Chubby grandma spoon fucked after oral

Chubby grandma spoon fucked after oral
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My First Pussy Invasion I probably was like any other fourteen year old, when I was growing up. Seemingly, always having to fight off a hard-on. Maybe it was hormones, maybe it was because I was still a virgin, but my almost daily jack-off sessions didn't seem to help much. I still wanted to experience the feeling of my dick actually sinking into some beautiful young girl's tight, wet cunt.

Hell, she didn't even have to be all that beautiful! This feeling was driving me crazy. I HAD to have me a piece of ass soon, or I was simply gonna explode! I just couldn't keep out the thoughts of some young girl's pointed, jiggling tits slipping between my lips while my dick plowed between her moist slit. My imagination, summer bikinis, and dad's Penthouse's helped me to fill out my favorite fantasies of what the girls in my classes looked like naked.

Those vivid images of beautiful, naked young girls coming into my room, or my plopping them down on a desk right there in school and fucking their brains out seemed to dominate my every waking moment. Hell, even my nights were filled with wet dreams of these nubile young girls offering their naked bodies to me on sight! The truth was I had never even seen a live naked girl since I was about seven-years-old playing doctor with a neighbor girl.

Even then I didn't know what it was all about, just that my little dick got hard when I touched her bare pussy and that it felt REAL GOOD when she touched my hard dick.

'If only I knew then what I know now,' I thought. Furthermore, I was much too shy to even approach a girl my age to ask for a date, much less to ask for a piece of ass or a blowjob. I was sitting under a tree fretting about all of this one summer day, when I was startled by the voice of a young neighbor girl who had walked up behind me. "What are you doing out here all by yourself?" Pauline was a twelve-year-old, her body just maturing into an hourglass shape, and she had small lemon sized boobs and a sexy little ass on her.

"Nothing much, just moping around," I told her. "What's wrong?" she asked in a soft tone, touching my knee as she sat down beside me on the ground, her small skirt riding up her smooth legs. I had never looked at her in a sexual way before, but the combination of my frustration and her uncharacteristic soft-spoken manner caused me to take a second look at her. She was actually a very pretty young girl, with long dark brown hair that flowed down onto her lemon sized breasts.

Her innocent dark brown eyes looked deeply into mine as she pondered my troubles, and I began to get an idea on how I might exploit this budding motherly instinct of hers. "Well., it's just that a lot of the other guys my age have dated girls already," I began, "some of them have even had sex." I paused to check her reaction.

She was still sitting there looking at me intently, her knees pulled up near her chest and her arms draped around them casually leaving her skirt to gape open under her legs. I was sure that anyone passing by would be able to see her panties, but she didn't seem to be aware of her immodest pose.


"I'm just too shy to ask anyone out, though. I guess I'll never have the guts to either." She sat there silently, bending her head down and resting her chin on her knees. She seemed to be in thought as she began to stare blankly at the ground in front of her, possibly wondering about her own lack of boyfriends and whether she too would ever have the experience of having sex one day.

"Have you ever wondered what it's like to have sex?" I asked her, hoping to guide the situation into a possible encounter. She looked at me momentarily to see if I was sincere, or just trying to poke fun at her before answering.

"Well., yeah., sometimes., but nobody really likes me much around here. All of the boys in my class just want to play by themselves.


I'll probably never have a boyfriend or anything," she said solemnly. "Have you ever thought about doing it with anybody around here?" I asked, pressing further. "EEEWWW, NO!" she said, raising her voice defensively.

"Don't get mad, Pauline! I was just wondering." I said, trying to salvage the situation. "I wouldn't tell anybody if you had thought about it." After that exchange, we both sat silently for a few moments. She resumed her position of resting her head on her knees, and her skirt still left her entire bottom open below her legs. Hoping to get a better view of this sight, I stretched and yawned, feigning fatigue.

I then bent forward and crawled along the ground until I was stretched out on my side facing Pauline, my feet resting against the large tree. She looked at me momentarily before reverting her gaze to the ground directly in front of her, resuming her thoughts. I waited until she looked away before looking under her legs, but when I did, I was greeted by the sight of her beautiful tanned legs disappearing into the rumpled bottom of her skirt.

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Between them was a bright white strip of cotton cloth, covering what I knew had to be her young twat. The tightness of the cloth stretched across her little pussy, clearly identifying just where it was by the indentation of the fabric along the slit. My dick immediately began to respond, and I quickly stuck my hand in my pocket to adjust it before it was too late, leaving it there to help hide the effect it was going to have on my pants.

"I've thought a lot about having sex," I said, looking back up to her eyes just as she turned her gaze back to me. "Really? Who with?" she asked curiously. Now she had me on the spot.

If I told her all of the girls my fantasies revolved around, it would be just like this little brat to go and tell them. As I studied her face though, I noticed a look that I had never seen before. It was as if she was trying to form a mental image of two people having sex, me being one of them and the other still left blank. "Well., I don't know. You might think it's gross if I tell you. What's more, you'll probably go right off and tell them if I told you who it was," I said.

"I won't think its gross, and I promise I won't tell., please." she pleaded.


Now I was beginning to feel I was getting somewhere. I really had her curiosity up, and I even thought that she might even be enjoying this line of conversation. "Well., OK," I began. "But you gotta promise you aren't gonna tell. And it's not like I would really do it with them or anything. I've just thought about it, OK?" "OK, sure!" she replied, just a tinge of excitement in her voice.

"Um., well., you know Samantha Massey? I've thought about doing it with her." I said. "Oh," she replied, sounding slightly disappointed. "Yeah, she's got a nice body. Blonde hair., blue eyes., and pretty nice tits too! And she's got a REAL nice ass on her!" I said, hoping to get Pauline's gears going. Pauline rose up, resting her chin on her hands, her elbows on her knees.

She shifted her geet out from her body, keeping her thighs together. Her little feet were pointed inward slightly, giving her a very little girlish look. Her gaze seemed to be far off now as she thought about what I had said. My eyes returned to that magic spot between her legs momentarily, as I pondered how to word my next sentence. "Who else have you thought about?" she asked in a faraway tone.

"Well., if you promise you won't think its gross.," I said, pausing for a response. "No., no, I don't think it's gross!" she said, looking back at me with pleading eyes. "Well., I'm kinda embarrassed to tell you who else I was thinking about," I said teasingly. "Aw, c'mon., I promise I won't tell!" she begged. "Well., you really won't have to., 'cause., I kinda have been thinking about doin' it with you," I said softly, not really lying about it now.

A look of complete surprise came over her face as her head rose from its resting place slightly and her hands came apart. Her mouth gaped open as she took in what I had just said and I noticed a distinct deep red blush spread across her face. "Larry.!" she exclaimed, not really knowing what to say next. "Y-y-you've really. Thought about., y'know., having sex. With me?!" she asked in disbelief. "Well.yeah," I said, more confidently. "You're a pretty girl, and even though you don't really have big tits yet, you still have a sexy body and a cute ass." She blushed again, instinctively reaching down and wrapping her skirt around her legs, drawing them together and hunching over to rest her chin on her knees once more.

It was obvious that she had been flattered about my remarks, but at the same time she was totally caught off guard with the thought of someone wanting to have sex with her. I could see her playing out the scene in her mind as she sat there, rocking back and forth slightly. A long, pregnant pause elapsed before anyone said anything again. It was me who initiated the next question. "Well., what do you think?" I asked her.

"Do you think you would want to have sex with somebody like me?" "NO!" she exclaimed. "I couldn't., I mean., I'm only twelve-years-old. I shouldn't be doing stuff like that. And besides, you're fourteen!" "So what? I know some girls who did it when they were nine- years-old," I lied. "Oh yeah., who?" she demanded. "Well., I promised I wouldn't tell. And promises are promises," I said, trying to get myself out of that one. Pauline thought for a moment before saying, "Well., I dunno., I just don't think I better do anything like that." "OK, OK., but if you COULD do it, do you think you would do it with somebody like me?" I asked, trying to keep on the topic.

"Well., I dunno," she said blushing. "I., I guess so." I just smiled back at her, "Thanks, Pauline. I needed to hear that!" She looked back at me, and an embarrassed smile flashed across her face as she had to look away. I wasn't through with her yet, however. I just HAD to get something out of all of this.

My dick was pressing against my pants with one of the most raging hard-on I had ever had. I had noticed Pauline looking down at my crotch a couple of times as we had talked about doing it, but I wasn't sure if she saw anything as my hand was still in my pocket, partially hiding the tent-like effect my dick was having on my pants.

I waited a few more moments before starting again, "You know., I don't even know what a naked girl looks like." "What about your sister, haven't you seen her naked before?" she asked. "Well.yeah. But that was a long time ago, when she was just a little baby. Besides, it's not the same when you see your sister, especially when she's only one-year-old." I continued to look at Pauline. She was all balled up, and refused to look at me when we weren't talking.

I had decided that I just had to at least see her bare little pussy, even if she wasn't gonna let me fuck her. At least I would have something to go whack off with for a while. "What about you., would you let me see you naked?" I asked hesitantly. "I'll let you see me naked." "I., I don't know. I better not". Her voice, now clearly gave away her uncertainty.

"Aww, c'mon Pauline," I begged. "I'll probably never get to see a naked girl until I get married., if I ever DO get married." "I-I don't know, Larry." she said nervously. I could tell she was actually considering it, but she still would have rather I hadn't asked. Even so, the thought of seeing a naked boy probably for the first time intrigued her.

"I'll make it worth your while," I went on. "I'll buy you a banana split when the ice cream man comes by." She paused for a moment, biting her upper lip as she contemplated my proposal. The agony of the moment was almost unbearable for me. Finally, she spoke, "Well.OK." I almost leaped for joy inside, but I kept my cool on the outside.

As much as I could, considering my state of excitement. "But you've got to promise that you'll not touch me. And you've got to promise not to tell ANYBODY. And you still have to buy me the banana split." she rattled on.

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"OK, OK," I interrupted, "I promise, I promise." "C'mon, let's go to my grandpa's barn where nobody will see us," I said, grabbing her by the hand and rushing her away before she had a chance to change her mind. Grandpa's barn was way off in a field by itself, surrounded by a few old oak trees on the sides and back.

He used it mainly to store hay for his cows, and hardly ever came there during the summer.

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"You go first," I told her. "Can't we both just go at the same time?" she asked. "Well., yeah., sure," I said almost reluctantly, not wanting to miss one second of her bare pussy being exposed. "Remember, you can't touch, and you've got to buy me that banana split," she said.

"I know, Pauline. You don't have to keep reminding me," I said, as I unzipped my pants and she turned around and bent down to pull her panties off her legs and her ass stuck out towards me and looked so hot in that skirt i wanted to lift her skirt and ram my dick into her hot bum right then but i had to wait lest she go and complain.

I quickly shucked my cut-offs down, exposing my underwear and the large bulge sticking out into it. Pauline had bent over to pull her panties down to about her ankles, she then stood up, stepping out of them with her left foot and flipping them off with her right.

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As she stood, she became transfixed by the sight of my bulging underwear. Knowing that her pussy was naked under her skirt, and that I was about to see it seemed to make my dick even harder than ever. What's more, knowing that my naked cock was going to be so close to a naked pussy and me not getting to at least stick it in was more than I could bear.

I just had to have more than just a look. My mind raced over what I could say to coax her into letting me at least try to stick it in her as we both slowly began to expose our sex to each other. I bent over as I slowly lifted the waistband of my underwear over my pulsing cock head, sliding them down my legs. My face was about a foot and a half from Pauline's crotch, as she slowly lifted her skirt.

The hem slowly inched its way up, and just as I saw the first signs of a tiny hairless slit she stopped. "Well, stand up so I can see it. We've got to do it together," she demanded.

Reluctantly I stood up, my hard dick pointing up at her face at about a 45 degree angle. Pauline gasped as she looked at it bobbing slightly in front of her. "OK, Pauline, take your skirt off," I said impatiently.

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"I'm just going to lift it up so you can see it, I don't want to take it off," she replied. I was at the point where I didn't care, just so long as I could see her whole pussy. Quickly she jerked her skirt up over her waist to expose my first full view of a live girl's pussy.

It was so beautiful, just a tiny little hairless slit laying there between her closed legs. I marveled at the smooth folds of skin, and the lack of anything else around them. "Spread your legs a little bit, Pauline. I can't really see anything yet," I asked, my voice almost choking in my throat.

Pausing for a second, she then stepped outward with first one leg, then the other, leaving me a clear view of the little line running down her crotch and disappearing up under her. We stood lie that for a little bit, both of us in awe of each other before I spoke again.

"Pauline.," I began, "Just let me stick it in you one time., PLEASE! Just one time, that's all." "I don't know.," she said cautiously, "besides, you said all I have to do is show you my thing, and then you would buy me the banana split." "I know, I know., but you look so pretty down there., a-and guys who have done it before tell me that it feels REAL good when you do it.

I promise I'll only stick it in and then pull it right back out., OK?" I pleaded as I watched her let the hem of her skirt relax downward a little as she thought. "Well.," she thought for a moment, looking at my cock, "I., I guess it will be alright., just one time though." "OK," I said, "I get to stick it in you all the way one time, then I'll pull it out." "Then you buy me the banana split," she added.

"Then I buy you the banana split," I acknowledged. "C'mon over here and sit on this table" She dropped her skirt back down and climbed onto the table. Then she lay down on her back across the table, pulling her skirt up. One leg draped off the edge of the table, giving me my first good look at her whole, hairless little pussy slit.

It started just a little ways up the front of her body and continued down all the way between her legs connecting with the crack of her ass, making one continuous line.

The lips of her hairless twat were tight together, leaving no clue as to where her little hole might be. Slowly, I moved towards her until my dick hovered right over the top of her slit. I wasn't quite sure just where it was supposed to go, so without further ado, I began poking at her slit with my dick. The first prod ran along the very top portion of her hairless slit, the head of my cock parting her lips slightly as it slid up and onto her lower belly.

She giggled a little bit at this new stimulation, as the shaft of my dick slid against her preteen clit. I tried again, producing the same effect. I propped myself up with my left arm as I backed up a little and eased my dick head down her slit with my right hand. 'Where is her little cunt hole,' I thought as my cock head explored the length of her slit.

Suddenly, my dick felt something slightly moister and hotter than before. 'That must be it," I thought, as I held my dick in place and pushed slightly. Her hole was tight, and my dick glanced off and ran down between her ass cheeks. Again, I backed up and placed the head of my dick at the entrance to her tight, hairless hole and pushed. This time I felt the head go in slightly. As hard as my dick was, it began to bend so I backed off of the pressure a little, but keeping my dick in the same place.

Once more I pushed in, and again I felt my dick slip in a little more. This time when I stopped, I felt the walls of her pussy begin to slip down around my cock, readjusting themselves to where they had formerly been. Again I pushed, and I noticed that her pussy lips seemed to go with my dick inside her. When I stopped again, I could see her slit slowly reappear as the walls of her pussy slowly slid back down my dick. Again I pushed, and suddenly Pauline gasped.

I wasn't sure what happened, all I was sure about was that the feeling was incredible. It was like pushing my dick through layer after layer, fold after fold of hot, moist skin. Her tiny hairless hole was so tight that I could only go in a fraction of an inch at a time.

Each time I pushed, her whole twat would go with me, and each time I stopped her hole would slowly ease its way further down my dick, giving me the feeling of passing yet another fold of her inner skin. I could tell that Pauline was experiencing some discomfort, but she was not protesting. This was a business deal. Both of us had a bargain to keep, and she was certainly going to keep hers. After all, it wasn't very often that a kid around here got a banana split.

I kept up my assault on her tight, hairless, virgin cunt. I had almost gotten my entire dick in her on the last push when I felt the bottom of her pussy come into contact with the head of my dick. The last push had only allowed her pussy to slip down my dick part of the distance of my thrust, and her tiny slit was just barely visible between her legs, my dick resting snugly between them. Well, I was all of the way in now. We looked at each other, both of us breathing heavily as I stayed inside her for a moment, relishing the feeling of my cock buried deep inside this twelve-year-old tight, hairless pussy.

"Pauline.," I managed to speak between gasps, "how about if I move my dick back and forth inside your pussy some? I'll still buy you a banana split!" She lay there with my dick inside her for a moment, panting heavily as she thought before asking hoarsely, "How many times do you want to do it?" I looked at her for a moment. I hadn't thought about that. How many times does it take before I can cum?

"I dunno.," I gasped, "maybe about., a hundred?" I hurried to quell the look of apprehension on her face by explaining, "A hundred times is not a lot. Hell., I can count to a hundred in less than a minute!" She looked at me for a moment, then nodded in agreement as I began to slowly withdraw my dick until it was about halfway inside her. As I withdrew, the inner walls of her pussy seemed to hold onto my dick, creating an effect similar to the one when I entered her.

Gradually I began pumping back and forth. The grip of her pussy, combined with the wetness and moisture was causing that familiar feeling deep within my loins. Her gasps became little "Ahh's" that came in time with each quickening thrust of my dick inside her. I don't think I needed to bargain for "about a hundred times", as the combination of the feeling of her tight hairless cunt wrapped around my dick, the feeling of her hot little body under mine, and the fact that she was looking me right in the eyes as I fucked her brought me over the edge with the most ball busting orgasm I had ever had.

The force of my orgasm forced me to thrust completely inside of her, burying my dick to the hilt. I could feel the hard little nub of her cervix pressing against my cock head and I kept ramming her pussy as hard as i could as I erupted spurt after spurt deep inside her preteen pussy.

The came so much, and the room inside her was so little, that after I filled her preteen womb completely with my spunk, I began to feel it spurt out between my dick and the walls of her twat, running down onto my balls and between the crack of her ass. I had expended so much energy on my orgasm that I collapsed on top of her and now, i felt her little tits against my chest and realized that I'd totally forgotten about them, My dick still buried inside her.

I looked into her eyes and gave her quick kiss on the lips and smiled and she smiled back. I eased my dick back out of her tight little twat, and as my cock head emerged from between her hairless pussy lips, one last spurt of pent up jism held inside my dick from the tightness of her pussy splashed across the bare lips of her slit, covering them completely.

Pauline became my fuck buddy and we did it a lot after that first time.