Inked petite yo slammed by huge prick

Inked petite yo slammed by huge prick
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As you have read, Jenny and I started out as a chance meeting and ended up in a small motel room with a very lovely black girl named Beth we met in a strip club in a town we stopped at to rest for the night.


Jenny and Beth hit it off right from the start and we later found out they had 1 very interesting thing in common. Both of them had nipples so sensitive all it took was sucking on them to make them both cum.

It also seemed we 3 had different fantasies, which Jenny expressed to Beth in the strip club of never having sex with a black girl, and that's how Jenny and Beth ended up on the bed kissing, licking and exploring each other.

As Jenny laid back on the bed Beth started at her knees kissing and making small bites to her, this had her moaning and begging for more, Beth finally reached the lips of her pussy licking up 1 side and down the other always staying away from her clit as she didn't want this to be over any time soon.

But Jenny had other ideas, she grabbed Beth gently by the hair and started pulling her deeper into her pussy until all Beth could do was to lick right up the middle of Jenny's pussy and she made Beth stay right on her clit until her whole body was thrashing and wiggling, I couldn't stand it any longer and laid down beside Jenny and started sucking her nipples which sent her into instant orgasm, she squeezed Beth's head so hard I thought she was going to suffocate her.

She finally relaxed and told Beth to lay down it was her turn, now to see this lovely creature laid out on the bed, her long curly hair spread out, that caramel body with the dark chocolate nipples and her soaking wet pussy was almost to much, but when Jenny started licking and kissing up Beth's body I couldn't stand it any longer.

I went behind Jenny and pulled her up on her knees so she could still lick Beth's pussy and stuck my rock hard cock right in her pussy which was so wet it just slid in and started fucking Jenny for all I was worth. I pushed my cock in as far as it would go and then pulled out very slowly until just the head was sticking inside her pussy lips, oh what a feeling it was with her pussy muscles squeezing just the head of my hard cock.

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I kept fucking Jenny until I knew there was no stopping; I shoved my cock in her pussy and started filling her with big shots of cum until it was running out and down her legs to pool on the bed. All the while Jenny kept licking Beth's pussy and making her cum as well.

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We all lay down on the bed with Beth and Jenny kissing and playing with each other's pussy. I lay down behind Beth and started trying to slide my cock into her from behind, but I didn't count on Jenny having 2 fingers already there and fucking Beth with them. Jenny started licking down Beth's caramel body, bypassing her nipples as she wanted this to last as long as possible, she lingered around Beth's navel slowing fucking it with her tongue, making Beth squirm and wiggle.

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She then slid down to Beth's pussy and started licking along the lips but not getting any where close to her clit, I could tell by Beth's breathing and moaning this was not the first time Jenny had licked another girls pussy, she then laid her tongue right along the slit of Beth's pussy and started sucking her clit and tongue fucking her, but when she reached under Beth and slid her finger into Beth's little brown asshole, all hell broke loose, Beth was bucking and moaning trying to drive her pussy around Jenny's head I think, and with that I reached over and sucked Beth's dark brown nipple into my mouth, that was to much for them both, Beth was hollering " Suck my fucking cunt" and Jenny kept right on, sucking her clit and fucking her asshole with her finger, and I kept sucking her nipple until her orgasm caused her to actually pass out.

Jenny and I looked at each other with amazement and a little worry until Beth started moaning and sighing and we saw some movement in her eyes. She looked up at us and said, "I think I love you guys".

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We all laughed and collapsed on the bed with Beth in the middle of us both. I reached over and rubbed along Beth's lovely dark ass and she felt so good, all smooth and silky. I reached around and gently touched her pussy and she started humping her ass back against my rising cock and said "Ok there's Jenny's fantasy fulfilled, I think we need to work on mine and your fantasy, wanna continue?

I can't help thinking how far Jenny and I have come in such a short time and so glad I decided to stop and help this lovely lady in despair out. We all know how fantasies keep us going and this was no different, I had already seen Jenny fulfill her fantasy of being with a black girl, and what a lovely creature she was, long curly hair, luscious red lips, two C-cup tits laying there topped with dark chocolate nipples, that all it took was some light sucking to make her cum in buckets and the tightest looking pussy with just a hint of pink showing thru and my rock hard cock laying along the crease of her ass as her and Jenny kissed and me reaching around and stroking her pussy lips, up one side and down the other.

With Jenny's fantasy over it was time to work on mine and Beth's, seemed we both had kinda the same fantasy, hers to have sex with a white guy and mine to have sex with a black girl, Damn how great it is when a plan comes together. We both looked at Jenny and asked if she was ok with this and she just smiled, moaned and said " I can't wait " well neither could the two of us as Beth rolled away from Jenny into my arms and we both started kissing and trying to suck each others tongue.

Damn this girl could kiss as well as Jenny, we stayed that way for several minutes just reaching around and exploring each other's bodies.


I began working my way kissing down her body and just barely made contact with her nipples as II knew what would happen, I felt her shutter and moved down to her belly button and started tongue fucking her there, she was squirming and moaning and kept pushing my head down until I was right at the top of her dark pussy lips, I continued licking her lips and then stuck my tongue into her slit, was grinding and humping against my face so hard it almost hurt, so I backed off and she calmed down and looked me in the eyes and told me to lay down she had never sucked a white cock before and it was her turn, So I laid down beside Jenny and we started kissing and Beth went straight for my hard cock, she licked around the head and underneath from the tip down to my nuts and back all the while using her hand to cup my balls and massage them.

She then put the head in her mouth and started just sucking on that for a bit, it felt so damn good and to see her dark face and those red lips on my cock had me almost ready to explode. She then started sliding more of my cock into her mouth until her nose was buried right in my pubic hair, she kept going up and down slowly sucking my cock and stopping at the head just long enough to feel it start to grow larger, which she knew was a sign I was going to cum, but she backed off and said, "It's fantasy time." Beth laid down on the bed and I laid on top of her, those nipples were like hot poker sticking into my chest, she looked at Jenny and asked her to slid down and watch my cock go in her pussy, Jenny giggled and told her I'll do better than that, I'll guide his hard cock into your pussy and help you both with your fantasies.

Jenny reached down and wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and put the head right at Beth's pussy, I made one small move and my cock was inside the first black pussy I had ever had, damn it felt and looked great, I started sliding more cock in her and she started humping her ass to try and get more inside, but I was in control and kept backing away so that she just got what I wanted her to have. I eased more cock into her until I was balls deep and just stopped and let her adjust, I felt her muscles start grabbing at my cock and we both started fucking each other so hard it was like two animals in heat, neither one wanting to give in to the other.

Jenny slid up and started sucking on Beth's nipples which made her start cumming instantly, this caused her pussy to latch onto my cock so tight I almost couldn't move, but I managed to fuck her until I felt my own cum churning up through my cock and when I let it go and hit the walls of Beth's pussy she lapsed into another world and passed out.

I crawled off and laid down beside Jenny and we snuggled, waiting for Beth to come back around, remember we saw this before when Jenny was licking Beth's pussy, so neither was surprised after a few minutes she awoke and said, " Thanks! for my fantasy, it was everything I expected, oh and from now on only white guys get this pussy, you rock" We all lay down and fell asleep from exhaustion and satisfaction.

Sometime in the middle of the night I got up to go pee and then sat in a chair and just watched these two lovely women sleep.

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I'm thinking back on how this all started and not sure where it might end, but it's been one hell of a ride so far. We left Beth the next morning and rode on but not until we all had exchanged phone numbers and emails so we could stay in touch, after all who knows when we 3 might think of another fantasy we need to satisfy.

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