Kimmy and kristen in hot lesbian action pornstars fingering

Kimmy and kristen in hot lesbian action pornstars fingering
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Part 7 of ? I woke up. Then went in to the shower. I Just stood there, letting the water run over me. I cleaned myself. as i was finishing. Kelly walked in. she got into the shower. But as she tried to touch me i got out and dried myself.

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"whats wrong" she said "i don't want to" i said I did but i was not going to let her decied when i did it like last night. I went into the living room. Sara was sitting on the couch. "what you watching" i said "just some tv nothing special" she said "how was Disney" she added "we had a great time" i said "you love her dont you" she asked "yeah more then anything." I said "well what about us" she said "its your choice" i said "we can ether continue or stop".

i added "Well" she said putting her hand on my inner thigh. I grabbed her left breast and started kissing her. As she laid down on the couch. i lifted her shirt up. continually rubbing her breasts and moved my right hand down her pants. And started rubbing her Pussy. I pulled off my shirt and pants i pulled down her pants and panties. And started eating her out. I started jerking my cock.

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and as i got hard. I moved back up and started prodding her teasing her little pussy. Then finally with one swift motion i penetrated her.

Thrusting my self deep inside her. Over and over. Finally pulling out and turning her around onto her stomach. Then started prodding her tight ass hole and then just went as deep as i could. I was surprised she didnt scream in pain. But i guess shes loved it.

Then after about five minutes. I came deep in her ass. We just laid there. I just stayed inside her throbbing. "you would do her but not me" i heard as Kelly walked in "well she didnt basically rape me last night" i said "you think i enjoyed last night." i added.

"Kelly you need to give me some time because right now i just cant even look at you" i added as i pulled up my pants and put on my shirt "fine" she said storming back into her room "what happened last night" Sara said "i sat on her bed because i could tell she was mad.

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and told her she should find a boyfriend. So she could move on because we cant do this forever." i said "then she jumped on me and just forcibly fucked me" i added "oh wow you guys got to attached" she said "yeah then she tried to join me in the shower but i got out as soon as she came in" i said "i just need a little time apart from her" i said "Well we can switch bedrooms for awhile" She said.


"thank you" i said that would be great. Just as our conversation ended My phone rang. "hello" i said "oh hey how are you babe" i said "yeah ill see you then" I hung up. I went to the bath room and locked the door.

I grabbed a rag and rubbed all the stank from my cock. I put on some of my deodorant. And sprayed my self with some AXE body spray. Made sure to get my junk a little fresh. Just then there was a honk outside. I finished up and ran outside.

Alexis was standing by her car as i got through the door. I walked up to her and we Kissed more passionate then the last. We got into the car. and she drove up to her friends house.

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We got out and walked out around back and there were a couple girls from dinner the other night. They were sitting at a table. "hey girls" i said "Heeeeeeeey" they all said in an elongated fashion. "lets get in the pool" said Meg the girl who's house it was. "isnt it a little cold out" i said "yeah but the pools heated" said meg "okay but i dont have a suit" i said "neither do we" they all said They all stripped down to there underwear.

Then they jumped into the pool>Alexis stripped me down then herself. Then jumped into the pool. "fuck it" i said in as i jumped in. I swam to Alexis and she pulled me underwater then Kissed me i felt like forever as we kissed underwater.

As we went up. You could hear all the girls giggling. "looks like you two are having fun " Meg said "Oh yeah" i said with a smile on my face. "lets have some fun" Alexis said Me Alexis started making out while the other girls watched.


"let me join you" said meg as she swam over and started kissing Alexis. "yeah you slut" Alexis said jokingly. I felt Alexis's hand start to rub my meat. She took off my underwear and let the go in the water.


"look what we found" said on of the random girls in the pool. I really didnt care. All i knew is my girlfriend wanted a threesome with one of her friends i wasnt gonna complain.

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"wait here" Meg said to the other girls as she took us up to her parents room. "they have a King size bed we will have plenty of room" She said "That thing is huge" Meg said "yeah the bed is big" but i knew she was talking about my dick "I know" Alexis said giggling I laid onto the bed.

They both started crawling up the bed towards me both rubbing my legs as the took turns sucking my cock. "who's gonna go first" i said "Alexis can" Meg said "come up here Meg sit on my chest" i said I started to eat out Meg as Alexis continued to suck my cock. I could tell Meg was never eaten out because of the way she reacted to me licking her pussy.

Alexis started riding my cock real slow. As i put my tongue inside Meg's pussy. Rubbed Meg's clit as i licked her lips. Just then the other girls came into the room and joined us. I used my spare hands to finger them.

Just then Meg came all over my face. I did not know she was a squirter. And then her and Alexis switched places.

I started eating out Alexis and god Meg was tight after about 3 minutes of her riding me i came all over her pussy. After that Meg and Alexis laid next to me and rested there heads on my chest. "that was amazing" Meg said "Alexis your a lucky girl" she added "You haven't seen the best part" Said Alexis "Mmmmm babe can you sing us a song" She said "what song" i said "i dont know something appropriate for what just happened." she said as she was rubbing my chest "okay do you have a guitar Meg" i said "You play" Alexis said "yeah" i said "umm yeah my dad has one in th closet" said meg I got up and got it.

And sat at the end of the bed. "i got the perfect song". i said I started playing the guitar. "Hip hip Hip hip Hip hip Hip hip When you're on a holiday You can't find the words to say All the things that come to you And I wanna feel it too On an island in the sun We'll be playing and having fun And it makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain Hip hip Hip hip When you're on a golden sea You don't need no memory Just a place to call your own As we drift into the zone On an island in the sun We'll be playing and having fun And it makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain We'll run away together We'll spend some time forever We'll never feel bad anymore Hip hip Hip hip Hip hip On an island in the sun We'll be playing and having fun And it makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain We'll run away together We'll spend some time forever We'll never feel bad anymore Hip hip We'll never feel bad anymore No no We'll never feel bad anymore No no No no No no" I sang with all the passion i could I put the Guitar down and laid back next to Alexis and Meg.

"what cant you do" Meg said "well i can't pay attention in math class." i said almost laughing We laid there until Alexis took me home. We pulled up to my house.

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" see you in school tomorrow." i said I leaned over and gave her a kiss goodbye. "love you" i said "i love you to" she said I went in and ate some food. and went to Saras room and went to bed.