Kurviges laktierendes Baby

Kurviges laktierendes Baby
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As I mentioned in my earlier story, I had known I had a strong sex drive from a young age. But I had only fantasized about sex with another girl until I got into junior high (now called middle school). Being from the farm meant that I was not as cosmopolitan as the girls that grew up in town. They shopped at the malls several times a week, attended parties every week end, and dressed accordingly.

So I was not invited into the "in" groups at school. That left the outcasts which included dopers, sluts, rednecks (called goat-ropers in Texas), latter day hippies (pre-Goths), and me.

Though I was raised on a horse ranch, I did not consider myself a redneck. My mother had a master's degree in English and had encouraged me to read from an early age. So I felt different from this bunch. I was soon paling around with a hippie type who didn't care about school but, because of the law, had to attend until she was sixteen. She was actually very beautiful though she tried to hide it as best she could. If she had been interested, she could have become a model.

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More importantly, she liked me. I was attracted to her because of her exotic attitude and because she was so gorgeous. We would spend nights together at her house or mine. I rode the bus home to the farm so she could go home with me and ride the bus back into town the next day. We talked about boys, smoking MJ, etc. After several nights together, we were at her house alone (her parents were at a party) and she asked me if I had ever masturbated and I said sure.

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She said she had as well and then asked me if I had ever "been screwed" and I told her about my cousin. She said she had tried it with a boy in her neighborhood and didn't like it at all.

I said I found the sex with him very pleasurable and the masturbation almost as good; I did not mention that many times, I masturbated while leering at the centerfolds from my dad's playboy magazines. She asked me to show her how I masturbated so she could learn how. I slipped off my pj bottoms and gave her a demonstration.

She asked me if she could stroke me to see if she was doing it right.

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I said sure and she started rubbing the top of my pussy. I lay back and told her she was doing it just right.

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I expected her to stop but she continued until I came. Then she asked me to do her.


I was happy to do it. She stopped me before she came and finished herself off. In the dark I did not notice that she had slipped a washcloth under her and filled it with cum. I had not ever had a strong cum flow so it didn't occur to me. Soon, went to sleep. The next time we spent the night together was at my house.

My parents' room was on the other end of the house so there was no danger of them hearing us. I half expected her to ask me to do her or her to do me. But she started by asking if I know how boys like to kiss. I said the only experience I had was with my cousin and that had been very brief. She suggested we practice on each other. I was lying on my back and she moved over and took the role of the boy or the active partner. I felt her beautiful lips softly kissing mine and I loved it.

Her lips were so much softer and erotic that my cousin's lips had been. I found myself becoming very aroused. She soon let her hands stray down to my tiny nips and rubbed them with her palms. I loved it and told her so. This encouraged her and she soon slipped her hand into my pj bottoms and began massaging my pussy.

It was so much more arousing when she did it while French kissing me and after stroking my nips. Obviously, I was turned on big time. She helped me slip off my top and bottom. Being naked with her was so erotic. She told me she had a surprise for me that I would love.

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I said "go, man, go." She slipped down between my legs and spread them apart. I knew what to expect from my romp with my cousin, but it was so much better with her.

She knew just where to touch and stroke me to get the best results. I moaned so loudly she shushed me.

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But she clearly had much more experience than my cousin. She fingered, licked, and sucked until I was cuming like crazy. It was much better than with him.

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She immediately asked, "Did you cum?" I said, "Sure. Couldn't you tell?" She said, "You didn't have much cum." I told her that cum flow had always been meager. After I calmed down, she slipped off her pjs and asked me to do her.

I couldn't wait to get started. All those months of reading lesbian stories and masturbating were over.

All those time fingering while lusting for Playboy bunnies was past. Now I was really going to eat some pussy. I followed her procedure and began by kissing her. But since she had boobs bigger than mine, I didn't just stroke them, I moved down and sucked them.

She really got into it. I did not linger on her nips long because I was eager to spread my wings with my tongue. I wasn't too concerned about being repelled. I figured if I could suck my cousin's dick, I could eat pussy with no problem.

Sure enough, she tasted wonderful. I licked, and stroked, and sucked like she had done and like the lesbians had done in the stories I had read. She soon arched her back and began moaning like I had. I soon learned she was a squirter because when she came, my face was drenched with her cum. I didn't care.

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It tasted wonderful and all my curiosity had been satisfied. I knew than that, while I loved six with a man, sex with women was my main calling. We spent many nights together and always planned them when we weren't having our periods; we went down on each other every time.

She taught me many things about making love between two women.


But that is another story.