Bbw fat russian mom whip anal cream

Bbw fat russian mom whip anal cream
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"Oh my god Sara what the hell are you doing?" "What does it look like? I'm fucking you're wee little dick, with my ass." "Fuck, I know that, but why the fucks are you&hellip. She stops me by tightening her ass muscle. "I take it you like the way my ass feels little brother." (Dear god if you can hear me.

I know this is wrong but this is too good to be wrong.) With all my might I ram my cock in and out her tight ass. "Looks like you can take that as a yes Sara." Amber said while sucking on my sister 34e tits. "That's what I'm talking about little bro fuck the shit out my tight ass." I could not stop it was as if I was hypnotize, it was the first thing today that truly felt like it was made for my dick and my dick alone.

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"Damn brother you're really having fun with my tight ass. Then I wonder how would you take to this?" With all her Might she clamp every last muscle around my dick and started to grind her ass on my pelvis. "Fuck Sara don't stop I'm about to cum." She stops and looks at me. "No, No we can't have you cum before us, can we Amber?" "She right toothpick. What's right is right and what's wrong is wrong." "Fuck what ever you guys want just let fuck your ass a little bit longer Sara." "Amber since I have he we dick in my ass how about you ride his cute face." Soon after that, Amber started to climb on my face and sat her B, E, A utiful pink pussy on my face.

As soon as her pussy lips touch my lips, I went straight for her clit.

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"Shit John that felt so fucking good. Who in hell has been teaching you how to eat pussy like this." Amber pussy was drowning my face while Sara was riding me as if my cock was about to go out of style. "Amber is his tongue really that good, your Cumming buckets over there." "I could say the same about you.

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It look like your about to have a white charismas in your ass if you keep up like that." This was too good to be true. I wanted to cum fast, but I had to make Amber and Sara cum first. Therefore, I went in for the kill.

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I grab Amber's hips and with all my might, I started to eat her pussy as if I was dying of hunger. "Shit john I'm Cumming." The next thing I new my face was cover in her pussy juice and she was shaking and quivering. Amber rolled off me and went to sleep. I took this as my chance and went for my sister.

"Bro don't think I'm going to cum as easily as Amber did." I took her challenge and started to suck on her pink nipples. I started with her right, then her left, then both. "John, how did you know my breast was my weak spot?" I felt her nails dig into my back, as he ass got tighter around my cock I was on the edge of Cumming Just a little more was I could think, and then I remember Anna said a girl likes her clit to be stimulated when having sex.

I started to play with her clit, and then I stuck to fingers inside her warm pussy. "Fuck Bro I'm about to cum." For some reason it turn me on even more when she said that. I wanted to see more of this smutty part of my sister.


So I got a little rougher. "Shit Bro Play with my pussy, fuck my ass. I'm Cumming." "I'm Cumming too sis." With a good few pump in the ass we came simultaneously. "Fuck little bro, you know how to treat a women." She sealed the deal with a kiss and past out. I did not know what to do part of me wanted to take a shower and the other half-wanted to post todays events on face book.

It is best if I did not so I went to take a shower to cool down and went down stairs to sleep. At that time while I was sleeping on the couch with my thumb in my mouth I did not know how my life was about to be turn up side down. Sorry for the short story.

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I hope you enjoy it and like always please comment and share some of your ideas with me. And if you can i need to some names for 3 new character. 2 are female and one is male that would be a big help.


Oh here a little side story for toothpick fans The amazing life of Toothpicks mom My name is Martha Tucker you might even know my son John Tucker. Sometimes he is a good for nothing son, but he really is a good kid at heart. He reminds me so much of his father, especially where it counts the most. My son might not know this but for 5 generation of the Tucker family the all was born with little dicks, but on their 19th birthday, their cocks grow very large.

I remember when Steve (My husband) grew. The first thing he did with that 8ich beast lets just say we had a beautiful baby girl. I still get wet remembering that night, he at least fuck me four times. The way he grip me when I was riding him, from where he want to fuck my tight ass until morning, god I am getting horny just from talking about it. I miss that man so much. The way he treated a girl was just too good and between you and me, I let him fuck the person who was closest to me at the time.

It was just so much fun I had to share it. God I am so damn horny now. Where in the hell is my dildo. "Sara did you move my toy again?" "No mom did you check under your pillow you had it last night remember.' "Oh that's right. Thank you sweetie, you now mommy needs her toys sometimes." Well I have to go but please keep reading and who knows you might even find me in one chapter.