Poor White Trash Mom Sucks Sons Dick

Poor White Trash Mom Sucks Sons Dick
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CHAPTER 6 Coming Back Part 1: Shawn Shawn is 10 years old, short dark hair and dark blue eyes. Shawn spent most of his life with other kids living in the streets, looking after each other, but soon the boy found himself lost in the streets.

Since then, Shawn has tried to find a place where he could stay, until that night when he met Kiyan Roberts. After meeting Shawn, Kiyan felt his old self coming back to life, as the boy decided to give shelter to the little kid and be his friend. Thanks to Shawn, Kiyan has finally opened his eyes as to what he had become, courtesy of his "special buddy", Hunter Lawrence.


The following morning, Kiyan woke up, seeing his little new friend sleeping on a small couch Kiyan had in his room. Kiyan looked at the little defenseless little boy, who was in dreamland. After a while, Kiyan had finally decided to get up and take a shower, but before he went to the bathroom, Kiyan grabbed the sheets from his bed and placed them carefully on top of the boy sleeping on his couch.

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Kiyan grabbed a few clean clothes and took them to the bathroom and got ready to take a shower. Meantime, Little Shawn woke up, and found a few extra sheets covering him.

The boy stood up and noticed how Kiyan's bed was, and figured out where those sheets had come from. The boy went to Kiyan's bed and decided to put the sheets on his bed and then noticed the bathroom door opened, and also noticed Kiyan was inside taking a shower.

Shawn went inside and sit on the toilet seat, waiting for Kiyan to finish his shower. Kiyan didn't notice his little friend's presence in the bathroom, and the boy got out of his shower and grabbed a towel to get the water off his face. After Kiyan could clean his face, he noticed a small figure looking at him and covered his private parts with the towel: "It's ok, I'm used to it." Said Shawn.

"Used to what?" "Looking at naked boys." "Oh…" "You're cute." Said Shawn all of a sudden. "Hum… Thanks!" "Hey, wanna see mine?" asked Shawn.

"Your what?" "My dick. I've seen yours, only fair if you see mine, right?" "Hum… You don't have to…" Before Kiyan could say anything else, the boy took off his dirty short jeans off, and exposed his small uncircumcised dick: "See? Not very big, though." Said Shawn with a shy smile. Kiyan couldn't take his eyes off the boy. He started feeling excited as he watched the little boy playing with his dick. "Hey, look!" shouted Shawn, "Yours is getting' bigger!" Kiyan looked down, and noticed he had dropped his towel, and his hard dick was exposed to the little boy's eyes to see.

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"Hey, I got an idea. Sit over there." Said Shawn as he dragged Kiyan to the toilet seat.

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Kiyan did as the little boy requested, and Shawn started playing with Kiyan's dick and before Kiyan noticed, Shawn was sucking his dick and playing with his balls. Kiyan couldn't stop moaning, louder as the boy sucked his dick faster. Kiyan grabbed the boy's short hair and played with it.

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He was almost about to cum, when he heard his father's voice calling him. His father was about to leave and screamed so Kiyan could hear: "Kiyan, I'm leaving to the hotel, have a nice saturday, kiddo!" "Thanks, dad!!" screamed Kiyan, touching the little boy's hair, indicating him to continue.

A few seconds after Shawn resumed sucking, Kiyan came. The little boy sucked all of the sperm, and licked his dick right after swallowing all of the sperm. "What a way to start a weekend!" said Kiyan.


"Heh… That was for letting me stay the night." "Thanks buddy. Guess I needed that." The two boys smiled at each other for a while, and then got their clothes back on and went to the kitchen and get something to eat for breakfast: "What do you wanna eat, Shawn?" "Huh… You don't really have to give me anything to eat, it's ok." "No way. I'm not letting you get away without some food in your stomach." Said Kiyan, "I mean, look at you!

You NEED some food, man! Like, lots!" Part 2: Back to the Light Kiyan went for a walk around with his new friend, Shawn.


Kiyan had thrown away the clothes given by Hunter and was wearing his light blue shorts and white t-shirt. Kiyan gave Shawn some of his old clothes, which suited Shawn nicely. In the meantime, Hunter showed up, with Seth and Gary beside him: "Hey Kay, what's up?" asked Hunter, "Why are you wearing THAT!?" "This is what I wear, Hunter.

And it's Kiyan." "What's this all about, Kay? And who's your little friend?" asked Hunter. "This is Shawn, met him last night. Hunter… All this about revenge on Jake… You should forget about it.

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It's useless. You'll just cause more trouble." "What the fuck are you sayin'!? You changed your mind about helpin' out just like that!? Jake is an asshole, he threw away OUR friendship for his Hollywood stinkin' life! He deserves what he'll get!" "Fine, then. You wanna beat the hell out of Jake, go ahead, but don't ask ME to help." "So… That's it?" "Yeah, Hunter. That's it." "… What made you change your mind?" Kiyan looked at Shawn and then, back at Hunter and his friends: "… I never changed my mind, I was never at your side in the first place… Guess I just needed someone to open my eyes." "Hmph… Fine, then.

You don't wanna help us take out Mr. Superstar, then don't. We'll handle it.

See ya!" said Hunter and pushed Kiyan to the ground and left, with Seth and Gary following. Shawn quickly helped Kiyan stand up, asking if he was ok: "Yeah, Shawn.

I'm all right. I'm just worried about Jake.

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Hunter's over his head. Just hope he doesn't do anything crazy." "He won't, Kiyan." Said Shawn, "And who's this Jake fellow?" "A ex-friend of mine… Now that I think about it… Maybe he still is… C'mon, Shawn. There's someone I would like you to meet." The boys walked for a few minutes and reached the Blue Ocean Hotel. Kiyan asked his father if Jake was in his room. After the father replied affirmatively, Kiyan took Shawn upstairs and knocked on the door, which was answered by a sleepy Jake Warsavage: "Hey, Jake… Can we talk?" End of Chapter 6