Jearking my meat while I wait outside

Jearking my meat while I wait outside
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I was in a plane, slowly traveling above the world and all I could think of was the girl I was to meet on the other side As I thought of all of the messages and calls we had I felt my cock get hard As I slowly adjusted my dick so as to be less visible in my pants, the captain got on the speaker announcing our descent When we landed, I saw how beautiful California was.

When I finally got off the plane, I briskly walked through to baggage claim As I awaited my luggage to come down the chute, I thought I heard creeping foot steps behind me.

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Then I felt hands come over my eyes I felt as well as heard a voice seductively whispering close to my ear, "How was your flight?" As she kissed my neck I replied that it was lonely, and slowly the kisses traveled up my neck to my lips and I felt my heart race as I locked lips with the only reason I was here She was 5' 6", currently a brunette (seeing as she dyed her hair a different color every two weeks, which I thought was hot), she was a little on the rounder side, but I didn't mind that at all.

She also had tits the size of cantaloupes that were tipped with nipples that were an inch long or more, seeing this told me that she was not wearing a bra "I'm here to fix that" she said And I slowly wrapped my arms around her body pulling her close into a very deep and very passionate kiss It was all I could do to not blow my load right then and there As my attention slowly drifted to the bags drifting by, I found mine and grabbed it As we walked out of the airport, it was all we could do to not rip the other's clothes off and fuck them right then and there When we got in the car, she bit my neck playfully saying "I've waited for your sexy ass to get here" as we left and headed to her house I got a good look at California.

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Though my eyes couldn't help looking up and down the body of the sexy woman that brought me here When we finally got to her house, I pinned her against the front door, biting her neck, kissing her passionately, slowly sliding my hands down her pants She grabbed my cock through my pants asking "is this all for me?" As I said yes she opened the door an pulled me in, closing and locking it again She immediately started stripping me and I did the same to her When we stood there, totally naked, staring at each other, we could do nothing but fuck there and then She pushed me to the ground and straddled me and then she started kissing me all over She started rubbing her pussy against my cock asking me if I wanted it As I begged for it she shifted her body up and in one fell swoop, my cock was stuffed all the way in her pussy As she groaned in desire, I could do nothing but stare as she slowly started riding my cock As I stared in her eyes I saw how much she was in heaven, I was meeting her thrust for thrust hearing her moan and she cummed on my cock only making me want to go harder I rolled so I was on top, and then I started to pick up the pace Slamming into her hot wet pussy, I heard her calling my name over and over and over again When I asked her what she wanted she gasped "I want you to fuck my pussy, hard and fast, I want to feel you're hot cum shooting inside of me" I was happy to oblige I was fucking her full steam ahead when I felt her pussy convulse around my cock and heard her moan As I slammed into her one last time, I felt my balls tighten and as I started Cumming she had an earth shattering orgasm, screaming my name and saying "OH FUCK YES" As we lay there on the ground panting, she kisses my neck softly and whispers "welcome to California." After we had caught our breath and untangled our limbs, we lay there, kissing and rubbing at each others body, we stood up and she led me to the bathroom.

She turned on the shower and stepped in, beckoning me with a finger as I stepped under the flow of water and closed my eyes, I felt hands, rubbing up and down my chest, over my shoulders, and down to my ass, as they pulled me in a direction, I felt her body close to mine, rubbing up against me It didn't take long for me to get hard again When she saw this, she laughed and said "teenage endurance" She turned around, offering her ass to me, handing me a tube of lube As I rubbed it into her ass as well as my cock, I started feeling a little numbing sensation from the lube She said it was due to the mint that was inside the lube Placing the lube down me rubbed my cock, spreading the lube As I placed it at the entrance to her ass, I felt her shiver and rub her ass against me I started pushing it in slowly One inch Two inches Three Four And after the last two inches slowly entered her ass a moan escaped her lips When I started to slowly pump my cock in and out of her ass, she leaned up and I wrapped my arms around her, grabbing her nipples and rubbing them between my fingers OH MY GOD MOM!!!

WHAT ARE YOU DOING????!!! In all our fun, we forgot that her eldest daughter, Joanna, who was 16 and didn't have that bad of a body, was coming home early from school We sat there, her staring at us, her mother with my cock shoved up her ass, and me sitting there wondering how the hell I was going to get out of this situation.

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