some were bigger than others?" "Some boys seem to have more in their bathing suits than others. Just like some of the older girls had bigger, you know, breasts." I stop and think. . 'How did Mr. Miller know I was wearing my pink bathing suit?' "Did you play with boys while you were in the pool?" His cock is now bobbing up and down, pulsing with a raging hardon.

I slide my finger into my cunny, playing with myself some more. "No, Mr. Miller. I've never played with anyone." He hands me back the wrench. "Put this back in the toolbox, sweetie." I grab the tool and put it in the box. After I turn around, Mr. Miller is now just getting out from under the truck. His chest is partially smeared with oil. He reaches down to adjust his shorts.

He then smiles at me as if to say that he didn't know that he was out of his shorts. I smile back. I look up alongside his truck and notice a section of chain that goes up to a pulley mounted on some boards up above. At the end of it, there is a leather strap.

"What do you use that chain thing for?" I ask. Before he answers, I notice a big smile on his face. "My wife and I use to use it all of the time, back several years ago. Right now I use it to take out my engine or assist me as I work on the truck. "How in the world would you and your wife use something like that," I said reaching upwards to touch the leather strap. He looked at me and smiled again.

"Well, I could show you, but you would have to keep it a secret. Can you do that?" I thought for a moment about it's possible uses and decided to let him go ahead and show me. "You have been a great friend through the years and I would never say anything to Mom and Dad or anyone else about stuff we do and talk about," I warned.

"This should be fun. . but from now on, can you call me Mike instead of Mr. Miller?" he asked. "Sure Mike.

Now show me how you and your wife used this chain thing," I said. "The motor makes some noise, but let me bring this gadget down to your level," he instructed as he leaned over and pressed the green button on the wall. The chain mechanism started up and after he made a settings change, the leather straps lowered to a point where it was just about level with my face. "Don't freak out now, but let me show you how I use to use this thing to make my wife very happy.

Put your hands up above your head for a second," he instructed. His request caught me by surprise, but I moved my hands as he described. Being closer than a few minutes ago, I noticed the end was almost like a buckle with little holes. As soon as I had my hands in place, he circled the leather around my wrists, and then snapped the buckle in place.

"What happens now," I asked, somewhat suspiciously.

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Then I heard the chain mechanism begin again, but only for a few seconds. Much to my surprise, the leather around my wrists was stretched somewhat and I was now almost dangling on my tiptoes. Mr. Miller. . I mean Mike. . sat down on a nearby chair and looked up at me. "How do you feel Katie?" he asked. I looked down and once again his cock had begun to push out the front of his pants.

"A little helpless," I admitted. But looking back down at his shorts, it was also a bit exciting. Thoughts went through my mind of being totally under his control and to follow whatever he might want to do to me.

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He stood up and stood in front of me. "I can understand those thoughts. . but remember, you were not entirely honest with me when I was under the truck were you?" "What do you mean," I asked, trying to remember what I might have said.

"I watched you look at my cock. . and I also watched you rub your little pussy. Am I right?" I turned scarlet as he spoke those words. I was caught but hearing those words also made my little twat begin to twitch with excitement. "Your right. . ." I began, but he immediately interrupted me. "Those were two very normal reactions to being sexually excited. . but now it's gonna be my turn to make you feel. . even more horny. But before we begin, I have this blindfold I am going to tie around your head.

And before you object. . keep in mind, not seeing or expecting what I will be doing. . will become very exciting to you shortly." Listening to his words, I was thrilled. . but kept silent. He pulled out a black blindfold and attached it to the back of my head.


Then I could feel him slowly begin to unbutton my thin top from the bottom. I suddenly remembered I had elected not to wear a bra, but what he was doing was "way sexy" as button after button was undone.

I had no choice but to sense what he was doing with his naughty hands. . and soon it felt like he had every button opened. . baring my titties for him to see up close. "I've wanted so badly to touch and admire these treasures (he said, as I felt his fingertips touch my erect nipples).

"I have watched them grow since you were a little girl," he whispered. Standing behind me, he slipped his fingers under my open blouse and cupped both breasts with his hands. My nipples grew two sizes in ten seconds as he began to manipulate my boobs. He was not grabbing and squeezing them like a boy my age, but instead almost caressing them with obviously many years of experience. "Let's just button this up.



. from behind," he whispered, as he took the sides of the front of the blouse, pulled them back behind me and re-buttoned them so that my breasts were now fully visible to his view. "What are your thoughts so far?" he asked as he reached from behind and using both thumbs and first fingers began to gently pinch my already stiff nipples.

All I knew was my pussy was twitching like crazy with wicked excitement. . the more he tweaked my buds. "Like you said. . I am feeling VERY horny right now. . Mike." I was so glad there were no windows in his garage for others to see me being pulled up and touched like this. Then I heard the shutter from a camera. "Are you taking pictures of me?" I asked. "Of course. Later we can watch them in my living room.

But. . It's time to increase your level of passion Katie. . and this swim suit bottom. . just has to go," and before I could object, I felt his fingers inside the garment and loosening the sides and in seconds, he had my suit down to my knees. At the same time, he had raced around in front of me and he was obviously staring at my recently shaved muff, probably with pure desire in his eyes.

"Lookie here. .

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I am so excited you are all wet. . Katie," he said. . taking his finger and spreading my outer lips down below, in search of.

. . I was sure my clit. He did not know it, but my clit was so very sensitive. . and Jesus his fingers are already driving me wild! I begin to moan as he gently rubs that special bump back and forth and up and down.

"Told you. . you'd like being exposed like this. And look what you have done to me. Oh that's right, you didn't see me take off my cut-offs and let my big cock go free.

You may have looked at part of it while I was under my truck. . but soon you will see it's wicked length and maybe even get to touch it." I was fantasizing while listening to him, but soon something soft and stiff had taken the place of his fingers, on my clit. "Don't be worried girl. .

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. but rubbing this big cock of mine up and down this wet little passage makes us both feel absolutely awesome. . as you young folks so often say." And his words could not have been more accurate. Again. . not being able to see for sure. . but it felt like he was rubbing his cock inside my pussy lips, and making sure my clit was being brushed up against as well. . again and again. It started off slowly.

. but my pussy was beginning to become. . almost on fire with pleasure with these movements. "How does this feel?" he asked, playfully sticking the tip of his cock into my inner lips.

"Please don't stop Mike. . it's never felt like this before," I admitted as my hips began to move up against his stiff shaft. "If you liked that. . then let's try this," he said and taking the place of his cock was a very active tongue that was now licking all over my pussy.

. but especially on my throbbing clit. Again and again he bathed my bud with his tongue and soon I couldn't take it anymore.

"Holy Fuck. . ." I shouted. "That feels sooooooooooo good!" I screamed as my body shook with orgasmic relief. For a moment, I actually pulled myself up the leather strap so that I could enjoy even more what he was doing to me. For the next several seconds my body twisted and turned with total excitement as I hung from the ceiling.

Then I felt his mouth leave my pussy. Next, the chain drive started up and the tension on my wrists and hands soon relaxed. My wrists were now in front of my chest, and I felt Mike unbuckling the latch. "I am going to go catch a quick shower Katie. Go ahead and use the bathroom by the kitchen and get yourself cleaned up.

We still have a few hours before your parents get home, and we are going to take advantage of it. Anybody interested in what comes next??