Culo de Cantante Cazzu chapiadora

Culo de Cantante Cazzu chapiadora
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This is a story of love, passion and understanding. As with my previous story, obviously the circumstances, people, and storyline are quite out there.


There is quite a bit of buildup, so if your not interested go somewhere else. That being said, I hope you find as much enjoyment in reading it as I had in writing it. Without further ado, here is the story. First let me describe myself. My name is Joseph. I'm 6'2, I weigh a hefty 190.

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Most of my weight is muscle, as I have a rare genetic disorder that causes the lack of fat cells. I have dark brown hair, and brown eyes.

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I have never seen myself as pleasing, but as of yet I have had no complaints. I am just over 21 years old. Now let me describe my sister Amanda. She's 5'4, weighs about 110, and is toned.

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She has blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen. Her breasts are a modest size, as is her ass. She is about to turn 17. Though she is very sexy, she does not receive the attention of other males in front of me. I have been known to be overly protective of my innocent little sister. I had no idea at the time that we would become far more then siblings, we would discover a love far deeper then what was meant to be.

It all started one night with a kiss that wasn't supposed to mean anything. "hey joseph? Can I ask you something?" Amanda called from the bottom of the stairs.

"give me 10 minutes!" I yelled as I increased my speed, trying to finish masturbating before my sister got up the stairs. "fine fine just don't be all day!" she yelled back. Knowing I wouldn't have long until she got curious of what was taking me so long, I decided it was better if I quit now even though I would be in a bad mood because of it. I pulled my boxers and my shorts up and made my way down the stairs. "what did you need?" I said.

"do you know where my dress went? I have to get ready to be a brides maid in 4 hours!" I decided to help her to find her dress. It took 2 hours, so by the time we actually found it I needed to get myself ready too. So I went into my bedroom and half assed my so called attempt at becoming decent to go and watch my cousin marry a total duche bag.

Almost as soon As I was dressed I heard a knock on my door. "come in" I yelled. In stepped my sister.


Now I'm not a pervert, but I was definitely feeling the "effects" of her dress. It was a flowing blue gown with a cut from the bottom by her left leg that traveled up to just above her knee, and it was a strapless to boot. I forced my moth closed and listened as she asked her question. "can I as you a favor bro?" "yea what do you need?" "well, my boyfriend wants to kiss me tonight for the first time.

I was wondering if you could help me figure out. You know, how to kiss him?" "uh sis, there's only one way to teach how to kiss. And that's to kiss." "Will you show me or not?" ". Well I guess." That's where it began. After we had discussed what we were going to do, we (mostly her) decided that she needed to learn to French kiss.

We sat down on my bed and began to lean into eachother. As we made contact, she put her hand on mine, which I then grabbed. Her tongue was the first to move, slipping between my lips and testing the water. As soon as our tongues touched, a volt of electricity shot through me, and I completely forgot who's tongue it was. We began tongue fucking eachothers mouths. Very soon I found myself pushing against her, forcing her onto her back.

I was laying on top of her, still not letting our lips part. After a short while, my hands betrayed me and began exploring her body. They moved, with a mind of their own, up and down my sisters sides as her hands pulled me tighter against her.

I cupped her boobs through her dress, and slipped the top of her dress off. Her boobs now free, I began kneading her nipples between my index finger and thumb. This created a soft moan deep in her chest, and soon she was pulling at my hips, trying to get me closer. I then slowly moved one hand down, and started to massage my sisters pussy through her dress. To our dismay, we heard our mother yell up the stairs that we had 10 minutes before we would leave.

Having been snapped out of it, I decided to leave the room to let her get dressed, apologizing for how far I had gone. She simply nodded at me as I shut the door.


The wedding went as most go. Vows, blah blah blah. I was so busy remembering how my sister tasted that my cousin had to repeat herself. "well do you two want to come or not?" she said. "what?" I said, blinking blankly. "we are going on a trip, and we were wondering if you and amanda wanted To go." I sat and thought about it, but before I was able to respond Amanda chimed in. "of course we would love too.

Thank you so much for inviting us." I stared at her. First the wedding, now we were going to follow Kristy and Austin on their honeymoon. Perfect. After that the wedding winded down and guests began leaving. My sister actually caught the bouquet, which meant I was never going to hear the end of it. Instead of going home and sleeping like I had been wanting to do, I was teased with going home and gathering a few clothes for the trip.

We would be gone for a week, and me and Amanda were to share a room in a nice little cabin.

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If my guys knew about it, I'm sure I'd hear some stupid "got her to the hotel" joke. We loaded what we needed into the van, and began driving to the airport. After we got there, we bought our tickets, boarded the plane, and flew halfway around the world to the amazing state of Alaska. We landed on a lake with no name, and next thing I knew we were at some crappy looking cabin.

"this is it?" I said, irritated. "shush and be nice bro. I need to talk to you so hurry up with unpacking." so at that I unpacked both of our things, refusing help when offered. After we were unpacked, we discussed our plans for the week. I immediately asked if we could get any beer, and was answered with a simple "check the cabin" so I decided to go in and see.

Sitting in the back was all the alcohol I could drink In a month.

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I smiled and opened the first bottle of whiskey. Now normally I can hold my liquor, but this was quite a bit striver then what I usually drink. After a few shots I could feel the effects beginning. I heard my sister come in so I hid the bottle. "okay what did you want to talk to me about?" I said, slightly slurred. "well, me and Josh broke up. He wanted me to give him a hand job in the bathroom at the wedding so I told him not to bother showing up.

It hurt Joe" I looked into her eyes and saw the tears coming. She sorta fell on me, and began to sob. I couldn't think of anything, so I just held her while she cried.