Versatile dilf barebacking pinoy in bathtub

Versatile dilf barebacking pinoy in bathtub
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School Daze Chapter 7 Linda was surprised, when she woke up early, as she and Richard had been making love until two in the morning. It was now 5:45 AM, and she stood by the window in a soft robe, looking out onto the pool and courtyard below. She wondered what was in store for the two of them and if they had a future together. This was only their fourth day together and she felt like she knew the man and everything about him.

She was sure that he knew her also. It was funny how quickly they had come to know each other. Although she had been his student for the past several months, she still wondered how he really felt about her.

In the last three days they had the most wonderful sex she had ever experienced, however she really wasn't sure of his feelings. There were several times in her past, that boyfriends expressed their love for her however she found out later, that it was only stated due to their need of her body.

Linda couldn't believe that Richard was that kind of man. He may not want to marry her, she thought but she knew that he did care for her, more than just the sex. She then thought about her own actions, and wondered if he felt she was just using him?


She jumped when she felt his arms around her waist, pulling her into him. He leaned down and kissed her on her neck. His kiss was warm and soft. A chill of excitement ran down her back, and her heart began to beat quicker.

She turned around and gave her lips to him willingly. Richard kissed her long and slow, holding her in his arms tightly. Their kisses became more intense with each passing second, and she felt his hard penis pushing into her tummy. "Richard," she asked, "would you like me to go back to bed with you?" "Yes sweetie, I would." Taking his hand she led him back to the bed, and crawled on to it. Richard told her to lie on her back, then moved his head slowly between her legs.

He kissed her thighs all the way to her crotch, and then began kissing and sucking her pussy. She laid back however said nothing. He was in his own little world, taking care of her needs. This was something that she treasured beyond all of the other things he did for her.

As he sucked lightly on her labia, she moaned knowing he would take her to a wonderful orgasmic climax. Stroking his hair like a pet, Linda felt vulnerable with her legs spread wide open, but as she trusted him with her life, the vulnerability was minimal.

Her clitoris stood at attention like a little soldier during reveille. Richard moved his lips over it, and began to suck on it lovingly. Linda knew that she was well on her way to a wonderful "Richard Induced Orgasm". She always loved everything that he did to her. When he shoved his tongue into her vagina she let out a light scream, and began to cum. As he sucked in her juice, and continued to pleasure her, she whispered, "Ricky, come up here and do it to me.

Push the hulk into my pussy. I need you honey. I want you to cum in me.

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Fuck me please." As he got up on his knees, he moved up and rested the head of his cock on her stomach.

Linda took hold of it and pushed it down to her pussy lips, then pulled it up and down her slit making it wet and slippery.

When she set the head of his cock at the entrance to her vagina, he pushed his hips forward, filling her. The feeling was a familiar, and a much needed one. Faster and faster he made love to her, kissing her as he pushed himself deep into her sacred passage. She wondered why men and women weren't just connected to each other in a permanent sexual embrace. Then she thought it would be impossible to get anything else done.

What they were doing was fine until somebody discovered something better. Richard then moved away from her, and she wondered for a second what he was doing. He eased her over on to her stomach, and took one of the pillows shoving it under her belly, as she had done previously. Apparently he liked it that way. He eased himself back into her vagina, and a stronger feeling of lust came over her. In this position, with her butt lifted off the bed, and Richard behind her, pulling up on her hips, he was rubbing his cock down hard against her G spot.

It was a fantastic feeling, and she wondered if Richard even knew how good it felt to her.

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Possibly her screaming into the pillow, may have given him some hint. G-Spot is a strange name for something that gives a woman so much pleasure she thought. She then wondered about where the name came from, maybe it was because when a penis is rubbed against it, the woman will sometimes yell out "Gggggggggggg". Richard had shifted his weight and moved his hips further up, and he was now shoving downward, the ridge of the head of his thick penis coming in full contact with Linda's G spot.

She squeezed her muscle, almost trapping his penis inside of her. The feeling was exquisite and Linda was in a heaven of sexual indulgence, knowing and feeling another oncoming orgasm.

Something was very different, however. What was Richard doing? He was rotating his hips like a human tunneling machine, almost spinning his cock inside of her. The feeling was unbelievable, and caused her to cum again very hard, very quickly. Richard continued twisting his hips and Linda felt another orgasm beginning.

She felt however like she was about to pee, and attempted to hold back.

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The whole feeling was disconcerting at first, but after a few minutes, Linda felt she almost couldn't live without it. She had no control at all when her pussy broke loose and sprayed her juice against Richard's crotch.

Everything was so wet with their cum and sweat, that the hotel people would probably not let them return. Richard was at the top of his game, and she was now a ball in his court.

He knew exactly what he was doing to her and just how hard to do it. Having orgasms like the ones he was providing, was to say the least causing an emotional disturbance in her that would take hours or even days to overcome. It was sad she thought that most women who were about to achieve this level of sexual satisfaction, became too scared to continue and the feeling has probably led many of them to abandon the process, hold back and just allow their lovers to climax without them.

All they really had to do was let go and there would have been, a pleasant surprise. The women would have had an ejaculation, that Masters and Johnson would have loved to know about. She had been completed and was ready for a small rest, when Richard doubled his efforts, then reached around her hip and brought his fingers to her wet clitoris.

As he continued fucking her hard and deep, he moved his fingers with the grace of a circus acrobat, causing her pleasure to skyrocket.

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Her mind and body were no longer connected, and she was floating free in a sea of unrestrained sexual satisfaction.

She felt him strain and lock his body, shoving deep into her. His cum splattered against her cervix and he fell forward on top of her, his perspiration dripping onto her back, as he kissed the back of her neck lightly. The weight of Richard's body, and his cock deep within her gave her the feeling they were connected forever. She had her man and would not let him go for any earthly or heavenly reasons.

Several minutes passed when Richard, finally crawled off of her and lay down next to her. His arm wrapped around her and he pulled her in close to him, as a child might do with a favorite teddy bear. He kissed her on the top of her head and whispered, "I love you little girl." They were the words she had been waiting a lifetime to hear. She never thought she would hear them from the man of her dreams however.

She wasn't sure if he said it because of the sex, or because he was really falling in love with her. Actually it didn't matter. He had told her that he loved her without any prompting. He said it because he trusted her and knew that even though she had never told him; she was in love with him also.

His massive arms pulled her closer to him, and she almost had to gasp for breath, not because he was holding her to tight, but because her emotions were running wild.

She was upset with herself as her tears began to flow from her gorgeous blue eyes, and down her beautiful face. Linda attempted to hide them from him, but her actions were useless as a tender finger on his strong hand slowly wiped away the flowing liquid. "Why are you crying sweetheart," he whispered his deep voice cracking a little, "You must have had some idea that I have been in love with you for a long time." Linda shivered, unable to say anything, her tears now flowing like a tiny waterfall and her throat tightened and her mouth dry making it a little difficult to breath.

She was at this point unable to control her tears, and didn't actually care that she was crying as hard as she was. The man loved her and that was all she cared about. Being with him and doing her best to please him was her main goal. She felt protected and loved by this wonderful intelligent man.

At this point Linda could care less about the future or anything else for that matter. She was locked into the moment, exactly where she wanted to be.

Linda was with her Professor her lover, her man. She knew that women everywhere would be envious, but sadly she felt just a little guilty that she could not share the special feeling of love with the whole world. She put her arms around him and squeezed as hard as she could, attempting to let him know she felt the same about him. His fingers moved through her hair, caressing her head.

The moment could not have been more perfect, unless God himself appeared to bless their union. Linda moved up on the bed placing her face into his shoulder. There she knew that she was protected from everything.

It was there she felt complete. He was the other half of her soul; her existence at this point depended on the love and understanding he gave her. She knew that she was a young strong independent woman, however when she was with Richard, she was just a lump of clay to be molded into whatever he wanted, and she was happy he was such a wonderful artist. They lay in the bed naked holding each other as if the world was about to come to an end.

His hand slid down her flawless back to her butt, squeezing it playfully. She kissed him on his neck and then in his ear. She finally could talk and whispered in his ear, "Richard … I love you too." "I know little girl … I have always known." Although it seemed like hours had passed, it had not been very long until the phone on the nightstand began to chime. Richard picked up the receiver and put it to his ear. "Yes?" "Thank you." She looked at him quizzically.

"I left a wake up call, not knowing we would be awake this early. We are scheduled to meet Mr. Yackamura on his boat for brunch. Are you ready to get up yet? She nodded her head, in a little lie. She never wanted to leave what they were sharing at that moment.

Linda knew however that she would never forget one second of that morning for the rest of her life. It was all burned into her memory forever. There were her parents that she cared for deeply, but this was the first time in her short life she knew that she was really in love.

It was something she could feel down to her toes. All of the sex aside, her love for Richard was the most wonderful feeling she had ever had. The time was 8:00am, and Richard told Linda, to go in and take her shower then he would follow. She looked at him, frowning almost insulted that he was not going to join her. When he saw the expression on her face, he began to laugh.

"And what is so funny, Mr. Thompson?" she asked squinting her eyes at him, her mouth curled down at the ends. "Your expression sweetie. I know exactly what you are thinking and it isn't going to happen. Go in and get a shower, and I will take mine after you are done." "Richaaarrrddd," she said with a wining voice … "you are just mean." "Go woman." "Yes Tarzan … Jane go now." Linda quickly went into the shower.

The warm water was wonderful as it sprayed on her back. She felt great, but a little sticky after everything they had been doing. It had been sticky, but nice.

She felt strange being in the shower without Richard, and not being able to play with his penis and squeeze his tight butt. Linda loved the hulk almost as much as Richard, she thought. Then she considered taking it back to the sorority with her, but then she might have to share it with the other girls.

Not a good idea; she decided she would let Richard keep it with him. A knock came to the door and Richard asked, "Sweetie, are you about done in there?" "Almost!" "Well hurry up, I don't want to be late." "Okay … just a minute. You know we would both be done now if we had taken out showers together." "Yah … sure we would. Do I look that dumb to you?" "Richaaarrrddd." "Yes my love?" "Come … in … here and … um … wash my back." "No way in hell.

Get out of there so I can take my shower. I don't want to meet Mr. Yackamura, smelling of sex." 'Damn, she thought he didn't fall for it.' She turned off the shower and dried her hair with a towel, then wrapped another towel around her and went out the door.

Richard was sitting on a chair wearing only his jockey shorts. 'Ummmm she thought,' then dropped the towel on the floor. Linda stood their naked, holding a hand to her mouth and said, "Oops." Then made a sharp contortion of her face as though she had done it in error.

Richard stood up from the chair and walked right by her into the bathroom. He said, "Not looking at you little girl." She stomped her foot on the thick carpet in a movement of frustration, however very little sound was heard. She said, "Richaaarrrddd." Linda placed the towel on the chair where he had been sitting and rubbed her hair with the other towel. She became concerned after a couple of minutes when she heard no sound of a shower running in the bathroom.


Is everything ok in there?" she asked through the door. There was no sound at all. She opened the door a crack as she didn't want to interrupt him if he was on the throne and said, "Richard? Honey are you OK?" There was nothing but silence. Now she was really worried and swung the door wide open. Richard was standing ridged staring into the open shower door, not moving, and breathing very shallow.

He was totally naked and his eyes were wide open. "What's wrong sweetie?" "Lllookk," he said. "Where?" she ask looking all around the room. "In … the … shower." She looked around him as he was blocking her view. At first she could see nothing, but then on the bath mat she saw it. There was a small spider the size of her pinky finger.

It wasn't moving; it was just sitting there. "What?

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The spider?" "Do something." He growled quietly as though it were the size of a house. Linda pulled a strip of toilet paper off the roll and struggled to push Richard's massive body to the side, so she could get into the shower.


"What are you doing?" he asked in a nervous voice, "I meant for you to call somebody." Linda bent down and scooped up the spider in the paper, exited the shower and dropped it into the commode. She then flushed it. The paper and the spider were no more. Richard looked around and asked, "Do you think there any more? They usually run in packs, don't they?" Linda smiled and said, "Take your shower.

The spider is gone." As Linda walked out of the bathroom, Richard was mumbling something about all spiders being poisonous. "Take a shower we're going to be late." Well apparently spiders to Richard were like kryptonite to Superman.

Her man had a flaw and she couldn't believe it. As he got into the shower, she took his old jockey shorts and stuffed them into the dirty clothes bag. When he came out, he asked, "Did you see the size of that thing?" "Yes! I laid out your clothes on the bed, you big strong handsome man." "It was gigantic. I really hate spiders. Do you know that all spiders are poisonous?" "I've heard that," said Linda smiling as she knelt down in front of him, slipping on his socks.

"You know when I was a little." "Enough about spiders. Get dressed so we can go," said Linda. Richard got dressed in silence, every so often looking around the floor suspiciously. When he was dressed, he stood then looked at Linda, taking a double take.

"You look wonderful little girl." "Bout time." She said shaking her head. "What …?" asked Richard. "Let's go love of my life." They got in the elevator and he pushed the down button, quickly looking all around.

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When she saw him she asked, "Are you still thinking about that spider?" "A little," he mumbled. She chuckle, then decided she would drop it.

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He wasn't afraid of giant sharks, she thought or even caveman sized football players, but a tiny spider threw him into a catatonic state. Well she knew at that time, she was going to be around a long time, if only to fight off his spiders. To Be Continued …