Naked gay older sexy white guys The scene begins off with Skylar

Naked gay older sexy white guys The scene begins off with Skylar
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It was a pretty hot summer day. I had just finished my weightlifting session at my high school. I was being picked up by my friend Zeke and his mom. Once I got home, I put in the pin for the garage door and looked out towards the back yard. Living on the beach was beautiful, especially in the summer.

As I walked in the door, I yelled to tell everyone I was home. I got no response, but I thought nothing of it and went up to my room to take a shower.

I should have known something was wrong. I kept hearing whispers in my parents room across the hall as I washed my fine toned body in the shower. My dad had recently divorced and was dating a new girl.

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She was just that, a girl, only 34. And my dad was almost turning 41! To tell you the truth, she was pretty, really beautiful, but of course my dad dating her turned me off a little, or so I thought. After I got out of the shower and was drying off, my dad stormed in my room. "Oh, hi dad." He was nervous, almost shaking, I knew something was up. "Hey Alec, can you come over to my room with Cassie (my dad's date) and I?" "Alright, right after I get some clothes on." "No, your fine." He said it with a demanding tone, something he hadn't done in a while.

"just in my boxers! No, she's not my mom yet!" "Just come over here please." My state of appall quickly turned to a state of curiosity and I followed him out my room, across the hall, into his room. Cassie was sitting on the bathtub with her robe on. "Oh yeah sweety, he'll be great." "Uhh, dad," I said. "What's going on?" Before I could get an answer, Cassie had gotten up and walked towards me.

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She started rubbing my shoulders and back, then moving to my chest. I began to pull away. "Now Alec," my dad said.


"This is gonna make Cassie really happy and you'll enjoy it too. I help you along with what your supposed to do, just take it as a lesson in sex." I couldn't say anything, I was shocked. My dad was using me to get a girl! Cassie moved to my dad and started unbuttoning his shirt. "It's ok Alec," she said. "You won't get in any trouble, you'll enjoy it, and learn how to do it real well." "Well, ok, but I really don't want to." I wasn't very attracted to her, even though she was beautiful.

My penis was as flaccid as could be. "Well," my dad said. "I'll get you started." He took of all his clothes and kissed Cassie on the lips. His dick was enormous, and fully erect.

It was the first time I had ever seen his erection, and it had to be 9 inches. Cassie kissed back and dropped her robe to the floor. Her breasts were large and tough, not droopy like I had expected.

She had no hair on her, the opposite of my dad who was covered. I only had pubic hair and a little on my legs. I still didn't have an erection, and I didn't want one. My dad pulled away and looked at me, then my boxers. "Still nothing huh, do you even have anything down there boy! Be a man and satisfy the lady!" "Now," she said. "You shouldn't talk so mean Jared. It's ok Alec, I know your nervous. She walked right up to me and pressed b=her boobs against my chest. She took my hands and pulled them towards her butt.

I was finally starting to be attracted to her, and I started getting hard. "That's my boy," my dad said. She backed away and look into my eyes. I slowly put my thumbs in my boxers and slid them off.

"Wow, better than I hoped" "Yep, I guess you could say it runs in the family" I didn't think I was all that huge, 5 and a half erect, but I'll take the complement. "Wait," my dad said. "We need to get something first. Alec, come with me." He led me to the closet in the bathroom, and he pulled out a box with all types of sex essentials in it. He pulled out a condom first. "It might be a little big, but you'll need one." I out the condom onto my penis pulled it tightly on.

Next he pulled out a lube and rubbed it on the condom and my testicles. I softly moaned at the pleasure. "Lean over," he said. I bent over and he rubbed the lube on my anus. "Ahh, it's cold." "Come on, I'll go first." We walked into the room and they both got on the floor. They started kissing and rubbing all over each other's body. Then, she got on all fours and he stuck his penis at the edge of her vagina. She moaned.

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"They like this, why don't you try." My heart sank as I got on my knees and thrusted my hips so that I barely touched her with my penis. "Good now go in a little, I'll help." He grabbed my ass and pressed it forward forcing m y penis into her. The wet, warm sensation filled my body as my dad pulled me in and out slowly. "Now it's all you" Cassie laid down on her stomach and spread her legs.

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I got in almost a push-up position and thrust my dick into her vagina. I did this slowly and the feeling was great, but it was hard to stay in that position.

I pulled out and saw my dad in front of us rubbing his dick. Cassie jumped up and crawled on the bed. "Come on Alec, let's really do it now." I raced on the bed and before I could even blink she put my whole dick in her mouth and was licking it. "MMMHHHHMMM," I moaned.

She then grabbed my balls and shoved them in her mouth as well. She pulled back and it stretched the skin of my pubic area and gave me the greatest feeling ever. "Alright Cassie, get up so I can get you real good" Cassie got on all fours on the bed and I got on my knees.

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I wanted to fuck her so hard and the feeling was amazing. I grabbed her hips I pushed my dick into her.


I thrusted back and forth hard and fast. I could feel my orgasm coming quickly.


"O my god Alec… OH!" she was reaching orgasm too. I kept going until I was about to cum, then I pulled out. As I pulled away, I felt a pain in my anus. It was like a rock got stuck up there.

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I turned my head and saw my dad, thrusting his hips at my butt, throwing everything he had into my anus. It hurt really bad, but it also felt so good. I couldn't speak, or even breathe. He grabbed my pelvis and thrusted harder and harder until I felt and warm batch of cum pout into my anus.

"Oh man," I said. I couldn't say much more. That night, after Cassie left, my dad walked into my room. I was getting ready for bed. I had my sleeping shorts on without a shirt. "Hey Alec," "Yeah?" "I'm sorry I got you at the end today, it was just so open, and it felt so good for me." Yeah, for him I bet, my anus was so stretched out and I could feel where it had hit inside me. It was an aching pain. 'It's alright dad, and by the way, you did alright on the girlfriend choice, next time not so much of a cougar." "Oh I know.

I just broke up with her." I was so shocked I almost dropped my jaw. "Haha, go figure, she was more interested in you than me!" Thanks for reading. Please comment and rate. I'm thinking of making more of a story with these characters. Comment if you like the idea.