Übermensch wird von alex adams gekitzelt und gemolken

Übermensch wird von alex adams gekitzelt und gemolken
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A soft sigh of a woman waking up filled the room with its delicateness. Her body was tingling in that familiar way it does when she felt particularly sluttish.

Her long creamy torso stretched out. Her fingers curled into her palms above her head. Long red waves of hair splayed over the pillow. Her naturally red lips were swollen and puffy from her own nibbling and sucking from her deep erotic dreams.

The swells of her full breasts pushed up as she arched her back. The dark pink of her aureoles caught the light as her nipples stiffened and protruded against the translucent fabric of her green nightie, trying to reach out and kiss the crisp morning air. Her flat creamy belly quivered as she took each breath in and out, a dip forming allowing one to imagine a droplet of water rolling down between her ribs, over her belly, only to land into her navel.

Long limbs pull and tighten as she points her toes outward. The soft curves of her thighs and calves glow in the morning light. Rolling over onto her belly, she pushes up from the comfort of her king downy bed on to her hands and knees.

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A low growl escapes her throat as she arches her back and stretches. Pushing her ass out and allowing her legs to spread, she moans as she imagines her beloved One taking her hard from His favorite position. "Oh, I can feel it. I am so in need today. I feel the urge to please my One today." Hopping off her bed, she hurries to the bathroom to look at herself.

Her plump lips twist up into a sly smile as she notices the look in her eyes. "How bewitching you two are today. What type of trouble shall we get into today?" Humming softly to herself she spins about the bathroom and wastes no time in indulging herself.


She is never one to take her time. The bathroom was too small to stay in. Oh how she hates small areas. The thought of being closed up in such a confined space with no windows and no light made her body jump and twitch.

Her heart would pitter-patter wildly and her palms would sweat. Such confinement was not at all appealing! She returned to the large opened up room and twirled about as she felt the familiar throbbing begin to increase. Moaning softly, she skipped to her California King Size bed and began to make it up. A simple bed really, but to her, it was HUGE.

Fluffing the pillows and turning to her dresser she began to think of the trouble she could get into. "Hmm, well body of mine, let's get ready. We need to get into some trouble today. I am feeling slightly impish. What shall we do today?" Looking down at her feet she wriggled her toes.

"Something red today, I think, yes? Of course we need to show off all your little digits." She giggled softly as her toes danced over the carpet as she began to open her dresser drawers. A thin, skin tight, deep red shirt, that buttons up the front. She leaves the top two buttons undone and buttons three more, leaving the last three undone. Taking the shirt tails and tying them into a knot just below her belly button allowing the perfectly round navel to glimpse out happily.

Slipping a black hip hugging skirt over her hips, she wriggles her hips and watches as the hem flares out over her thighs and settles just above her knees.

"Oh today is gonna be a delish day. I can feel it in my bones. Can't you little heart?" She winks to herself in the mirror and turns saucily away to retreat to her closet door. Her fingers wrap around the door handle and she take in a deep breath before letting it out slowly and shakily. "Little heart, it's ok. Just open and quickly grab the shoes then close it. That's it." Her small body trembled as she felt the fear crawl up inside her soul.

It wrapped itself around her soul almost smothering her with it until she shook herself once and yanked the door open and grabbed her favorite red heels.

Running to her bed she gathers her wits and calms down. Taking in several deep breaths she places her shoes on her feet. Smiling softly as her toes peek out the tip of the heels and the straps are snuggly in their places behind her ankle, lifting her two inches higher. "Oh darlin' you look divine!

Just look at you little heart." She twirled in front of the mirror and curtsied to herself before giggling and skipping out her bedroom door to do her daily chores. She had been teasing Him all day. She twitched her hips when He looked her way. She let her legs relax more open when she was kneeling in her favorite corner of the room when He would speak to her.

They had known each other for a few weeks now and there was a profound connection between them. She flirted shamelessly with Him and He returned that energy in His unique way, as only a true Dominant would.

He would have her squirming with just a few words. He knew what got her body trembling and He had yet to touch her. She let her long fingers trail over her collar bone then the roundness of her breasts, occasionally dipping them into the valley. Her pink tongue caressed over her proud pouting lips and she slyly smiled as she heard His deep growl in response to her. She leaned over so that she was resting on her fists, kneeling on all fours.

She maneuvered her ass, so that it was pushed high into the air as her back curved downward. Her small rounded breasts thrust out against her red shirt, showing the fact that she wore no bra and that her nipples were excited.

She crossed her heel-clad feet behind her and looked up at Him through hooded long dark lashes.

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Her voice was soft as she whispered, "Sir, can I get You anything?" He growled and rose from His seat and walked swiftly to her. He looked down upon His little one, and gently caressed her cheek. His long thick fingers slid deep into her thick mane and twisted His palm hard into her hair yanking her head back. He then snarled, showing off His white gleaming teeth and hauled her up against His body.

"You my little dear heart have been quite naughty. You need to be punished I think." He then crushed His lips to hers in a bruising kiss. He tortured her lips with His lips and teeth. Then pulling back as their breath collided together in rapid succession their eyes clashed together in fiery hot passion. She mewled and reveled in the delicious titillation.

He kept His eyes on hers, not allowing her to look away. His fingers began to dance their way over her belly. He avoided touching her breasts for now because He had other ideas on His mind. His lips curved into an evil smile as the tip of His one finger tapped her little bud once. He loved to see her hips jolt at His touch. She gasped at the dab of His finger tip. "Punished Sir? Oh Sir, I do not wish to be punished. I feel so sluttish today is all. I have the need to please You.

I want to be Your slut today. Can I? Please Sir? Allow me this one thing?" She begged Him as her hips rocked against His palm. His fingers were teasing her entrance. They were pulling twisting and pinching her folds. He watched as her eyes closed to the deliciousness of His dancing fingers. "No pet. You are going to be punished. You will be my slut in time little one, but after your punishment." He then swiftly sunk His finger deep into her waiting walls.

She cried out in lustful passion and bucked hard into His palm.


He continued to thrust His finger in and out of her soaking sex, listening to the wetness squish from her. His thumb ground against her clit as His other fingers rolled over her folds. His middle finger worked and teased her little hole, making her more excited. He lowered His lips over her throat and suckled and licked. He was tasting her, sensing her arousal.

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He could feel her breath riding higher and He kept bring more pleasure to her. His lips formed over her nipple through her red shirt and sucked at it, then biting it before letting it go and moving to the other.

The little heart began to quake in His arms. She withered and trembled with delight as He manipulated her senses. "SIR!" She yelped out loudly and leapt up against His hand. Sir, please? Can I cum?

I need to.

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Oh God!! PLLEEAASSEE!!" Sir twisted His finger deeper within her. "NO!" He added another finger into her depths. "Not yet pet.

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You will not release until I say so. Do you understand, pet?" She mewled again and held on to her pleasure.

She fought against it as He spoke. Her eyes closed tightly and her lips parted in bliss as she let her pleasure to Him be known. "Y-yes Sir, I understand. I won't cum until You tell me to." She cried out once more as the sharp stab of blissful joy grabbed at her once again. "Sir, oh God NOW!!" He quickly slipped His hand from her and held her close to His body.

Cooing softly in her ear, He said, "No pet. You will not cum until I have returned form my trip. You will bring yourself everyday this close to release until my return. I want you needy for me when I return. Do you understand?" "Until You return Sir? Good God that is 5 days Sir." Lowering her eyes she nods her consent. "Yes Sir. I understand completely. But I am afraid I won't make it.

What will happen if I cum Sir? I mean cum before You give me permission." He growled loud and deep into her ear. "You will not cum my pet. You will be a good slut for me and wait until I give you permission.

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The punishment will be severe if you cum without me." "Aye, Sir. I will be a good slut." Her eyes darkened to a darker blue as she looked into His eyes. "I wish not to disappoint You Sir. I will wait for Your word before I release my energy, and I will continue to keep myself close for the next 5 days." "Good pet." He leaned down and kissed her one more time deeply. His fingers did their own traveling, reacquainting themselves with her hot dripping petals.

He felt her moan and press against His hand. He smiled as He withdrew from her. "You will behave now, won't you?" he whispered into her ear, making her tremble even harder.

She couldn't help but whimper and moan as she tried to bring herself under control. She could feel her walls contracting with the urge to cum. She needed this release. Badly! She lifted her eyes to His. "Please Sir. Allow me to cum now. Please Sir. I need to feel the flood flow through me.

I need to ride my wave. Please Sir. Let Your slut cum." "NO! Pet, you will wait. Enjoy your next few days. On My return, I will allow you pleasure." With that He kissed her once more then left. She fell to her cushions once more breathing hard as her walls pulsed heavily with need.

She curled up letting the pleasure ripple through her. She stayed in that ball a little while longer before getting back up. She straightened her skirt and blouse.

With her head held high and her eyes downcast she walked out the door and headed home. Thoughts of intense pleasure fill her head causing her sex to continue throbbing.


"Well little heart. You have 5 days until you see Him again. What kind of trouble can we get into without making us cum? Is there any such trouble?"