College Girl with hot Ass Sex on Video

College Girl with hot Ass Sex on Video
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My first sexual activity started after I turned 17 years old and it was with my bestfriend named Candi who lived not too far from me.

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I was thick with alot of boobs and ass and she was small built with small breast and a tiny ass. Candi went to my school but was not in my class she was in a lower grade. Not sure how we came to being bestfriends but we were alway close since she entered our school.

We became acquainted and before you knew it we became inseparable. One day after years of hanging in her room she said she wanted to show me something. her older brother had a bunch of x rated videos that she had found and we started watching them in her room. Wow, it was hot. .i was becoming sexually aware but that threw me over the edge.

I was immediately captivated by the lesbian scenes and particularly so for oral sex scenes. but for me, I immediately identified with the receiver and not the giver. Candi and I started talking about sex . apparently she had already given a boy heads a couple of times so she was way ahead of me.

I was a total virgin. I told her that I actually liked the scenes with two girls together . she laughed and chided me. Do u like girls? It wasn't mean, more playful. and I said ' noooooo'. I'm nothing so far. I've never done it. She asked me what I liked about watching two girls in the videos and I admitted that I was fascinated in the thought of having a girl put her mouth 'down there'. She told me that she had heard that oral sex felt the best for a girl . that its supposed to be the ultimate (wasn't sure where she learned this stuff!

Us being bestfriends I thought she was a virgin as well). and then she said it would be fine by her if I wanted her to try it on me.

I still remember that moment clearly. my heart started racing. I couldn't believe it. but I really really had wanted to try it so bad.

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I told her I wouldn't mind. She told me that she had only kissed one other girl. I was very nervous as i sat there.


I couldn't think of anything else to ask her so I asked her who was the girl she had kissed, did I know her? She refused to answer at first saying she dont kiss and tell.

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just then, She looked into my eyes and I kissed her! Her breath was cool and her lips felt tender.her tongue explored my mouth and It sent a chill down my spine. I found, to my suprise, that I wanted her very badly. I guess it was a combination of the videos, her beauty, and my suprise and excitement of the thought of what Candi and i were about to do. Our kiss lasted forever. I didn't know what to do but Candi did and the feeling of her soft palms massaging my virgin breast made me weak!.

She laid me on the bed. She climbed on top of me and kissed me again, putting her tounge in my mouth. I was so excited I didn't think I could move.

She kissed my neck and breasts and stomach. then suddenly, she pulled off my shorts, took off my panty and there it was. my little pussy beautiful with just a whisp of soft dark hair. Now, after watching the movies I sort of knew what to expect.

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I remember how lisa moved over to the side of her bed and I opened my legs and the first time I got my vagina eaten it was my bestfriend in a kneeling position and her pulling my legs back thrusting her tongue into my pussy and licking me hard.she nibbled on my clit it sent an adrenaline rush through my heaving body and my toes got cold. It was amazing. better than I imagined. I got more more aroused than I had ever been in my entire life up to that point. I remember her putting her tongue inside me and then licking my labia.

she told me that the clit was the most sensitive part and then started to lick me there. after a while, I started heaving. she could feel me soothing under her mouth. it was heaven. then.

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it happened.just like in videos. she started squeezing my breast playing with my nipples as she sucked on my clit, then she did something I didn't expect she started to fuck my pussy with her fingers. I wanted to push her face away as I jus laid there naked and shaken! Clutching the ends of the thin butterfly print bedsheet .

My lips quivering as I criedd ohhhh myyy god. I still remember this all so vividly. She asked me if I liked it. i felt embarassed but admitted that I did. she chided me again. 'you are a lezzie' and we both started laughing.

I said it felt great and that she could do that to me anytime she wanted. well, from that day onward, we hung out a lot more in her room with her teaching me new things everyday.

I loved her naughty streak. and she let me eat her pussy too. My parents worked and Candi would stop over after school and she would spread her legs for me. Eventually, I kept licking after her first orgasm and she would have a second or a third orgasm.


We experimented in all different positions. I love all my memories of Candi. alas, I know not where she is now in the wide world, but her beautiful sweet pussy will always be etched into my memory and just thinking of her makes me wet to this day. She helped create the freak I am today!