Yuki aida sucks on two hard shafts

Yuki aida sucks on two hard shafts
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Amanda forced the girls to crawl on their knees back across the club leashed behind her all the way back to her private dungeon room. Once there, she forced Kendall to kneel on one side of the room against a pole where the back of her collar was locked to the pole keeping her in place. On the other side of the room she rebound Kim. First she removed her shoes and stockings and placed leather cuffs around her ankles and attached a hobble chain between them. Next she unbound her arms and forced them above her head where she attached leather cuffs around her wrists and reattached them to a cable above her head.

This wasn't too bad until her hobble chain was removed and a three foot spreader bar took it's place which now forced her to balance up on top of the balls of her feet. Amanda removed the pump gag from her mouth but left the ring gag in place.

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She then took two black, thin, studded leather straps and buckled each one tightly, stud side in, around the base of each of her large breasts, torturing them.

Her breasts became firm, turning a slightly purplish color while heightening their sensitivity. The tightness of the straps along with the pressure of the studs against her skin hurt and she wept and moaned in pain. Kendall could do nothing but watch helplessly from the other side of the room while Mistress Amanda placed a leather blind fold over Kim's eyes and then picked up her favorite nine strand leather whip. What the girls did not know was that there were four high definition cameras mounted high in each corner of the room that turned on automatically whenever someone entered the room recording all that happened there.

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It was there not only for Amanda's amusement, but to make Amanda some under the table cash as she liked to sell copies of the videos on the under ground internet.

The next hour though was all about Amanda's pleasure as she swung her whip. All nine stands of the whip slapped Kim across her right breast leaving red marks across her orb where they landed.

Not being able to see because of the blindfold, Kim was totally taken by surprise when the whip landed across her breast.

Her breast exploded in pain which simply took her breath away from her. The second struck across her left breast and she found her voice as she let out out a scream.

Amanda smiled and waited until Kim stopped screaming and caught her breath in between her sobbing. Her arm swung again and once again the nine stands of the whip landed across Kim's right breast for a second time. Kim screamed again as Amanda admired the new set of red stripes crossing the first set. When Kim had some semblance of calming down Amanda struck her left breast again. For over an hour Amanda tortured each of Kim's breasts until there where no unmarked spaces from her whip.

Each one burned a fiery red color and moved up and down with each heavy sob. Putting the whip down Amanda fondled each of Kim's breasts feeling the heat radiating from the whipping. While squeezing Kim's right breast, she reached down with her right hand and cupped Kim's mound between her legs. "Wow, what a slut you are.

You're sopping wet." She said and taking two fingers pushed then into her. "Getting you're tits whipped really turned you on, didn't it slut?" Her fingers pumping Kim's sex. Kim hung her head in shame not knowing how to respond.

Was it true?

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Was she just a slut? How was she all wet when her breasts burned? She didn't the answer when Amanda pulled her fingers out of Kim's sex and shoved them into her mouth through her ring gag. "Lick them clean, slut." Using her tongue, Kim did as she was ordered tasting her own cum on Amanda's fingers. Amanda meanwhile kept pinching and pulling Kim's nipples until she was satisfied her fingers where clean enough. "Maybe slut we can help you with your problem.but I think we must enlist the aid of your younger sister." She said as she walked over to Kendall and unlocked her from the pole.

Amanda removed almost all of Kendall's bonds and leather cat suit. She watched a the two Ben-wa balls came popping out of Kendall's pussy one after the other. "These kept you juicing up without cumming, huh. Well that's the way you need to stay for your Mistress bitch. Nice and wet." When she was finished Kendall still had her arms in the leather binder, the leather helmet, collar, and ring gag.

Amanda walked her over to a leather covered table and made her sit down on the edge. Placing leather cuffs on her ankles she pulled her legs back on each side of the table and secured the ankle cuffs to rings set about mid-center of the table forcing her to keep her legs spread.

Next she took off the arm-binder and forced Kendall to lay back on the table. Taking each arm she attached her wrist cuffs to her ankle cuffs. Going over to a wall cabinet Kendall watched in horror as Amanda returned with a double dildo in her hand.

Having the weight removed from her aching tongue felt good but now it was pinned down to the bottom of her mouth as one end of the dildo was forced into mouth through the ring gag until it locked in with a click.

The tip of the dildo reached to the back of Kendall's throat and she had to work at controlling her gag reflex to prevent throwing up in her mouth. The other end of the dildo that protruded from her mouth was a monstrous thing.

8"long and 3"in circumference.

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It was ribbed with a bulbous head. Just below the the head it was ringed with knobby studs all around the circumfrence and the same way every inch down it's length. Amanda wheeled the table until Kendall's head was between Kim's thighs.


Stepping down on a hydraulic pump she slowly raised the table. Kendall could only watch as she moved closer and closer towards Kim's sex. She clearly could see the monstrous head of the dildo spread the lips of Kim's sex and plunge inside.

Kim let out a deep moan as the bulbous head penetrated her. Amanda kept raising the table until the first two knobby rings had disappeared into her sex. "Feels good slut? Well I don't think you're going to like what come next." She said and picked up a pair of Japanese butterfly clamps connected together by a short chain. Opening the first one she allowed it to close on Kim's left nipple.

Kim howled in pain and then again when Amanda placed the second one on Kim's other nipple. The thing about Japanese butterfly clips is that the more you pull on them the tighter they get. Amanda picked up a second set of chains. These where set in a Y-shape. The first two ends she clipped to Kendall's nipple rings.


Then stretching the chain up she looped it over the chain attached to the butterfly clamps and pulled it down and attached it to Kendall's clit ring. Kendall was forced to try and arch her back by lifting her hips and breasts upwards off of the table by her legs as the chains pulled her nipples and clit ring upwards towards Kim's breasts as Kim's were stretched downwards by the butterfly clamps. Amanda reached out and pulled on the chain several times stretching the girls breasts even further eliciting further moans of pain from both girls.

This pleased Amanda very much. Moving behind Kim, Amanda undid the chain attached to Kim's hands holding them upwards.


Keeping tension on the chain in her hand so Kim wasn't able to lower herself to her heals, she attached it to the ring at the top of Kendall's hood. Now if Kim lowered herself she would end up pulling Kendall's head up off the table further thrusting the dildo up in side of her. Last, Amanda strapped a pair of butterfly vibrators on both Kendall and Kim just above their sex and turn them on low.

More stimulation but not enough to send the girls over the edge. "Alright girls, I'll be back in a few hours. I'm sure you two can keep each other amused." And left the room. Kim could not see Kendall but knew she was below her where as Kendall was looking straight up at Kim between her legs. Kendall watched as Kim's thighs quivered from trying to hold her body up on the balls of her feet but was losing the battle. Kim lowered herself just a few inches and Kendall's head moved upwards pushing the thick dildo further into Kim.

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Kim quickly rose back up on her toes and the dildo and Kendall's head lowered. But this caused the the chains to pull further on Kim's and Kendall's nipples and clit. Kim lowered herself again, a little further this time and Kendall watched as her head moved upwards along with the thick dildo.

Kim forced herself upwards again, but could not hold her position for two long and again lowered herself. Over and over again, she moved up and down slowly fucking herself with Kendall's mouth dildo. She was torn between the pain in her nipples and the the cramping of her legs and the pleasure of riding the thick ribbed dildo.

Soon she was rocking faster and faster. Kendall's head jerked up and down. Her nipple rings and clit ring continued their pull as Kim moved.

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And all she could do was watch as the dildo moved in and out of her older sister. Entering deeper and deeper. Suddenly, Kim's body quivered and shook and she dropped completely down onto her heals. The 8" dildo buried it self all the way into Kim's sex and Kendall's head was pulled upward and pressed between Kim's ass cheeks with her nose up pressed against Kim's wrinkly rosebud as Kim came hard.

The orgasm washed over her and her whole body shuddered. Even with her eyes covered, she rolled them up into her head as she came. After what felt like a long time, Kim could feel the end of the dildo pressed hard up against her cervix, hurting. Also, there was something pressing up against her anus. OMG, Kendall!

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Kim immediately rose up onto the balls of her feet. The dildo lowered to just the two inches in side of her and Kendall's head rested down on the table. But the clamps pulled painfully as Kendall tried to keep her body raised up off of the table. Soon Kim's legs were quivering once again and Kendall watched helplessly as the cycle began to repeat itself all over again.Oh God she thought.