Big Booty PAWG Loves To Fuck

Big Booty PAWG Loves To Fuck
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The day started out just like any other day for me. After I arose from bed, coffee, shower, I had to do laundry. That is when my day started to improve.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I went over to the laundry to do get this chore done and over. As I was pulling my clothes into the dryer one of my neighbors came in to start her laundry. She was didn't have any laundry soap and asked me if I had any she could use. I told I did, but, I would have to go and get it for her and would she like to come along.

She agreed and left the laundry room back to my apartment. On the short walk back to my apartment, she started telling me that she just moved in a few months before. She had been in a relationship that went south just before she moved in.

She just went on and on about how bad her ex- was and how she hadn't had sex since a few months before the break up. I let her know that I was just divorced a few months before our meeting. I had seen her around and wanted to really meet her. But, I didn't know how to approach her. This seemed a good as time as any. I also haven't had sex in almost a year. My ex-was cold, frigid, and a real prude when it came to sex. It felt comfortable talking to her. It was nice. I think she felt the same towards me.

Once at my place I told her take a seat and I'll get the laundry soap. I went into the other room to get it. Turning around she was right there. She reached her arms around me and planted the biggest kiss I have had in a long time. I responded in kind. We pulled each other closer and tighter. We stood there just kissing, our bodies, close. She stopped and backed away blushing. She told me she had never done anything like that before.

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But, I pulled her back and told her not to stop. It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I could also feel that there was a relief coming from her as we stood there kissing. My hands rubbing up and down her back with her reaching down and grabbing my ass, with a playful squeeze. She stepped back and grabbed my hand and led me to my bedroom.

I started to unbutton her shirt. She was trembling, from fear, anticipation. I leaned over, kissing her neck, nibbling an ear. I heard her let out a gasp of pleasure and surprise. As I pull off her shirt. Her breasts, strained to be released from her bra. I undid the front clasp. Releasing two white mounds of pure heaven looking breasts.

Firm, perky, and her nipples were hard. Sticking out really long. I leaned over and sucked on them, one at a time then pressing them together and inserting both nipples together in to my mouth.

Grabbing my head and pulling me closer to put more of them into my mouth. Finely I released her breasts and nipples. Still flicking them with my tongue. I started to move on down her body. She stopped me by pulling me back up to standing there in front of her. With a slight grin on her face, lighting up her green eyes, she told me its my turn. Unbuttoning my shirt and she returned the favor, by kissing my neck, and ear, sticking her tongue, in my ear.

I let off a moan of pleasure with my cock going immediately rock hard. Noticing this she rubbed it through my jeans. Then undoing my belt and the top button of my jeans, she slide her hand into my pants, grabbing my cock, and cooing her pleasure at what she was doing to me.

Moaning at her grasp and her lips and tongue worked her way down to my nipples. Deftly working me into a frenzy.


Removing my jeans the rest of the way, she pushed me down on my bed. Sliding her tongue on down to my cock. Circling it with the tip of her tongue.

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Licking the shaft up and down before engulfing it completely in her waiting mouth. Slowly, she pushes it deeply into her mouth, gagging, several times.

Finely I just couldn't take it anymore and pulled her up to me. Kissing her deeply.

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My tongue, pushing through her lips, and swirling in her mouth. I pulled her up so I can flip her on her back and take off her jeans.


I start by taking off her tennis shoes, and socks. Then I reached up to her waist and removed her jeans and panties off of her body. There before me was a beautiful golden mound of hair. Neatly trimmed, tight curls, at the top of her lightly moist and glistening pussy.

I couldn't help myself, fronted with such a sight I buried my face in right way. Allowing my tongue to just start lapping at her sweet tasting pussy juices. With my tongue lapping at her clit. My fingers were inside her, rubbing the inner walls of her pussy.

Faster and faster, my tongue, works her into her first orgasmic blast.

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Her hips bucking wildly and her legs clamping tightly on my head, forcing more of her pussy and clit into my eagerly hungry mouth. Grabbing and pulling my hair she lifts my head up so she can have a short break from her mirad of orgasms racking her supple form. Lifting me up to her and spreading her legs apart she reaches down and grabs my cock and guides it into her waiting pussy. It was hard to push in, she was really tight. Slowly entering her, to give her pussy a chance to take me in.

She was tight, wet, and warm, such a good feeling as I started to pump her pussy faster and harder. She was screaming for me to fuck her, to smash her pussy. She was enjoying herself as much as I was enjoying her. Shortly I could feel her tight pussy starting to pulsate around my cock inside of her, as her next orgasm starts through her.

I can barely hold myself too. I tell her I'm going to cum. She wants me to cum inside of her and with her.

This was a real turn on for me. As my own orgasm bursts forth inside of her. We collapsed there in my bed. Two sweaty bodies, brought to exhaustion by such passion shared by two strangers. After a few minutes, I, returned to her pussy with my tongue. Lapping up her sweet pussy juice mixed with my cum.

This time, while my tongue slurped up both of our mixed juices, I took a finger and inserted into her butt hole. She gasped in surprise, as my finger enter there. This just drove her more wild and crazy. Moaning and gasping, bouncing all over the bed. Again she pulled my face up to hers and ran her tongue across my beard, sucking our excess juices off of it. Flicking her tongue in and out of my mouth, too. We kissed, passionately, tightly holding each other, laying there, enjoying the warmth of our naked bodies against each other.

After a few minutes, she rose up and redressed herself. I also got dressed. Though she was making it hard for me to do this, rubbing and teasing me as I tried to get dress again.

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She sill needed the laundry soap, so we took it back over to the laundry room, She poured what she needed and gave it back with a lingering kiss, smiling, telling me next time well be at her place. I can't wait.