Pink haired anime hottie fucked doggystyle

Pink haired anime hottie fucked doggystyle
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Life could be boring in the shop at times, nothing happened out of the ordinary. Sometimes Adam would think about a big titted blonde with DD tits, firm legs and a juicy arse coming into the shop and start sucking his cock till he exploded down her throat.he wasn't that lucky. Just then the door beeped and Adam stood up.

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He noticed 2 teen girls who had come into the shop frequently but never brought anything jus stood an giggled to each other for a minute or two then left. He reckoned they were about 14-15 one had long blonde hair a curvy figure, big tits and an arse just like he imagined "shame about the age" he said to himself.

The other girl slightly taller and skinny came over an said "my mate said she fancies you" her friend blushes then shouts "Kelly no I never said that".

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"so if her names Kelly what's your name" Adam replies trying to make her comfortable. Stacey she says quietly "my name is Stacey" Adam shakes his head motioning her to come closer "how old are you?" "I'm 15" she replies "and she's 14" "why do u come in here stay for a minute then leave" he asks "cus she wants to suck your." Kelly interrupts Adams cock twitches "what is it you want to suck Stacey?" She looks at the floor an says your cock.

A few minutes later Adam had convinced both of them to come round the back, leaning against a the wall he tells both girls to strip slowly dancing as they do.

Stacey's body is immaculate, curvy her pert tits stand out her nipples hard an pink.


Using her hand she covers her boobs turns round and grinds her naked ass on his crotch, he moans pullin her closer to him kissing her neck running his hands over her tits. Kelly is more shy but grinding her naked body in the air covering herself "move your hands Kelly" Stacey snaps as she slowly goes down to Adams cock.

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He waves at Kelly to come to him he starts kissing her squeezing her ass as Stacey is squatting infront of him taking out his cock an sucking the head seductively, he lifts Kelly onto his shoulders her juicy young pussy facing his mouth she holds the door frame an he starts licking an sucking her teen cunt.

Stacey is deepthroating his cock at this point Adam thinks "how can someone so young suck a cock like a pro" his mind sidetracks as he hears Kelly scream "faster I'm cumming" he sucks on her clit hard his tongue flickin side to side she screams once more then breathes heavy her legs shaking around his head, she lowers herself dwn and lays under the squatting Stacey.

Adam pushes his cock deep down Stacey's throat making her gag, Kelly then starts to play with Stacey's wet pussy slidin fingers in and out, "I'm gonna cum" Adam shout's an she throws her face towards his stomach as ropes of warm cum shoot down her throat she chokes an gags but doesn't pull away writhing to her own orgasm from Kelly's fingers in her pussy she moans an pulls away panting grinding her hips on Kelly's fingers squirting juice over her.

Adam pulls both the girls up as all three of them lick the cum from Kelly's fingers.

"Kelly baby lay on your back an spread your legs for Stacey to eat you out" Adam says an she does with no argument, "Stacey lick her pussy" he says firmly she crouches in between her legs an dives straight for her clit her apple shaped arse up in the air as she finger fucks her. Adam slaps her ass b4 slidin his cock deep in her with no warning, she moans an says "mmmm I like that daddy" his cock slides in and out her tight wet pussy.

"fuck me harder daddy fuck this bad girl" she screams still licking Kelly's pussy an fingering her, with her free hand she reaches for her own clit and starts rubbing it fast "Iv been bad daddy punish me" Adam slaps her arse leaving a mark Kelly screams I'm gonna cum "hold it baby" adam says "there's a good little girl" he fucks Stacey harder an faster "cum on my cock" her pussy tightens an she and Kelly both let out a scream Kelly cums over staceys face while Stacey cums over Adams cock.


Feeling her wet juices he fucks her teen pussy faster "I'm gonna cum" he says "not in my pussy please not in my pussy" she whines he takes his cock out and aims it at both the girls who fight for the first shot of cum Kelly gets there first "mmmmmm" she says as she swallows an licks her lips.

Stacey throws her mouth around his cock "the rest is mine" she says 5 more ropes of warm cum land in her mouth "don't swallow yet show me" he demands Stacey opens her mouth wide an shows him the puddle of warm cum on her tongue before throwing her he's back and swallowing every drop. "Did we do good" they both say, Adam smiles "yes both my naughty little girls did well" "can we come again" Stacey says excitedly Adam thinks for a minute nothing else exciting happens here so why not.

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He tells the girls "they can come whenever they want aslong as they tell no one" they both agree then get dressed "we need to go Stacey" tells him "but I'll be back later" she mimes as the door closes behind them adam thinks next time Kelly needs to feel my cock inside her but Stacey is definitely the better of the two. Daddy's little princess.

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