Roundass ebony beauty screwed outdoors

Roundass ebony beauty screwed outdoors
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Alyssa a new teacher at the school still in college but doing classes at the local middle school. She had been put in charge of the 6th grade class by the teacher who after watching her last week had handed her the class to her and left in the morning and returned at 2 pm to close the class down.

This was Tuesday and the students would have show and tell all day every day for the whole week.

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The first class that morning the second student had asked her to volunteer as his assistant which she did. He had her lay face down in a frame work device as he locked her in place. After putting a sheet over her and saying a few supposedly magic words yanked the sheet off expecting her to be gone but it had not worked he kept trying right up until the bell rang for the next class change.

The class started to leave and alyssa told the student to release her from the device but instead he attached a metal gag like device locking her head and mouth in a new position. The class left and the next class came in and took their seats.

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Alyssa knew she was in a bad situation locked in the device wearing a very short white skirt and thong panties with a white front buttoned blouse which showed a lot of cleavage she was showing the young students way too much of her body. The next class sat waiting until one of her best and favourite student stood up and said well we know who is going today so I will start my presentation. Leaving the classroom he soon came back with a dog at his heels.

This is Mutt I've trained him to do many things so first mutt hunt and mutt circled the room finally zeroing in on Alyssa's rear end. Sniffing at her crotch and sticking his head under Alyssa's skirt much to the amusement of the class. Walking over to Alyssa the student named Roy said what have you found Mutt and pulling Alyssa's skirt up looked all over her ass but couldn't see what Mutt had found. Finally Roy removed Alyssa's skirt and thonghe still couldn't see what Mutt had found.

The bell rang for the next class change and Roy decided to leave Mutt with Ms. Fitch in her classroom. The next class quietly entered taking their seats quickly. The boys in this class noticed the situation Alyssa had gotten herself into and a few decided to continue what the previous class had started.

A few rose and started removing the rest of Alyssa's clothes and then they started snapping photos of her naked form imprisoned in the metal frame work. Meanwhile the whole class watched with some amusement as Mutt continued to dance around her occasionally stopping to lick different parts of her body bringing her body to obvious arousal the next class change was lunch and as was the habit of a few students they would eat their lunches brought from home in Alyssa's classroom. One of the student had celery sticks and peanut butter and after eating the rest of his meal had a brainstorm so he went up and Alyssa and pushed a peanut butter loaded celery stick into Alyssa's pussy.

This drove Mutt crazy as he started lapping at the peanut butter licking both the peanut butter and Alyssa's pussy this quickly brought Alyssa to an orgasm which only drove Mutt crazier. One of the girls said to the class you know last year I visited my grandfather's farm and I watched as he bred his cows so he could get calves for the coming year. Yeah someone asked how did it work. Well first they would spray something on the cows rear end and this got the bull excited until he leaped up on the cows rear end and this long pole like object grew out from him and he thrust into her asshole finally after awhile he finished and he got off of her and they brought the next cow out and did the same thing.

One of the girls asked do you think the dog would do that to Ms. Fitch. Well the girl replied we can try it. They removed the celery stick and a couple of them inspected Alyssa's rear end. I think the dogs thingie has go in there pointing at Alyssa's pussy so they got Mutt up to mount Alyssa and then reached between the dogs rear legs and grasping his cock guided it's now starting to stiffen member into Alyssa's unprotected vagina.

You sure that's the right hole one kid asked and to Alyssa's horror the reply she heard was well if it's not we can always shift it to the other hole later. Now fully engaged Mutt started fucking Alyssa's pussy at a rapid pace. She found herself nearing an orgasm when the class change bell rang calling an end to lunch and the start of a new class.

The next class entered and started to take their seats when they noticed what was going on at the front of the class. They watched with slack jawed surprise as Mutt achieved his goal locking Alyssa and himself together as Alyssa's body shook from her orgasm and she moaned as loudly as possible.

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The class watched as dog sperm and Alyssa's fluids flowed down her legs from her pussy. Wow some of the kids exclaimed that looked like she enjoyed it. Yeah some others said why don't we try it.


So they got Mutt out of the way and the boys lined up to thrust their small hardened penises into Alyssa's warm pussy. It didn't take long for each boy to reach climax after all they were young but that also meant each one could go six or seven times which they did returning to the end of the line to go again. The girls in the meantime were busy convincing Mutt to do to them what he had done to Ms. Fitch which the finally succeeded doing.


The first girl was extremely surprised when it caused her great pain and blood ran out of her hole but after a bit it started to feel good and she had an orgasm rock her small body. They all had the sexual experience they wanted barely before the final bell rang rolling the end of the day.

Roy returned to get Mutt and he removed the gagging device from Alyssa's mouth. She immediately told him to release her. He told her not yet Ms. Fitch first you have to understand a few things.

From now on you belong to me or pictures and stories of what happened today will make their way to the ears of the school board.

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Next from now on when teaching you will dress in the short skirt no panties or bras way you did this morning. Then you will keep yourself smooth shaven all over at all times. Finally every Saturday from now on you will have a party at my grandfather's farm it is no longer active but it is a great place to have a sex party and you will have sex with anyone that wants it and walk around nude ready to commit any act asked of you.

Do you understand. Yes she responded good Roy replied grandfather will enjoy fucking you he is literally hung like a horse. Alyssa goes pale hearing this but it is too late now she is a grade 6 play toy for the rest of her life so she had better learn to enjoy it. Roy smiles and says get dressed Ms. Fitch your driving me home might as well give grand father a treat tonight and I imagine mom would enjoy a night off from dad's large penis.

Alyssa gets dressed as told gets her things and leads Roy and Mutt out to her car. Getting in she starts the. Car and contemplates her new life.

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Reaching Roy's hone Alyssa spent the evening being fucked by various members of Roy's family especially his grandfather who it turned out did have a horse like penis that left her pussy gaping until early morning when it finally returned to normal. Roy had her clean up and dress in a skirt and blouse of his mother's and the two returned to school for another day of show and tell.

The kids in Alyssa's classes had a plan they wanted to see how many orgasms they could force Alyssa to have and each class would keep track of the total and the number each class forced her to experience. So it started in the first class as Alyssa sat there at her desk naked from the waist down and her legs spread wide the children would take turns fist fucking her pussy till she had an orgasm and they would mark it on the black board.

Then about noon someone had the brilliant idea to hook her into the frame work and had two kids at a time work on her one fisting her cunt and the other her anus. By the days end Alyssa was soreexhausted and trained like one of Pavlov's dogs of course only Roy knew this so when they left school that afternoon Roy had her take him shopping at the local mall and as they walked around with her assets almost completely exposed he whistled the tune that he had attuned her to and right in the center of the malls arcade she had a massive violently squirting orgasm with 9th and 10th graders surrounding her.

Dropping to the arcades floor Roy started yelling at people around them to help her as the young men and women knelt down around her she moaned as the orgasm passed through her. She started hearing the people as they said what is wrong with herhey isn't that the teacher Ms. Fitchshe looks like she had an orgasmand many similar statements.

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One of the young woman said to Roy has this happened to your mom beforeRoy said she's my sister and yes she is over heated she needs some of her clothes loosened and/or removed.

Which they started doing they quickly saw that she was not wearing panties or a bra and so opened up her blouse exposing her breasts to the people in the arcade and since she had no panties they pulled her skirt up around her waist and spread her legs wide.

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At this point Roy said she Carries a special medical device in her bag. One of the young woman searched her bag and pulled out a strange looking pump with two tubes attached and a large rubber sphere. Roy said fill the sphere with very cold water and insert the one tube into her pussy and the other as far up her asshole as you can get it. Doing this caused Alyssa to moan loudly now start pumping until she wakes up.

One girl slid a tube up into her pussy and then the other up as far as she could get it into her anus then one of the young men started pumping the ice water into her body.

As the crowd watched Alyssa's stomach started to expand with the water being pumped into her. As the sphere emptied of water Roy whistled the tune causing her body to have an orgasm at which point all hell seemed to break loose. Alyssa's eyes flew open as she had a powerful orgasm causing her to evacuate her bowels of all that ice water but along with it came pieces of shit.

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As she orgasmed the ice water in her stomach joined the juices from her orgasm and her piss. The young men and woman couldn't miss out on this and started recording what was happening along with getting pictures of her naked evacuating body they documented her humiliation.

As Alyssa lay there in the puddle of her fluids Roy said wait We need to make sure it's all out of her and sliding his hand into her vagina made a fist and started fist fucking her to another orgasm as she came he pulled out his hand and asked if anyone could take his place because he was too tired to continue.

Many volunteered male and female and after three hours of being publicly brought to orgasms by being fist fucked she lay there exhausted and exposed to the whole mall. After this she would be known by the town as the sex-ed teacher.

There weren't many in the town that didn't know her body almost literally inside and out.