Hot wife Brandy Gentry gives her hubby a creampie with a squirt

Hot wife Brandy Gentry gives her hubby a creampie with a squirt
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The next morning at precisely 08:00 I softly open the door and see the Mistress lying naked on the bed where I and my wife used to sleep. I see the nipples of her firm breasts go up and down by her breathing and lick my lips. Her long hair is partially covering her face; she is not really beautiful, but in the mean time I know differently.

Her now closed dark brown eyes can look inside my soul and I am certain no woman will ever look more beautiful than She does. I follow her long legs and see her beautiful feet and her nails are nicely polished red. I follow her legs again till my eyes reach her bald pussy, the lips are slightly open and I feel the saliva fill my mouth. My 14-year old Goddess from next door, I think while i crawl naked except for the chastity belt to the bed, holding the tray with the breakfast straight.

I put it on the table next to bed and wonder where my wife Chantal is. I focus on the Mistress and softly whisper: "Mistress, please wake up". She opens her eyes and immediately face slaps me and before I can recover she slaps me again really hard and without holding back. "You dirty slut, you were looking at me and you know you are not allowed to. Am I right?" "Yes Mistress", I say and I feel the tears on my red cheeks.

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"Head on the ground you bitch. You will not look at me anymore! You will not taste my pussy or better yes, any pussy anymore. We will turn you in a cock addicted slut." With that said she starts enjoying her breakfast.

Nice warm croissants with strawberry marmelade, fresh orange juice and I hope She likes the flower I picked from our garden and placed on the tray. "Did you clean yourself already?" I affirm and then she continues "Did you eat already?

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And when I again mumble "Yes Mistress" she speaks in a very calm and neutral tone: "Now listen up you two, You are not allowed to use the bathroom without my permission. Is that understood?" My God, she is really breathtaking when she speaks like that. I feel my cock trying to get erect in the belt and feel my stomach turn. "You keep it until you have my permission. When I am not there or reachable, that is bad luck for you. When you cannot keep it anymore, you go to the garden and do it there, but then do it like a dog.

Washing and showering will be done under my strict guidance. You will eat or drink what you get from me, be it leftovers I throw or spit on the floor or put in a dog bowl. Is that understood?", she says with her mouth full. My mind is in subspace and I quickly confirm trying to remember all she said. "You will not speak unless I ask a direct question.

You will confirm my commands properly with 'Yes Mistress'. You will thank me after punishment.

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You have no rights whatsoever anymore. Your will is gone and you only live to serve me and whatever you do or commanded of you, you do it with me in your mind and think how it will please me.

You will keep your eyes focused on the floor or on my feet. When I enter a room you will immediately kneel and put your forehead to the ground. You will crawl also like that in my presence. You will always speak the truth. A lie will be severely punished. You will wear what I say.

For the moment, in this house or in my presence you are naked unless otherwise specified.", Mistress Marit continues whilst sipping from her juice. "Is that understood you both?" "Yes Mistress", I say and I hear some affirmative mumbling coming from the other side of the bed. That must be my wife that is on the ground on the other side, I realize and I keep my head to the floor, but all inside me wants to peek. "Stand up slut5 and present yourself", I hear Mistress Marit command and I want to get up, but I get a face slap again.

"Did I mean you? Are you slut5? Your name will be revealed later, but since you are so curious, you can look at your slut wife as long as you are not looking at me." And she places a hand on my head, stroking and patting it like a dog. I see my wife Chantal standing naked next to the bed, her legs spread, arms in her neck and breast forward.

Around her neck a collar that is connected to a leash that is fastened to the bed. I cannot see her feet, but she is probably wearing high heels. In her mouth is a kind of iron gag that opens her mouth wider. Saliva is covering her mouth and chin. Her eyes are focused on the ground.

Her long blonde hair is bound tight in a ponytail. Just above her pussy I see "slut5 of Mistress Marit" written with a black permanent marker. "Turn around", Mistress Marit says pleased and Chantal turns slowly around and now I see red marks all over her ass and when she keeps turning I see them also on her tits.

"This is slut5 and now my property", Mistress Marit says and I see my wife shake her head in acknowledgement. "Come here slut5" and Chantal quickly kneels close to the bed and the Mistress removes the mouth gag. "Thank You Mistress", slut5 says. "Now watch this and learn dog, since you might be used similarly in the near future", Marit says to me. "Open mouth!", she says to slut5 and I see my wife kneel, lean backward, hands behind her back on the ground, head parallel to the ground and mouth wide open.

Marit gets out of bed and stand positions her clit above the mouth and in small squirts she pees in the mouth of my wife that eagerly keeps up and drinks it all without missing a drop.

"Good girl!", Marit says whilst she pats the head of Chantal, who seems very pleased with the compliment of the Mistress. "This has been your morning drink slut". What a sight: this very young woman is so in control and my wife that can be her mother is totally broken in. "Get the cane!", Marit commands to slut5 and she looks at me and says "Time for you to remember the lessons of today and your position.

Crawl here, you bitch and stand up, legs as wide as possible and then some more and hands on the ground, ass up. This position is called 'punishment'. You are not to move or make a sound. You are to keep count when punished, think of the reason you got the punishment and thank me after.

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Remember that." I quickly take the position and I feel my legs ache, but the hands on the ground give me support. I see my wife crawling to the Mistress with a cane between her teeth and she positions herself at her feet.

"Now, you eat and used the bathroom without my approval and looked at me when you thought I was asleep. This will not happen again and to make you remember you will be caned. This will hurt but is to serve you a lesson. Make sure I will have to repeat it again. Slut5, you are to hit this dog every 10 seconds hard with the cane where you want until I return from the shower.

Is that understood?" "Yes Mistress", we both say. And with that said Marit leaves the room to take a shower. What a control she has over us. I remain completely silent and do not know if I should speak, but then I remember I am not allowed to speak. I see between my legs how Chantal gets up and positions herself behind me. She places the cane against my ass and measures the correct distance and then I hear a whoosh and I feel something burn into my flesh. Before I can recover completely I feel the next and I am so weak I start crying.

My wife does not care and continues my punishment and delivers every 10 seconds a real hard stroke on my ass, back, legs. Oh God, I will not be disobedient anymore, whoosh, I will not look at my Mistress anymore with horny eyes, whoosh, I will obey all the rules, whoosh, I will not eat anymore without permission, whoosh, I will ask permission to go the bathroom, whoosh, 24, 25, 26 I keep counting in my mind and drift off to subspace.

Then suddenly the pain stops and I see my wife kneel with her head to the floor and Marit comes walking in, wrapped in a white towel, her hair still dripping a little bit. She stands in front of me and I can smell the soap. She remains silent and in between my tears I say "54 Mistress, Thank You for Your lesson Mistress." "Good boy", she replies and she walks around me and follows with her fingers some of the marks that my wife left there.

She walks away and comes back and then I feel her put some crème on my skin, it cools down the pain and in my gratitude I thank my Mistress.

She puts some crème on my asshole and walks away again to return with a large steal butt plug in a harness. She slides in one movement the plug in my pussy, which goes rather easy because of my position. She fastens the harness around my waist. Then I hear a lock close. I feel filled and the feeling is nice. "Now, put on your pink panties, make up the bed, take the tray, clean the kitchen. When done, you collect the dirty clothes and put them in the washing machine, the panties you will do by hand and here is my dirty panty", when she puts it in my mouth.

I immediately get aroused by her smell. "Make sure a cup of tea is ready at precisely 10:00 in the living room. And bring some dry toast also." She walks to my wife, clicks her finger and my wife follows crawling forehead to the ground next to Her feet towards the bathroom.

"And now you slut…", Marit says. My body is in pain when I stand up. My legs hurt and I feel despite the cool crème the strokes burning on my back. I pull on my pink panties and with my pussy filled I feel very slutty again. I look at myself in the mirror and even dream a little that I had the same breasts as my Mistress.

Then is stop daydreaming and focus on the tasks ahead. While I make the bed I hear my wife crying "Please Mistress, it is so cold" and I wonder what is happening there. I collect the tray and go downstairs to do my chores. Time passes by and before I know it ten o'clock arrives and I quickly make a cup of tea and start to panic a little. In a cup or glass, with sugar or without sugar, with milk or without milk?

I get the tray again and decide to put the tea in a cup and place the sugar, milk and dry toast on the tray. At precisely 10 I enter the living room and I see slut5 kissing with her nose against the left pumps of the Mistress who is sitting in a chair cross-legged, wearing a tight dress of my wife.

In the pussy of my wife is a big black vibrator buried that she is trying to keep in. The Mistress is on the phone with one of her girlfriends. I lower my head and walk towards the table and place the tray there. "Hold on slut, I will call you back" and it left me puzzled if she was talking to me or some girl on the phone. "You will have to improve your serving skills, slut.

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Get the tray, get out of the room, get back in, bend fully over, look at the ground and hold the tray straight it in front of you. When in my presence kneel and keep holding the tray close to me until I order you to leave." I wanted to sigh, but knew better and collected the tray and then for more than 30 minutes we repeated the same procedure until I finally did it correct. "Now get me a new cup of tea!" and she picked up her phone again.

I quickly made the new tea and when I came back in I automatically did all perfectly and was very pleased with myself. I kept holding out the tray and in the mean time glanced at slut5. She has sweat on her nose which is slowly dripping on the black pump of the Mistress. She is shaking a little bit and I the corner of my eyes I see the hand of the Mistress pushing the black vibrator back in her pussy. "Please Mistress, please, I cannot hold it anymore, please may I cum?", my wife begs the 14-year old girl from next door, who is now controlling us fully.

With one swift movement, the Mistress removes the vibrator, grabs the toast from the tray and stuffs it in the pussy of slut5. "Pleasure comes by my hand only sluts. But pain also. Remember that. You were not to talk slut5! Dog, put the tray on the table and take the 'open mouth' position." And she puts her high heels hard in the back of slut5 and holds out the vibrator to me.

"Clean" is all she says.


And I take it in my mouth and I taste my wife as I never did before and start sucking the vibrator. "Good slut, take it deeper" and she pushes further until I start to choke a little. "Come on, take it". I relax a little and try to follow the movements of the Mistress.

"Good, take this cock, suck it, think it is real!", Marit says whilst she was mouth fucking me with the black vibrator. And just when I really start enjoying it, she suddenly stops and puts the vibrator on the tray.

"All toys will be kept clean by you. Use antibacterial soap. In the evening when I am asleep you will find my shoes in front of the door. You clean them also and I want them shining the next morning.

Understood? For example this slut has been dripping on my pumps. You see?


Lick it clean" and I start licking the sweat of my wife from the pumps of our Mistress. Then with a kick she shoves me a way. "We will go shopping later, but first I want you to clean the bathroom. When the doorbell rings, answer it and bring that person to me immediately.

Now go!". In shock I grab the tray and bend over and walk out the room. I wash the cups and take care of the bathroom cleaning. I see towels lying on the ground and it is kind of messy everywhere. I clean up and make sure all is shining again. Just when I am ready I hear the doorbell and I jolt up. I get to my feet and panic. I am wearing only a pink panty, who is at the door?

I know better than to question the orders and quickly go downstairs when the doorbell rings again. Damn.

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I open the door and see a young girl standing there. She has long black hair and an Asian look. She was wearing a nice short dress and flat shoes. She looks not older than 13 and she quickly steps in. She quickly looks at me and smiles a little.

Then I remember my task and I gesture her to follow me. Before entering the living room I kneel down and crawl inside, forehead to the ground. The girl follows me in, but when she sees the Mistress she quickly undresses and kneels down. She was not wearing any underwear and her tits were hardly visible.

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Her head touched the floor and her dark hair flows around her. "My Mistress", she says. "Hello slut2. Come here!" and without thinking she grabs the head of slut2 puts it against her pussy and uses it as a fuck toy. Aha, now the numbers make sense. She has more slaves… I quickly glance to the corner and see my wife still in the same position as when I left the room. I hear the Mistress reaching her first orgasm and I see my wife looking in envy to slut2.

When the Mistress had 3 strong orgasms she releases the head of slut2 that is now all red and juicy. The eyes of slut2 are filled with awe and lust. This little girl wants more. "Come here slut5" and my wife crawls to the feet of the Mistress. Lie on your back and spread your legs. Slut2, dinnertime, eat that pussy until it is fully cleaned" and slut2 throws herself at the pussy of my wife and starts eating the toast now fully soaked with juices.

My wife starts moaning and I see the Mistress put a finger in the tight pussy of slut2. I look at it and am extremely jealous. "You both cum on my command. Understood sluts?".

Even in between the lust they acknowledge the superiority of the Mistress and then she says "Cum for me sluts. Cum!" and both my wife as the young girl start shaking and screaming. I never saw an orgasm that strong on my wife. The Mistress held out her hand I instinctively I knew what was expected of me and I started licking and cleaning the finger that she used to finger the girl. God, how quickly one gets used to a slave position. It tasted like heaven, sweet and sharp at the same time.

"Get dressed dog and wait in the hall", she says to me and I know it is my cue to leave.