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Negro oeste parana X casal fabiomarciapr do SEXLOG
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A series of circumstance 3 This the third adventure for Cathy and Brian. You may want to read the first to series of circumstance and #2. It was Sunday morning at Silvia's. I got up and went to the kitchen, Sil was making coffee. Hi how are you? I'm fine, actually great, but you were right about what you heard, I've been laid 25 times and given at least 20 blow jobs, thank god cum isn't fattening. I know my ass is getting use to fucking and being doubled fucked is great but you certainly do blow your cookies hard.

I've never cum so much in my life. The boys like panties, I've already gone through three pair and do you believe the stains. They like seeing there handy work and feeding us there cum, and the panties do hold it in. Brian told me last night they were expecting guy's with very large cock today after lunch. A large cock? You mean bigger the Teddy's? Yeah He said they were from Mandango. Whats Mandango?

All I know is if they show up were to go upstairs with them and fuck. Ok I can do that. Coffee, please. About 1PM we change panties and did our hair and makeup. The boys had gotten a call that we were indeed have company. We must have given another 10 blow job apiece, but by 1PM we had to get cleaned up. When the door bell rang, there stood four big black guy's, they were invited in and introduced to us.


Hi I'm Cathy two of them asked who's mom is this and Brian raised his hand. Brian were taking her up.

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I smiled and said see you guy's later. Being topless my tits and nipples were in there mouths before the first step. We got in the bedroom and a moment later Silvia came in with the other two. Well we understand you girls love large cock. I responded, we sure do, well we've got some cock for you and they started to get undressed.

Silvia and I were wide eyed as there pants came off. Those weren't cocks they were logs. Silvia asked are you planning on putting those things in us? Yes we are. I asked the guy closes to me all the way in?

To the hilt. For the next two minutes we kissed, fondled and sucked the monsters. Who will be first? George the guy who was standing next to me smiled and said Cathy how about it?

George how big is that thing 13 and a half inches long and four inches in diameter. Wow have you ever had a woman take it all? Yes I hope your one of them, I'll really try. Silvia was looking at the monsters and smiles and told me go for it. Ok lets try. I laid down on the bed and George got between my legs.

He got the lube and told Silvia get it lubes up. She stopped sucking and got up and went to work on the monster. Ok baby here we go, I felt the head pushing between my lips and the plop the head was in, I was flowing by now as I thought for sure it would never fit. Slowly he pushed in and out and I thought I can take Teddy but this feels a lot bigger. I looked over and saw Silvia on her back legs in the air and another monster at the entrance to her pussy.

Just then gable another member of the team asked George more lube? yeah, it felt cold but I was really being stretch out beyond what I thought possible. God it feels wonderful. I was building up to my first climax and George knew it. OK babe let go for it, with one hard pus he sank in to the hilt. I immediately started cumming and he started pumping. I almost lost consciousness when he said I'm gonna come soon, as I was working on my fourth orgasm all I could do was grunt.

Then it hit me, it felt like a fire hose in my pussy but instead of water he was shooting cum. Oh my god fuck me fuck me was all I kept saying, I heard Silvia scream I'm cumming. George got off and was replaced by Reggie. Reggie pumped me for about 10 minutes and I had two more orgasms, on the third orgasm he grabbed my hips and let go, fire hose action. I was delirious. I had a dazed look and just laid there, a pair of panties were put on me and before I knew it the guys were gone.

Silvia how's you pussy? I feel great never had anything like that. I would do it again if they asked, me too. That's the way I feel. Now the boys were in the room and sat us up.

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Can you guys walk? I responded, yes but It feels like I'm gushing gallons, you are and we are going to get all of it in this container. Silvia and I watched as the container was filled and we had both stopped gushing with only residual leakage. Her you go girls, to big glasses of warm cum? Brian what are going to do with these? Drink them. Oh I don't think I want to do that. Drink it now! Ok I put my lips to the glass and started to drink, there must have been 4 oz of cum, what a rush.

I never drank cum before and it was great. Brian can we do this again? Soon?

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Silvia finished her glass as well and said good to the last drop. Later Brian and I got dressed and started to leave, Silvia gave me her phone number and said lets do this again soon, you got it. On the drive home Brian smiled and said mom you really do like cum don't you? Brian thanks to you and your friends I am an official milf cum bucket. I've been fucked more in two week then in my entire life. My ass is no longer a virgin, I drank cum and loved it and I've made porno films for you and your friends so you can jerk off, and had a giant dick give me the best fucking I have ever had.

I glad you decided to make me a MILF. If your up for it every weekend we can do a weekend gathering. I can only go three weeks a month. Not so. What? Your ass is not a virgin and you can still can suck a cock. Your right. Besides you only met Silvia there are quite a few moms in the club and perhaps one weekend we can all get together.

I'd like that. If you want I'll give you a hand job now or a blow job when we get home. I want to save it so when we get home I can cum in a big glass and you can drink it while we watch a dvd of you and Mrs R getting done by those giant cocks and drinking cum. It's on the computer already? Yeah I have a dvd. Hon is there a chance we could get George to come over one night?

I think he would love to as he left he told me you and Silvia were the first pussy's in several months who had been able to take the whole thing. If you were up for it him and reg could come over next week. I think we should invite Silvia over as well. Mom we have another mom Todd's mom, you mean Francis? Yes Todd and I have fucked her and she loves cock.

But is a little hesitant all the time. Well tell Todd to bring her if you can get George and some of his friends for Wednesday or Thursday. OK I'll let you know. Thursday afternoon Silvia and I were in my room changing when we heard the door bell, it must be Todd and Fran as George and the guy's are going to be here at 7.


Brian, Todd and Fran came in our room, quick intro and Todd left us alone. Well Todd wasn't kidding we are the Milf cum buckets aren't we?

Yes Fran that's us. I'm concerned about this as besides being incest they have pictures, I thought, and videos. So what is the concern we get laid regularly and by men who love us. Did you bring a sexy outfit? It seems they want bras and panties and then we have to walk around so they can see the stain.

Well Sil and I have no problem with it, frankly I think it's kind of cute to here them say things like, look at the stain I made or wow she leaking. It turns them on and were being fucked. Tonight is something special as were having a couple of the big cock guys, you mean bigger then Teddy? Yeah His cock felt wonderful but I'm not sure I can handle bigger. You should have no trouble with it. Come on let get sexed up and get down stairs. The three moms were in the den with about six guys talking and groping when the doorbell rang.

Brian yelled I'll get it. In walked GeorgeReg and Larry.

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They walked up to us and George kissed me on the mouth and cupped my crotch, Reg did the same to Silvia and Larry went to Fran who hesitated but kiss him. George smiled and said, Cathy you go with Larry, I'm going with Silvia and Reg take Fran.

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Ok and we started up the stairs. In my bedroom Larry Jerome and Alan were on me in a second great, I love the attention. Silvia came in and her group went to work. As things were heating up we heard Fran say No way are you Fucking me with that thing. Todd who had is cock in Silvia month, stopped got up walked into the hall and said get in here and fuck him or the pictures will be on every desk at your job in the morning.

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He just looked at her and she obediently followed George into the room. Larry was a big as George so he went slow but with about 3//4 of Larry's cock in me Jerome took his ample cock and pushed it in my ass while Alan stuffed my mouth.

My god it feels great, I had two orgasms before I got a mouthful, it took five swallows but most of it went down just then I felt the twitching between my legs Larry pushed all the way in as did Jerome. I could fell both cocks explode in me and once again I really came hard.

Silvia and I were in our panties while Fran still grunted as she had cock in her pussy, in her ass and in her mouth, Teddy started to cum in her mouth and yelled swallow bitch, she took four swallows and got it all down.

Teddy pulled out as George started to pound her, from the looks of it he was almost there and Brian pushed deep into her ass and we saw the look on her face as the fire hose went off in her pussy and ass. For the next 20 seconds all she could say was fuck me fuck me fuck me.

The guys got up and left while Sil and I were given small container, we knew what we were going to do or so we thought. Fran looked dazed, they helped her up, panties on and a container, in nothing flat they had quite a lot of cum.

The boys stood Fran up and handed her a glass and filled it to the brim, Todd stepped up looked her in the eyes and said drink, it's full of cum! Drink it now as she put the glass to her lip she gagged a little but kept drinking until the glass was empty. Not bad was all she said. Fran, now Sil and I will have to suck these cocks so we can get cum.


Sorry girls but we are cum bucket milfs.